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Dry hair can drive you crazy at times. Learn a few simple ways to tame those tresses and look gorgeous always.

Everyone has a bad hair day once in a while. However, when you have dry hair you seem to have bad hair days more often than people with other types of hair. This is because dry hair brings with it a host of problems. These include frizziness, split ends, dandruff, etc. Here are some measures you can use to make it more manageable and keep it looking great.

Drink lots of water

In most cases, people have dry hair because their bodies are simply not getting the required daily fluid intake. Seventy-five percent of the human body is made up of water. When your body loses some of its water content, it starts drawing in the water from those parts of the body that need it less. This is to supply water to the essential organs like the heart, lungs, liver, etc. Consequently, your skin and hair are the first to suffer from the lack of water in your body.

To combat this effect, make sure that you drink adequate amounts of water each day. You should aim to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Avoid substituting water with other liquids such as juices, colas, coffee, etc. Colas and coffee usually have caffeine in them that acts as a diuretic. This will speed up the loss of water from your body. In the case of juices, the sugar content in them is very high which could again lead to health problems like diabetes. There is just no substitute for plain water.

Oil your hair

Along with being properly hydrated, your hair also needs to be enriched with natural oils. This will soften your hair and provide it with the nourishment it requires. Olive oil is considered to be the best oil to achieve healthy hair. Try and cook your food in olive oil and see the difference it makes to your hair. For a quick fix just before you go out, apply a little olive oil to your hair to make it easier to comb and style. If olive oil is too expensive an option, you could use a cheaper alternative like coconut oil.

Shampoo less often

The problem with dry hair is that it is already running low on nutrients. Hence, you cannot afford to lose these nutrients from your hair as they will take a long time to get replenished. The chief cause of this loss of nutrients from hair is excessive shampooing. Most shampoos are full of chemicals like acids and detergents. While they do a great job of ridding your hair of dirt and grime, they also tend to strip away the natural protective layer of oil that covers your hair. For people with normal or oily hair, this is not really a problem as the lost oil layer is replaced soon. However, people with dry hair cannot replace the oil layer so quickly, which leaves the hair dry and frizzy.

Avoid shampooing your hair too often if it is prone to dryness. Shampooing your hair twice a week is enough to keep it clean. At the same time, it will prevent the excess loss of oil from your hair. Also keep an eye on the brand of shampoo you are using. Opt for a mild shampoo that contains only small amounts of chemicals in it. This will be less harsh on your hair. If possible, choose a shampoo made out of natural ingredients like aloe vera.

Condition your hair

Merely shampooing your hair is not enough. It needs to be supplemented with further treatments to protect your hair. The most important after-shower care is provided by hair conditioners. A conditioner forms a kind of protective layer over the hair and seals in its moisture. This goes a long way towards preventing your hair from breaking or developing split ends. Again, preferably choose a conditioner with natural ingredients. It need not be an expensive brand name. Many local beauty stores have their own brands which are cheaper and perform the same function.

You could also keep a bottle of leave-in conditioner on hand. A leave-in conditioner is a conditioning product that can be used on hair when it is either damp or dry. If your hair feels a bit frizzy during the day, just apply a small amount to your hair to smoothen out the frizz.

Dry hair is no excuse not to look good. With so many products available in the market, you can easily manage your unruly locks and look like you stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.

