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There are many myths concerning hair and its management. Read on to separate fact from fiction.

Our hair is a natural fashion accessory. It is the part of our body that is most easily amendable to the whims of fashion. We cut it short, let it grow wild, or even shave it all off. We comb our hair, tie it in braids, or just let it loose. An entire industry has grown around our fixation with hair. Manufacturers, saloons, parlours, and stylists help us indulge this collective fantasy to have our hair permed, straightened, curled, smoothened, bleached, dyed, and subjected to countless other beautifying exercises.

As something that occupies our imagination, it is natural that we have grown a number of myths around hair and its management. Below, we debunk some of these common myths.

Myth: Too much washing is bad for your hair.
Fact: Actually, how much you wash your hair does not really affect your hair. What is important is that you match the shampoo you use to the type of hair you have.

Myth: Cutting hair helps it to grow better and faster.
Fact: Because hair is generally thicker at the base, it may give an illusion of being thicker when cut. Cutting your hair does not improve either its length or the rate at which it is growing (about half an inch in a month). However, in case of split ends, trimming helps to prevent the split from progressing up the strand and allows the hair to continue growing normally.

Myth: Hair oils do not really help hair, only massaging the scalp does.
Fact: It is true that scalp massages improve circulation in the scalp and stimulate the follicles, leading to healthy hair growth. However, coconut and other oils such as amla applied before a bath also play a role in preventing the hair from drying out after shampooing.

Myth: Rinsing out a conditioner destroys its beneficial effect.
Fact: Rinse-out conditioners are designed in such a way that they leave behind beneficial proteins and other elements in the hair, even after they are washed off. Leave-in conditioners, on the other hand, are meant to be left on without washing off, for their benefits to have effect.

Myth: Split ends can be repaired with conditioners.
Fact: While a good brand of conditioner generally improves the health of the hair—which may prevent the formation of split ends—it cannot repair already split hair. Certain hair care products do join split ends, but their effect is very temporary and will last until the time you next wash your hair. The only way to prevent the split from affecting the entire strand of hair is to trim it above the split with a good pair of scissors.

Myth: Fashion treatments such as blow-drying and colouring can lead to hair loss.
Fact: Treatments such as blow-drying and the chemicals in hair colour products can damage hair. However, this will not be permanent and the lost or damaged hair will usually grow back. You may also try products, such as shampoos and conditioners that are designed specially for chemically treated hair, to contain the damage to your hair.

Myth: Colouring hair during pregnancy can harm the baby.
Fact: There is a school of thought that believes that the chemicals involved in hair colours may harm the yet unborn baby. However, this is a disputed point, with no conclusive report yet. Some doctors believe that inhaling the strong hair dye is more harmful than its application. It is always better to play safe and discuss this with your doctor before making up your mind.

Myth: Sun rays do not harm hair.
Fact: While hair plays a role as a natural protection for the scalp against the Sun, over-exposure to sunlight can damage your hair. Wear a hat, cap or scarf if you are going to be in direct sunlight for some time.

Myth: Hair grows at the same rate all over the scalp.
Fact: This statement is not entirely true. Studies show that in some people, the rate of growth of hair differs marginally on different parts of the head. In babies, the growth of hair is indicated to be faster on the crown than on other regions of the head.

Myth: Smoking does not affect hair growth.
Fact: On the contrary, smoking has been proved to cause hair loss. According to a study, smokers were also predicted to be four times more prone to developing grey hair as against non-smokers.

Myth: Brushing hair causes it to fall out.
Fact: Brushing hair, unless done in a vigorous or over-zealous manner, does not harm healthy hair. However, in the case of a person suffering from a hair loss condition (such as alopecia), hair strands with weak roots may be shed due to brushing. In fact, even under normal circumstances, the scalp sheds up to 100 loose strands of old hair daily, which may come out while brushing.

Myth: The health of one's hair is entirely determined by hereditary factors.
Fact: This is only partially true. While hereditary factors do determine the type of hair one is born with, other environmental factors such as stress, diet, and hair care practices followed are equally important.

Myth: Hair products that are labelled as 'natural' are free from chemicals and safe to use.
Fact: Many products labelled natural, nevertheless, contain skin irritants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The only way you can guard against being duped, is by scanning the contents on the label.

