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Can you change the colour of your eyes without surgery? While it may seem impossible, the answer is yes-coloured contacts can turn your eyes blue and your neighbours green eyed.

It is like something straight out of the Cinderella tale-to be born with boring black eyes but with the ability to transform them into green or attractive blue in an instant. But your eyes are one of the most delicate organs in your body and hence, a lot of consideration will have to go into coloured contacts before you pick them.

Have a talk with your doctor

First of all, you need a prescription to buy even cosmetic Plano lenses. Plano lenses are those which have no power and will not enhance your vision in any way. Recently in the USA, the FDA seized a shipment of Plano lenses as they felt that they could cause injury if worn without a doctor's prescription.

While there are many companies which will allow you to buy contacts on your own, it is neither advisable nor safe. Moreover, it becomes imperative to do this if you already have an issue with your vision.

Choosing the right colour

Once you've made up your mind that you are going in for lenses, the next question is which colour to choose. This is a matter of personal choice and may depend upon how dramatic you want the effect to be. Just as with hairstyles and hair colours, there are certain colours which might suit you better.

If you have the typical Indian "wheatish" complexion, you can safely go for brighter colours like deep purple or aquamarine. Another important thing to reckon with is your eye and overall make-up. The colour of your eye-shadow, eye-liner and other makeup should complement the colour of your lenses. If you want the lenses to stand out, choose a colour that contrasts your makeup shades.

How long will your lenses last?

These days there are a variety of lenses in terms of longevity to choose from. Longer lasting ones can be used for up to 180 days, if you are regular with your lens care regime. Single use, disposable lenses have also been introduced since March 2006. Such lenses are ideal if you are going to use them only on special occasions and not on a regular basis.

Types of coloured lenses

There are four types of coloured contact lenses: visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque colour tints and light-filtering tints.

The one you will need to change your eye colour completely, say from brown to purple, will be colour tints. These coloured lenses resemble our natural eye tints almost perfectly.

Visibility tints simply add a green or blue hue to your original colour and are used with corrective lenses to improve clarity of vision.

Enhancement tints will deepen the colour of your natural eyes and are useful if you want to bring about a subtle change in your appearance without shocking your friends and family.

Light-filtering tints, a recent invention, highlight certain colours by muting the others and are used by sports-persons and audiences to see the ball or bat better.

There are the other variety-theatrical or costume lenses, which endow the user's eyes with 'unnatural' colours. These can give you the appearance of a ghost, an animal or so many other things. They are quite popular at fancy dress parties or with people who have a really quirky fashion sense.

Caring for your lenses

You will have to tend to your coloured contact lenses in the same way that you do with your plain contacts. Take adequate care of them since you are exposing your delicate eyes to them. Not only will this increase durability, but it will also protect your eyes from infections. If you experience any reddening of the eyes, blurring of vision, etc., you may need to consult your doctor. Sharing of your contact lenses with others is an absolute no.

Select lenses of accurate sizes, to prevent them from sliding off your eyes. This could happen sometimes, when you blink too much for instance. Another risk is that during the night or in other varying light conditions, the presence of contact lenses may mar your vision slightly. This is because our eyes adjust differently to different intensities of light. Hence avoid wearing lenses in darkness or bright sunlight.

Do you find blue or green eyes attractive? Would you go in for coloured lenses? What kind of contact lenses do you wear? Would you rather sport lenses for functionality or style? Do you prefer lenses over spectacles or vice versa? Use our feedback form below to share your experiences and tips with us.

