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How to Colour Hair at Home
How to Colour Hair at Home
Hair Loss Remedy
Hair Loss Remedy
Hair Care Essentials  Natural Remedies
Hair Care Essentials Natural Remedies
Causes of Dandruff
Causes of Dandruff
Is Atkins diet healthy?
Is Atkins diet healthy?
The importance of breakfast
The importance of breakfast
Sorting Apricots
Sorting Apricots
What is dysgraphia
What is dysgraphia

 Discussion Forums...
RE:How to turn hatred and fear from job .
The main reason for anyone hating their job or in general anything they do is because they are not happy with it. You should find ways to enjoy your work and to have fun while you are working. Not being interested makes it difficult to work. ... - Ashna    read >>

RE:Need valuable suggession
See you are just afraid to talk to girls or have a relation with them because of your past but if you try making a fresh start then you will surely be able to make a good relation with your wife. Just keep making efforts. ... - NN    read >>

RE:Pomegranate nutritional information
yeah it has low calorie! ... - pradip    read >>

RE:How to Lose Weight
warm water ... - abhi    read >>

RE: Lose weight naturally
i agree ... - adil    read >>

RE:How to get back control over your mind and body !
It is very difficult to have a control on yourselves because many times we know what is right and what is wrong but we choose to do the wrong things even when we know they should be done. It is our heart that leads us to that. ... - NN    read >>

RE:My IVF Success Journey Dr. Kaberi Banerjee
Can you please give a detailed review about your experience with the doctor from whom you got your treatment? How does she work and how she motivated you not to lose hope and have faith? It would help a lot of couples. ... - No Name    read >>

RE:Do the Power Yoga
Yoga is nice way! ... - smita    read >>

RE:Do the Power Yoga
Yes! ... - anil    read >>

What is reiki healing
What is Reiki or Reiki healing? My friend She tells me its something which means palm healing or hand healing but still she was not sure about it..If Reiki is palm or hand healing then how does it work? Do we have to see some Doctor for it or it ... - sia    read >>

Derived from Japanese word RIE and KI
Reiki is a Spiritual practice. It is derived from Japanese word RIE and KI.
i wanted to try rieki practice but did not Succeed as i m not good at it. ...
- bhavna    read >>

how many techniques are there in Reiki
Hey thank for the information.I also wanted to Know how many Techniques are there in Reiki?? ... - jia    read >>

Palm healing and hand healing
There are 2 techniques in Reiki
1. Palm healing
2. Hand healing
i hope this will help you. i think your are working on some project . anyways all the best ...
- bhavna    read >>

