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  GET IT STRAIGHT! - by Editor

Those with straight and silky hair are quick to rush in for a perm, while those with curly, wavy locks long for smooth and straight hair. Here's how to get your hair straighter, faster.

The grass is always greener on the other side, which is why those with straight and silky hair are quick to rush in for a perm, while those with curly, wavy locks long for smooth and straight hair. It is however far easier to curl straight hair than it is to straighten curly hair. Straightening hair is a lengthy and apparently never-ending process. If you've always dreamt of having straight hair but didn't know where to begin, if you've longed for smooth and silky locks without a clue as to how to achieve the same, you've come to the right place. Read on for tips on getting your hair straighter, faster.

Long Hair

Grow your hair long. Short hair tends to curl more, and is harder to straighten. In comparison, longer hair is relatively easier to straighten. Because of the weight of long hair, the top portion tends to straighten out on its own, leaving only the ends curly and giving a very nice, soft effect. This, of course, depends on the strength of curl you have in your hair. Very curly hair may retain its curl along the entire length, even when very long.

Chemical Straightening Should you straighten your hair chemically

One thing that is important to remember is that even after you straighten your hair chemically, you will still need to blowdry it straight after every wash. The only difference is that it becomes easier to blowdry your hair straight at home after a chemical straightening and you will not need to go to the parlour to get it blowdried straight. Remember to always blowdry hair straight in sections. Invest in a powerful blowdryer for maximum effect. A blowdryer with a diffuser attachment reduces frizz. Alternatively, try applying a leave-in conditioner or a serum like Livon to combat frizz.

Ironing Hair

If you like rod-straight hair (think Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho), ironing hair is easier to do at home than blowdrying, but ironing is harsh on the hair and again, it only lasts until the next wash. So if you iron your hair regularly, avoid other chemical treatments such as colouring your hair. Trim your hair regularly to keep split ends in check and maintain your length at a few inches below your shoulders. If you want to keep it longer like perhaps waist-length, avoid ironing the ends of your hair and iron it only from the top. Let the ends remain curly. In this manner the ends will be healthier and you will be able to grow hair longer. Consider investing in a ceramide hair iron, where the ironing plates are made from ceramide. These irons are more expensive than regular irons but are more effective and also far, far gentler on hair. If a ceramide iron is beyond your budget (they generally cost at least Rs 3,500), consider going in for a steam iron instead. Make sure you try out the iron before buying it as you don't want to be stuck with an ineffective hair iron.

Japanese Hair Bonding

This is the latest method of chemically straightening your hair. When your hair is straightened by this method, you will not need to blowdry your hair straight after every wash. The hair that has been straightened stays straight for life, and you will need to re-straighten new hair as it grows by way of touch-ups. This is the most expensive method of hair straightening, and some parlours charge as much as Rs 10,000 for hair a few inches longer than the shoulders. Make sure you go to a reputed parlour, as there is no point if this job is not well done.

