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  LOOK BEAUTIFUL - by Editor
Everybody's in a hurry. Rushing to college, to a party, to a meeting, to pick up the kids, or to office. You grab your breakfast as you rush out of the house, brush your hair in the car, and if you have the time, you swipe a tube of lipstick over your lips. There. You're all set.

Or so you think.

Most women go through life with looks bordering on average, never realizing their true potential.

Then on the other hand there are those women who do take time out to apply make-up, but somehow they don't reach their beauty peak. They just don't get it right!

It may come as a surprise to know that you could look at least 40 percent better than you do, if you take the time, and make the effort.

Here are a few tips to get you looking your gorgeous best.

Apply foundation

Not only does foundation even out your skin tone making you look fresher, it also protects your skin from the heat, dust and pollution. Mix your foundation with a drop or two of water, or better still, apply it with a damp sponge, so doesn't coat your face heavily. Foundation should be completely invisible.

Target lips or eyes, not both

There should be one area of focus on the face: lips, or eyes. Either apply a heavy eyeliner, or a dark lipstick, not both. Indian women usually have beautiful eyes, so make the most of them by lining them with kohl and layering on the eye shadow.

Apply mascara

Apply a quick coat of mascara to your upper and lower lashes. It opens up your eyes and makes them stand out some more.

Thread your brows

If you think you do not need to thread your eyebrows, think again. Clean, sharply defined brows really bring out your eyes, so if you have never threaded them, it is time you started. Keep a tweezer handy so you can clean them between threading sessions.

Stay away from bright colours during the day

Save those blood red and maroon lipsticks for after nightfall, and stick to pastels or neutral shades during the day. Light pinks and glosses look great in the day.

Get rid of fuzz

It never fails to amaze me when I see women walking around sprouting a moustache, when getting rid of upper-lip hair is so easy. Always, always remove fine hair on your upper lip, by waxing or threading it off. You could bleach it too, but this does not leave as neat a result as waxing or threading does. Similarly, if you have hair under your chin, remove it. If you have very few hair on your chin, pluck it instead of threading it.

Wax or shave regularly, to get rid of all unwanted body hair.

Groom your hair

Wash your hair three times a week to keep it clean and healthy. If your hair is dry and damaged, wash it less often, perhaps just once a week depending upon the extent of damage.

Keep frizzies at bay by applying a frizz-ease, or by applying 2-3 drops of oil to wet hair.
Choose a hairstyle that complements your face cut, and trim it regularly.

Untidy hair draws from your looks, so keep a brush handy.

Experiment, experiment

Don't be afraid to experiment. Keep trying out different looks and hairstyles. You'll never know what looks good till you try it out. Checking out hairstyles on your photograph on some computer screen isn't as good as the real deal. You have to get out there and try it out for real.

Don't stick to a look

So you found a great hairstyle or lipstick shade, and feel that this is THE one for you. Well, you could be surprised. Maybe it looks good, but then again, maybe you still have to stumble upon something that looks better! So even if you are happy with your present look, after a while, opt for a change.

