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  A CLEAN BREAST - by Editor

Are your breasts too big Or too small Here are some simple tips to sort out all your cleavage issues.

Are your breasts too big Or too small Whatever your peeve, there�s a solution, and no it doesn't involve surgery or exercise or anything else that seems to be too much of a chore. Wearing the right clothes can make a world of difference to your figure, so the next time you go shopping, keep these pointers in mind so you know what to look for.

Big Breasts

Don't wear turtle-necked or round-necked (high) tops. They tend to widen the gap between your neck and breasts, so it looks as though your breasts are low and large. Tight turtle-neck sweaters do the same. Instead, opt for tops with V-necks or with low round necks. These tops make your breasts look a little smaller.

Stay away from shirts or tops with pockets on the chest. They will enhance your breasts, making them look bigger.

Go in for sports bras. They tend to flatten breasts and also reduce the bounce, so if you are really large you may find these a comfortable option. Minimiser bras are also available in markets abroad, so if you have a relative flying down from the States, make sure you add this to your list!

Don't wear crop tops that cut off at the stomach. These make breasts look bigger. Make sure that your tops reach upto your jeans, or just a little above.

Shiny tops enhance your upper half, so stay away from the glitter and the gleam!

While prints do enhance your top, they tend to draw attention away from your bustline itself, as people will tend to focus on the print. So go in for printed clothes, though make sure the print is not too loud. Pretty paisley prints work great.

Basic tight halter-tops with built in bras tend to make you look a little flatter if you wear them under a shirt or a jacket. As these halters have a built-in bra, you needn't wear another one.

Stay away from tight t-shirts, they only enhance the shape of your breasts. If you do like tight tops, go in for those with low necks, and with vertical stripes. No horizontal stripes for you.

Go for wrap-over tops. They take attention away from the breasts, and conceal their largeness without taking away from the shape. Wear a tube under a chiffon printed wrap-over top, and you're all set!

Small Breasts

It's easier to make small breasts look large, than it is to make large breasts look small. Here are just some of the ways you can pump up the cleavage.

Invest in push up bras. They really do work wonders for your cleavage.

Buy only padded bras. Not only do these enhance your breasts, but these bras tend to sit much nicer under t-shirts. They give a smooth effect over your breasts, and you won't see any of those annoying bra lines or patterns under the tee.

Corset tops are a blessing for women with small breasts, as they can make you look sexier than anything else can! Alternatively, you could also consider investing in corseted underwear. Pick up something that just clinches in your waist, as this will have the effect of enhancing your breasts. In addition, the corset sits tight just under your breasts, and pushes them up, making you look bigger. So invest in one.

One of the easiest things you can do is to purchase a couple of cup-pads. Simply tuck them inside your bra everyday to give your shape a nice finish.

