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  FALLING HAIR - by Meenal

Does your hair fall a lot Don't worry, you're not alone. Millions of people from all around the world suffer from dry, brittle and weak hair. Some of the possible reasons for falling hair are: 

  • Tension
  • Too much work
  • Illness¬†
  • Poor diet¬†
  • Over-exposure to the sun
  • Perming
  • Amateur bleaching
  • Too frequent and inexpert use of tints, rinses or other colourants¬†

Here is what you can do to prevent hair fall

  • Shampoo regularly. Remember, a CLEAN scalp is a HEALTHY SCALP.¬†
  • Brahmi amla oil also promotes hair growth.¬†
  • A high protein diet with plenty of fruits, green vegetables and dairy products is a must.¬†
  • Drink 10-12 glass of water everyday.¬†
  • Use a very mild shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a week. When you do, make sure you rinse out the conditioner thoroughly, otherwise residue build-up will cause your hair to look limp and dull.¬†
  • Know your vitamins! IRON is important for healthy hair and brittle, limp hair indicates an iron deficiency. Spinach has a good iron content, so gulp it down!
  • ZINC helps prevent hair loss and greying. Eat adequate zinc rich foods. Overweight people tend to have zinc deficiency, which is inversely related to the body mass index. Thus if you are overweight and if your hair falls too much, you may want to increase your intake of zinc containing foods. Recipes containing stone ground, wholegrain flour are rich in zinc.¬†
  • A shortfall in VITAMIN B may cause dandruff, falling hair, loss of colour and could encourage grey hair. So B group Vitamins are essential for gloss, colour and thickness.¬†
  • VITAMIN C ensures the health of capillaries supplying blood to hair follicles. Make sure your diet includes plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.¬†
  • VITAMIN E encourages hair growth. Switch from refined flours to wholemeal and wheatgerm, eggs, vegetable oil.¬†
  • COPPER stops hair from falling. Studies show that the copper content in the blood serum of people with falling hair is less than normal. Different types of alopecia (falling hair) are seen to have a deficiency of this important trace element. Include small quantities of nuts, especially cashews and peanuts, seeds, whole milk and beans in your diet as these contain minute but important amounts of copper.¬†

Homemade remedies for preventing hair fall: 

  1. Apply almond oil on scalp and massage. 
  2. Grind fenugreek seeds in water and apply on your scalp. Wash off after 40 minutes. Do this every morning for a month ¡V if it suits you! Remember, different treatments suit different types of hair.  
  3. Massage warm castor oil + almond oil into your scalp gently. Wrap a hot towel around your scalp so it gets absorbed into the hair. Do this twice a week for healthy, shiny hair. 
  4. Add 2-3 drops of honey to a glass of water and use this as the last rinse after shampooing. 

Quick Hair Care Conditioner 

Mix 1 egg, 2 tbs castor oil, 1 tsp vinegar and 1 tsp glycerine. Beat until frothy and massage lightly into your scalp. Wrap your head in a hot towel, steam, then wash off. This conditioner makes hair thicker, shiny, soft and manageable. 

Honey Conditioner

Beat 1-2 eggs (depending on the length of the hair), 1 tsp honey and 2 tsp olive oil. Massage gently into the scalp. Steam, and shampoo after an hour. 

Alcohol Conditioner

Beat 1-2 eggs with 2 tsp brandy. Massage into your scalp. Leave for 10-15 mins. Rinse well. The egg nourishes your hair and brandy stimulates hair growth.

Your hair is a vital beauty asset, requiring constant loving care. And with a little nurturing, lush, glossy hair will be yours. 