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Feedback on article
Name: Aash
Comments:   I want my hair long& healthy & i need a new hairstles so can u tel me how can i do new hairstyles.
Name: priya
City:   tvm
Comments:   my face is oval shaped.features are good.pls tell me different hair styles,how to part my hair so i look better
Name: Mamta
City:   Ghaziabad
Comments:   good advice
Name: seema
City:   kuala lumpur
Comments:   i got grey hair at a very early age,(HeriditeryNULL).now i`m using kolestron hair henna was looking too red.but the texture of my hair!!!i had a long shiny brown hair before.
Name: Parin Pagi
City:   Baroda
Comments:   I have a long face, could you please suggest what kind of hair styles will suit me. I have shoulder cut hair. Is this the right length for my face.
Name: charu
City:   kanpur
Comments:   details on eyemake-up for day and evening wear should also be detailed.Ladies puthalf a bottle of eyeliner even during day!
Name: bharthi
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my hair used to be very long,[knee length] straight , silky adn thick. for over 6 years it started to fall and now it is jsut half its size adn very very thin. mine is an ovalface adn iamthin and tall. wath type of hairstyle suits me nowNULL whoever has known beforeis shocked at he way it is now. pleasehelp
Name: priyanka
City:   delhi
Comments:   my face is egg shaped ive got straight hair i ve permed them twice but could not manage please tell me what hairstyle should i go for shoulder legth hair.
Name: jeevitha
City:   thootuticorin
Comments:   i have lot of black dot in my face due to pimple whate can i do to remove this black dots
Name: bhavika
City:   Brisbane
Comments:   I have a round face and not sure what type of haircut would suit me. Please assit.
Name: Rita
City:   New Jersey USA
Comments:   I have a round face. My hair are long and thick.Could U tell me what type of hairstyle suit me. Also tell me how will I protect my hairs from falling. I have one more problem. I have lot of hairs on my back. Could U tell me how will I remove those hairs. Please assist me.
Name: emma
City:   houston
Comments:   It's not that you're not good enough, just that we can make you better. For the benefit of cosmetic makers and all involved in the "beauty" industry, please continue to insist that women are ugly in their natural state. In fairness to the male gender, please insist they perform all the acts that women undertake. Insist that any woman who does not resort to cosmetics and jewelry to adorn herself is absolutely unlovable even to her father. For example, just look at Mother Teresa!
Name: Hey, Emma!
City:   singapore
Comments:   hey emma, sure all of us really appreciate everything Mother Teresa has done, she was a wonderful human being, she was a saint. but i for one am not a saint. i admire her and i wouldnt mind looking like her when i am 90. but now, i would like to look my best, and i dont think theres anything wrong in that. and this site is FILLED with home remedies. u dont need to buy expensive creams u can use things from your kitchen shelf. it is not for the benefit of the beauty industry like u say.
Name: asha s. bhalerao
City:   mumbai
Comments:   1)my hair is looks unhealthy, no shine, no streight very poor condition i haven't dandruff in hair. 2)i have a pimple problem 3)my lips color is totaly black i want to remove this color by way of permanent beauty solution CAN YOU GIVE ME ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBERS OF BEAUTY PARLOR WHOES MAKE PERMANENT SOLUTION OF BEAUTY RELATING 1) HAIR 2) PIMPLES & CLEAR FACE 3) REMOVE BLACK COLOR OF LIPS
Name: nidhi
City:   gurgaon
Comments:   i've got a dark complexion .kindly tell me the remedy to get a fairer one .[homemade remedy].pls
Name: Sanjula
City:   Kuala Lumpur
Comments:   i've a long and staright hair..but i did a very big mistake. i went and cut my hair short and i hate my new hairstyle..i feel shy to go out. How i can make my hair grow faster..plz help!!!!
Name: Sunita
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   i have shoulder length hair. My hair is thick however i use a good shampoo but even then it looks all frizzled, can you help me as to how can i keep my hair to look better
Name: pearlyn
City:   singapore
Comments:   can you teach me how is threading doneNULL wad is e instructionNULL i got `hair` on my upper lip. which i wanted to thread it off.
Name: prakash sharma
City:   germany
Comments:   dear sir the colour of my lips is very black . Is there any methods to make it red in colour permanentlyNULL
Name: jem
City:   germany
Comments:   help me,i am a girl and i have quite a lot of facial hair and sideburns too.i try to hide it but i know someone will notice and tease me soon!help please!
Name: tela
City:   karachi
Comments:   details on foundation to use...i wana tips 4 growing faster long hairs....
Name: mary
City:   karachi pakistan
Comments:   Hi my face is round i am fair my hair is veru silky long streight which hair style will suit on me which kind of makeup i will do so my face will look preety and thinner, i want to perm my hair could you sugest it wi suit on me. i just want to change my look. thanks. mary
Name: Calle
City:   Yorkton
Comments:   I've got long hair, past my shoulders and the ends are split. I've been wanting to go to the hair dresser for so long to get it cut off but everytime i go they always cut my hair really short. I luv the length it is now so please give me some advice on what i could do!!!
