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  ORANGE PEEL SKIN - by Editor
No, this is not a food article. These phrases are popularly used to describe the dreaded phenomenon of cellulite. Dimpled knees only look cute on babies. If you're way past the baby stage and you have dimpled fat below your waist level, you've got cellulite!

The pinch test

Pinch your skin between your thumb and finger or between the palms of your hands. If it is just plain old fat, the pinched skin will appear smooth. However, if the pinched skin has ripples or bumps similar to an orange peel, it's cellulite.

Skinny people have it too

Cellulite can affect any age group and there is a depressing statistic that claims that 99% of all women develop some cellulite after 30. However, men can also have cellulite around their necks and stomachs. As you may have guessed from the title, it definitely appears on the thighs. It also settles around the buttocks, the hips, the stomach, the ankles, the upper arms, the upper back below the shoulders and the lower back. That seems to cover most of it. The most astounding fact is that you don't have to obese to have cellulite. While overweight people are more likely to have cellulite, even skinny people face the problem.

There are two kinds of cellulite. The hard variety, which appears, believe it or not, in more active people, is harder to detect, as it is not so easily pinched away from the muscle. Soft cellulite is associated with poor muscle tone and is more noticeable as the skin is loose and it sags.

Who's the culprit?

While some researchers would like to believe that cellulite is all in the genes, it is more likely that what parents do pass on are bad habits. Cellulite formation is linked to poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, build-up of toxins in the body and poor circulation. Cellulite may also develop after pregnancy or as a result of taking contraceptive pills due to excessive estrogen levels.

The orange peel or cottage cheese effect is the direct result of the malfunctioning of the waste removal system and the build-up of toxins in the body. When this happens, the connective tissue surrounding the muscles become filled with fluid that hardens into hard pockets making your skin look like the peel of an orange.

