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Frequently asked questions about this permanent method of hair removal, answered.

What kind of hair is most suited to laser therapyNULL

While it is natural to think that fine hair is most suited to laser therapy, the reverse is true. Thick, coarse, black hair is the most suited to this method of hair removal. In fact, it may not be possible or very effective to remove fine hair in darker skinned people by this method. The difference between hair colour and skin colour should be fairly stark.

Similarly, laser cannot be done on white hair. This is because the laser seeks out the melanin pigment in hair and white hair has no melanin. In order for laser treatment to be effective, it needs to be done on hair that is darker then the colour of skin. If you have a tan, you will not be able to start laser treatment unless the tan is completely removed or you tanned skin may get burnt by the laser.

How many sessions are requiredNULL

Laser treatment is more expensive than electrolysis, but it requires far fewer sittings than electrolysis does. In electrolysis, hair is removed from small areas at a time, but in laser, hair from the entire area requested is removed at one sitting. After a while, some of the hair will grow back, which is when you need to return for a second or third sitting. It is not possible to completely predict the number of sittings that will be needed, and similarly it is not possible to guarantee results. What is certain is that hair growth reduces with each successive sitting. You could speak to your beautician about charging one fixed price for a particular area. So if you are being charged Rs. 5,000 for upper lip hair removal, the price should be the same irrespective of the sittings required, or perhaps a nominal fee per sitting could be charged.

Is it painfulNULL

The treatment is not entirely painless. When the laser is directed to the hair root, you will feel a sensation similar to a pinprick, accompanied by some pain.

What do I do when hair starts growing backNULL

You are not allowed to wax, pluck, thread or use any method of hair removal that removes hair from the root, prior to your next laser sitting. Patients are advised to shave hair between sittings. This is because the hair needs to be present under the skin, for the laser to seek it out and destroy the hair root.

From what areas can hair be removed by laser therapyNULL

Laser therapy is safe and can be done on any area of your body, except on areas close to the eye. The most common areas from which hair is removed are upperlip, face, back, arms, legs, bikini line, underarms, chin, neck, stomach and chest.

My child is extremely hairy. Can she undergo laser therapy as wellNULL

Yes, laser therapy can be successfully done on children, but whether you see the need for it at this young age in another matter entirely. You could leave the decision to your child when she is older.