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Feedback on article
Name: Padmaja
City:   Sanjose,California
Comments:   thanks for the tips. i heard from some persons that honey make your hair white. if it is so please give me some tips without honey and egg.
Name: bindu
City:   trivandrum
Comments:   thanks for the tips.will surely try them out. bindu
Name: zoya
City:   mancher/london
Comments:   provide me with more details about beautifying hair & adding shine to my hair
Name: sangeetha
City:   chennai
Comments:   i am loosing hair in the front,so the scalp is shown.could you suggest tips to reduce the fall.
Name: maira
City:   lahore
Comments:   my hair are falling from the front of the scalp ...i'm really worried...plz help
Name: manisri
City:   kakinada
Comments:   my hair falling from the front, so the scalp is shown. Could you please suggest tips to reduce the fall of hair
Name: suma
City:   Mangalore
Comments:   There had been permanent loss of hair near my forehead some time back . Would u please suggest remedial measures to reverse this. Also provide details about hair implantation. In India where this facility is available Contact details etc. Regards, Suma
Name: Maria
City:   london
Comments:   Great info on hair care, i also found wild yam creme slows down hair loss and increase in iron,
Name: shalini lahiri
City:   London
Comments:   I was going to try out the 'honey in water as the last rinse after a shampoo' bit but then I read a comment which said that honey makes the hair white- please varify. Thank you. Shalini
Name: Lakshmi
City:   Anguilla
Comments:   My hair falling very bad especially from the front , since I used the hair spray (Motion). Plaese suggest me something that will help to reduce my hair fall. Thank you
Name: uma
City:   USA
Comments:   I have terrible hair loss. I had a very long hair and after delivery of my son its just coming out. Can u suggest some simpler methods for the hair loss at home. I recently had a hair cut also. Even then, there is no change. Can u help me
Name: jamila
City:   atlanta
Comments:   i have been reading articles on hair indian hair tips, such as the use of amla oil. i am a back girl, so is it still effective, can you please ive me any other tips, or herbs i can take, thanks
Name: swati
City:   mumbai
Comments:   is hair transplant is safe if safe where is done add pl. with cost tell me thank you.
Name: khajabegam
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I have terrible hair loss. I had a very long hair and after delivery of my son its just coming out. Can u suggest some simpler methods for the hair loss at home. I recently had a hair cut also. Even then, there is no change. Can u help me
Name: Layla
City:   Dhaka
Comments:   My hair is falling......which has been happening for sometime now especially from the front. I have short very oily hair,. what can i do
Name: sweety
City:   sri lanka
Comments:   My hair is falling a lot. I did perming twice one year and two years before. Now it is falling a lot from front. pls help me
Name: Girija Malaisamy
City:   Essen, Germany
Comments:   i suffer from hair loss. my hair is curly and dense in nature. suggest me to prevent it. shall i use hair dryer for drying after bath i dont practice it still.
Name: geetha
City:   usa
Comments:   i suffer from hair loss.shall i apply by mixing beer with eggs
Name: Anitha
City:   USA
Comments:   Please tell me which is mild shampoo and conditioner which preverts hair fall
Name: lepakshi N.B
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   thanks for giving this tips i will try it out
Name: bharathy
City:   chennai
Comments:   hi, happy to use indiaparenting, whether it works out or not, we feel happy when we immediately get a solution as a reply,thank u, i will try these tips and mail u my results
Name: norman
City:   mangalore
Comments:   i would like to know about various clinics available in south india / mangalore for hair transplant
Name: Anar
City:   Philadelphia
Comments:   I guess that I will try these and see if they work
Name: Shruthi
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   hi, I require a conditioner combination without eggs since i cannot use eggs at home. Pl advice
Name: kavitha
City:   san jose , california
Comments:   I never experienced the dandruff problem. I am facing that problem from 4 months. can u please give the tips for the dandruff.
Name: saima
City:   lahore
Comments:   i am experiencing a hair loss after i got my hair permed .plz advise.thanks
Name: saima
City:   lahore
Comments:   i am experiencing a hair loss after i got my hair permed .plz advise.thanks
Name: cheeku
City:   Cheekuville
Comments:   i have no hair and want to grow. can doctor transplant hair from back to my head
Name: Linda Marie Nathan
City:   Singapore
Comments:   Hi...thanx for the tips. I don't know whether it would work for me but i'll try. Recently, before Christmas last year, I rebonded my hair. It used to be curly...very curly indeed but the hair stylist told me that I have very dry and frizzy hair. One thing for sure...the hair stylist was real bad that she spoiled my hair. After rebonding, she didn't cut my ends and now my hair looks as though it is damaged. She did a real bad job. My hair is also dropping. I know that it is partly because of the bonding. Sadly, I want straight hair. So pls advice. Thanx alot!!!
Name: Ayesha
City:   Mysore
Comments:   Good tips to try Could you please let me know what to do to stop the hair fall immediately.
Name: lakshmi
City:   fremont , CA
Comments:   after coming to US my hair has become very dry,dull and brittle. pls e-mail me some remiedies.
Name: fathimaM,ujahid
City:   Brunei Darusalam
Comments:   Thanks for the hair care tips and as I am having a lot of hair fall everyday I am scared that I may become bald please advise me reg.
Name: jo
City:   Portland, OR, USA