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Feedback on article
Name: Anitha
City:   california
Comments:   What does one do 4 this problem
Name: Jyoti
City:   Johannesburg - South Africa
Comments:   Hi ladies, I think cellulite is every woman's worst nightmare, I've read that one needs to massage the specific area in a circular motion on a daily basis - apparently it works - I've been trying it and I do see some results - Good luck (Also, there are many creams and lotions on the market recently
Name: Jyoti
City:   Johannesburg - SA
Comments:   Also ladies, one should do a regular detox fast for 3 days (water and fresh fruit juices only with some carbohydrate meals for dinner)and walk, walk, walk (even if its for 20 minutes per day)
Name: Martha
City:   Arkansas
Comments:   Hi ladies. My name is Martha and I'm only 20 years old. I have a very low-self esteem because of cellulite but I'm working on trying to fell better about myself. I have it pretty bad and it is something that's always, I mean always on my mind. The only thing that gives me true hope is when we go to heaven how we will all the same bodies and bodies that are going to be perfect. We're not alone right
Name: Anna
City:   Toronto
Comments:   This article is grossly misleading. Cellulite is caused by excessive accumulation of bodyfat in adipose tissues. The bodyfat stretches the skin creating orange peel look. Some thin people may have it because being thin does not mean being lean. You can have very little muscle and low weight but higher % of body fat. Try reducing the fat% below 22% by combination of diet and exercise and the cellulite WILL disappear.
Name: Alleymich
City:   Vicenza Italy
Comments:   I find that with correct diet rich of fruits and vegetables. Also fasting and flushing the system using a colon cleanser or blood purifier,the body is able to beat any toxins that develop that can turn into cellulite and if u do have stubborn cellulite,please do try also the vitamin E and castor oil massage,for three times a day,also excercise each part affected... eg:legs,or arms really works
Name: cindy
City:   phoenix
Comments:   i am skinny, very athletic, and strong. but i play volleyball and there's those things called spandex. i have a few dimples on the sides of both of my upper thighs. i dont understand how people that are fatter than me and not as athletic dont have them and I do!
Name: Angie
City:   NJ
Comments:   I'm also thin and athletic, I run, do sprints, play soccer, and am constantly in the gym almost everyday and I can't seem to get rid of the 2 dimples on each of the backs of my upper thighs. I heard somewhere that you can't get rid of it and it could be hereditary.
Name: Alexandria
City:   Denver
Comments:   Does drinking a lot of alcohol cause you to get orange peel skin on your face I've always been a heavy drinker and just recently I have noticed a difference in my skin. I am 32 and I have always had flawless skin up until around 6 months ago. If drinking is the reason, of course I should stop drinking...but what else can I do to get my beautiful skin back? Or is it not repairable!
Name: brooke
City:   princeton
Comments:   what's the cause of lower back dimples, and how can i get rid of them
Name: Rani
City:   Seattle
Comments:   Try Avon's Cellusculpt cream. It helps tighten skin, and reduces jiggly appearance of cellulite.
Name: Khusboo Gill
City:   Virginia (USA)
Comments:   Hi ! My face is very skinny den my body its very slim i really like heavy skin faces but i duuno wat ca i do plz tell me any idea by mail thanku so much ...
Name: Mistrey
City:   San Jose
Comments:   I have a question can you get ride of cellulite I heard that if you take Kelp pills every day for 6 months it takes your cellulite away. Is that true
Name: Natalie
City:   U.S. of A
Comments:   does the Avon;s Cellusculp Cream, and the Loreal's Sublime Slim work at all to take away cellulite?
Name: amanda
City:   st.kitts
Comments:   my body fat is at 20 percent right now and id day my legs ar ein shape. so why do i have it at the back of my legs screw all that hereditary crap. i kno girls that moms have it and they dont. im sure mine will go away by the end of the summer.remeber dont sit on ur asses all day massageing it thinkin it will go away cuz it doesnt. i do resitance training everynight for an hour. u dunt have 2 do cardio but u can.
Name: Ruth
City:   Bath, UK
Comments:   Haven't you americans got anything better to worry about. What about world peace, 3rd world debt & the state of your souls?!?!?
Name: haha
City:   dkshALKDH
Comments:   Wow Ruth you have got to be kidding. Yes we worry about those things, but just because we have self-respect for our bodies does not mean we do not care about other things. Are Americans the only multi-tasking thinkers> Are you saying you can not think of more then three things at once. People like you drive me crazy, ignorance owns you.
Name: neha
City:   comoros moroni
Comments:   i have lots of fats on the back of my upper thighs downer part of my hips and my legs are also very fat. please give me some advise for curing my cellulite because it is very noticeable and i feel ashamed while getting out of my house as i am very young
Name: sravanthi
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i have a overweight problem i accumulated lot lot of fat around my hips,thigs,back,lower abdomin so kindly give me some tips to reduce
Name: unknown
City:   USA
Comments:   Well ANNA from toronto, the only thing that I have to say to you is I can't stand someone who acts as if they know it all, it is evident that you haven't done enough research on cellulite to make such a statement about anybody elses advice about it especially those with good intentions such as helping another person not bashing them, your bit of information gives people a little bit of false hope as well so you might want to check yourself because if getting rid of cellulite were as easy as you made it seem it would no longer exist (wangster)
Name: Nomawethu
City:   Johannesburg
Comments:   I need advise I am 23yrs old & I'm low self-esteemed my thighs are full of cellulite, I feel old & unattractive.
Name: Neha
City:   London
Comments:   I have a few stretch marks behind my legs. Please help me with a home remedy on how to get rid of them . thanks in advance. please mail me at
Name: Angela
City:   California
Comments:   I don't have cellulite, but tried Cellu-Sculpt out of curiosity. Before using it in December, 2004, I weighed 107 lbs. and now I weigh 95 lbs.!!! I used it twice a day, massaging it in thoroughly and it acted like a slimming cream. All I can say is "try it!!!"
Name: sim
City:   mumbai
Comments:   wat shd i do to avoid cellulite formation.thank u for these tips.really.
Name: DiDi
City:   Jax
Comments:   hi im very skinny and but i still have cellulite on my bottom. is there anything i can do besides using pills or anything expensive to get rid of it like a certain excercise routine
Name: Sampada
City:   Mumbai (Bombay)
Comments:   Hello! Yes, Avon's Cellusculpt cream does work very well on the cellulites but thats not enough. You have to do regular exercise and massage your skin regurlarly. You can do that with your loofah while having a bath. Move the loofah on the affected area in small circulars for 10-15 mins everyday. The combination of Avon's Cellusculpt cream, exercise and the massage will work wonders for you as it did for me. Am happy to share this experience of mine with you all and hope it makes a difference in your life. Good Luck...
Name: razan a
City:   oaklawn IL
Comments:   hii ur tips r soo good, but how can we get rid off cellulite plz get back at me as soon as posilble
Name: Karen
City:   Durban
Comments:   How can i get rid of cellulite
Name: bahar
City:   tehran
Comments:   how can i get ride of this problemi m not fat and i wanna to go for radioflurecence it good for removal cellulite permanently if my weight would be fixed
Name: Claire
City:   Liverpool
Comments:   apparantly if u brush the area with a body brush in circular motions its meant to help.. it stimulates more blood circulation to that particular area, also regular exercise helps and theres lots of creams available.. although i dont think theyre very effective on their own.
Name: jackie
City:   Boston
Comments:   What about us skinny people Im in my teens and i already have noticable cellulite on my thighs and a little on my bottom. Exercising won't help since im already very skinny...the creams also seem like a rip off...what else is there to do??
Name: KAT
City:   USA
