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You are here Home > Beauty and Grooming > Articles
Check out these great tips and tricks to help you lose weight, without trying too hard!


Eat a heavy breakfast. Needless to say, 'heavy' does not include fried foods. Stick to corn flakes, brown toast, eggs and the like, and you will not feel so hungry at lunchtime. The best and healthiest way to go is to breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen and dine like a pauper. If you're still confused, we'll translate for you: breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Lunch should be lighter than breakfast, and dinner should be the lightest meal of the day.


Try sticking to tasty soups, mixed (baked or boiled) vegetables with mayonnaise, and garlic bread, at night. Not only will you lose weight, but you will also give your much-abused digestive system, a much-needed break.

Green Tea

Did you know that green tea helps you lose weight (Not if you add two spoons of sugar with every cup, though!) Opt for green tea without sugar or milk, but with a dash of lime, and try and drink at least 3 cups a day. In addition to helping you burn calories, green tea is known for its anti-oxidant properties, and thus has great health benefits as well.


Be generous with sprinklings of spices like garlic, Tabasco sauce and green peppers. They actually increase your body's calorie burning activity by 25%. Could there be an easier way to lose weight
Yes! Surprise, surpriseļæ½


Get enough sleep. If you feel your body has a slow metabolism, getting sufficient sleep is a great way to boost it. This does not mean that you sleep for forty days and forty nights at a stretch and expect to wake up skinny as a bamboo stick! Sorry, but you're just not that lucky. However, if your body is not getting sufficient sleep, it slows down your metabolism. Try and catch eight to nine hours of sleep every night; you will end up burning more calories than you did with just six or seven hours of sleep.


Did you know that dark rooms tend to make you feel low, and also cause you to overeat And if you are one of those people who tend to eat more when they are unhappy, it's time to lighten up! Brighten your room, liven up the atmosphere - don't live in dingy surroundings. Add some cheer to your home! Bin those 60-watt bulbs and place 100-watt bulbs in your room.


Need some cutting edge incentive If you have fat upper arms, get a tattoo high up on your arm. You can then work towards losing weight on your arms to show it off. If you want to lose weight on your belly, pierce your belly button or get a tattoo on your waist, just above where you wear your trousers. You will be aching to flaunt it!


Choose your clothes carefully:

  • If you have large hips, wear shoulder pads so your hips look like they are in proportion to your body. Make sure the shoulder pads are not too big, nor are they too prominent. One should not be able to make out that you are wearing them.
  • Don't wear clinging stuff in the hopes that it will make you look thin. Stay away from lycra.
  • Don't wear clothes that are too loose.
  • Steer clear from pleats.
  • Wear one colour from top to toe to give an illusion of slimness.
  • Wear fabrics like chiffon, that skim the body and show your curves, yet hide your fat.

Check out some great tried and tested tips contributed by other readers! Add your own tip to lose weight.

