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When talking about cosmetics and beauty treatment, one tends to focus on the face, hair, hands and feet. We tend to believe that if these parts are well-groomed, miscellaneous body parts like the neck, shoulders, arms and elbows can be swept under the carpet like so much dust. But like so many other things in life, it's the little things that count. What's the point of having a perfectly made-up face if the skin on your neck is loose and mottled Hairy arms, black elbows and drooping posture can ruin the effect of the sexiest little halter. So let's take a look at how to take care of your neck, shoulders, arms and elbows so that they don't let you down.

Your Neck

The first thing to do is to stop thinking that your face stops at your chin. Think of your neck as an extension of your face. Whenever you wash your face, wash your neck too. If you use a foundation or a loose powder on your face, remember to apply it to your neck or there will be an unsightly colour difference between your face and your neck. Use upward strokes to apply a nourishing cream on your neck and throat every night.

In order to avoid flabby neck muscles or a double chin, hold your head high with your chin up and slightly forward.

Home Remedies

There are some home remedies to whiten and soften the skin on your neck. You can make a skin tonic by mixing 3 teaspoons of borax powder, 2 tablespoons of glycerine and 2 cups of rose water. You can also apply this tonic on your arms and shoulders. We also have a recipe for an overnight cream for the neck, throat and shoulders. Mix equal parts of lanolin and butter. Beat them thoroughly in a double saucepan over boiling water. Rub this cream over your neck and shoulders in upward motions. Leave it on overnight and wash it in the morning.

Simple Exercises

Here are a few simple exercises that can help you tighten those neck muscles. Breathe slowly and bring your neck down to rest on the chest. Then raise your head slowly and bend it backwards as far as you can. Another exercise is to breathe deeply and turn your neck on your left side as far as you can without moving your shoulders and body. Repeat these exercises atleast ten times daily.

