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Gleaming shoulders are very attractive and we can tell you how to achieve this. You can prepare a home-made cream that will make your skin shine. Boil whites of two eggs in a cup of rose water for a few seconds. Add ¼ teaspoon of alum powder and beat them together till fluffy. Now slather this mixture over your shoulders and arms and leave it on for atleast an hour.  

You can hide hairy legs by wearing jeans, trousers and long skirts, but it�s torture to wear long sleeves in the summer just because you�re too lazy to do something about those hairy arms. If your hairgrowth is dense and long, the best thing to do is wax. However, if you have smooth fine hair, just bleaching your arms will make the hair almost invisible. Unfortunately both waxing and bleaching are not a permanent solution so you will have to repeat the process every few weeks. 

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Name: Joe
City:   Coral Springs, FL
Comments:   Why does everyone think hairy arms are disgusting or uglyNULL! Did anyone ever once think that there are men out there who find hairy arms on a women to be very attractiveNULL Some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen were of Indian descent who were proud of they way they were. Their arms were covered in thick long black hair. Remember, for every hairy women is a man who appreciates the way she is. Stop pretending your somebody that your not. Deception is not healthy.
Name: i agree
City:   Houston
Comments:   i think joe is right.
Name: joe is wrong
City:   boulder
Comments:   joe your out of your mind !!!
Name: Arti Kariro
City:   Delhi
Comments:   From where can I get this alum powder and can I apply this creme on my daughter as well as she is 1+ and have a dark legs and hands as compare to her rest f the body.Is it safe for her skin and can I apply this same creme on my legs as wellNULL
Name: Someonebored
City:   Somewhere in Cali
Comments:   Joe is coolio...Lol
Name: bob
City:   tampa
Comments:   Women with hairy arms are extremely attractive. Many guys I know feel the same way.
Name: HK
City:   Trinidad
Comments:   Bless men..they seem to love women regardless of hairy arms...
Name: guest
City:   philla
Comments:   Go Joe!
Name: tgb
City:   phla
Comments:   i think joe is right, but know body likes hairy arms&legs
Name: hairlvr
City:   florida
Comments:   i will not even date a woman unless she has very hairy arms.
Name: me
City:   mee world
Comments:   y iz a guy on dis website gaaaaay!!
Name: zo
City:   lawrenceville
Comments:   your gay
Name: Beberk
City:   Paris
Comments:   Men who love girls with hair on their arms are veru numerous. And we are not gay at all. The proof is that the gay's fashion today is to be waxed. And we just love women who don't care about this expensive and ridiculous "wax fashion". LegsNULL Ok... ArmsNULL... Stupid. Why not the hairsNULL The eyebrowns, etc, etcNULL Stop this because you generate some sad women who feel bad in their skin. And we Love you like you are! The ones who don't say that think about fashion. But once you started to wax, girls, it's for life! And the fashion changes... The hair on a girl are really feminine if you are feminine. And trust me, I know a lot of feminine girls with a lot of hair on her arms.
Name: usven69
City:   Las Vegas
Comments:   I agree completly with joe, bob, hairylover & Beberk. Hairy arms in females is the best. Personaly I prefer bleached arms but I love'em all. I'm not gay, on the contrary I'm a big heterosexual. By the way: Beberk and hairylover, I'm a big fan of your work.
Name: Larry
City:   enid
Comments:   why all the crap --face it hairy girls are just ULTRA sexy-don'tr hide anything esp those awesome hairy arms YUMMY-thanx
Name: Jason
City:   dallas
Comments:   I think the "fashion world" is CRAZY-I remember when it was NOTHING to see girls w/hairy arms-LOTS of women had hairy arms -NOW we have gone mad and attacked them as disgusting -ugly-low class unwanted etc etc this is SUCH bull!
Name: Salie
City:   new york city
Comments:   Why are there guys on this topic anywaysNULL Ithink that hairy arms are perfectly normal and disent.
Name: Terri
City:   Singapore
Comments:   wats alum powder
Name: donavin
City:   My city
Comments:   wat iz wrong with u pll, eww girls with hairy arms are not attractive. SHAVE THOSE BABIES!!! this is America no boy wants to rub on a hairy beast, or big foot.
Name: ap
City:   nowhere
Comments:   hair o no hair i'll still do em lol

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