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Acne is now a common problem among children between ages 7 and 12. If your child has acne, it is advisable to try home remedies to treat and prevent it. Read on.

If your 10 year old has developed acne, you should not consider this abnormal because he is not alone. Today, even 7 or 9 year olds suffer from acne problems! Children today are more self-conscious than ever before and get upset if they find even 1 pimple on their faces. Not to mention the bullying and teasing that they have to endure if their skin is pockmarked with pimples and zits.

Cure your child's acne by using home remedies which have no side effects. Not only will natural treatments get rid of acne, but will also prevent scarring which remains when over-the-counter medicine is used. Moreover, treating a child's skin with harsh chemicals and ingredients before puberty would result in dull and irritant skin.

Do's and Dont's while dealing with Acne in Kids

Treatment at home can reduce the occurrence of acne in children. There are some precautions and lifestyle changes that can prevent the occurrence of acne.
  • Ask your child to wash his face at least twice daily with a mild face wash.
  • Do not let him squeeze or pinch the pimple because this will only worsen the problem and sometimes lead to infection also.
  • Use gentle skin care products and avoid cold creams and moisturizers that contain oil.
  • Junk food is one of the main causes of acne in today's kids. Reduce intake of fried and fast food.
  • Avoid touching of face often even with his own hands.
  • Switch to healthy eating and pay attention to nutrition in your child's diet.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrate like pasta, white bread and stay away from sugar also as far as possible.
  • Take fermented food.
  • Take more vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Make sure your child stays well-hydrated. Explain the benefits of drinking water.
  • Make sure he exercises daily or at least includes games that require lot of running. Skipping will also help.
  • Keep the towel and hankies clean.

Home remedies for Children's Acne
  • Take few pieces of jaiphal (nutmeg) and mix it with fresh raw milk. Apply this paste on affected areas and stay for 2 hours and then wash your face.
  • Use orange peels to treat acne. Dry the peels and grind them. Mix the powder with few drops of water and apply it on your face. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash with normal water.
  • Take equal quantities of rose water and lime juice and apply it after mixing on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your face.
  • Use Methi (fenugreek) leaves to make a paste. Apply this paste at night and after 15 minutes wash it.
  • Tomato pulp applied and left for 45 minutes and then washed also helps get rid of acne.
  • Make a combination of honey and cinnamon to make the face mask. Apply and leave for 15 minutes and then wash.
  • Shred potato and apply it on your face. This will not only help reduce acne occurrence, but also make skin brighter and work on other skin problems also.
Use olive oil to rejuvenate your child's skin and bring it back to normal once the acne is gone. The dry texture that the treatment brought on his face can be eliminated by applying a mixture of salt and olive oil on your child's face and then rinsing it with warm water. Stay by your child's side, child, help him with the natural treatment process and support him to remain patient.

Does your child suffer from acne or pimples? What are the causes of acne in kids? What home-remedies can help cure and prevent acne in children? Discuss here.

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