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 A R T I C L E S
Hair Care and Styles - (68)
Hair CareEditor
Falling HairMeenal
Curly LocksEditor
Higher, baby!Editor
Tame Frizzy HairEditor
Hair ColourEditor
Colouring Hair During PregnancyEditor
Dandruff Problem! Editor
More Hair Care TipsEditor
Hair Styling TipsEditor
Quench the Thirst of Frizzy HairDiana Dudas
Essentials for Falling HairEditor
Get it Straight!Editor
Hair That ShinesEditor
Premature GreyingEditor
Time for a ChangeEditor
Hair Styling TipsEditor
Hair and AgeEditor
Get a New Look!Editor
Hair and Your HealthEditor
The Truth About HairEditor
Hair Care in the RainsEditor
Dealing with Dry HairEditor
Fixing Hair DisastersEditor
Learn to love your Natural hairEditor
Get rid of dandruffEditor
All about Hair RebondingEditor
Your hair loss can be alopeciaEditor
How to dry your hair naturally?Editor
How to get silky hairEditor
How to oil your hairEditor
How to use straightening ironsEditor
How to condition your hairEditor
How to choose a right hair colourEditor
How to get long hairEditor
Reasons of hair fallEditor
Home Remedies for Hair fallEditor
Hair Care TipsEditor
How to Prevent Hair fallEditor
How to Prevent DandruffEditor
Side Effects of Hair RebondingEditor
Side Effects of Hair ColouringEditor
Side Effects of Hair StraighteningEditor
Benefits of Colouring Hair with HennaEditor
How to Colour your Hair with HennaEditor
What is Premature Hair LossEditor
Premature Greying of HairEditor
Tips for Preventing Hair FallEditor
Herbal Remedies for Stopping Hair FallEditor
How to Take Care of Hair after StraighteningEditor
Taking Care of Hair after Hair RebondingEditor
Coping with DandruffEditor
Beauty Tips for HairEditor
How to Have Natural Straight HairEditor
How to Have Natural Curly HairEditor
How to Reduce Hair FallEditor
Hair Colouring TipsEditor
Hair Care EssentialsEditor
Hair Cutting Tips for WomenEditor
Home Remedies for Dry HairEditor
How to Take Care of Straightened HairEditor
What is Hair Transplant?Editor
Hair Care Tips for Coloured HairEditor
Home Remedies for Premature Greying of HairEditor
Tips for Preventing Split EndsEditor
Home Remedies for Hair GrowthEditor
Hair CareEditor
Face and Skin Care - (116)
Skin Care through Eating HealthyEditor
Quick Herbal TipsEditor
Identifying your Skin Type Editor
Orange Peel SkinEditor
Daily Skin CareEditor
Sunny Side EffectsEditor
Skin Care Secrets Editor
Beauty secrets from the kitchen Editor
Look BeautifulEditor
Lip SyncEditor
Beauty - The Egyptian WayEditor
Lipstick LoreEditor
10 Beauty TipsEditor
More Beauty TipsEditor
Pimple S.O.SEditor
Sun FunEditor
5 Minutes to a Creamy ComplexionEditor
Lime ' Lemony'Editor
It's About Honey, Honey!Editor
Delay The Onset of WrinklesEditor
Preventing Pigmentation ProblemsEditor
Banish BlackheadsEditor
Frown LinesEditor
Gloss It Up!Editor
My Fair LadyEditor
Winter Beauty CareEditor
Pimples on the BackEditor
Wrinkle PreventionEditor
Tomato MeEditor
Is Toning NecessaryEditor
Skin Care at 30Editor
Exfoliate Your Face!Editor
More on ExfoliationEditor
Beauty DONTSEditor
Face MassageEditor
Puffy FaceEditor
Single Laser SessionEditor
Oily SkinEditor
Facial HairEditor
5 Top Beauty SecretsEditor
The Nose JobEditor
Sunscreen SagaEditor
Risks of TattooingEditor
Beauty Product Chemicals that Harm - 1Editor
Beauty Product Chemicals that Harm - 2Editor
Fighting and Living with AcneEditor
Aromatherapy facialsEditor
Planning to get an acne laser treatmentEditor
Make-up with a right face foundationEditor
Learn to love your natural skinEditor
How to choose a lipstick shade?Editor
What is microdermabrasion?Editor
How to prevent pimplesEditor
Breaking myths about hair removalEditor
Why to use sunscreensEditor
Make - up tipsEditor
How to use skin bleachEditor
Skin care productsEditor
Simple skin care remediesEditor
Skin care through natural ingredientsEditor
Laser hair removalEditor
Home remedies for Glowing SkinEditor
Beauty and Skin Care Regime for WinterEditor
Pimples - Causes and RemediesEditor
Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - IIEditor
Tips for Dry SkinEditor
How to Get Flawless Skin NaturallyEditor
How to Cope with Oily SkinEditor
How to Apply LipstickEditor
How to Cleanse and De-Tan your SkinEditor
All about Facial Acupuncture Skin TreatmentEditor
Home Remedies for PimplesEditor
How to Get Clear SkinEditor
Beauty Tips for FaceEditor
Beauty Tips for Oily SkinEditor
Beauty Tips for Dry SkinEditor
Beauty Tips for Coping with PimplesEditor
Beauty Tips for FairnessEditor
