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  LIPSTICK LORE - by Editor
Choose the right colour 

With so many lipstick shades available at every departmental and cosmetic store, it can be hard to decide which one to pick up. Just because you like a particular shade, does not mean it will suit you. So how do you find out which colours are best for you  

As a rough guide, remember: 

  • Fair skin tones are flattered by blue-undertone reds, light pinks, honey, mocha and beige with pink undertones.¬†¬†
  • Medium skin tones look good in rich reds, brownish pinks and medium browns from mocha to caramel.¬†
  • Darker skins like brownish reds and plums, sheer pinks, pink-glossed beige and virtually any shade of brown.¬†
Once you've found the colour that's bang-on target, you're almost done - but not quite! The trick lies in the application. 

Read on, and get ready to knock 'em dead! 

Too Thick

Play them down! 

Lips can never be too fat. Well. almost never. So if you feel you've got more than your share of lip, here's what you can do: 

  • Define your lips with a lip pencil by lining them just inside the natural lip line.¬†¬†
  • Fill in with the same colour lipstick as your lip pencil. It is always advisable to use a lip brush.¬†
  • Use a dark, matte lipstick as these make lips appear thinner. Glossy lipsticks give an illusion of fullness, so stay away from them.¬†¬†
  • Dab your lips with a little bit of powder, to tone them down. Et voila! You're all set for a night on the town!¬†

Too Thin? 

Play them up! 

So who said too much sex appeal is injurious to health? If you're looking to get hot, in-your-face lips that really stand out, here's what to do: 