Comments:   Patience, diet, and reducing stress. The hardest part people don't realize is that they expect immediate gratification. Patience is the key to reverse hair loss. I know. I was only twenty one and my hair was falling out really badly. In the shower I would have handfuls of hair every day. Hair was everywhere, in my brush, on the floor, in my bed, you all know the story. My hair was past my hips and everyone was telling me that if I cut my hair it would stop falling out (as badly)... so I did. I cut it about my ears in one fell swoop. It put less strain on my hair. (less pull from brushes, less weight from the hair itself, less weight in the shower and less pull from my hands while rinsing it...etc). It did help, but you don't have to cut your hair for results. I was frantic because it was falling out SO MUCH! It is not longer falling out, at least that I notice. I was told by my doctor that I needed to eat more fat... I was avoiding grams of fat like the plauge. I now eat more essential oils and omega3s and especially drink more water. Also, I was a vegan back then and now only avoid red meat, eggs, and deep fried or fast foods. I am currently twenty eight and my hair is very healthy. It stopped falling out with in a year after changing my diet. Eat a lot of good oils and protein and most of all be patient!
Name: susila
City:   singapore
Comments:   Yr tips are very useful and helpful. I am in my early thirties and my hair is dropping a lot. Could U please provide some suggestion to stop the hair from falling also also for growth of hair. My daughters are also experiencing hair loss. Thank you
Name: Shalin
City:   Singapore
Comments:   Hi thanx for the tips, i have tried the honey conditioner and it leaves my hair softer. thank you. Does anyone know of a good indian hair stylist in singapore. i have visited so many hair salons here but i am not very satisfied at the way they treat my hair. i have medium length, wavy hair.
Name: rakesh singh
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi i am rakesh i am 24 my hair started falling from last 1 year and iam loseing hair from every where what should i do plz help me
Name: mukesh patel
City:   ahmedabad
Comments:   my hair is falling every day. if i like to do shampoo i have fear to loose more hair. my hair is dull.dry. also have a danduruff every day. please suggest any remedy for that.
Name: nila
City:   new jersey
Comments:   hi, all tips are good. i am not useing egg. without egg only brandy can i use my hair is long and silkly but now a days my hair falls a lot. can u help me
Name: Sachin
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   my hairs are falling from last six years .now the hairs in my front have become very thinner and the scalp can be seen can you help me in any way please
Name: Sam
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   My hairs are falling from last four years it has become thinner from the front side and i have also chronic dandruff please suggest me what to do
Name: nagaraj
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   sir, i'm having very high hair fall.basiacly i'm from belgaum.whether is it due to change in diet.i think the bangalore food is quite spiceless compare to belgaum one.if i use some multivitamin tablets with my diet to conqure hair fall then what multivitamine tablet should it be
Name: ganesh
City:   chennai
Comments:   dear sir,madam iam having critical problem for hair loss all over body kindly suugest me some medical advise
Name: gagan
City:   canada
Comments:   hi i am 19 suffering from hair loss from last three yrs. main cause of this is i have nasal allergy from last 8 yrs so i took medicine from desi hakeem ( not a professonal doctor) and he gave me steriods and i took it for long time . i think that is the main reason for my hair loss and i also have greasy dandruff and chronic conspitation problem. thakx mail me
Name: Mini
City:   NJ USA
Comments:   Hi, Have lost a lot of hair since relocating to the gulf for 4 years and finally moving to the US(5 yrs). is it due to the change in water, climateMy hair has changed in texture too. i had thick and curly hair and now have thin straight hair though i didnt do anything for it.i lose hair daily and have tried cutting it short too. nothing works.if i need to take extra medicines can you suggest what vitamins i need to take
Name: sheela
City:   london uk
Comments:   hi!i m having a 6 months baby girl.i m much worried abt her hair.please suggest some useful homemade remedies for my daugher.
Name: Naveen
City:   bangalore
Comments:   I am 23 years old male. I have severe hairloss from past 6 monhts,all this happened when I visited a hair soloon and he applied some conditoner and shampoo.I have also tried shaving my head nothing has helped.Please give me some tips and also to straighten my wavy hair and to make it silky.
Name: nanda
City:   bagalore
Comments:   iam 27 years old ,ihave alpoecia genitica my hair line has declined back i use baby shampoo, no oil,before iused minoxidil ,finpecia ,yet no improvements my hair has also thinned iam pg going student in medicine please easy method which i can follow & also less time consumption
Name: Rishi Patel
City:   Surat
Comments:   actually i have a problem of baldness. i am 24 year old. actually i have lost most of my middle head hair.i want to know from you that is hair transpant safe & if it is safe then please can you know me what is it charges.also give the address of that centre where it is done.please reply me .
Name: Ali
City:   Lahore, Pakistan
Comments:   The quich hair conditioner did work but i spent the whole day smellin like a rotten egg.....its terribly hard to wash off......but effective.
Name: Vidhya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am facing a tremondous hair fall. I am 7 month pregnant is it because of pregnancy. What should I do Even the shinniness of my hair gone.

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