Comments:   Ladies.... 99% of ALL women experience cellulite at some point in their lives. 99% !!!! That's EVERYONE. Self esteem isn't about looking perfect. It's about being HEALTHY and loving yourself and the way you look. Don't buy into the movie-screen bias. Movie stars, TV stars, models are all airbrushed to perfection. I've seen several "models" in REAL life and they don't look anything like they do on TV. They have cellulite, acne scars, wrinkles. Wake UP and love yourself in whatever shape and size you come in!
Name: missy
City:   london
Comments:   Ok, i just wanted to say a few things. First of all, i have a veeerrryyy bad case of cellulite. Second, cllulite can be caused by several things. Like people have already mentioned, it can be caused by the accumulation of toxins within the tissues of your body, it can be caused by poor eating habits, it can be due to hereditary, and it can be becasue of fat that has been accumulated in localized areas. The thing is, cellulite is not something that you can just get rid of. If you have it, basically, you will have it for life. The only thing we can do is minimize it by doing aerobic exercise that lasts longer than 25 minutes..after this point, your body starts to target fat cells for energy instead of carbohydrates (and thats what cellulite-possessing women need!) This idea that was mentioned about getting your body fat below 22% is simply not true at all. I know this becasue I'm a Kinesiologist. My body fat composition is 18%. So you can probably tell that im a slim girl. I eat healthy and I work out on a regular basis. But belieeeeve me, I have a horrible case of the cottage cheese butt! I was heavy as a child but i lost a lot of weight as i grew older, and quickly. So im pretty sure thats why i have it. Anyways, what i find works are those body shapewear undergarments, especially the ones that go below the knee. Since they're tight, they smooth out the appearance. So, all i can say is try them out!! they really will make a difference.
Name: Elaine
City:   Winnipeg
Comments:   I'm 32 years old and the mother of 3 children. I'm just under 5' 7" and weigh less than 115 lbs - so, yes, I'm pretty thin. Still, I've always had cellulite on my upper out thighs unless I'm doing pilates every day. I'm serious about this. I've tried every cream, treatment, etc. to no avail. I started doing pilates after I had my last baby and, OMG, I can't believe how quickly my body was looking better than it ever had. I quit over the winter (lazy) and the cellulite was right back but after starting up again for only a couple of weeks, it's pretty much disappeared.
Name: Makie
City:   Minamiechizen,Nanjou.
Comments:   First of all, I want you all to get the hopes up. Don`t think you will have cellulites forever, hatever you do.. I lived in Norway for most of my life, until I was 16 and moved to my father in Japan to go to High school. I was a chubby teenager, because of fast food, not enough movement, and of course, soda(not water.) Here, I am practically forced to eat healthy, and REGULARLY, and drink NOTHING but water, water and water (homemade juice is of course ok.) rice is for every meal here of course^^ and fish at least 2 times a week, and be active. very active. I have to take bicycle 45 minutes each way to school, everyday, and my club activity was softball(although last year I changed to brass band..)and the practice was everyday ofcourse. I lost my fat after about 3 months, and my body was athletic. Where I used to have the worst cases of cottage heese and cellulites, were smooth skin(no longer cellulites, just a little on the back of the leg I think. and tan does help to cover it up somewhat, being more tanned will make it seem like you have less cellulite! I want you all to know that there is hope. If you do something similar every day to what I did(still do, am a 3rd grader this year.) then maybe you will see a good result. I`m not saying you should take bicycle everywhere, or train softball, but bicycling is very good for your thighs, and playing a sport where you can train all your muscles in your body helps (e.g baseball/softball, tennis, running 3km 4-5 times a week, aerobics..) I dunno if my information works, I just felt like sharing. specially to young girls such as myself, I don`t want anyone to develope bulimia or anorexia, so live healthy. ^^
Name: saeeda perry
City:   lancaster
Comments:   how can i get ride of this and can i buy something to help that don't cost alot of money
Name: omg
City:   Toronto
Comments:   omg guys i am 14, 5'8" and 110 pounds and i have cellulite, you just need to get over it becuase there really is no cure, it is hereditary! My mom had it and so do i!! I honestly couldnt get much skinnier, so how could i possibly get rid of it! dont worry, so many people have it that your abnormal if you dont! just feel good about ur self! my god!
Name: kate
City:   england
Comments:   I think cellulite must be linked to female hormones, you very rarely ( if ever ) see a man, evenif they are obese with it.
Name: candi
City:   Port of Spain
Comments:   what's the point of this article if it doesnt present any solutions? I dont get it.
Name: rup
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i think u all should do some hardwork like washing clothes ,cooking washing floor just sweat out and get rid of that fats
Name: Steph
City:   Miami, FL
Comments:   Well, I weigh 180 and 21 yrs, very thick and have a body fat of 30%, but i don´t have cellulite, I definatly thank excersize for that, i grew up dancing, classical ballet, ect. I think the stronger your body is the less noticible cellulite is, like more muscle, now this doesn´t mean that you have to have body builder legs, but definately excersize and drinking alot of water is key, now with age you most likely will get cellulite, but there alot of factors that contribute to it, and rup from mumbai.. who says we don´t do hard work, i know i don´t have a maid...good luck everyone
Name: Janevah Baduh
City:   California
Comments:   Hey im janevah, and i have this problem with cellulite on my thighs and bottocks, i dont like wearing short skits, and i dont like wearing certain metrials because it shows, how ever thats the only place i have cellulite ive being tryingto excercise but its not working maybe i should be patient with myself, but can you please tell me wat to do, to get rid of these ugly things of mine, Thank You
Name: Abba Radha
City:   London
Comments:   My face seems to be orange peel around the mouth and chin. I have been eating chocolate a lot so i think i may have to start drinking water and eating fruit and walking...I already do those so i need to find a way of getting rid of it!
City:   fort hood
Comments:   Hi ladies. Hey Ruth my husband is in Iraq and I still worry about my body. You are on the wrong websight. Okay ladies...From my experience I have always been pretty skinny, but not always in shape. I have found the ONLY thing that gets rid of my cellulite on the back of my legs is doing Tae bo. Walking, running, the gum, nothing helped but WOW did that. And for those of you unpatient like myself. You will see results on your whole body fairly quickly. God Bles you all and good luck
Name: santigo
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   how can i get rid of cellulite plz let me know
Name: margot
City:   cork
Comments:   i seem to have orange peel on my chin and want to know how to get rid of it. creams? diet? help!!
Name: SAM
Comments:   i read a book that suggested to massage the fatty areas like kneading bread it works!! it hurts though and isnt easy to get to all areas. i also go swimming and they have water jets there the pressure on my skin also helps break up the fat. hope it helps alittle!!
Name: Kristin
City:   eh
Comments:   I disagree with what you said about cellulite being associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and getting older. I have been noticing cellulite on my thighs and butt ever since I was 12 or 13. I´m a size 0 and at the time I started to notice it I was underweight and still wore girls´ sizes. I really think it´s due to genetics because my mom has a lot of cellulite. At one point in eighth grade I had 4 hours of p.e. a day, and it was not the sports kind, but hard aerobic and weight training. Even then, I had cellulite. No matter what I do, no matter how thin or in shape I am, it´s there. I blame genetics.
Name: usha
City:   dubai
Comments:   i am very active i go for walk regularly i am always in shape i have a son iam 38yr old58kg & 5´5"i am pure vegitarian but i have a cellulite how can i get rid of it
Name: fiza
City:   toronto
Comments:   good info, how can u get rid of it or at least minimize it?