Are you one of those people with dry hair? What kind of hair products do you use? Is there something that you simply cannot do without? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: kalpana sharma
City:   kathmandu
Comments:   I have very furry hair, its dry, spilt ends I shampoo with rejoice but no use what to do
Name: Anuradha
City:   Ajmer
Comments:   I am always hearing of these leavein conditioner. But when I go to shop, they not know what I am talking about.
Name: eshaya kandolkar
Name: Gaurav Bhaglal
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I have a knowledge of these things mentioned by you. But i want to know some kind of medicine or treatment by which i can reduce my hair fall. I have tried various hair oils and tried some medicines too but all that to no avail. My hair fall started 4 years ago and now i am left with only 30% hairs on my front. One more thing my hairs are very thin and i think that this may be one of the reasons of hair fall. Is there any cure for this ,if any then please let me know.
Name: honey
City:   visakhapatnam
Comments:   i have very dandruff and dry hair, split ends. what i have to do. where should i get leave in conditioner
Name: priya
City:   rourkela
Comments:   can u suggest any thing for regrowth of hair. my hair has become very thin. i cant put oil in daytime. i use oil at night and shampoo(reetha, shikakai) in teh morning. i have dry hair.
Name: shivani khanduja
City:   new delhi
Comments:   i have excessively thin although straight but lifeless hair extremely dry n with alot of splitends i eat iron capsules as well please help!
Name: Indhu
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I have a long dense hair but still it looks lifeless and dull . What kind of shampoo and conditioner should i use. How does the live on conditioner works.
Name: Jiya
City:   MUMBAI
Comments:   WELL I TOO HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM...BUT I ASKED MY HAIRDRESSER N HE TOLD ME TO MIX OLIVE OIL N CASTOR OIL N APPLY EVERY ALTERNATE DAYS...AND WASH IT BY JOHNSONS N JOHNSONS BABY SHAMPOO(TWICE A WEEK) AND HEAD N SHOULDERS(ONCE A WEEK)... AND THIS IS WORKING FOR ME... P.S.this worked for me doesnt mean it ll work for u too...cos everybody has different hair types...try it on ur own risk!no blamegames later on! god bless!
Name: Sonali
City:   Pune
Comments:   The texture of my hair is dry, fizzy and they are slightly wavy. I do not want to straighten my hair. Pls suggest what should i do??
Name: sonali
City:   delhi
Name: neeru
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   This is very helpful for me if you send remedy for hair i will be very thankful.
Name: kris
City:   tarlac
Comments:   hello. uhm., can u suggest me a home remedy too because i have dry hair. it feels like,, uh!!?? i can´t find olive oil in the market!!
Name: Charlie Shanks
City:   QLD
Comments:   Try Loreal Kerastase Nutrtitive, is quite exspeive but really works.
Name: richa
City:   delhi
Comments:   my hairs are v thin, what should i do to.
Name: khushi
City:   faridabad
Comments:   hi,i have dry hair,can u plz suggest me wht should i do for long hair,nd avoid split ends,lots of split ends r there,
Name: dhara
City:   baroda
Comments:   my hair is silky but in the moreningit become how i make my hair good?
Name: archana
City:   visakhapatnam
Comments:   i have dry,unmanageable hair so pls suggest me as i cant appl oil regularly as i go to office...
Name: madhu verma
City:   delhi
Comments:   i have very dry hair with lots of dry dandruff
Name: dheeraj
City:   jodhpur
Comments:   what is this leavein conditioner? actually i want to keep my hairs long n my hair are too thin n gradually they fall also so wht should i do to make my hair long n prevent hair falling and also mention a gud shampoo and conditioner brand that i should go in for.
Name: vishnu
City:   parma, Ohio
Comments:   What type of product is better for dry, frizzy hairleave in conditioner or rinse out conditioner??? Should one massage conditioner on the roots or only on the ends of the hair? why?
Name: priya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   my husband likes my hairs very much because they are long i just want to control from them falling regularly as iam a working women i donot get time to take much and more care wheather shampoo is good or shikakai is good wheather to apply mehendi to the hairs or not i sm confused i apply ashwini hair oil help me out please i just want to save my hairs
Name: swetha
City:   kakinada
Comments:   can u suggest anything for regrowth of hair. im using soapnuts and hibiscus for cleaning,icant apply oil everyday my hair is becoming thin & fizzy as i cant use shampoos due to sevear hairfall.
Name: asma
City:   islamabad
Comments:   use coconut oil and voila!
Name: kavita salhotra
City:   uk
Comments:   very useful tip is go to hair dresser try new hair style.and relax have good balance diet,make sure drink 810 glass of water
Name: anusua
City:   kolkata
Comments:   hi!I have dry hair & its thin in nature. Can you give some remedies to make it dense in growth so that i have long & beautiful hair?
Name: pooja
City:   jind
Comments:   i have dry hair. i used to wash my hair once in a week. iactually want to know what type of conditioner(herbal) should i have to use. my age is 23 years.also tell me the right way to apply to add shine to my hair so that they not look dull