Beauty Tips for Glowing SkinEditor
Home Made Face Packs for Glowing SkinEditor
How to Have Natural Pink LipsEditor
Beauty Tips for LipsEditor
Beauty Tips for WinterEditor
Beauty Tips for Dark LipsEditor
How to Have Naturally Red LipsEditor
How to Have Natural Looking Make-upEditor
How to Have Natural Rosy CheeksEditor
Beauty Tips for Pimple MarksEditor
Acne - Causes and CuresEditor
Beauty Tips for SummerEditor
Home Remedies for Dark SpotsEditor
Dealing with Dark UnderarmsEditor
How to Get Fair SkinEditor
Dark Underarms - Causes and TreatmentsEditor
Oily Skin Care TipsEditor
Microdermabrasion for SkinEditor
Dealing with WrinklesEditor
Cosmetic Surgery - Look Better and Feel GoodEditor
What is Skin Polishing?Editor
What is Skin Tightening?Editor
All about Skin WhiteningEditor
Side Effects of Skin BleachingEditor
Winter Beauty Care TipsEditor
Skin Care Tips for WintersEditor
How to Choose a SunscreenEditor
Skin Care for SummersEditor
How to Prevent BlackheadsEditor
Beauty Care Tips for WinterEditor
Skin Care Tips for SummersEditor
How to Take Care of Skin in SummersEditor
Beauty Tips for New MomsEditor
Beauty TipsEditor
Skin CareEditor
For your Eyes Only - (15)
Sparkling EyesEditor
Choosing The Right Eye GlassesEditor
Dramatic EyesEditor
Dark CirclesEditor
Pluck Your BrowsEditor
Coloured Contact LensesEditor
Removing Make-Up from Your EyesEditor
Taking care of your contact lensesEditor
How to do eye exercises?Editor
How to prevent eye problemsEditor
Home Remedies for Dark CirclesEditor
How to Apply MascaraEditor
How to Choose Right KajalEditor
Coping with Dark CirclesEditor
Home Remedy for Dark CirclesEditor
Lovely Legs - (11)
Legs That You Can Stand OnEditor
Trimming Those Legs Editor
Give Your Feet A TreatEditor
Step By Step to the perfect pedicureEditor
Feet First!Editor
Foot CareEditor
Foot CornsEditor
How to get rid of hair in-growthEditor
Foot corns and callusesEditor
Taking Care of Your FeetEditor
Nail Care - (8)
Nail Care And ManicureEditor
Hands OnEditor
Fake NailsEditor
Common Nail ProblemsEditor
How to apply nail polish?Editor
Enhancing beauty of nails with nail artEditor
Stop biting your nailsEditor
How to Choose Nail Polish ColourEditor
Neck and Shoulders - (5)
Taking care of your NeckEditor
Shoulders and ArmsEditor
The ElbowsEditor
Chin ChinEditor
Dark UnderarmsEditor
Beauty Tips for Children - (8)
Your Child's SkinEditor
Give Your Child the Beauty TipsEditor
Body Hair and Your DaughterEditor
My Beautiful DaughterEditor
Little LadyEditor
Home Remedies for Children's AcneEditor
Tips for Helping Kids Have Healthy SkinEditor
Tips for Helping Children Have Healthy HairEditor
Body Talk - (28)
Body FatEditor
Are you a working motherEditor
Posture PerfectEditor
Smart Ways to Lose WeightEditor
Firm Up Your BreastsEditor
Too ThinEditor
Turn on the HEATEditor
Hair Removal by WaxingEditor
Tricks to Slim DownEditor
Nip TuckEditor
Fun Ways to Lose FlabEditor
Love HandlesEditor
Excessive Body HairEditor
Get Sensational SkinEditor
Hair Removal By LaserEditor
Step-by-Step: ThreadingEditor
Unwanted HairEditor
Lose Weight: 5 Point PlanEditor
Plan 4: DietEditor
Stretch MarksEditor
Body and FashionEditor
Sagging BreastsEditor
Body OdourEditor
Hair Removal MethodsEditor
Body PiercingEditor
Risks of Body PiercingEditor
Spa at HomeEditor
Beauty don'ts for pregnant womenEditor
Personality Building - (15)
Second LookEditor
Wear SunscreenEditor
Practice Random KindnessEditor
Glad To Be A WomanEditor
Build Your Self-EsteemEditor
Body LanguageEditor
Scents and SensibilityEditor
Can Money Buy HappinessEditor
Do Looks Matter Editor
Colour BlindEditor
Color Blind - IIEditor
You Are BeautifulEditor
Self EsteemEditor
Are you a Sacrificial LambEditor
Hobby IdeasEditor
Fashion - (22)
Fashion FlashEditor
Get Sexy!Editor
The Toosh ShawlEditor
Look TallerEditor
The Importance of AccessoriesEditor
A Clean BreastEditor
Look Sexy This WinterEditor
Careers in FashionEditor
Winter CareEditor
Summer StyleEditor
Look Better, TomorrowEditor
The Bare NecessitiesEditor
Necessary ObjectsEditor
Wearing JewelleryEditor
Fashion SenseEditor
Dress BetterEditor
All That GlittersEditor
Indian SummerEditor
Indian FabricsEditor
Creating an Impression with Colours and ClothesEditor
How to Look TallerEditor
How to Look ThinEditor
Grooming (For Men) - (4)
Hair Styles for MenEditor
Dressed For SuccessEditor
Facials for MenEditor
Hair styling products for menEditor
Time Out - (5)
Steamin' UpEditor
Stress BustersEditor
Look YoungerEditor
Steam BathsEditor
Look YoungerEditor