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Feedback on article
Name: Annie
City:   Stamford
Comments:   Give give me a simple neck-whitener recipe.
Name: Payel
City:   patna
Comments:   take some basen ka atta and mix some milk and honey in small quantity and make a paste just apply it on neck leave on till its dry and wash it out for a glowing NECK
Name: sudha ramesh
City:   mumbai
Comments:   during my pregnancy i developed dark patches in the backside of the neck and i have tried a lot of homemade recipes but with no effect.please suggest some homemade remedy for the above problem.
Name: grees
City:   jamnnagar
Comments:   pls tell how to get borax powder .is it available in medical stores my neck has become dark after my it because of some hormonal change.skindly give me your suggestions in this regard as soon as possible
Name: soujanya
City:   banaglore
Comments:   i have dark patches around my neck not fully but only at the sides. it looks like stretcs please advise
Name: swapna
City:   fremont
Comments:   i have read the home remedies for neck,can u pls tell me what is lanolin and where can i find it.
Name: naz
City:   bahrain
Comments:   thanks for the best ideas to take care of yourself. kindly let me know what is borax powder and lanolin and where can i get it
Name: yousra
City:   mauritius
Comments:   what is borax powderand where to get itpls give me some simple home remedies for dark neck
Name: Poonam
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Borax powder is available in chemist shops
Name: nisha
City:   bradford
Comments:   I have a very dark coloured neck compared to my face and could you please give me a simple neck whitening recipe that I can find the ingredients at home.
Name: nisha
City:   bradford
Comments:   you have not replied me when I asked you to give me a simple recipe that I can find the ingrediants at home on how to whiten my neck. Could you please reply by e-mailing me the address is
Name: sree
City:   chennai
Comments:   I have a very dark coloured back neck underarms.please suggest some homemade remedy for the above problems --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: priya
City:   india
Comments:   hey people..ever tried mixing a little baking soda with lemon can be applied on dark patches and is of immense help.but dont keep it on for too long..its quite acidic and avoid contact with eyez
Name: pallavi
City:   India
Comments:   I have dark colored neck compared to my face could u plz give me some homemade remedy for my this problem, thanks.
Name: sujata
City:   delhi
Comments:   I have a home remedies for colour diffrence between face or neck. Mix some lemon juice with tuermeric(Haldi).
Name: aparna
City:   chennai
Comments:   i have dark patches around my neck.i m in my ninth month now.please suggest some homemade remedies , i dont want to go in for chemicals as i m pregnant.
Name: kavitha
City:   singapore
Comments:   i have dark lines around my neck. how am i going to get ride of it. pls tell me somthing tat i can do it at home and apply
City:   ballwin,mo
Comments:   Could u please tell me is the borax powder is the same detergent powderwe use for laundaryif it is so is it safe to useit in the skin.thanks
Name: seema
City:   mumbai
Comments:   my neck is darker than my face it has black lines over it and absorbs dust very quickly wht can i do abt it
Name: clarasharmala
City:   seremban
Comments:   can u please tell me what is a borax powder and where can i get it.i have black marks all around my neck i whould like to know how to remove this black mark....please
Name: nadia
City:   karachi
Comments:   hi,tell me any good home remedy for making back portion of my neck white
Name: adora hernando
City:   Philippines
Comments:   my upper arms is dark what to do
Name: sadia
City:   khi
Comments:   i hd gud coloured skin but my neck and arms turned black alot due to direct exposive light ..because of attending regular coll n tutions
Name: anela
City:   lhr
Comments:   i hv blk darker skin on my back plz tell some suggestions sooner....i am geting married ealier in 2 months
Name: lisa
City:   usa
Comments:   is there a way to whiten the back of your neck
Name: Tony
City:   UK
Comments:   I have a long neck. It is not good for me. I am very lean. Could u suggest me any way to reduce the length of my neck.
Name: Wayne
City:   Rapid City
Comments:   How can I loose the wrinkles on my neck
Name: Archana
City:   India
Comments:   How can I whiten the back part of my neck Please give me some easy home remedies.. What is Borax powder is there any possibility to make the skin in that area normal like the rest of the body Please advice
Name: sirisha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi,can u plz tell me how to get rid of dark neck. i have it since 10 years and now i am 19. plz help me out . should i consult a doctor. i have tried many home remidies. but of no use.
Name: tasneem
City:   dubai
Comments:   hi there well my underarmsand thighs inner part is realy very dark wat to do can rubbing lemon help if not then plz tellmea quick and gud remedy which really works
Name: tasneem
City:   dubai
Comments:   hi well my problem is dark underarms and inner thighs plz advise me some remedy which really works i tired of this now plz tell me something which really works quickly and with gud results
Name: nina
City:   USA
Comments:   hi! i have a dark line across my neck and have dark under arms,can you please e-mail me some simple remedy for that thanks!
Name: Anahita
City:   Iran_Tehran
Comments:   Hello,How can i loose my wrinkels on my neckIt makes me very sad!
Name: nino
City:   san antonio
Comments:   My 16 year daughter has dark patches on the back of your neck. She's had them since age 13. Dr thought she was a diabetic, but all test came back negative. How can we get rid of them
Name: Maribelle
City:   Makati City
Comments:   Im having problem with my feet,please help me how to get rid of dark and rough skin
Name: antoinette
City:   decatour
Comments:   my neck is black and underarm give me some home remides to get rid of the blackness where do you find borax powder please responed as soon as possible
Name: Mahduri
City:   Karachi
Comments:   It Seems like no one is really interested in answering any queries at all. So, What could be the solutions to all our Neck-Whitening problem, God knows. I tried lemon and turmeric thats terrible, it made my skin burn a little. :(
Name: LALA
Name: grees
City:   rajkot
Comments:   try biotque fruit face pack.its a skin whitener. u can apply this on ur face and neck safely.after this follow with a moisturiser. good luck
Name: avani
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi, I am a college going girl. I have a lot of hair on my neck & this looks really bad. please suggest an homemade remedy to remove them or lighten them
Name: EJ
City:   PPC
Comments:   i have dark under arms. please give me some advices how to whiten them. thank you.
Name: raj
City:   visakhapatnam
Comments:   can u please tell me what is a borax powder and where can i get it.i have black marks all around my neck i whould like to know how to remove this black mark....please
Name: rose
City:   japan
Comments:   I have a little bit darker neck there any home remedy for that...could you please tell me..thanks..
Name: maanne
City:   virgin island
Comments:   i have a dark neck in my neck..pls tell me how to whiten it or to remove it.. tell me the easiest way..pls...thanks
Name: sonai
City:   torrance
Comments:   plz. can u tell me the way... to get my neck color same way as my face color.. cuz my fance colo is fair ..(ms) ut my neck is kinda dark so plzz tell me....
Name: sonai
City:   cal
Comments:   sorry miss type...... ok let me tell u again.... ok my face color is different the my neck color... can u tell me a way.. that my neck color can be same as my face my color.. thank u
Name: lanie123
City:   Minneapolis
Comments:   i am concern about some pores in my face becoz of the pimple.. and my neck is dark too please help me
City:   madurai
Comments:   My neck is very thin is there any exrcise.
Name: Laura
City:   Burlington
Comments:   my neck is black and i want to know how i can get rid of it, it has been like this for a very long time....i need a solution quick please
Name: Shalini
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I have dark neck as compared to my face colour...which looks ver odd plz guide

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