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Feedback on article
Name: meet
City:   pa
Comments:   My dr. said that laser treatment does not have any affect on pregnancy.But pregnancy can have its affect on the treatment. Because u r hormones are changing so the hair can grow back faster.
Name: raj
City:   baroda
Comments:   as u said , laser can not remove white hair, is there any another method by which it can be removed permanently.
Name: rocky
City:   b'lore
Comments:   Is laser treatment effective on regularlily shaved hair?
City:   malaysia
Comments:   can i do laser removement while i am pregnantNULL i have been doing all this while and i want to finish off with my treatment.
Name: Dana
City:   va
Comments:   My freind has a white hair on hair face and legs, is their any way to remove it by laser
Name: lavender
City:   sydney
Comments:   if I use wax to remove the unwanted hair, is good or not. Is it bad for the skinNULL I mean the hair become longer.
Name: kristina
City:   Santa Monica
Comments:   when you wax does the hair eventually go awayNULL anybody knowNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULL
Name: priyal
City:   ahmedabad
Comments:   hi.. this is priyal here..i want to get rid of hairs on my face n arms..well m in london till july..can u pls suggest me that were in ahmedabad i can undergo with this treatment and what wud be the cost of that..need early reply..also advice if anything good in london and also send some details if possible..thanks for ur early reply...
Name: shushil
City:   Indore
Comments:   how i done one sitting of laser on chest but should i go for electrolysis procedure for white hair removal on chest , how many sitting does it requires.
Name: baita
City:   dubai
Comments:   I have a lot of hair on my whole body... would like to know how much a whole-body laser hair removal would cost me (approximately)NULL
Name: harry
City:   london
Comments:   I am so embarassed. I have blonde hair on my upper lip. I had one lazer treatment and now my hair has come back in darker. Will lazer ever help meNULL Should I go back for moreNULL
Name: Magda
City:   Palestine-Weat Bank
Comments:   I just wanna ask about how to buy a machine and everything in relation to it as price. Regards
Name: veena
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have lot of hair on my chin which becomes very difficult to keep on removing as it grows back soon. I cannot afford laser or electrolysis what do i doNULL
Name: mona
City:   pune
Comments:   i am going to pune and would like to get laser hair done, could you reccomend where in pune one can go to.
Name: Aimee
City:   Nagoya
Comments:   I have unwanted hair around my nipples and would like to get rid of them. Do you know any place in Japan where I can undergo this kind of lazer tratmentNULL I'm looking forward hearing from you soon....
Name: S Chanda
City:   Kolkata
Comments:   How safe is the hair removal by laser therapy around upper lip and chin areaNULL Do you have any clinic in Bangalore & if so please send your address , phone nos. & other details per return email
Name: sandesh
City:   pune
Comments:   hi can i do a skin resurfacing on my whole face coz i am a male and how much till it will take to recover as i dont have ne wrinkles and how much time will my new skin last
Name: noppy
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi, would like to know how can i effectively remove hair from my fore-head. Is Laser treatment possible. Also how expensive it is. TIA.
Name: Prabhat Dubey
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   where i can get best treatment of Laser in Mumbai.
Name: dev
City:   PUNE
Name: Ayan
City:   bangalore
Comments:   Can the laser therapy by used by men.
Name: jisha
City:   delhi
Comments:   can u pls tell how much it cost 2 get laser done 4 bikini area n legs n wats the best n reliable place in delhi 2 get it done
Name: akshay
City:   aurangabad
Comments:   what r the least charges for removing whole body hairs and is it safe to remove themNULL
Name: anita
City:   ny
Comments:   i have so many ingrowns on my legs. can anyone tell me if there is anyway by which i can remove those ingrownsNULL
Name: Summaya
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Is it a permanenet solution for Upper lip hair ,if the skin is whit & hair colour is not so dark. There is no ther traetement (permanent).
Name: vinod
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi, I am vinod. I have hair on my chest , hand and leg. I would like to go for laser. Can u suggest where in mumbai i can contact. I have 1 month old baby girl. she also had too much hair on her back hands and leg and face . at what age we can do laser for here
Name: Lisha
City:   Dubai
Comments:   I want to know where can i get the best treatment for facial and body hair in Ahemdabad,or Bombay(kalyan)
Name: To anita
City:   delhi
Comments:   Anita, for in-grown hair you should scrub your skin really well and hard everyday with a pumice stone, when you are taking a bath and after u have applied soap on body.
Name: bidur
City:   dharan Nepal
Comments:   I'm really humiliated with lots of hair growth, almost every part of my body. I'm a Nepalese guy of 30 yrs of age. Pls, let me know the total cost of permanent hair removal of my body hair. which includes hair of chest, neck, back, hands and legs. if there's any branch of your center in Nepal, pls, let me know. Thanks!
Name: Lalitha
