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  HAIR THAT SHINES - by Editor

Nothing enhances a little girl's confidence than a mane of shiny, glorious hair.

Often parents don't pay attention to their daughter's hair problems. They believe their children are too young to be concerned about beauty problems, and this is not the age to worry about such things. However, children do worry, and what's worse is that there is nothing they can do about it since they depend on you for guidance. So if you ignore your child's wild, unruly, frizzy hair, and believe that keeping hair clean and tangle free is enough at this age, you should know that perhaps your child is the butt of hair jokes at school. Children can be cruel, and you don't want your child to be taunted for her hair when such taunts can so easily be avoided.

Curly hair is far easier to maintain than straight hair. It needs to be shampooed only once a week, or once in five days. This is because curly hair is dry, and washing hair more often will dry it out even further. When shampooing your child's hair, concentrate on the scalp and not on the hair. Massage the shampoo well into the scalp, and then wash off. Every other day wash your daughter's hair with conditioner, and no shampoo. This increases moisture in your child's hair, while removing dust or dirt from the scalp. Don't massage conditioner into your child's scalp.

Comb her curly hair after a wash, when it is still damp. Never brush curls as the curls will open up and lead to frizzies. Similarly, don't comb dry, curly hair, only comb it when it is still wet. Never, ever flip your child's curly hair upside down while combing. This is certain to produce frizz. As you will be combing her hair when it is wet, don't worry about tangles. Finger-comb dry hair when required.

Your child should apply a leave-in conditioner to her curly hair everyday, to reduce frizz.

Acid soluctions like vinegar or lemon juice shrink and harden your hair's cuticle cells. This causes the cells to lay flat and well-alligned, causing a better reflecting surface. As a result hair starts shining. So if you want your daughter's hair to shine, try this: Squeeze a lemon into a mug of water or add a tablespoon of vinegar to a mug of water and give your daughter's hair a final rinse with this solution. (Don't wash off.)

Egg is excellent for hair. Not only is it a great conditioner and nourisher, but it also increases shine. Apply egg to your daughter's hair once a week, and wash off after half an hour with cold water.

Mayonnaise, which is made of oil, egg and vinegar, is also excellent for the hair. In addition, mayonnaise also helps getting rid of lice. Lice breathe through their legs, and applying mayonnaise blocks their air passage, suffocating them. You may not be able to get rid of nits (lice eggs) in this manner though. Make sure you keep checking your child's hair regularly for lice.

If your daughter's hair is straight, cut it in one length. This gives a better reflecting surface and adds shine to the hair. Hair that is cut in layers reduces shine.