Name: steff
City:   bath
Comments:   wellits very well sayin get rid of un wanted facial hair by wax but this isnt always good as theystill come backin larger darker numbers now what can we doNULL
Name: harpreet singh
City:   patiala
Comments:   i am belong to sikh religion.i am developing my personality.what a method to develop my height is 5.6 .plz give me reply fast
Name: to harpreet singh
City:   LA, California
Comments:   harpreet, ummmm...i don't quite understand what u mean by "developing your personality" n what duz height got 2 do with it? can u explain it better plz?
Name: Gytree Jadonath
City:   Winter Garden, Florida
Comments:   Great articles and great advice on jusst about everything. Thank you.
Name: Hema
City:   BC
Comments:   Hi, I have oval face, but I have a big nose. I dont feel comfortable going anywhere. could you please tell me what kind of hairstyle I can do. Right now, i have long hair with no style. Please help me out.
Name: Bhavna
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   This artical is too good thank you very much. please advise me a great hairstyle coz my face is square in shape.
City:   GODHRA
Comments:   I am 24 years old I am fair and good looking.I have long hair I want to look my hair bright with shine and wet in look.Which Hair care products are in Indian Market which donot contain any chemicalsNULL I shall be thankful for your expert advise. Hetal 22/2/05
Name: tamanda
City:   chennai
Comments:   my hair is lightly curled i want straight hair i ask to the beauty parlour to straighten my hair but they are telling ur hair may fall is there any other solution for this problem plzzzzzz help me
Name:  m aruna
City:   anantapur/india
Comments:   my son is not of fair complexion. how ever he is better than my husband.will u pl tell me tips to my son in good shape and fairNULL
Name: georgia
City:   melbourne
Comments:   great comments but what is threadingNULLNULLNULLNULL
Name: Brooke
City:   Toronto
Comments:   for all of you who say you want to get rid of unwanted facial hair, use Nair. you can buy it in hair removal lotions or a box of wax and strips. it works very good. you can also use Jolen bleach instead/in between using Nair.
Name: abid husain
City:   delhi
Comments:   hi im 18 year old guy,i wanna know which type of haircut suits me. below are my face and body description> hieght-5'11inch. physique-so good u like to look it whole day. face-cute,egg shape,eyes-light brown,lips-pink,overalll complecxion- indian typical brown complecxion. I WANNA KNOW WHICH HAIRCUT WILL SIUT ME AND WHICH COLOUR SHOULD I GET DONE ON HAIR,SHOULD I KEEP MY HAIR LONG OR SHORT.HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: jitendra
City:   sri gangangar
Comments:   hey i got problem i just lose my hair form front i m just 21 year old now i look 26 wht i do
Name: sandy
City:   charleston.USA
Comments:   NIOXINE,is good shampoo.4 ppl who has problem with falling hair.Helps me a lot.
Name: amar
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   I have falling hair problem which lead me to have thin hair. How do i overcome this problem so that i can have a thick hair
Name: raj
City:   us
Comments:   hi,plz can u tel me ,how to increase the glow of face and become more farer ...!!
Name: sumana sanyal
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   I have dark matured skin tell me how to improve my compiection
Name: Amin
City:   Kosamba.
Comments:   Hello. I have falling hair problem & my hair is very sparsy How do I solve this problem NULL Let me know .
Name: charlotte poulton
City:   portsmouth
Comments:   i need help with my looks i had boyfriends before but i don't think they liked me 4 my looks they were just using me so email me please
Name: sommer poulton
City:   portsmouth
Comments:   i need help with my hair it goes all bushy and scares the boys please help me lose weight please email me
Name: reshma
City:   mauritius
Comments:   I wanna know how to remove all the black spots left after the pimples've gone and how to obtain a fair complexion
Name: truptia
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi! your information is really helpfull i tried it out but the only thing i missed was my hairs i have very dry hairs and some what curly when i tie a high pony it looks great but then when they r exposed to to the sun they get much dry n loose thier shape
Name: kumar
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   My hair is falling why i did not know p try to help me from this problem. I think it is my shampoo falt i use h/s shampoo try to resolve my problem
Name: Kumar
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Can u help me in getting fairness to my body and face because i am so black try to help me
Name: Sonali
City:   bombay
Comments:   mr skin is not clear. I want very clear skin.I have pimples little bit and the pours on my face.plz suggest me some tips for clear and gori skin . i also want to become gori that is fair.plzsuggest me home tips...
Name: Aarti
City:   bombay
Comments:   I have long hairs.But. I cannot keep them without oil becoz they r rough and I get frustated and If I put oil I look chipku suggest me .plz
Name: Aarti
City:   Bombay
Comments:   I am 18 yrs old amd my weight is 68 kgs .suggest me some home tips to lose my weight. I have tried many things but Iam still not able to lose my weight.

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