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Okay, so we know the clean cut look, short hair, clipped sideburns and clean-shaven face is never going to go out of style, but there are lots of options out there. Try them out! Experiment! Who knows, maybe you'll find a whole new look that does wonders for you! 


Moustaches are out! Please guys, if you sprout one, get rid of it. They are totally out of fashion they've been out since the end of the 80s, and are very, very uncool. Be brave and try going moustachesless for a while. If you simply can't do that, balance it out with a French beard. 

The French Beard

Go for it! French beards will always up your cool quotient there's no two ways about it. And they always make a good change.  
Suits: Round faces. 


A beard can look good, but it doesn't suit everyone. Try it out for a change it can make you look intellectual, and can really bring out your eyes. However, keep it short, neat and clipped. Don't grow it too long. Plus, your girlfriend, wife or fiancé will be sure to like it at least she's not going to get razor burn the next time you make out! And if it really doesn't suit you there's a simple solution. Shave it off! 
Suits: Men with small jaws or chin. It may suit others as well, but in all likelihood they would look better without a beard. 

The 6 o clock look

What that, you askNULL Well, it's a little more hair on your cheeks than a stubble, and casts a dark shadow on the face. So if you feel you require a tan, are looking a bit too pretty boy and chikna of late, perhaps you can give this a shot. 
Suits: Men with prominent cheekbones and squarish jaws. 

The stubble

Don't shave for a day and you've got your stubble. Count yourself lucky if you're a person who looks good with a stubble, because you need shave only two or three times a week. A stubble suits few people, but those it suits it REALLY suits! 
Suits: Almost all men with coloured eyes.


Ever seen a guy with a tuft of hair about ½ an inch in length just below the lower lipsNULL If you can't remember, flashback again to Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai. That's right, the man sprouted a goatee for the movie, and redefined the concept of cool. You could have different versions of the goatee it can be v shaped and end in a sharp point, it can be a thin long line and stop on the chin use your imagination. 
Suits: Thin, lean faces.


Experiment with sideburns. Sideburns, which cut diagonally across the cheeks in a sharp line, can look very striking. If you have a roundish face, forget about this look.  
Suits: Men with sharp features, angular faces. 

Hair style

Hair cut really close to the head à la Amir Khan and the boys in Dil Chahta Hai is all the rage. It's got to be done right though, or you'll end up looking like a plucked chicken and we don't want that, do weNULL  However, this look doesn't suit all it's more suited to guys with narrow, leaner faces. So if you're a little on the chubby side or have a roundish face, give it a miss unless you balance it out with a French beard. 
Suits: Men with lean faces like Aamir Khan

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