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Feedback on article
Name: priyanka
City:   pune
Comments:   good article! for which i was waiting since long time. But am little bit confuse that can i apply to my little daughter hair who is just 7 months old.
Name: foxy
City:   456
Comments:   Can you tell me how to get very shiny hair in days without any chemicals put into hair and besides washing cause hopefully all girls wash their hair
Name: kavita
City:   San Diego
Comments:   thanks a lot. I have a 8 year old daughter she has very curly,dry and frizzy. She swims every day. I will try vinegar and mayo.Very good article
Name: samantha
City:   dhaka
Comments:   i am a daughter myself! :)
Name: darshan
City:   nagpur
Comments:   please tell me the address of hair transplantation clicins+surgens in maharashtra.
Comments:   I am Indian young girl with long sillky hairs.I want to know which products I can use to make my hair shining and for wet look.The products should be without chemicals. Please show me the home tertment if it works. Thanking you. TOARL, Feb.8th,05
Name: Candi
City:   Sturgis
Comments:   I hear that if u put the white of an egg in your hair it will make your hair shiny
Name: nisha
City:   b'lore
Comments:   thanx!I want silky hairs so what to do? plz give some tips
Name: deepti
City:   lagos
Comments:   want suggestions to make hair shiny and silky
Name: diane
City:   cal
Comments:   use something that won't clog and build up cuz that dries hair
Name: mini
City:   delhi
Comments:   i have straight hair but they r dry and look dull.can i apply egg for shine or egg will make look more dry
Name: mini
City:   delhi
Comments:   i have straight hair but they r dry and look dull.can i apply egg for shine or egg will make them look more dry
Name: Supreet
City:   Port Blair
Comments:   I'm a daughter myself .could u pls tell me more hair caring home the way the article's excelent.
Name: Laci
City:   new york
Comments:   i have dry,weightless,frizzy,naturally curly hair and i just wanted to know how often to oil my hair and how often to egg it...should i egg it and oil it in the same night...or what
Name: Meenakshi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Thanks for your tips. But could you please help me out with more tips for shiny hair & long hair, because my hair is very rough & short also.
Name: Nicole
City:   El Paso
Name: Aamena
City:   mississauga
Comments:   use a proper shampoo ,dun change your shampoo often and dun use any kind of styling creamz , dun iron-curl your too much and also just use a moisture shampoo itz best thing and use baby oil on your hair
Name: sim
City:   mumbai
Comments:   thank u for the simple but efficient tips.i never knew that my hair was in troble but after reading this i know now wat problems i have n how to get rid of it.thanks all the best.
Name: Ruby
City:   Pondy
Comments:   to get a long silky hair apply aloe vera gel regularly in ur hair. it really works
Name: maya
City:   Pune
Comments:   I have a very dry hair with no shine at all
Name: Aalaysha
City:   n/a
Comments:   Hey I'm an African American girl and I have very thick coarse hair. It looks dry and dull. I put a relaxer in it ( perm ) and now it's begun to break. Is there antway I can make my hair shiney and straight and bouncey And what can I do to make it long ( almost all the way to my shoulders , that's how long I want it to be ) Thank You!!
Name: manasa
City:   vizag
Comments:   for any type of hair,shampoo it daily,apply soft conditioner with less chemicals,dont put hair driers,and dont go for too much sun exposure,this works perfectly.intake of good e-vitamin increases ur hair growth and gels cause too much hair fall,so better avoid those.mine is oily black silky straight hair,i follow these above tips.and maintain my hair healthy and bouncy...u too follow my tips ...article given here is cool,byee guyz...
Name: ravy
City:   Chandigarh
Comments:   Hey I am an Indian girl.My hair has no shine n looks dull too.I also keep on having irritation on my scalpdoctor says it is fungus so even curing it,it appears again.Please help me to have beautiful and shiny hair?
Name: rosy mehta
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i have wavy hair n i want to know how to keep them straight n wat to apply for a shining hair. n iwant to also know how to apply mayonnaise. further henna is a good conditioner. i want to know wat to add in henna so that my hair gain shine n lustre
Name: johnsy
City:   Coimbatore Tamil nadu
Comments:   Please any suggest me to some home remedies to make my hair to lok silky and shiny.
Name: rida khan
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   plz suggest me good shampoo and conditioner or home made products by which my hairs becomes thik n soft.i will b thankful 2 u
Name: rakesh joshi
City:   mumbai ( maharashtra )
Comments:   my hair is curly and tuff ...... i want to make my hair long and silky and shine.... for life time is there any chance to make my hair well plz reply on my email plz
Name: mpvijaykhanna
City:   bangalore(working at)
Comments:   hi i m vijay haircare advisor and messur.i m doing this as a social service just goto google type mpvijay u can get my email id and phone if any body wants any tips or any haircutting and massage, haircare treatments u can call me
Name: Sabira
City:   uk luton
Comments:   hey love to know more shiny hair tips hope this works lol! i am a daughter myself lol!
Name: manasa
City:   chennai
Comments:   plz suggest me how to keep hair silky and shine and soft
Name: manasa
City:   chennai
Comments:   hey plz suggest me i have very dry hair with no shine and how to grow long hair
Name: annapurna agarwal
City:   kolkata, india
Comments:   after appling lemon my hair got hardened , should i stop appling it? ? ?
Name: lakshmi
City:   Newyork
Comments:   Thanks for giving Tips. can You please suggest some more tips
Name: salaneya
City:   beckley
Comments:   oh thanks my hair is longer and pretty ... cuz b for it was ugly i mean it ... it was dry prickly and had split ends it would break off all the time and nothing looked natural and nice about it i want to think you somuch cuz now its dark black long but just a little above my knees it feels soft shiney and silky
Name: Firdaus
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Thanks for the awesome tips.You´re great!!!!!!
Name: priyankapadal
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   how to prepare hair spray at home
Name: dharshini
City:   chennai
Comments:   Can you tell me how to get very shiny hair in days without any chemicals pls tell me
Name: sonal
City:   knp
Comments:   plz tell some other wayz to get shine in hair naturally
Name: geetha
City:   cbe
Comments:   i have dull and dry hair..suggest me good shampoo and conditioner..which makes my hair shine and black..where can i get myannoise
Name: matilda owusu
City:   london
Comments:   i´m 11 years old and my hair is breaking of all the time . i wash my hair itbreaks someone pleasehelp i don´t know how indian pepole hair is so long but african´s hair is short and dry.someone please help me and us africans.
Name: upasanadhuppar
City:   hoshiarpur(Pb)
Comments:   I have hair fall problem & i dont know which shampoo i used.please reply me
Name: Sangeeta Sharma
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I am facing hair fall problem and now i am very worry to take hair. plz tell me way to get shine in hair naturally without any hair fall.
Name: mpvijaykhanna
City:   dindigul
Comments:   hi sister sangeeta take protrin content food like egg
Name: Ravindar G.S.
City:   Coimbatore(tamil nadu)
Comments:   I am ravindar from coimbatore.i am worlking in private concern.My head is bald.actualy i am an kindly send the contact address in coimbatore and cost.i want to hair transplantation or any other method(not for hair fixing and hair weaving).please reply
Name: priya
City:   punjab
Comments:   i m 20 years old girl wiht short hairs my hair type is totally dull n lifeless even i suffers from breakage problem n splits end what kind produci i use plz reply me soon
Name: Ranjana
City:   Chennai
Comments:   My hair is curley and wet hair. Give some better sahmppo and conditioner name for shining of my hair.
Name: Ranjana
City:   Chennai
Comments:   i have dull and dry hair..suggest me good shampoo and conditioner..which makes my hair shine and black..where can i get myannoise
Name: simran raheja
City:   new delhi
Comments:   very good article made my daughter read it question ?how 2 grow hair longer as i am 37 now?
Name: bowak uzkhwp
City:   tecbxglr
Comments:   cphzd mguyvxr vdgmzlks trlkmbgcj yqxpjr fzym rzbam
Name: uvrliypfc dxgpy
City:   lmrg
Comments:   cysfp xvgbaqny hyvnjgtiw dfobema dwga cuxasm trdg jtsvpmqgl gmofbpjz

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