 Beauty Discussion Forums
Hair Care
RE:moms haircut
If you mom has uneven length then let the hair grow evenly to a length where your mother will be comfortable if cut. Once they are even the. you can tell the lady at the parlor to cut her hair till that length. ... - NN    read >>

RE:my headshave experience
I had to undergo the same thing because my mom had vowed that if i clear my entrance exam then she will take me get all my hair shaved. I was not at all ready to do it and i totally refused to get it done but she was very adamant on it. ... - Nikita    read >>

RE:Forcing for headshave
Try some home remedies for dandruff and see if it works for you. There are many home remedies and it will definitely be useful if your try them for a month or so. You can try massaging your hair by mixing coconut oil and lemon. ... - NN    read >>

RE:Forcing for headshave
The best way to convince your parents would be prove them wrong by fixing your problems yourself. You can apply neem juice in your hair to cure dandruff. Try it for 2 months and if your dandruff reduces your hair fall will too. ... - Ritu    read >>

RE:RE:headshave vow - need support
I have asked her multiple times about headshave. She said I want to do it but not now. Her concern is going out and regarding her looks. As I wanted her wish to finish we have seen together few beautiful bald Indian women photos in fb. Last wee ... - Chandu    read >>

RE:Moms haircut
My mom gets her haircut in every 6 months. She usually keeps long hair but not very long just mid back length. She does not like too short hair and likes keeping her hair long and also insists on keeping my hair long. ... - NN    read >>

Skin Talk
RE:plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me its urgent
The doctor has told you to use cinthol soap to wash your face because such soaps cause the skin to go dry and since you have a oily skin it would do for you and once your skin is less oily trust me you pimples would reduce too. ... - NN    read >>

RE:acme problem after delivery
Yes hormones are quite responsible for everything happening in your body. It can be because their are many hormones release by the body during pregnancy but then after delivery other hormones are produced. Wait for a few months and then see if y ... - NN    read >>

What is revoca? Can you please give details to what it is and what is it taken for? Is it a medicine or some dish? Or is it some kind of treatment? Please share your knowledge about it with us. ... - NN    read >>

RE:plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me its urgent
Your dermatologist has given you the proper advice and make sure you follow it and take your meds on time without fail or without any break. Continue all this and your skin would improve in some time and best of luck. ... - NN    read >>

RE:plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me its urgent
People with oily skin always suffer from pimples and if you don't take care of it properly the pimples leave marks on the skin and it is very difficult to get rid of the marks and they do not look good on the face. ... - Himaani    read >>

RE:plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me its urgent
Lactocalamine is one of the best medical creams available in the market. It help with the oily skin, get rids of the pimples and do not leave mark and also gets rid of the marks left earlier by the pimples. ... - Ashna    read >>

RE:bad acne scars,plz help
For preventing yourself from acne you should make sure that you keep your skin clean and oilfree all the time. Also do not leave your house without sun block even if you are going out in the evening or night. ... - Hardika    read >>

