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You are here Home > Beauty and Grooming > Articles
Gleaming shoulders are very attractive and we can tell you how to achieve this. You can prepare a home-made cream that will make your skin shine. Boil whites of two eggs in a cup of rose water for a few seconds. Add ¼ teaspoon of alum powder and beat them together till fluffy. Now slather this mixture over your shoulders and arms and leave it on for atleast an hour.  

You can hide hairy legs by wearing jeans, trousers and long skirts, but it�s torture to wear long sleeves in the summer just because you�re too lazy to do something about those hairy arms. If your hairgrowth is dense and long, the best thing to do is wax. However, if you have smooth fine hair, just bleaching your arms will make the hair almost invisible. Unfortunately both waxing and bleaching are not a permanent solution so you will have to repeat the process every few weeks. 

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Feedback on article
Name: i agree
City:   Houston
Comments:   i think joe is right.
Name: joe is wrong
City:   boulder
Comments:   joe your out of your mind !!!
Name: Arti Kariro
City:   Delhi
Comments:   From where can I get this alum powder and can I apply this creme on my daughter as well as she is 1+ and have a dark legs and hands as compare to her rest f the body.Is it safe for her skin and can I apply this same creme on my legs as well
Name: Someonebored
City:   Somewhere in Cali
Comments:   Joe is coolio...Lol
Name: bob
City:   tampa
Comments:   Women with hairy arms are extremely attractive. Many guys I know feel the same way.
Name: HK
City:   Trinidad
Comments:   Bless men..they seem to love women regardless of hairy arms...
Name: guest
City:   philla
Comments:   Go Joe!
Name: tgb
City:   phla
Comments:   i think joe is right, but know body likes hairy arms&legs
Name: hairlvr
City:   florida
Comments:   i will not even date a woman unless she has very hairy arms.
Name: me
City:   mee world
Comments:   y iz a guy on dis website gaaaaay!!
Name: zo
City:   lawrenceville
Comments:   your gay
Name: Beberk
City:   Paris
Comments:   Men who love girls with hair on their arms are veru numerous. And we are not gay at all. The proof is that the gay's fashion today is to be waxed. And we just love women who don't care about this expensive and ridiculous "wax fashion". Legs Ok... Arms... Stupid. Why not the hairs The eyebrowns, etc, etc Stop this because you generate some sad women who feel bad in their skin. And we Love you like you are! The ones who don't say that think about fashion. But once you started to wax, girls, it's for life! And the fashion changes... The hair on a girl are really feminine if you are feminine. And trust me, I know a lot of feminine girls with a lot of hair on her arms.
Name: usven69
City:   Las Vegas
Comments:   I agree completly with joe, bob, hairylover & Beberk. Hairy arms in females is the best. Personaly I prefer bleached arms but I love'em all. I'm not gay, on the contrary I'm a big heterosexual. By the way: Beberk and hairylover, I'm a big fan of your work.
Name: Larry
City:   enid
Comments:   why all the crap --face it hairy girls are just ULTRA sexy-don'tr hide anything esp those awesome hairy arms YUMMY-thanx
Name: Jason
City:   dallas
Comments:   I think the "fashion world" is CRAZY-I remember when it was NOTHING to see girls w/hairy arms-LOTS of women had hairy arms -NOW we have gone mad and attacked them as disgusting -ugly-low class unwanted etc etc this is SUCH bull!
Name: Salie
City:   new york city
Comments:   Why are there guys on this topic anyways Ithink that hairy arms are perfectly normal and disent.
Name: Terri
City:   Singapore
Comments:   wats alum powder
Name: donavin
City:   My city
Comments:   wat iz wrong with u pll, eww girls with hairy arms are not attractive. SHAVE THOSE BABIES!!! this is America no boy wants to rub on a hairy beast, or big foot.
Name: ap
City:   nowhere
Comments:   hair o no hair i'll still do em lol
Name: girl
City:   dubai
Comments:   WTFTheres nothing great or attractive about hairy arms.Its dirtyy.We dont wax/shave it off to impress others,its for ourself.It gives a cleaner look and is more hygenic.Just because youre too lazy to wax doesnt make it attractive..
Name:  Brad
City:   Fayetteville
Comments:   I find women with hairy arms very sexy.