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Feedback on article
Name: vanita narang
City:   mumbai
Comments:   your suggestions and comment are very good but i want to ask u that this is the way for just temporary reducing or increasing can u give me some suggestion to apply some ointment and to increase for permanent
Name: shradha u raikar
City:   banglore
Comments:   this compilements are very good but it help full in future
Name: preethi
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Do you have any remedies for a small breasts to look/become big (other than the artificial means i.e like padded bra's)
Name: preeti
City:   India
Comments:   Your suggestions are very good, but i want to ask u that is there any way to increase for permanent rather than the temporary way.
Name: saba
City:   Lahore
Comments:   I have very large but firm breasts, I tried some of the former suggestions in ur section, they were really helpful, but I like people staring at my breasts, thats y they are there... isn't it? Thanks any way!
Name: swati
City:   cuttack
Comments:   i have big breasts and they have started to hang.can this be solved by wearing push ups or if u know about any lotions to keep my breasts firm then please let me know.also suggest me that in india where from i can get the bras by post.
Name: priya
City:   london
Comments:   do you have any remedies to make small breasts look bigger.
Name: reena
City:   singapore
Comments:   i have sagging breast.please suggest me how to make firm n attractive.
Name: Eve
City:   austin
Comments:   Real classy. come on chick, get a life.
Name: Jaya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am 15 yrs.old and I have small breasts. Can u please suggest me some exercise and diet which can increase my breasts size Waiting for your reply.
Name: shilpi
City:   singapore
Comments:   isnt there some way you can monitor this section in such a way that all comments written here could be censored so that some person who is sick in the head will not write nonsense like what is written a few comments above mine.
Name: rhea
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hey, great article!good language too.
Name: No Lewd Comments, Plz
City:   Sydney
Comments:   SOMEBODY NEEDS TO MODERATE THESE COMMENTS!!!! Ha aha Ha... really funny, so I guess reading these articles is what you do during your free time. Got no friends, eh I wonder why....
Name: Fookta
City:   bombay
Comments:   I wish I had big breast i'm flat only got olives
Name: Deodarant
City:   Up yours
Comments:   Ya'll neeeda wear some deodarant. Need not say no more!
Name: Soundharya
City:   London
Comments:   Where does Breast size fit in a parenting website
Name: Weird people
City:   NY
Comments:   Some of you are typing some disgusting things.. if you dont have something nice or NORMAL to say, dont say it at all!
Name: anmnesha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   heyy rthata all gud but can u suggest som permanent ways to increse the size,i mean some natural remedies
Name: shweta
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hello, I am married and I have very small breast or I can sat its falt.I and my hubby are not enjoying with this .I want it to increase to big onces.Is there any medicine for this or is there any way please suggest me quikcly Thank you very much
Name: kayle
City:   maxton
Comments:   hi i have very small breast is there any thing like home made make them bigger.
Name: jane
City:   portland
Comments:   I am 16 and I am a size 34NA. I am very self consious about my small size. I understand that different bras can make my breasts look bigger and I use them, but what if I go to the beach A bathing suit will show off my real size. What can I do
Name: joanna
City:   cumbria
Comments:   you can get swimwear from maxicleavage and they have gel inserts in them so jane you can use them to make you look bigger, i am a 32AA and i am 16 and i wear 2 gel bras to make me look bigger. there is also air bras to make you look much bigger
Name: monalica
City:   delhi
Comments:   have big breasts and they have started to hang & they r not very size is 36g (u can understand) this size is not available in market. I want to stitch my bra at home.Caun u pls. tell me the drafting of bra. thanks
Name: manpreet
City:   dehli
Comments:   Hello, my breast is very small plsea tell how i incresed at home i am 22 years old. thaks
Name: jyothi
City:   chennai
Comments:   I am already trying these but i want to know is there any ways to actually increase breast size by having some pills or applying some ointment. I have heard of Allure and Benix cream. How is it. I want you to suggest me some cream or pills which would increase the breast size permanently and faster. Also suggest some natural therapy that can be tried at home for the same because pills and ointments are so very expensive. I cant buy very expensive medicenes. Pls reply ASAP. Am married with a kid who is not sucking any more. This is for your info. For any more clarifications pls contact me.
Name: Shah Rukh Khan
City:   Mumbia
Comments:   Allah has made every one of us beautiful but if u still think ur ugly wait until the the time comes when every muslim believer (Islam) will go to jannat they will have such beauty inside them and outside of them and every non believer will go to hell!!! this is our thruth!!!
Name: sunanda
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I am 24,unmarried with small breasts. I have been using these for the past 7-8 yrs.However,I am looking fr a permanent solution.I have tried massaging with baby oil.I hve tried breast enhancer offered by reliableteleshoppe.I have even bought some oil+medicine(after seeing the adv. in "femina" magazine from some lady in safdarjung,delhi. BUT nothing seem to wrk. Is there any diet or food that I shud eat or any readily available medicine or other cure(which mite not have a side-effect)
Name: Rina
City:   USA
Comments:   For the younger girls your breasts are still developing, they usually grow until age 18 or 21 so you still have hope. I, on the other hand am almost 18 and have practically a negative A, i'm barely a AA if that, so i too would like to know if there were any natural or safe remedies for enhancing breasts. Thank you.
Name: huma
City:   ranchi
Comments:   i want my breast shoul look big coz my husband likes it . bot my breast size is very short even i have a baby.but tell me how to make it as bigger please do something for me i really need.
Name: Monica
City:   NYC