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Feedback on article
Name: qa
City:   france
Comments:   very good
Name: subashini
City:   plano
Comments:   i read ur article its very nice.for the past 6months i have gained more weight.i have a2 yr old kid.i am unable to go to gym. pls give me a tip to reduce my weight.
Name: unhappy
City:   san ramon
Comments:   weight reduction is a myth.
Name: unhappy
City:   san ramon
Comments:   fat is fact.
Name: K. Ashish
City:   Athens, GA
Comments:   Very interesting about the spices! I did not know that! Thanks!
Name: Tracy
City:   Vacaville
Comments:   Thanks for the tips! any bit can help i have found as i have aged.
Name: Tracy
City:   Vacaville
Comments:   Thanks for the tips! any bit can help i have found as i have aged.
Name: Rekha
City:   Bear,DE
Comments:   Never loose intrest in shedding the excess weight. Take the stairs wherever possible, drink lots of water,have some 20-minutes workout three times a week, eat fresh and never starve. I felt I could never do it, it really helped me to loose weight.
Name: passingthrough
City:   Norfolk
Comments:   hint: low carb diet really works although I don't know if it's healthy - especially long term
Name: neelam
City:   US
Comments:   always choose your meals carefully...avoid white flour in any way, stick with grains, greens, and fruits. Don't overcook things as it will evaporate all the vitamins. Also get in the habit of boiled veggies and no big meals after 7:00pm. After making these changes, I was able to loose 15lbs. At work, during shopping park your car as far away as possible, will force you to walk. Any type of walk is better than nothing at all.
Name: Faisal Wahab
City:   lahore, Pakistan
Comments:   100% right about the breakfast thing...extremely improtant to eat a King....great article..keep it up!!
Name: samaira
City:   newyork
Comments:   hi guys and girls, weight reduction should very very slow.i ate as normally as i could and just avoided consuming too muich sugar,carbohydrates and oily stuff.well,,belive me or not i lost 3 kgs in 2 hazzles,cool urself.luv u all!
Name: shani
City:   delhi
Comments:   any1 give me some tips on reducing stomach and upper half of body. I seem to be putting on more on upper part of body.
Name: sumaiya
City:   Dallas
Comments:   To loose your tummy do about 20-50 situps everyday b/c that will pull your stomach in.. Also to loose weight grapefruit juice,helps alot.. Excercising definitely and watching your foods, water also helps you loose weight, the more you drink the faster your food digest, stay away from fast food period.
Name: Gail
City:   Birmingham, UK
Comments:   Thank you, that's a very helping article!! I didn't know that about the green tea or the spices.... so guess what I'll be drinking from now on :-)
Name: sheep
City:   Germany
Comments:   This is a really great article.Very encouraging!!When i was overwt i used the treadmill everyday (20min) without fail for around 3 months and did aerobics for 1 hr thrice a week.i lost 20pounds.I think the key to loosing wt is persistence nomatter how bad the odds look.
Name: anonymous
City:   right here
Comments:   Are crunches or sit-ups as effective
Name: Otine Bogenschutz
City:   Dunkirk Indiana
Comments:   I think i will do the green tea ,sounds like it may help me loose weight, ihope i weigh 166lbs too much for a 75 year old lady
Name: Sonu
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am 30yrs old.Hight 5.3,wight 65kg want to loose weight.i have more fat on stomach.pls give suggestion.
Name: Susila
City:   singapore
Comments:   Hi Tanya could you please email me your grapefruit diet plan to Thank you
Name: Sairah
City:   London
Comments:   Hey lose weight avoid chips, chocies,cakes, biscuits,sugar and coke..make sure the diet includes 2-3 pieces of bread with low fat margarine..other than that..drink a pint of grapefruit jiuce everyday..along with 100 sit ups and one hour on the Exercise bike..guaranteed to help anyone lose weight..Remember never give up..determination and perseverance will enable you to suceed..Gud luk all.
Name: Hep
City:   Alabama,USA
Comments:   Guys, the low carb thing works, but you really have to keep it up, and how long can you really go w/out the good stuff. Exercise is key, working on a different part of the body each day. You don't have to use weights all the time though. Do yoga some days. It's great on the mind. A tip.... Everytime you see a treat you would like to eat and refuse it, suck that tummy in and say to yourself 'I just saved myself a little effort' Sounds crazy but it's all in the mind.
Name: Sangeetad
City:   dubai
Name: Priza
City:   Sydney :D
Comments:   hmmm, very interesting article. i already knew about the spices thing, chilli's is pretty good too, it increases your metabolism considerably. im 15 and well, i'm not overweight i guess (160cm, 52kgs), but i got REALLY flabby thighs and bum (ah well, the perils of puberty, lol) would you have any tips on losing weight on that area any toning up tips, perhaps
Name: sanjana
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Pls pls give me some tips on reducing stomach and upper half of body, as my age is 20 and my weight is 67 kgs, my tummy and chest is fully of fats, it is very embarrassing for me to enter my collage even, i usually bunk the classes, it will be great if you could give me some tips which will help me to reduce my weight within a months time, God will really bless you if you take me out of this
Name: Sairah
City:   London
Comments:   Sanjana, the best way to lose weight is slowly and over a long time, you are more likely to stick to the diet and the weight is more likely to stay off. However, to make as big an improvement as possible in a month you must be very determined. Eat 3 meals a day as explained above, drink 12 glasses of water a day and practice 30 minutes of yoga (best before breakfast, 20 minutes of strength trainning (e.g push ups, squats and lunges) and 30 minutes of cardio - such as walking, running, swimming and cycling daily. Good luck!