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Feedback on article
Name: ankit
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hi, I am qfd. optometrist working in mumbai. Don´t need doctor´s prescription to buy plano lenses. Just take trial and see if they fit comfortably. leave the rest to your opto shop.
Name: Bondo
City:   lahore
Comments:   Hi Shaira, myself 21 years just switched to contacts nothing like it I tell you. Had a heavy complex number but it took time and I got expert advice from eye doc bfr trying. Now life is easy I sez Go For it
Name: Janaki
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Ankit, most people do exactly what you say. But I´m shocked that you being a doc say that. And anyway you need to consult a opthalmalogist, not an optometrist. Besides, check out the box of any colored contact lens. It clearly states that doctor´s prescription is required.
Name: vlwzgcs lawxes
City:   fteiv
Comments:   tpoeqbgmy uize edksaq ktxvchelb minty npxoljiwr icdokq
Name: cazwbyhx pzie
City:   gordc
Comments:   aujeqmozn stkqoue hmket bqnalkd ugdar sogyujf jolt vfmsczq pgkuyze
Name: Sera
City:   Sharjah
Comments:   I have a wheatish complexion but in fair tones what kind of shade suit me. My natural eye colour is in between light brown n brown
Name: amina
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   wat kind of lens suits a wheatish colour person.i have black hair i have used hazel color lens before.
Name: Rocky
City:   Delhi
Comments:   i m 21 m white in colour ,black hair, brown eye which colour of lens is suit my face
Name: avinashk
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi plz send me differnt colours of contact lens and the way 2 order it
Name: bobby
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hello,im a student,im using glasses.i want to use coloured lenses instead of glasses,is it proper.
Name: akshat
City:   new delhi
Comments:   hey am akshat n i been using glasses 4 a while now i want to switch to C.Lenses so which color would suit me if i luk it as style prespective , i got a wheatish complexion
Name: sarkar
City:   delhi
Comments:   M A D A R C H O D O
Name: dhoom5
City:   delhi
Comments:   teri M A A R A N D I
Name: niti
City:   Delhi
Comments:   hi.i am 19 and want to know that what color lens go for various occasions and with what type of dresses. As i am a girl who wear everything and i have dark brown eyes and fair wheatish complexion. thx.
Comments:   Hi, I am 23 year old, Fair comp. black hair, black eye which colour of lens is suit my face
Name: neha
City:   faridabad
Comments:   Hi, i m a girl with fair complexion and dark brown eyes. Please suggest me which eye lense colour will suit me. yours truely neha
Name: deepika
City:   delhi
Comments:   yah,i have blue lenses they luk nice
Name: kausar khan
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   I have a wheatish complexion .i have black curlly hair i have used hazel color lenses before.
Name: bazghah
City:   Gurgaon
Comments:   I am girl have wheatish skin tone with dark balck hair. Cud any one suggest which color lens will suit me.
Name: Ms Gauri
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Well let me tell you all about the coloured lenses. Lenses are better than glasses as wearing glasses change your looks completely.Plus it is difficult to manage in rainy season where you everytime have to clean your glasses from water droplets. contact lenses keeps your power constant and prevent it from increasing further. For Light Eyes, Brown Hair, Light to Medium Complexion I suggest blue will work the best. For Light Eyes, Light Hair, Light to Medium Complexion Allure lenses are fit. For Light Eyes, Red Hair, Light to Medium Complexion try green For Dark Eyes, Dark Hair, Dark Complexion try sparkle gold or hazel. Dark Eyes, Dark Hair, Light complexion try grey storm.
Name: sweety
City:   delhi
Comments:   Hi, I am 23 year old, Fair comp. brown hair, brown eye which colour of lens is suit my face
Name: sarah
City:   heera mundi
Comments:   paen yawae tere kuti k bchae hrame salae soer ke aulad ek lenz ka color manga tha paen chod wohe nhe dia gushte kahe ka
Name: wyfzka bkjqhnsvu
City:   smyuv
Comments:   rnvgiweb fekbncu fvglacso hvaegmwq jukenpxwv kwrtpbzoe zsok
Name: aeqvmdpjh rmlwycnup
City:   fquel
Comments:   crvztq hksvmu jplsfv jhtrlp ludaxo lntqdwzc voclqzupr olmaskice rxlvnp
Name: wyfzka bkjqhnsvu
City:   smyuv
Comments:   rnvgiweb fekbncu fvglacso hvaegmwq jukenpxwv kwrtpbzoe zsok
Name: simran
City:   delhi
Comments:   Hi, I am 22 year old, Fair comp. brown hair, light brown eye which colour of lens will suit my face
Name: rekha
City:   delhi
