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  BODY ODOUR - by Editor

Have you noticed people holding their breaths or rubbing their noses in your presence? Do they then shy away from you? Read on.

Everybody perspires, some more than others. However, with so many options in the market, there is just no reason for you to subject others to your b.o. and thus invite criticism or sniggers. Here's what you can do.


Wash your clothes everyday. Never repeat the same outfit without washing it first. Body odour always lingers on clothes, and even it you cannot smell the odour at once, other may be able to, especially when it comes into contact with fresh perspiration. This is especially true in the winter. People often don't wash their clothes regularly in the winter and in cold climes since they feel that they hardly perspire at all. In any case, when wearing layers of clothes one feels that there is little chance of any lingering smell. After all, the last thing you would expect to have a smell is your jacket, since it is worn above clothes. But it does smell, so make sure you wash all your clothes, sweaters and undergarments regularly even in the winter. In any case any garment that comes in direct contact with your skin should be washed when you remove it, if you have worn it for an extended period of time during the day.

Wearing something sleeveless only makes the smell more pronounced. Try to wear a shirt with sleeves as often as possible.


Make it a point to wear an antiperspirant everyday before stepping out. For some people, roll-ons work the best. Cover your entire underarm area with the roll-on. If you tend to sweat a lot, carry the roll-on with you and apply it again during the course of the day. Alternatively, carry a deodorant spray with you and spray your underarms and clothes a couple of times during the day. There is absolutely no reason for you to smell bad.

Home remedies

Some people swear by vinegar as an effective home remedy for underarm odour. Dilute a little vinegar in water, dip a cotton swab in it, and roll over the underarm area. Try this and see if it works for you. However, don't apply vinegar on freshly shaved skin as it may sting. If you are apprehensive about using an antiperspirant everyday because of rumours linking it with causing breast cancer, vinegar could be an alternative. Certain research suggests that regular use of antiperspirants could cause cancer, while other studies and the companies manufacturing these products dismiss such findings as rubbish. But there are many people who would rather give their bodies a break from antiperspirants every now and again. If you too prefer home remedies to artificial and chemical alternatives, even though they may not necessarily be harmful, you could try applying diluted vinegar and see if it cuts odour.

You could also try diluting baking soda (not baking powder) with water and rubbing it on to your underarm region. Adjust the quantity of baking soda according to your needs.

Difference between antiperspirants and deodorants

Do you want to smell good, or feel dry, is the question you need to ask yourself when selecting either a deo or an antiperspirant.

As the name suggests, antiperspirants block pores and prevent the secretion of perspiration. Hence if there is no perspiration, there is no odour. This action gives rise of theories of health hazards of antiperspirants. Deodorants on the other hand contain antiseptic agents, which kill bacteria that cause odour.

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Feedback on article
Name: rach
City:   Fiji
Comments:   Thats a good Idea ..... vinegar will use ot
Name: Tanu
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I would like to add something here.One should drink lotS of water. It´s good for health n does wonders to help get rid of bad odour.
Name: nena
City:   fresno
Comments:   drinks lots of water ill get good results...
Name: Louise
City:   London
Comments:   I keep lots of deodrants and antipersprints, there isnt much of a differernce. If you struggle with Body Odoer then rinse a flannel and squirt soap onto it. Rub onto under arms. To soft dosent work and To hard leaves a red mark so go for medium. Hope this advice works.
Name: radha
City:   Adelaide
Comments:   And most importantly... wash your underarms and feet well. Some bodywashes make you smell worse than others so experiment.
Name: Beatrice
City:   Kuala Lumpur
Comments:   I use antibac shower gel. Its help.
Name: noob
City:   london
Comments:   noo
Name: noob
City:   london
Comments:   noo
Name: kathy
City:   Marco Island
Comments:   My husband´s shirt has body odor under the arms. How do I get the smell out?
Name: kalika
City:   Uttar Pradesh India
Comments:   I feel the simple best and the easiest way to prevent body odour is to use talcum powder or deo talcs. If somebody works outside for long hours he or she can carry a small size talcom.So this way you will feel more fresh and nice than the excessive use of deodrants and antipersprints.
Name: Claire Farrugia
City:   malta
Comments:   I have 2 sons aged 6 and 3.They have a very nice relationship with their father and I would like to know more about why do they like to smell their father so much. If he has just washed they don´t prefer is as much. This makes us laugh but at the same time we are curious to know what exactly happens. Is it just a cemicalemotional reaction? I look forward to your reply, Thanks, Claire Farrugia
Name: mark Eke
Comments:   always air dry your shoes and socks after use and wear well ventilated cloths
Name: John
City:   San Francisco
Comments:   I have psoriasis in my armpits. What type of deodorant would you recommend?
Name: priyanka lahiri
City:   kolkata
Comments:   I have a bad body odour.. But I have smelled it..It was too good.Thats whay I dont bath.
Name: Khali
City:   Johannesburg
Comments:   Do any of u suffer from exessive sweating because i dont think u can begin to understand what people with my condition go through
Name: apuye cletus
City:   Nigeria.
Comments:   thanks for your very important tips on how to eradicate b.o.i willhave my lovely spouse explore all the options mentioned. I will revert with my findings soon.
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