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hello mshama,
first think you did wrong think that used this betnovate c without doctor consultation, so its not right thing you do, first you should meet now to skin specialist and decide about the appointment to doctor.
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello friend,
you are how much of old, and what your age now, if you still continue with the betovate c cream then you should stop to using this cream now, it will be harmful for you, so stop using this. ...
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello mshma,
i think skin pigmentation didnt find any permanent solution till yet, so its not easy to get solution from this pigmentation, this cream has side effects and stop using this. ...
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
you should take consultation from good and best skin specialist, so it will help you to remove your pigmentation and it will helpful to get clear skin, also you look that the cream does not have any side effects too. ...
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello masharma,
its not right if anyone of your friend consult you about your skin and you take his suggestion and implement so its not right, dont do that type behavior with your skin again its not right at all. ...
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
if you suffer form pigmentation you should apply depiwhite cream on your pigmentation, but first consult from your doctor an then you start to using this cream, its safe ...
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
i think skin pigmentation is heridatory, and its get you from your generation, if your parents have pigmentation you will also get pigmentation, in pregnancy and due to hormonal changes its occur. ...
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msahrma,
pigmentation its common think now a days, and also the ayurvedic medicines also have some side effects first you should check which medicine suits on you and which not, so its depend upon you. ...
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