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How often do you exfoliate your skin? Is it enough? How should you exfoliate? Read on for information on exfoliation and a great homemade scrub recipe.

The older you grow, the more often you need to exfoliate your skin. As we all know, skin cells die and new cells keep getting regenerated. These dead cells come to rest on the top layer of our skin, making our skin look dull, and, in some cases, patchy. Although dead skin is replaced naturally by new cells, this process takes longer as we age, making our skin look duller and patchier for greater lengths of time. This is why regular exfoliation becomes a must.

How often should I exfoliateNULL

In your twenties, exfoliate skin twice a week with a granular face scrub. These are gentle on the skin. In your thirties, exfoliate skin every alternate day, or on a daily basis. You can do this by adding exfoliation to your 3-step routine. So your routine can be cleansing, toning and moisturizing once a day, and cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing the second time around. You can cut down the process by simply using an exfoliating face wash.

Once you enter your forties, you can consider going in for a few microdermabrasion treatments. This treatment entails the use of an abrasive crystal that removes dry, dead tissue and encourages rejuvenation. It is non-surgical, does not require anesthesia, and you can be back at work the same day. Around five to eight treatments should suffice through your forties, and when you reach the age of fifty, go in for a chemical peel.

How should I exfoliateNULL

Apply face scrub on wet skin after cleansing, and scrub using gentle, circular motions. Wash off with cool or tepid water. Follow up with toner and moisturizer. Once a week, go in for a deep cleansing treatment. Steam your face and then scrub it well with a face scrub. Apply a mud mask to your face and leave on for ten minutes. The properties of the mask will get well and truly absorbed by the skin. Then, wash off the mask make sure you use cool or tepid water, never hot water and follow up with toner and moisturizer. Do this once a week, or once a fortnight, no matter what your age.

Will regular exfoliation help get rid of blackheadsNULL

Yes, exfoliation helps keep a check on blackheads. If an area is prone to blackheads, pay special attention to the area while exfoliating. For example, if you have blackheads on your nose, and even if you do not exfoliate daily, try scrubbing just your nose with your face scrub daily. Over time the blackheads will vanish.

Any homemade recipesNULL

Here's how you can make your own all-natural exfoliating mask at home.

1 tsp sugar (granulated, not powdered)
� tsp honey
1 tsp plain yogurt

Mix the ingredients together and apply it to your face. Leave it on for ten minutes, and rinse with water, scrubbing gently. Your face will feel dewy and soft.

And finally�

Remember that exfoliation dries out skin, so always apply moisturizer after exfoliating. If you apply moisturizer after exfoliation, not only will the dryness vanish, but the moisturizer will also be able to penetrate the skin deeper, since dead cells are not blocking its path. As a result, your daily moisturizer will become doubly effective!

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Name: sushma
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Comments:   This is a very good article and very informative. Thanks.
Name: kavita
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Comments:   You guys simply write great articles.Indeed whole site is very good.I am hooked to it.
Name: sheela
City:   canada
Comments:   pls for heavens sake do not give general tips for all kinds of skins......u cannot treat oily skin and dry skin same way and cannot use same home made recipes
Name: to sheela
City:   mumbai
Comments:   of course u can use the same home remedies! we're talking about exfoliating for heavens sake! when have u last bought a face scrub that says 'for oily skin'? mine doesnt! and almost everyone i know uses the same exfoliating apricot scrub! everyone knows that if ur skin is dry you wash/exfoliate it less often, and if it is oily, u do it more often. dont get carried away and be so finiky.
Name: val
City:   south africa
Comments:   Great website guys.Keep up the great tips.
Name: viji
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Comments:   Very infomative thanks.
Name: Ritu Panwanda
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Comments:   Great Article!Homemade treatments are very effective & natural. So keep it up & send more.
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Comments:   Very Informative. Helped me a lot!! Thank you.
Name: sunita
City:   kolkata
Comments:   to good
Name: Namrata
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   It helps........Thanxs
Name: Dipti
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   i agree with sheela .. pl be intelligent and alert about oily and dry skin the feedback to sheela is also not completely accurate, pl do not blindly follow such generalised recipes. i am speaking from experience , both personal and from dear ones.
Name: geeta
City:   singapore
Comments:   can you suggest any body scrubs pls
Name: latha
City:   boston
Comments:   hi dipti, i agree with u to an extent, that u cannot use genralised home remedies for all skin types, but i also feel that surely for exfoliating skin u can do soNULL i mean, my exfoliating scrub is for all skin types. so i agree with the feedback to sheela also, and in my this article was great, and very well written. an interesting and fun read! keep up the good work.
Name: Preeti
City:   Noida
Comments:   Great as usual!!
Name: kanda
City:   manchester
Comments:   wet face, then apply sugar on it, allow the sugar to dry and sink into the skin before washing it off. this will exfoliate the face.
Name: DK
City:   Houston
Comments:   Great Article!Homemade treatments are very useful for sensitive skin like mine. I really appreaciate your tips as always.
Name: Marlo
City:   San Jose
Comments:   Love this whole website!
Name: A.L.
City:   Birmingham
Comments:   I tryed it and it worked! I was surprised at it but it worked,thanks!
Name: sridevi
City:   US
Comments:   Here's one homemade recepie for scrub, add 1 ts of fenugreek seeds with 1 ts of poppy seeds with little milk,soak it and grind it apply this to the face once a week it will remove whiteheads and make the skin very soft and glow.
Name: MK
City:   London
Comments:   Hi just wanted to say what a great site and fab tips! I have fairly good skin, but will defo be trying out things that have been recommended! keep up the good work!

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