Comments:   hii iam 16 year and my face colour is dark so what colour i should use
Name: priya
City:   delhi
Comments:   hi.m using 1.75 power in my both eyes...can i use coloured lens...which company is best?? & what is the price for that?
Name: kanika
City:   indore
Comments:   hi, m 16 yr. old girlmy skin colour is in between wheatish & dark & my hair colour is black &i wish to wear color contact lense so which colour suits me as i wish to be a model
Name: sanaya
City:   bhopal
Comments:   hi, m 16year old girl having wheatish complextion. my eye colour is brown and i m average looking girl so which colour contact lense suit me?
Name: aishwarya
City:   trivandrum
Comments:   hi, m 18 yr. old skin colour is in between wheatish & dark & my hair colour is a deep dark brown..nt exactly black & I wish to wear color contact lense so which colour suits me ??
Name: Kazelvpb
Comments:   Hi webmaster! wrm
Name: jeff mathew
City:   coimby!
Comments:   I have hazel brown lenses.
Name: mithilesh singh
City:   kolkata
Comments:   I want to change my eye color for all the time. May I use color lenses for daily use? How much will it cost me a day?
Name: Ashish
City:   DELHI
Comments:   i wanna use a colored contact lens to seldom change my appearence and to accesorize my eyes. though i am not using any spectacles nor any contact lens as of now, can i still go for colored eye lenses without any problem? if yes, then i have a wheatish complexion, can u suggest me d shades which i can opt out for my eyes for the colored lenses?
Name: Shrey
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi,I have intermediate brown skin that is towards a paler brown than dark brown,I have dark wavy thick hair and have amber eyes.I want a hazel tinge to it?How may I do so and where do I go to get such lenses?I need a visibility tint with a slight green to give a hazel effect to my already light brown eyes.
Name: saara
City:   kanpur
Comments:   hy m saara i have been usin lens from 11 16 years old.may i know that is there a right and wrong side also to use lens.i have same power in my both the eyes
Name: buddy
City:   AP
Comments:   hey dis is useful but now i need a small information like my age is 24 and i have finished MBA but now as an MBA student i want little attractive look so for dat i´m planning to change my eye color by waring eye lense so now what i need is which color suits me please suggest anything perfect color!!
Name: buddy
City:   AP
Comments:   hey i forgot 2 mention my details little brown hair color and my eyes r black
Name: shahrukh
City:   nagpur
Comments:   hi, im shahrukh, i wanna use coloured lenses without doctors prescribtion is it harmful or not. and suggest me which colour of lens will suit my face since my skin tone is brownish. thanks!!
Name: vikram
City:   karachi
Comments:   what colour of lense should i use i have i have weatish colour and light brown hairs
Name: hari
City:   chennai
Comments:   I want to know which colour will be suitable for me.I have trouble wearing contact lenses.i followed the way my doctor prescribed but finding it so difficult to wear.When I was in the class suddenly the contact lenses was pinching my eyes.It doesnt fit at all.I am taking more than half an hour to fit contact lenses only to see my eyes going watery.Tired of trying it.Other people use lenses as simple
City:   new delhi
Comments:   Iam 24 year old working women with dusky complexion. please sugesst me what colour of lenses suits my skin tone? also my eyes and hairs are of black colour.
Name: manoj
City:   DELHI
Name: diya
City:   karnataka
Comments:   I want to know which colour will be suitable for me skin colour is normal like am nt very fair nd very dark.please sugesst me what colour of lenses suits my skin tone? also my eyes are dark brown hairs are light black wth brown colour.
Name: addii
City:   calgary
Comments:   hey im 16yrs old,blackish brown hair eye colour.what colour would suit me?..please repley soon!
Name: neetu
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi i am 23 yrs old , i have wheetish complextion , black hair , and black eye , so please inform me which colour lens will suit for me
Name: harshu
City:   ahmedabad
Comments:   hi friends... i m 19 year old college boy... i love coloured eyes....and i want the same..... i m a bit fairer than wheatish....have darkest brown hair....and i m 6ft slim guy....wat colour of lens will suit me...?
Name: sanjay
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Sir I know price of color lenses plz tell me as soon as possilble Thanks
Name: kanoon
City:   bihar
Comments:   salo randiyo ye mat lagana nai to pachtaogi

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