Are you worried about your hair loss? Do you believe cutting your hair will help it grow faster? Are you keen on colouring your hair but hesitant because you have heard it harms hair? Are you unsure about dyeing your hair if you are pregnant? To share your opinions and experiences regarding hair care, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: Shivani Khanna
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Oye, great article. Truly, this article busted some of the popular myths. More myths: 1. Removing a gray hair increases the number of gray hair. (Not proven) 2. Shampoo is better than soap. (I don´t know about this one. This seems like a marketing attempt to me.)
Name: Ramesh
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi, informative article. I had a question though, does a lot of computer usage have any corelation to hair loss?
Name: Resmi
City:   Cochin
Comments:   Does the onset of periods affect hair growth in youngsters (girls)? If so, what is the remedy? Please help.
Name: anu
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Hi,actually my proper place is visakhapatnam.after i came to hyd my hair has started falling and i have been found a patch on forehead and i have been using bore could u suggest me to overcome from this problem and plz suggest me how to regain the lossed hair on the patch
Name: Alisha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   do not agree with myth number one. too much washing does damage the hair. hioweve rmild a shampoo may be, it does contain detergents. hair does not get as dirty as one´s skin. it does not need to be soaped everyday. excess of anything is bad.
Name: baldy
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Do all thos products that promise to grow hair on bald people ever work? Would like to know anyone who found these procducts effective.
Name: lakshmi
City:   bangalore
Comments:   Hi,i noticed dandruff on my scalp,can u suggest any remedy for this pls.
Name: usha
City:   chennai
Comments:   hi,i noticed dandruff on my scalp and falling can u suggest any remedy for this pls
Name: Shayri Menezes
City:   MUMBAI
Comments:   I would like to know how frequently should one oil the hair
Name: long_tresses
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Any idea whether coconut oil is the best oil to use? Are there other iols that are good for hair? In any case, what purpose does oiling serve?
Name: Jignesh Thakker
City:   Delhi
Comments:   There is one reason I used to be given by eleders for putting coconut oil in my hair, and that is that the head is supposed to remain cool. However, am not sure if this has any truth to it. Does anyone have any idea bout this?
Name: usha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   can i know how to make my hair strong n i wat to know wat r de precautions to be taken to get long hair.
Name: Riten
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I dont know about keeping the head cool, but i always felt that oiling my hair caused pimples on my forehead
Name: rizwan
City:   aurangabad maharashtra
Comments:   thank you to d writter f d abve article rizwan
Name: sybil francis
City:   nagpur
Comments:   hi. please help me with tips on how to grow my hair faster, what treatment should i give it with respect to oiling, shampooing, hair is of dry type.
Name: sassi
City:   coimbatore
Comments:   hi...Earlier my hair is thick but now its too thin..Daily I m suffering by hair fall...from the root hair falling down..suggest me some better tips...I had tried every things..which ever heard...
Name: usha
City:   dubai
Comments:   i am loosing too much hair after i straightend my face is oval & i have very thin hair is it advisable for me to go for perming i am 38yr old & which is the best place in banglore to go for hair cut i want to have a new look.
Name: ruchisinghal
City:   Gurgaon
Comments:   Hi!earlier i had very long thick hair.but it is falling from last 3yrs. ihad used soaps.after some time istarted using curd,egg,amla&shikakai as paste on scalp.after some wash hair started falling iam using multanimitti.but i cant oil my can´t be washed off with multani.plz helpme
Name: runa majumder
City:   kolkata
Comments:   my forehead is becoming large day by day.front of my head there are few hairs.i have no type is dry.what i´ll do for this.
Name: runa majumder
City:   kolkata
Comments:   my forehead is becoming large day by day.front of my head there are few hairs.i have no type is dry.what i´ll do for this.
Name: priti
City:   nagpur
Comments:   hi ,im suffering from hair loss from last 2 to 3 years but from last two weeks ,it becomes an extreme case ,can u suggest what can i do?
Name: priya
City:   Mysore
Comments:   hai, I like long & thick hair but I have short & thin hair. nowadays it is falling very munch and i doesn´t have any dandruff, as per doctors advice I used scalpe shampoo and using karatex hair oil.I use egg, curd, shikakai for bathing but no use of those things. could u pls suggest me in telling which type of hair oil I must use.(any herbal)
Name: Shruti Anand