RE:fair skin ,pimples,black spots etc.....
Pimples and such skin problems are very common but there are many natural ways of getting rid of these problems. The most basic care you need to take is that always keep your face and skin as clean as possible. ... - NA    read >>

RE:Hyper Skin Lightener
A very light skin can cause a lot of skin problem as light people are more susceptible to skin rashes and skin burns and all other problems. Dark skin is a defense mechanism of the body to protect itself from problems. ... - Ashna    read >>

i agree with u! ... - vaneeta    read >>

Make - Up
RE:anyone from tokyo
yes ... - akshay    read >>

RE:anyone from tokyo
yes ... - akshat    read >>

RE:anyone from tokyo
yes! ... - akshata    read >>

Hair decoration after oiling and licecombing
I am an 26 year male living in small room in a chawl in pune with my aunt with her 19 year daughter (my fathers friends wife)12 years back we both lost our families in an accident and started living together. she cares for me like a true mother. ... - MM    read >>

hahahah rooprani......wwhy at the first place u want to do that? be happy what u r. its like meaningless to do so. ... - sanjana    read >>

Looking for Makeup Artist in Mumbai?
I dont know about delhi. But when you come in mumbai and need a makeup artist then go only with anuragsimmi. Best makup artist i saw even in my life. ... - Anurag Simmi    read >>

my skin regime
I have been using invicible scars for long to fade dark spots and blemishes from my face. It has worked really well and above all, it' s a great mosiituriser as well. I only use this ointment and apply gloss,mascara and eyeliner and i am done ! ... - hazalkaya    read >>

Body and Fitness
RE:After birth Massage Centres in Bangalore.
See if you go for center they are very expensive and no matter where you ask for the price it will be around 1200 per day only. You should look for dais as they are very cheap as compared to the massage centers. ... - NN    read >>

RE:The most efficient way to eliminate fears .
Eliminating fears from a person is a very difficult task and not at all easy but one must keep trying and try their best to not fear anything as fears make it difficult to live life and you should enjoy life to the fullest. ... - NA    read >>

RE:Fastest way to Eliminate Procrastination Forever
Procrastination basically is delaying things that you should be doing or you are supposed to do now, to be done in the future. It is not a good habit and one must do what it is to be done on the right time. ... - Naina    read >>

RE:Master’s Solution Eliminate self-sabotage !
Our mind has the power to build us up but if you let all the negative thought take over the positive ones then the same mind can break up and do enough damage to destroy everything you have ever wished for in your life. ... - Priya    read >>

RE:which bra is sexiest
You should wear the one that fits you perfectly which is neither loose nor tight. Wearing a bra of wrong size can cause problems and can also lead to breast cancer So be careful about it and select a proper size. ... - NN    read >>

RE:RE:which yoga is best to do at home
agree ... - raj    read >>

RE:After birth Massage Centres in Bangalore.
Instead of going for massage centers that will definitely cost you a fortune why don't you to with the traditional way. The dais are the best option when it comes to these things as they are much more experienced in this. ... - Meenakshi    read >>

Fashion Accessories
RE:Best combo offers online?
Hi Arpitha, there are a lot of online companies available today go with the one which you feel is the best for you. ... - Tina    read >>

RE:Best combo offers online?
Hi Arpitha, i stay in dubai if you want to know the best online store for shopping here i would say its suoq ... - Diana    read >>

RE:Best combo offers online?
Hello Arpitha,
There are many website to do online shopping and in turn there are websites of their own also so that you can do shopping on your own and they are various methods of purchase system also and COD is also available. ...
- Subha    read >>

what you want to shop online? if fashion accessories then go for any online websites like myntra, flipkart or shopclues etc iff you get a fair deal. and once check the price in market for the same product to confirm it that they are not cheating ... - sunanina    read >>

Best combo offers online?
online shopping websites are many and it is tough to decide where to have online shopping in the best website ... - Arpitha Rao    read >>

Veni in my hair
I am a 28 years old male living in vikroli mumbai. I live alone here since last 4 years and my family is in my native. i keep long hairs upto my waist and normally tie it in a pony or a plait or some time in a bun. Since last 1 month i have been ... - M M    read >>

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