Name: anita singh
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Hi, plz suggest me the products Brand name for my rough or dry hairs.
Name: Savitha
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I have dry hair, I used to wash my hair twice a week. actually want to know what type of conditioner (suggest any brand) should i have to use. How to add shine to my hair so that they not look dull
Name: Jenney
City:   sydney
Comments:   RELAX. put amla oil.
Name: Judy
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Hi! iam really buggedup with this dry hair, i sometimes feel depressed...however i started using Garnier Conditioner and can feel the difference.
Name: teja
City:   visakhapatnam
Comments:   i had a grey hair and i was dying the hair with revlon hair colour and my hair is very dry can u suggest any thing to make my hair soft ..that too my age was there any method to make the grey hair to black permanently.....
Name: Aarti
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Could u please provide me the tips for dry hairs and also home remedy i want to know. I don´t feel good coz of my dry hairs. please help me in this regard.
Name: deepa dutta
City:   New delhi
Comments:   hi, This site is very useful. Even i have a dry hair. please guide me which Shampoo, Conditioner should i use. Thanks Deepa
Name: bouthine
City:   luangprabang
Comments:   i have some problem with my hair i want my hair become black but not dry
Name: Mr bouthin
City:   luangprabang
Comments:   iwant my hair black whith out dry or gel please answer
Name: Mr bouthin
City:   luangprabang
Comments:   iwant my hair black whith out dry or gel please answer
Name: Maya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hi....m really fed of my dry hair and know it started falling to...m really in trouble bcoz i want long ,strong & smooth silky hair. I want my hair staight but m really scared about starightening techniques used in beauty parlours. So help me with natural and home remedy. Thanxz
Name: Devi
City:   Doha
Comments:   Hi. I used Garnier Conditioner but it leaves me with a severe headache when ever i use. Please help me in this regard.
Name: Gunjan
City:   Delhi
Comments:   well I have very oils roots and super dry shafts .. I have been oiling,shampooing and conditioner on daily basis.I am using Bioteque oil,dove dry therapy shampoo and lis extreme (loreal) conditioner and its wrking for me..... my hair from shafts have improved in texture.
Name: priya dua
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Had lovely thick & shiny hair in school.. but now, they look lifeless, dull & unmanageable. I drink pretty less water.. could this be a reason why i have such dry hair? Have started to use a new shampoo (pantenesome australian brand) & a very good icey shine conditioner frm pantene..It seems to be working but could you suggest some good hair oil, pls.
Name: shikha
City:   delhi
Comments:   I have very bad hair
Name: sharr
City:   Canada(country)
Comments:   Hi dheeraj leave in conditioner can be something like sunsilk hairapy...leave in cream or garnier frutis leave in conditioner or blended beauty leave in hair products(google to see what it is).Aubrey organics has great products for dry hair.I love the island shampoo.They can be found at a health store(google one near you and ask if they have the product or if they will order some for you) or you can buy it online.
Name: sharr
City:   Canada...
Comments:   Hi dheeraj leave in conditioner can be something like sunsilk hairapy...leave in cream or garnier frutis leave in conditioner or blended beauty leave in hair products(google to see what it is).Aubrey organics has great products for dry hair.I love the island shampoo.They can be found at a health store(google one near you and ask if they have the product or if they will order some for you) or you can buy it online.
Name: ameenahh
City:   dammam,ksa
Comments:   im having dry and dull hair with splitends .im regularly going for a trim. still its there.pls suggest any home remedy
Name: Shanu
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   I dont feel good coz of my dry & thin hair,as i want to keep it long so please suggest me for it, that what should i do
Name: vishnu
City:   guntur
Comments:   hi..i think i have the worst hair of all..except hair loss..everything is problem with is as dry and rough as grass besides being gray..pls.suggest me home treatment to get rid of this...n oils or shampoos to be used..
Name: Scuhithra
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   My have lot of split end and demaged hair and it look dry,dull and looks brown in colour,i use to shampoo thrice a week, i use hair oil very rare because my face looki feel dull when ever i apply oil to my hair. please help me in regards.
Name: Suchithra
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   My have lot of split end and demaged hair and it look dry,dull and looks brown in colour,i use to shampoo thrice a week, i use hair oil very rare because my face looki feel dull when ever i apply oil to my hair. please help me in regards.
City:   bahrain
Comments:   i have a very dry hair and the hair starting from the upper part of forehead is falling continuosly and now i´m scared it would get bald over there.Is it b´coz of any cream applied to face?pls help from falling hair!!!!!

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