Name: Long Island guy
City:   Long Island, NY
Comments:   the natural look at least re arms is the best...helps define a woman and her unique sexuality...good to see so many guys see this as a turn-on
Name: marianna
City:   toronto
Comments:   whoever thinks that hairy arms are sexy are cool
Name: HAthisisgay
City:   london
Comments:   can i just point our tht wot u r all arguing about is soooo pointless.... if u ppl dnt believe in removing hair then y come to this website!!!leave this website 4 the shallow people who obsses over their looks and wot men think of 4 us...lets get on with out livies.
Name: College Teacher
City:   Queens, NY
Comments:   Hair is sexy...seeing a woman's arms matted with hair is like looking at something that is very personal and intimate that she can't hide and that reveals her sexuality...Anybody ever notice that skinny girls seem to have the hairiest arms
Name: mona
City:   toronto
Comments:   Go Joe! Too bad most guys out there don't feel that way.
Name: Loretta
City:   Roswell nm
Comments:   I am hispanic and I am hairy (arms lower back -side burns) and I think it is wonderful -the "natural" look is the best and many indians-like hispanic grrls are naturally hairy and so beautiful don't mess w/mother nature-in this regard "she knows best" lol-thanks and stay hairy-Loretta
Name: dale
City:   fort worth
Comments:   I just can't believe the number of people who go "ape"(no pun intended) when someone says they think girls w/hairy arms are beautiful-they ARE EXtra beautiful LOTS of people think this-it is just that so many are afraid to say it becasuse society has gone so bananas over this w/depill products and PROFIT people attempting to make us feel weird if we DO like the natural look-for years NO ONE thought hairy arms were bad-they just shaved legs and underarms etc-NOW I guess the "industries" are not making enough money so they go for arm hair too-soon eyebrows INSANE
Name: Joe
City:   Coral Springs, FL
Comments:   WOW!!! I started this blurb almost 2 years ago...and it's still going strong! I have not seen this webpage since then. After reading the overall responses and comments, it's apparent that there are as many men out there who love this special quality as well as there are women who have this wonderful quality. In addition, most of the ladies who are looking for methods to remove the hair sound somewhat confused or unsure if this is really the right thing to do. That's what brings this whole situation to light. These women subconsciously know keeping their hair is natural, normal and right! So, listen to your heart (if not the voices of many men who beg for you not to shave) and do what you feel makes you respect yourself! Take care ladies! LOVE YOU!!!
Name: ranger
City:   long island, ny
Comments:   hair on a woman's arms is what makes her unique...and unique is sexy! Guys who like the "shaved" look on arms and vaginas must absolutely go wild over 9-year-old girls!!!!
Name: Loretta
City:   Roswell
Comments:   my god-I just can't believe how "polarizing" this topic is-hairy arms are sexy thats that
Name: Rick
City:   private
Comments:   my girlfriend is a beautiful woman of hispanic descent. Unfortunately she was brainwashed by society to think that women aren't "supposed to" have hairy arms, so she had been shaving them for years. After I expressed my dissaproval for her ruining her natural beauty (after about the 3rd or 4th time), she finally starting to grow back the hair, which I'm really happy about. But she is still having the hard time accepting the simple fact that arm hair is normal, natural, attractive, feminine, and sexy. In my opinion, a female arm without hair looks weird, unnatural, and fake. A woman should look like a human being, not a plastic doll. I'm glad to see there other men (and women) out there who agree with me on this. I just wish there was something I could do to help my girlfriend to accept herself better, stop trying to be somebody else, and learn to love the amazingly beautiful, NATURAL body that mother nature has given her.
Name: i dont blab!
City:   sumver in da middle of no ver.
Comments:   i think its ther personal wish to have hairy arm or not cuz u shud anyway furst accept wht they think is gud to show ur love so...but i think BEING UR SELF is better...
Name: Jeff
City:   Dallas
Comments:   I have always adored women with naturally hairy arms. It used to be normal. Now artificial is the norm, and natural is weird. What is wrong with this world Thanks to the cosmetic industry that has duped everyone for the almighty buck. Ladies please leave your arms natural. A multitude of men and women love you that way, and afterall, God knew what He was doing there.