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Hi, i have a mojor concern wn it comes to hair growth and breakage..i have very thin hair...they are naturally blonde in hair growth is very less.coz of whc i cannot do any styling.its been 5 years i have same kind of length so keep almst the same hair cut.please suggest something.
Name: lijji
City:   dubai
Comments:   hi all... what my belief and experience is dont use any shampoo to hair. it will grey your hair. how much mild it may be. use methi powder henna instead of it. it will give lusture to the hair. it removes dandruff. use natural things whatever they may be. use hibiscus leaves or flowers! once in a week is enough. if you are not having enough time to do all these, just wash off the hair with plain water. but dont use any shampoos please. really i mean it. and with my self experience i am writing all these things. there will be no dandruff, no grey hair (at least in young age)!!
Name: Meghna Patel
City:   Bangalore.
Comments:   Which shampoo and conditioner use full for my hair, Which available in market. My hair is straight, long, natural brown colour mix texture dry and oilly both. Please give me answer. With reagrd meghna patel.
Name: Sunita Tirkey
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   When I was young my hair was vey thic but now my age is 38 years my hair is vey thin even everyone seen my sclap.Now I use Fructis oil repair shapoo it is useful for my hair now my hair is not falling. But I want to thick hair, it is poosible or not of this age.
Name: charlene
City:   philippines
Comments:   i have a falling hair problem since 2000 but i never tried any chemicals in my hair I only used shampoo and conditioner daily.
Name: teju
City:   mumbai
Comments:   recently i face the problem of hair failing the thickness of my hair is also affect.
Name: tejaswini
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Earlier my hair is thick but now its too thin..Daily I m suffering by hair fall...from the root hair falling down..suggest me some better tips...i never tried any chemicals in my hair I only used shampoo
Name: mpvijaykhanna
City:   bangalore
Comments:   sister just goto google and type mpvijay u can get my id plz mail me in details about ur hair falling
Name: mpvijaykhanna
City:   bangalore
Comments:   sister just goto google and type mpvijay u can get my id there u can get tips
Name: preeti
City:   delhi
Comments:   hi my problem is like my hair has volume but i have less hairs . and i have a long face and broad forehead and due to my big forehead and look ugly. i cannot manage my voluminous hairs it gives me strain on my whole head please refer me some good hairstyle which give good look on my face
Name: shweta
City:   sirsa
Comments:   hye am shweta am suffering 4rm prblem of hair loss i tried my best to overcome 4rm this prblem. I tried varoius types of shampoos, healthy products bt dont get positive result can anybody tell me how 2 overcome 4rm this prblem.
Name: Firdaus
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Hello, I have lice and daandruff in my hair.After reading your srticle I learnt about the skin irritants.I didnt know that I´ve been using shampoo with sodium lauryl sulphate in it.Please tell me what to do and what shampoo to use?
Name: Reesha
City:   Houston
Comments:   I have been losing a lot of hair lately. I think its because of "alopecia." So how do I thicken the width of my pony which has been thinning since i was 15. Now I am 17. Any suggestions please?
Name: kaminibajaj
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Which shampoo and conditioner use full for my hair, Which available in market. My hair is very Curly but i want to straight, long hair. Please give me answer. With reagrd Kamini Bajaj.
Name: Geetu
City:   delhi
Comments:   hye iam geetu my hair is very heavy & curly pl.suggest me how can straight hair.
Name: manisha
City:   vasai
Comments:   first when my age 18 to 20 my hair was long n strong but now i am 32 my hair was small n poor can u pls help me for my growing n healthy hair
Name: bhav
City:   Chennai.
Comments:   When i was 17,my hair was very thick.Normal Hair fall is only there. But now im 20 my hair fall is heavy.My hair is very thin now.if it goes on, i may go bald.Please suggest me to reduce my heavy hairfall.
Name: joseph
City:   cairo GA
Comments:   when ib was younger my hair started to fall off and i tryed to something about that. i put lotion, hair poducts an every thing else then it came out more what do yall think happen next?
Name: suzi khan
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi please sugest me some good hair product for hair loss and hair growth,i have sever hair loss but no hair growth plz sugest me some good hair product which is availble in bangalore.. plz help me iam losing all my hairs
Name: suzi khan
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi please sugest me some good hair product for hair loss and hair growth,i have sever hair loss but no hair growth plz sugest me some good hair product which is availble in bangalore.. plz help me iam losing all my hairs
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