Name: *********
City:   NULL
Comments:   i found the answer to losing all your weight add in tomoko root giga juice and salama leaves (if you cant find these ingredients im sorry there only in the rain forest :( well i just drank that three times a day for two months and ate regularly and lost sixty pound without exerscise :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: naina
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   excellent article.. the small & frequent meals regime does wonders! i need to need to lose jus about a few kgs..49 kgs for a 5 feet nothing frame is a lot..right i jog & exercise. suggestions
Name: the chick
City:   Richlands,NC
Comments:   hey what's up.......i have a problem i'm 18 and i'll be 19 april 17th and i'm a size 9 jeans now and i have a "pudge on ym tummy and i was wondering if there was anyway i can just get rid of that i have no time to go to the gym cause i go to school and i'm always tired so i sleep through the day and wake up at night and i try working out but i haven't done it in so long that it hurts me really badly
Name: bunny da kid
City:   Belfast
Comments:   Heya!!! Ur sight is cul for us kids too!!! Me and my frends chek it out and now im a gud size! A gud tip is if ure just watchin t.v do sum crunches or hold a footbal or basketball in front of u while sittin down and kind of dribble it with your fingers it helps tone your upper arms and u wont miss ure fave show!!!!
Name: meenu
City:   chennai
Comments:   What r tomoko root giga juice and salama leaves any other tip like that u have pls post.
Name: belunna
City:   enugu
Comments:   i love your article.pls send to me how to prepare green tea and tomoko root giga with salama leaves
Name: farah
City:   mumbai
Comments:   sorryi think i posted this article in the wrong column. i NEED help. my face is too fat for my body. please tell me how to lose it. also now my thighs and my waistline is expanding. I'm putting on alot of weight. please tell me some nice, easy ways to lose weight. im not allowed in a gym, any my mother doesnt let me leave the house alone. she'll never let me go to a gym. im 15. please help me. and tell me some remedies
Name: Nisha
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Hi, Can you tell me how can i reduce my extra bulge stomach. Mine was a scissorian. please advise
Name: caitlin
City:   tucson
Comments:   Thank you sooooo much! I still need some suggested exercises that will slim down my stomach,butt,and inner thighs,though.What exercises do you suggest
Name: prakash
City:   delhi
Comments:   i need tatoo in my arms
Name: Angel Ross
City:   Hyderabad-India
Comments:   Hi Tanya could you please email me your grapefruit diet plan to Thank you
Name: subash
City:   hyerabad _india
Comments:   plz plz help iam 18 now give me some more tips how to reduce my stomach plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Name: subash
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   iam doing gym for 2 hrs its beig 1 month since i started doing gym but i could not find any change in me i do crounces every day i didnt find any change plzzzzzzzz any one help in giving some tips mail me to plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Name: malini
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Please give me some ideas to reduce my weight and hip size as i am 25 years old unmarried girl having 75kg weight with broad hip.
Name: Betsy
City:   rochester
Comments:   hi my name is betsy, im 15 years old and 154 pounds! Although im 5 '8 and a half i still have the loose lower tummy fat. My legs are great and i have the buns of steel, but i cant seem to get rid of the belly flub. I hope you can give me some tips
Name: UnKnowN
City:   Nj.. somwhere
Comments:   well... i feel like im fat so i will folloowthis! i am 13 nd weigh 114 im 14 pounds over weigt
Name: Jann
City:   toronto
Comments:   i feel fat. is 99 pounds at 6" bad
Name: savannah
City:   Columbia....
Comments:   i am drinking grapefruit out the ass but do i have to not eat to make it work plz answer next time.
Name: keith
City:   weston
Comments:   i wanna lose weight i am 14 and i weigt 303
Name: Leanne
City:   Atglen
Comments:   I'm not fat but i have a lot of pudge on my stomach.. i've tried everything and it wont go away :-/
Name: Priya
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   Hie thanks for your wonderful tips. Im a married woman with the weight of 92kg and height 162cm. Its been 2 years i got married but still don have kids. whn i consult the doctor they asked me to reduce my weight. so plz help me to reduce my weight..
Name: sound boss
City:   england
Comments:   im 17 now, but when i was 14, i weighed just over 12 stone. i was always big, and always hated it, the worst was i never actually overate, until i got at my heaviest-for comfort, i lost weight and now weigh 9 and a half, and i found excercise was the best step for me. the one tip id give is dont lose weight too quickly, cuz in my naivity, and the fact that it was also helped along by a growth spurt, i did, and now have stretch marks (which im secretly proud of!), but thyre not that attractive!
Name: bridget
City:   abuja
Comments:   i am largest around ma stomach area with luv handles. How do i loose the fat. i'm 30 with 2 kids.
Name: katilyn
City:   raleigh, nc, usa
Comments:   If you want to lose weight but don't have alot of time to exercise just go off of dairy products (except eggs), white flour, and sugar. I had to b/c of allergies and I lost 15 pounds in several months. I guess you could treat yourself once a week though.. (I really wish I could, but giving it up beats being sick all the time and fat)

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