  • Apply lip liner just outside your lip line or at the outermost edge. Whatever you do, don't try to make lips look thicker by drawing on an artificial outline that's outside your natural lip line.¬†
  • Follow with lipstick. The shade could be lighter than the lip pencil. This gives the illusion of depth.¬†
  • Use frosted shades, and load on the gloss. Stay away from matte lipsticks, or follow with a touch of gloss.
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Feedback on article
Name: NV
City:   b
Comments:   my lips are black toward the rims and reddish towards the inner part.pls advice what type lipstick i should use.Is there an crea or oil i can apply
Name: Poonam
City:   new delhi
Comments:   my lips are black.How can i care and make them red
Name: The girl
City:   St. Louis
Comments:   My lips aren't black but if your's are...Matte lipstick is very thick and the coverage is great. MAC has a great line of really Matte lipsticks that will cover up your blackness. You might even try using a bit of foundation or makeup followed by powder on your lips first...just like the rest of your face, then a very matte lipstick.
Name: monchoma
City:   Dunnas
Comments:   Blah blah blah THATs wot u r doing. Dont quit your day job!
Name: Sah
City:   New York
Name: nk
City:   los angeles
Comments:   how do i darken my lips without use of makeup
Name: smitha
City:   singapore
Comments:   i found this site to be good and at the same time it is giving willpower to those people who are having a less complesion . keep growing
Name: sonal patel
City:   london
Comments:   i have fair skin but i have black skin like men mushtas on between nose and lips
Name: Preetinder
City:   Chandigarh.
Comments:   I want to ask a question that i had purchased a lipstick of rust(Brown) colour but i have wheatish colour and it gives a bad look on my face. How do i can make it look good
Name: Ketaki Bali
City:   New York
Comments:   I am wheatish in colour,my lips are brownish-pinkish in colour and some people say i look very ugly.I wanna look like a foreigner.What should i do
Name: prathima
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I am in medium color so which lipstick i mean which color suits me .
Name: shradddha
City:   Bombay
Comments:   This is the area for feedback. Are the questions answered
Name: Shyamili
City:   U.A.E, Sharjah
Comments:   MY lips is pillow lipped (thick) and according to the rules, ask to apply dark shades but i thinki look good lighter shades. what do you think
Name: vanita
City:   new york
Comments:   Recently I have been suffering with blisters and cold sores on and around my lips i would like to know if there is any natural/homemade recipes that can help cure it along with its scars quickly.
Name: xyz
City:   abc
Comments:   I will suggest best lipsticks for priya and your lips are red inside and black at rim. you should try origins matte stick especally in malt color.there are so many brands like this .my advice is to stick with natural makeups like shahnz husain ,origins.
Name: shriya
City:   new delhi
Comments:   can you pls advise me is there any cosmetic clinic for permanent lip colouring
Name: rekha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   please send prospects about lipstick picture and details of costs
Name: enja
City:   alabama
Comments:   i want to have nice lips, full lips becouse i have thin lips.please can you give some tips? is there any way i can have full lips? no surgery.
Name: kamlesh MANANDHAR
City:   Kkathmandu, Nepal
Comments:   My lipsticks never last. I tried many things but without success.Please advise.
Name: Preethu
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   my lips are black.How can i care and make them red?Please advise
Name: vinayas
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   can any one help me with choosing dewlipz elle18 lipstick shade for me. i have a indian skin tone medium brown in colour. which color will suit me for regular use. no flashy color suble color. kindly clarify on this.
Name: Sharmila
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   There isnt a way where you can actually make dark lips lighter or light lips darker unless via cosmetic surgery, and that might cost you abit. The best bet is to stay away from cigarettes as the tobacco and nicotine in them can make lips darker and also do invest in quality lipsticks. Using cheap substitutes will only damage the skin on your lips and might cause them to turn black over time or be dry and always look grey. I have a pink upper lip and a dark lower lip and I used to mask them with lipstick ALL the time but after awhile with a good longlasting lipliner that doesnt wear out, some lightly tinted gloss and a whole lot of confidence.. nobody really notices this flaw and I think it gives character to my face... Just embrace your flaws and work with them )
Name: Asma
City:   Peshawar
Comments:   For the people who are having dark lips, before going to bed massage ur lips with almond oil daily...see the difference...stay happy
Name: shabana Khan
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   my lips are black.Please advise me about permanent lip coloring and where in my city. Thanks
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi,I want to get my lips coloured permanently...Please advise...Where can I get it done?
Name: Somedutta
City:   Kolkata
Comments:   Hi,I want to get my lips coloured permanently...Please advise...Where can I get it done?
Name: Rekha
City:   India
Comments:   Light colour shades are always attractive than dark ones
Name: Rekha
City:   India
Comments:   Light colour shades are always attractive than dark ones
Name: saira
City:   lahore
Comments:   well someone told me to mix honey,lemon juice and salt in equal portion and apply regularly for black lips..there was a marked difference.
Name: Monika
City:   Delhi (India)
Comments:   Can you please advise as the colour of my lips are black what should i use to get it pink again
Name: Ratna
City:   New York
Comments:   I have noticed that for darker complexion brownmaroon blend looks good. Nothing looks worse than cheap lipstick, so invest in some good ones. Never go for very bright colors. And who says you have to be ´fair´ complexioned to look good?!
Name: Ratna
City:   New York
Comments:   And one more thing which many fail to do Keep your lips moisturized at all times!!! Especially ´Dark´ lips may look bad if very dry, so apply lip balm at all times!
Name: rani
City:   karnataka
Comments:   my lips are black and around the lips also its dark.please advice
Name: xxx
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Can you please advise as the colour of my lips are black because of smoking what should i use to get it pink again
Name: pinky
City:   mysore
Comments:   Hi I want to get my lips coloured permenently...please advice can I get it in bangalore and tell me about the cost
Name: ram
City:   delhi
Comments:   My upper lip is very darkblack in color.Is there any cosmetic surgery available that can help me out.or any other remedy you can suggest. PLZ reply me urgent ,as iam suffering due to this alot. it makes me feel very bad in front of others note: lips are dark naturaaly and iam male
Name: lekshmisl
Comments:   my lips are black.How can i care and make them red?
Name: gayathri
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   My lips is very dark black .How can i take care on home remedy plz help give me suggest
Name: Lavanya
City:   Sydney
Comments:   hi i have a thick lips and my alone is a bit dark compared to the lower lip. can u sugest with some gud shades of lipsticks preferably in pink (excat shade nos in some gud brands). wat sort lip liners can i go for. can i try lip glosses?
Name: Suma
City:   Brisbane
Comments:   wat do u mean by matte lipstick? can u plz explain
Name: sameena
City:   hyderabad
Name: kavita
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my skin tone is wheatish i.e medium and my lips are in dark shade upper lip is more darker compared to lower lip.please suggest lipstick and lip gloss and good home remedy to reduce the darkness of my lips.i prefer pinkish shades and lips should look naturtal.
City:   moradabad
Comments:   i am daily college going student,my color tone is tawny but nowdays my elbow and neck have been sunburn how can i care them and my lips also black, pls,give me suggesion.
Name: nisha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my colour is little dark i want a good shade of lipstickfor shopping
Name: Masood
City:   Hyderabad,Dubai
Comments:   could you please advise me as the colour of my lips are getting black because of smoking i don´t smoke much only 2 stick a day and i am help less to stop it so what should i use to get it pink again or to to just look like natural color. Thanks
Name: darisha kumar
City:   suva, FIJI
Comments:   hi there depressed friends. i think applying almond oil or pure ghee at night time is good to rid of the dark lips. Also try using raw cows milk. It really works friends. bye.
Name: janet
City:   gurgaon
Comments:   my lips are very dark the outer side...but inner side is fine would like to color my lips which would be a natural color,will it give a touch of a lipstick or would actual look natural...also help me with the cost...and any reference whom to contact
Name: vanitha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   my lips are so dark....can anybody give tips without using lipsticks to make reddish colour
Name: Jaya
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Please advise me about permanent lip coloring and where in my city is the relevant clinic available with expert surgeons.Is there any cosmetic surgery available that can help me out or any other remedy you suggest?
Name: Megna Goyal
City:   Amroha
Comments:   I m fair in colour but my lips are getting black....i m a smoker also some time i used to take cigrette with friend.. Pls tell me how to get my pink colour lips again ..

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