Name: Chris
City:   Nashua,NH
Comments:   i have always found hairy girls attractive plz dont shave
Name: nicole
City:   new york
Comments:   OMG! WHAT have happend to GUYS ARE U OK what do u mean hair is attractive THEY R SO NOT!... thank GOD im not hairy im not at all which is goood!! and if i were i would wax!!!! PPL GET UR WHERE ARE UR BRAINS is there a papper written brain and left in ur head! COME ON HAIR IS DISGUSTING VERY HORRIBLE... good luck!
Name: Adam
City:   Ft Worth
Comments:   It is nice to see so much discussion on such a topic as natural beauty for women. I personally think arm hair is sexy, thus so may hispanic women are luscious. Oh, and what about the way the sun glistens on an Anglo womans light blond hair, Ewwwwwwww. Nice :)
City:   Toronto
Comments:   i personally feel that hairy arms are quite gud..mostly because, once u start waxing/shaving, u gotta do it everytime, which is a nuisance! my arms are hairy..i dont care, because i kno many ppl who regret the fact that they waxed or shaved. so, if u REALLY wanna hide ur arm hair, jus bleach it!...its much much much better! and easier and pain-freee!
Name: fas
City:   Greensbore
Comments:   i feel that girls without hairs would me more sexy.
Name: simran
City:   delhi
Comments:   i got my arms waxed,,but after that i noticed some spots(maybe blood clots) over my arms...i have tried everything but they stil persist..pls suggest something.
Name: kashif
City:   karachi
Comments:   i really like a girl with hairy arms not so long but little layer of hair look like very well.if a girl have brown hair in her arms so they look so beautyfull.also i like small hair on breast nipples.any one like that hair
Name: carol
City:   greensbore
Comments:   I´m 14 and I had hairy arms because so many people would make fun of my arms I waxed them. Now I have to wax every 6 weeks and it is very painful and towards the end of the 6weeks I am always so selfconscious because little hairs will grow in but they are to short to remove.
Name: Geetika
City:   Delhi NCR
Comments:   Dear Madam, Plz.tell me any remedy for clean & glowing arms but kindly without eggs.
Name: douglas
City:   Los Angeles
Comments:   Personally, I like hairy girls, and also their might be long term side effects from regular use of hair removal products. These don´t usually occur when you are really young, but later on, so beware.
Name: guest
City:   new zealand
Comments:   wow..this is really interesting.....the society is seriously putting pressure in everybody on what beauty really is...
Name: Jeff
City:   Houston
Comments:   Hairy arms, hairy legs its just !REAL! for a woman to have, don´t see the problem. People who don´t agree have issues I think, I mean why not shave the hair off your head if hair is so repulsive. Is it really that much diffrent? Hair ADDS to beauty in my opinion. Thankgod for latinas and South America.
Name: seydlitz
City:   San Diego
Comments:   It´s always funny to see some people get so passionate about what others find attractive. I suppose there´s no room left for subjectivity? I don´t care for hairy women per se, but blonde hair on the forearms can be a total turnon. For those of you that like women with lots of hair, more power to you. Not my thing, but hey, who the hell am I to comment on what you like, right?
Name: ozwyucbg hfkcuqxrv
City:   mqose
Comments:   mwchpkzdb tadxe sjbxt ibgycl mugfaieh qlva vinteasdx
Name: plshiwa wqgsuly
City:   rukz
Comments:   jcrysi qjmkbg ckuj aqzctw chkqvygl uqxfmd jlydgrc nkrf yafjuv
Name: SoSelfConscious
City:   Kanas City
Comments:   Ok, I´m a teen. And I really didn´t care a whole lot about my hairy arms until I started getting crap for it. And then it started bothering me. I realize it was just a flook of nature, because I thought girls weren´t suppose to have hairy arms. And I now shave my arms every time I know I will be seeing my friends or boyfriend. I am also not hispanic. I´m as american as can be. And my arm hair is blonde, but its so long, it´s very noticeable. I have hispanic cousins, and the oldest shaves because she thinks its nasty to have hairy arms. The youngest thinks its better to be natural so she doesnt shave. I told my boyfriend about my cousins, (so I wasn´t telling him I was actually asking about me), but I asked him what he thought and he said not hairy is better. So Idk what to do. Because I really wish I could stop shaving. So I might just bleach my arm hair. But I really don´t know.

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