Comments:   You suggestions are good. Just a little comment for all of us out there looking for the perfect look. Just remember...Big or small...valumtious or your body. We are the fortunate ones who are healthy enough to worry about these cosmetic changes. Mainstream media has communicated many images of the perfect women. Yet all those images are unreal. Of course all those women are sexy...up on magazine covers. But actually how many of them are worth bringing home...or trusting your children with. The point is...we all have something that we are good at...and that's what makes us special and beautiful. If your the mom who can make the best idli ever, and the wife who stood through that financial crisi...your all worth it. So love yourself first...the men will always follow. :) So what if we are not their fantasy women...exactly how many of those men tak care of themselves like Tom Cruise themselves. Right? So who is to complain. Nothing says sexy like...CONFIDENCE. (so display it today...and save yourself that money set aside for breast implants/reduction hehe.) -Thanks for listening.
Name: Monica
City:   NYC
Comments:   sorry for the spelling errors guys.
Name: imra
City:   islamabad
Comments:   my breast are big according to normal breast but i want them to look like pam anderson with out any cream,pills,or implants
Name: aisha
City:   karachi
Comments:   well..i just want to know that how to increase the size of breatsactually my age 1is 15 and i have a very small size of plz can you mail me some homemade esy tips
Name: angela
City:   montreal
Comments:   hi...i'm 18 years old.and i still have small breasts.can u please suggest me some exercises that can increases my breasts size???? waiting for your reply.please mail me as soon as possible.
Name: Kai
City:   So.Calif
Comments:   Apparently some people don't read so well. The article speaks of how to enhance what you have not make them grow or strink. Unless there is something wrong (like breast cancer or too large breast causing back problems, etc), love what you have! Love your body! Most of all love yourself! You will never be satisfied no matter what you do to yourself if you do not LOVE yourself. Mores the pity some of you ladies can not do that. Kai *who is a big woman on her way to slimming down but still loves herself and enhances what she has* So there :p
Name: bimmie
City:   lagos
Comments:   i'm 28 years old.and i still have small breasts and hips.can u please suggest me some exercises that can increases my hips and breasts size???? waiting for your reply.please mail me as soon as possible.
Name: Calee
City:   NY
Comments:   Does the herbal supplement saw/palmetto(serenoa repens)naturally increase breast size safely What risks are involved
Name: shaniqua
City:   vancouver
Comments:   i'm 16 5'9" and a 38D - yes, people pay to get breasts this big etc etc, but really its just a pain!!! all yall with small breasts - consider yourself lucky! u can buy pills to make them bigger or buy padded, air lift, or gel bra's to enchance the cleavage to make then appear to be larger! try having an intelligent conversation with a guy when u have big boobs ... not at all possible. i used to play basketball competitively for 8 years, i even planned on getting a scholarship to university from basketball. BUT THEN, come last boobs grew from a 36C to a 38D, and its hell trying to play basketball when i have two massive basketballs of my own intrefering with the game! AND ITS SO UNCOMFORTABLE! running with big boobs... HA! not likely! so now im telling u, embrace your small size breasts, cuz i'd kill to go back to a 36C
Name: Victoria
City:   Sacramento
Comments:   Hi, I am 16 and have had the same breast size since I was twelve. I'd like to think that they have grown over the few years, but I really don't see anything. I'm a 32A and I have tried to massage them, but that doesn't seem to be working as well. I'm also having problems trying to gain weight. Well, I hope you can help me by giving me a few more tips to enlarge my breasts..I've heard about the gaining weight tip, but I've tried eating junk food and other's not working. Awaiting your reply.
Name: steele
City:   austin
Comments:   I'm 15 and size 32 B. I'm proud because they're firm and provide that right amount of clevage me when I wear a bra, but in a bathing suit they seem to disapeer. can you help me find a clevage enhancing bathing suit. also, is it true that sucking on nipples will make your breasts smaller. because i love it when guys will do that for me in my spar time but i can't afford to go down a bra size. help me out. are there other alternatives
Name: gaurav
City:   delhi
Comments:   pleez don't mind ladies....! like a peeping tom.., i enjoyed reading each n everything here! my gal friend has breasts like mosquito bites, i would surely give her these tips!
Name: jelly
City:   Dar
Comments:   I have huge breasts I think size 38DD I have not breastfed yet but they hang so much to the stomach and am not comfortable anywhere without my bra I cant even have sex without thinking of how ugly my breast look. My boyfriend says that he likes them and he really plays with them but I don't. They make me look older than I am. What Can I do to firm them and make them look firm? am 27 years.
Name: reader,
City:   US
Comments:   i have uneaven busts one is bigger than other noticably how can i make them both equall size i really need to know .. please! i dont want to have surgery for this helpp!!!! some advasiable efficient massage or something which will help
Name: abc
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i am 18yrs and want to increase the size of my breast(my current size is 31A)my weight is 57 kg and height is 5'2.i do not want to incrase my weight at all while increasing the size of my breast . i am considering of using allure cream .i would like to know if there is any risk involved in doing so .if so can u plz suggest some other ways of increasing my breast size other than exercise ,sugery ,pills.thank you
Name: reader
City:   US
Comments:   ok, well im 14 and just got my period a year ago and i am skinny but, i want my breasts to grow larger... i have wide shoulders so i believe that i want it to even out. I dont want to be "fake" by wearing padded or cups. I dont know what to do besides... wait DO you have any suggestions
Name: jokingj
City:   ind
Comments:   hi.... i'm 18.... can any of you suggest a good bra to be worn with a halter top? and one with a backless choli that i have. should a bra not be worn at all for all this? my breasts are medium sized i would call them. thanks all!
Name: mimi
City:   new york
Comments:   these are good suggestionts however, what happens when you are wearing a padded bra and then your boy friend takes it off and you have no boobs
Name: LILI
City:   los angeles
Comments:   hello!my breasts are too big!is there any way to make them samaller (for examlpe bye exercises)or is there any sports to do what about massaging bras is there any bra to do the workthanx
Name: Tina
City:   Tarpon Springs
Comments:   I too have small breats and they haven't grown for years, I have tried padded bras, and yes they work for awhile but as soon as it comes off, *poof* they are gone!! Do you know of any cheap home remedies I can use to increase them permenantly?? Please help me, Thanks.
Name: musqan
City:   LA
Comments:   I am 25 years old and my breast size is too small.I am very depressed because my husband says men like big breasts.I tried pills but nothing seems to be working for me.Kindly suggest me something

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