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Feedback on article
Name: Lakshmi Natarajan
City:   Abu Dhabi
Comments:   The above articles is fine but tell us the way to grow our hair long and thick. since I would like to do above treatment but my hair is quite thin and please pay heed to our question and send us the reply or the method to grow hair
Name: Naina
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Hai Lakshmi... To grow hair long try applying coconut oil heated with curry leaves... and shoe flower ... its very good for getting long black hair. Its a bit sticky oil....But it simply does wonders... u can avoid shoe flowers since its a bit difficult for u to get the same in ur place...Heat the oil to boiling with powdered curry leaves, fresh or dry.. cool and strain... Massage on ur scalp before ur bath...
Name: Kierstyn Jeffries
City:   lathrup village
Comments:   hey yall well any ways you need to put up some hair care tips on nice native american hair cuz you ain't giving me any advice and you only giving advice to these white people and that ain't right
Name: r
City:   bom
Comments:   can u please let me know parlours which do japanese hair straightening/rebonding
Name: chaitanya
City:   amchi mumbai!
Comments:   hey kierstyn this a website for indians - indians from india. (see prices given in rupees) not advice for white people.
Name: Laura
City:   Guilford, CT
Comments:   Yeah, this is a great article. But is there any parlors around my town that does Japanesse hair bonding. Around how much would be shoulder-length hair
Name: jhonniya
City:   usa
Comments:   hey, good work,keep it up !!
Name: Jayesh
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Tell me Plz more about Japanese Hair straightening and which parlours(gents) currently are associated with this technique in mumbai
Name: jena
City:   mtius
Comments:   Can i know where can japanese bonding be done in Mauritius
Name: Anisha
City:   Mauritius
Comments:   Hello! Can you plz let me know where the japanese bonding can be done in Mauritius Waiting eagerly for your reply coz am having problems with my hair. Thank you.
Name: kashma
City:   kuala lumpur
Comments:   i want more tips of beauty care
Name: Susan
City:   Hong Kong
Comments:   For the girls in the states and Canada, I believe you could try and check out hair salons in China Town. They have that in Edmonton but it was a bit pricey.
Name: lakshna
City:   Mauritius
Comments:   Is there any parlour in india practicing japanese hair bonding i'll be there soon and it would be nice if i knew where that is done.
Name: Shara
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Can you please let me know which parlour in chennai does bonding
Name: seileina
City:   pakistan
Comments:   can u plz tell the best hair expert here in khi ...or best parlour . for japnese striaghtening hair
Name: fatima
City:   london
Comments:   hey well m goin to khi in a coupla dayz n i've got no clue of ne parlourz so i'd realli apriciate it if u'd guide me as to were can i go for japanese hair straighting
Name: ashleigh
City:   dubai
Comments:   hey thanks for all the tips do you know of any salons in dubai that offer japanese hair straightening or any other hair relaxing treatments
Name: aaks
City:   new delhi
Comments:   i am a 18 yr old gal and have just below shoulder length hair. i always had wavy hair and used to get ironing done before every social do. but in march first week i went to Loreal experts and got straightening done using XPANSO. firstly it made my black hair brownish.. like u have apllied bleach on hair. also i got it done twice bcuz i have light hair.. but it was never perfect straight and after 2-3 washes it started looking same as before. if u have light hair, DONT go for it at all. and if u hv thick hair.. remember.. it wont stay for 3 months like they say and also costs around 2000.
Name: Amna Haq
City:   Karachi
Comments:   I want to straighten my hair by getting hair rebonding ( japanese hair straightening).. can u people in karachi tell me who is the best stylist or salon in karachi for this ( eg, nabila`s, depilex, pengs salon, mubashir, shaheen rahim, alle nora etc). Or is there any other method of hair straighting which lasts for some years and does it has drawbacks ... plz advise.
Name: sanju
City:   bangalore...pune
Comments:   please can u list out a few places where the japanese hair straightening is done bangalore or pune....
Name: Merri
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hey guys, let me tell you i just love straight hair and the new Japanese hair bonding is just awesome. but of course u must get it done at a reputed parlour. Nalini& Yasmin are the best
Name: Naama
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi Can anyone please tell me where I can get my hair straightened with the Japanese bonding method, here in Mumbai
Name: Lakshmi
City:   australia
Comments:   I have a ceramic iron straightener but how do I use it on my hair..I have relatively fizzy/curly hair..I know we have to use conditioner/moisturiser while do I go about doing so
Name: tilini
City:   colombo
Comments:   please tell me a reputed salon in sri lanka to do the japanese rebonding
Name: sash
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi..pls tell me the name nd address of a reputed salon where japanese rebonding is done.thankyou..
Name: neetu
City:   NYC
Comments:   my hair is wavy and never stays straight. help me!!
Name: Sasha
City:   kochi
Comments:   Would u please let me know parlours which do japanese hair straightening/rebonding
Name: Nancy