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Are there any Laser Treatment Centres in ChennaiNULL If so, could you please provide the address and Telephone numbers through e-mailNULL Thanks, Lalitha
Name: Avi
City:   Pune (India)
Comments:   Hi... Please let me know such clinics in Pune or Mumbai... Thx
Name: judith
City:   melbourne
Comments:   I have corse white and black hairs on my chin and upper lip do you believe in time lazer will be able to remove the white hairsNULL
Name: Mimy
City:   El Paso
Comments:   Is lazer or electrolizis hair removal harmful for nipplesNULL
Name: mrunal
City:   baroda
Comments:   i have lots of hair on my hand and body please give me information how can i remove my hair parmently.i check that if doing tretment of laser the 30% of skin colour is dark.ultrahairaway and all inhabitor poduct i also use but i still have not know that to remove hair.all bollywood star like anil kapoor,akashy kumar and other remove there hair paremnently. please tell me fast how can i remover it
Name: rajkumar
City:   dubai
Comments:   hi i 30 years old indian male i want girl friend 18 to 45.
Name: Fp
City:   Mumbai
Name: J M.
City:   Chicago
Name: layla
City:   machester,uk
Comments:   I would like to move all hair on my body, am not sure where to go. am worried of the out put of it too, can you please tell me the consequences of taking a lazer treatment.
Name: Jay
City:   Ahmedabad
Comments:   Could you please provided Phone number and address for laser hair removal clinic in AhmedabadNULL
Name: monica
City:   punw
Name: kunal
City:   baroda
Comments:   how to remove unwanted hair.where did the bollywood actor did tretment of unwanted hair.
Name: Katy
City:   Toronto, Ontario
Comments:   I have hair on my belly button, could that be removedNULLNULL
Name: Tushar
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i have lots of hair on my legs give me information how can i remove my hair parmently.I ALSO WANTED INFORMATION ABOUT THE COST OF IT. Could you please provided Phone number and address for laser hair removal clinic in Mumbai or near to ThaneNULL
City:   PUNE
Comments:   I have unwanted hairs on my upperlips can you suggest me any treatment to remove them permenently
Name: Elizabeth
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   I have unwanted hairs on my leg can you suggest me any treatment to remove them permenently. TQ
Name: duaa_ali
City:   lahore
Comments:   hi!tell me the side effects of laser treatment plz.
Name: Rachel
City:   D.C. USA
Comments:   Hey guys, I have been getting laser treatments done for almost a year now. I am currently doing the hair on my underarms and my bikini line. Laser is definately worth the cost because the hair comes back finer and eventually most, if not all, is gone. I have light brown hair so after a couple laser sessions my hair follicle was too light to be attracted by the laser beam so now I have to go to get electrolysis on the area. However, it is soo much easier to shave the areas where I got laser done. Less ingrown hairs, and less razor burn. I completely recommend it. However, make sure that the laser they use is safe to use on dark skin. The place where I go just recently got a laser that is perfectly safe on darker skin. My friend who is dark skinned and dark haired got laser done there almost everywhere and she has had tremendous results. I'm envious of her that she has such dark hair since the laser is more attracted to the darker pigment. ALSO, WAXING will only make your hair grow in worse. Waxing distorts the hair follicle making it kinkier and harder to manage. The only way that hair will stop growing from waxing is if you have completely damagaed the hair follicle, so don't bother.
Name: raj
City:   kharagpur
Comments:   hi, i would like to know how much cost is so for removing the hair of both legs and arms by laser technique.
Name: Debbie
City:   new orleans
Comments:   hi, i've been having a lot of self esteem problems lately. I just made 16 years of age last month and am a female. This is the problem i've always been really hairy on my whole body,but the one area that bothered me the most was my face and on my chin and neck. i used to get teased alot so not knowing any better i shaved it all its been 3 years since and waxing isnt working so i have no choice but to shave and now i feel like my appearance is very manly and i am very self conscience about going out alot in public. The worst part is that the hair grows back real thick to where i have to do it everyday and now it is visible that i shave my face. I want to know if i can get my whole face and neck hairs permanently removedNULL And how much would it costNULL I want to look nice for my junior prom which is next year in May. And this is my last hope. I really need your help and hope for you to answer my questions.You just dont know how much this means to me.I really am tired of being sad about this everyday of my life and don't want to cry anymore and have this on my mind all the time.Please Help Me!!!! thanx.
Name: sita
City:   bangalore
Comments:   Debbie, of course you can get the hair permanently removed through laser. In fact, you should definitely go in for it. The thicker and darker your hair, the more effective each session will be. Go in as soon as possible for laser hair removal. I have taken a lower-face hair removal package, and it's just so convenient. I was getting a mouchtashe, my upper lip hair was getting darker and thicker, and i was getting chin hair. laser is a lifesaver.

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