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Please help me, I need any contact for any Salon can do Japanese Strainghtning either in Dubai or Kuala Lumpur.
Name: Anna
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Can u please refer to me a salon in Dubai that does Japanese Rebonding.
Name: tara
City:   delhi
Comments:   i want to know from where can i get japnese hair bonding done in delhi( the best one).If u could inform me by e-mail that would be really great.
Name: amber
City:   medford
Comments:   Actually I have more of a question than a comment. I gave birth about 6 weeks ago, and I am wondering when I'll be able to get my hair straightened again? I got it straightened about 3 weeks after the delivery, and it somewhat took. But because of my "hormones", didn't take as well as it has in the past. Will I be able to get it done in about 2 months and it take better
Name: Mia
City:   London
Comments:   All this talk of Japanese Hair Bonding! When I visited my cousin in Bombay, she was having a great Japanese system done to her hair called Yuko System and she's e-mailed me the details. I had the same system done in London at the Yuko system salon and I have to say it was the best straightning/bonding experience I've had in my whole life! I can't recommend it enough and they tell me they have salons doing their system all over the world. So for you people in Dubai etc why not give the london yuko a phone call to find a salon in your country?
Name: Mrs Dissanayake
City:   Sharjah
Comments:   Can you please tel me what is the good saloon to do japanees rebounding in Dubai or Sharjah & also what is the good beast reducing cream
Name: Poonam
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hey there,i would like to know the difference between hair extenso and hair rebonding.i have relatively dry/frizzy /curly hair and am planning to go in for hair extenso.please help!!
Name: janvi
City:   Ahmedabad
Comments:   Hi all, I am going to Ahmedabad and Delhi for vacation in a week. Can you please let me know of places in Delhi (near Lajpat nagar) and in Ahmedabad (anywhere from navrangpura to ashram road) that does hair straightening with flat iron and also might do japanese bonding treatment
Name: janvi
City:   Virginia
Comments:   Hi All, Also does anyone know of any places in DC or MD or VA that does japenese bonding treatment
Name: zahra
City:   london
Comments:   hi all, I have been told that both Yuko and Extenso which are both forms of relaxing or bonding as some of u call it - is supposed to be extremely damaging for the hair. It apparently can break the hair and leave it feeling very dry and crispy like it has been burnt!I have been thinkin about it myself and if someone can advise me if they have had any form of straightening and how their hair has felt after. Thanks
Name: Mia
City:   London
Comments:   I haven't done extenso so I can't really comment, but what I can say is that the Yuko system doesn't damage your hair at all. After the treatment my hair felt really silky and a lot healthier than before. I thought Yuko would damage my hair as well, but the stylists at Yuko told me that Yuko is also a repair system, so it actually helps your hair. After the straightening, I can definitely say they were telling the truth!
Name: Kash
City:   dubai
Comments:   i know two one is the gold salon in the al attar tower and the other is the royal meridien
Name: Smita
City:   Nairobi
Comments:   Is there a salon in Hyderabad (India) and Delhi that has the japanese yuko or ionic technology, for straightning hair
Name: veena
City:   trivandrum
Comments:   hi,my hair is very curly.i want to try japanese hair this procedure available in any of the beauty parlours in trivandrum
Name: angel
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi,i have semi curly and thin hair.i want my hair to straight and thick,and i want to try japanese ahir straigtening this procedure available in any od the salons in hyedrabad
Name: riva
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   hi, i have very thick curly hair and have been dieing to get my hair straightened. Is the Yuko straightening available in Delhi. Could you pls let me know the salons where it is done and what would be the approximate cost for shoulder lenghth hair. thanks
Name: Mamta
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi, could you please tell me the names of good beauty parlours in mumbai.
Name: tina
City:   usa
Comments:   i wanted to know about the japanese hair bonding. does it damage the hair how do i get it in the usa
Name: shumaila
City:   karachi
Comments:   At saima's(tauheed commercial) they r doing re-bonding and they r taking 10,000 for shoulder lenght and shr is really good infact i m going for re-bonding next week.:)
Name: mexi
City:   tucson, Arizona
Comments:   I blowdry my hair all the time and it is a hasle. I wanted to get it cut but long hair is beautiful so I just deal with it. Also since I have been blowdrying so much my hair got alot of split ends and that's the down side for blowdrying. My hair is normally wavy and puffy.
Name: naila
City:   london,uk
Comments:   all you have said is very cool, but i need to know how i could get rid of frizz from my hair, i have frizzy curly hair. i want to have straight hair with out any frizz and when i use straightners my hair tends to get bad and more frizz is appeared. can u advise me thanks!
Name: mahazabin
City:   mumbai
Comments:   please let me know the addresses and phone numbers of the parlours that do hair bonding in mumbai

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