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  MY FAIR LADY - by Editor

You can be beautiful even if you are dark, and unattractive even if you are fair. So why lay such a premium on fair skin.

Why is it so important to be fair

We all know women who are beautiful even if they are not light skinned, and we all know fair skinned girls who are unattractive. Still, all of us spend hours trying to lighten our skin and on wishing that we had lighter skin, and thousands of rupees on products that claim to lighten our skin.

More damaging than the time and money spent, is the inbuilt belief that you are in some manner inferior because you are not 'fair'.

Girls with dark complexions grow up wishing that they had lighter skin, and often develop an inferiority complex. Thankfully, for some, this complex vanishes as they grow older and wiser and discover numerous abilities and talents, but sadly, others never seem to be able to let go of the feeling of inadequacy. Not surprisingly though, when you take a look at any matrimonial ad, and the text will in all probability say looking for a convent educated, fair, beautiful girl And considering that our entire culture evolves around marriage, fair women suddenly seem to command a premium.

Any wonder then that a girl with dark skin will want to lighten it

Beauty companies feed off this inbuilt insecurity, and make millions as they sell their fairness creams to women. The ads make it seem so easy if you transform yourself into a fair skinned woman, you will get the job you want, and the man you want. Needless to say, it's not that easy, and no matter what you believe at the moment, the colour of your skin should be the lowest on your list of beautification priorities. Concentrate the time, effort and money that you would on trying to get fair, on something else, and the results would be far more satisfying.

Here are some tips:

It�s a mistaken belief that if you have dark skin, you should not colour your hair light. Nothing is further from the truth. Don't hesitate before adding blonde highlights. They brighten up your complexion, making you look radiant.

Take care of your hair, and ensure it is always well groomed.

If you have frizzy, flyaway hair, style it regularly so it doesn't look messy. 32 year old Hetal doesn't even remember what her hair looks like without blowdrying it, because she is so particular about blowdrying and styling her hair after every wash.

If you don't have the time or patience for blowdrying your hair regularly, get your hair permed. If you are light skinned, you can get away with sporting frizzy hair, but if you are dark, with dark, frizzy hair, colouring it and then blowdrying it straight even if you don't opt for chemical straightening, can make a world of a difference.

White and red suits dark skinned women, so wear these colours often. I know many women whose entire wardrobe consists only of 2-3 colours, because they know what colours suit them, and don't see the need to wear anything else. You could also figure out what colours don't suit you, and stay away from them. There is really no need to possess a top in every colour under the sun. If you have the features, cut your hair short (think Halle Berry). Not everyone can carry off hair this short, but if you can, go for it, as short hair that looks good looks far more effective and attractive than long hair.

Do fairness creams work

They do, to a certain extent. Don't fool yourself into believing that they will make you fair. They will, at the most, lighten your skin slightly, but glowing skin will only come from within. Exercise regularly, and before long your skin will start glowing with health and vitality and a glowing, healthy skin beats light, pale and unhealthy skin any day!

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Feedback on article
Name: friend
City:   New Jersey,USA
Comments:   Its a too good article Its enspiring, encouraging and its wonderful and lot more. I think this article says all that what a black skin or wheatish skin girls/ women normally think of. I feel this article will help to increase the confidence level in u .
Name: Dusky
City:   US
Comments:   I'm a girl with a wheatish complextion, and I've always been proud of my skin color. Never let outer beauty affect your inner self.
Name: Friend
City:   USA
Comments:   Beauty externally is appreciated only when internally u r good, so i dont beleive in complextion.
Name: Sanjana
City:   San Jose, CA
Comments:   How can I lighten my skin I want to be fairer.
Name: Shilpa
City:   Beaumont, Texas
Comments:   This article is wonderful, and its just what women need to understand what really makes beauty.
Name: marilyn
City:   Singapore
Comments:   isn't there any way to have farier skin at all?? my hands and chest are fair. but my legs and stomach and back are very dark. why? isthere any way i can get fairer?? please reply me..
Name: shilpa
City:   beijing
Comments:   Great article!! I have Dusky skin and deep within,i love it.I am considered quite beautiful in India and Abroad. Unfortunately, the attitude of people needs to change. At times i do get to hear Slurs aimed at my complexion. It makes me then wish that i were fairer.Thats when i feel i need to change my own has to do with conditioning. The damned conditioning given by the White man to the rest of the world...that we are coloured and so we are inferior.The irony though is that at the moment we are not talking Racism here.The battle here is with one's own race...Its the same race fighting against its own...The fair Indians against the dusky ones. The cycle continues...The dusky ones wanting to be medium complexioned and the medium complexioned wanting to be fair and the fair wanting to be Whites. In the end, we lose out!!! We continue to be subjugated by the white man. We have not gained any kind of Independence...the slavery continues...
Name: umbrin
City:   Detroit
Comments:   Personally, I think u made a point about skin color. But I can understand the desire to be fair. I do not agree about lightening hair. Why should highlights look nicer than natural lustrous black hair Should u not be happy to have such hair I know of actresses and beauty queens that dye their hair black or choose to keep their hair that way.Why should there be a preference for lighter hair That might be something for you to consider.
Name: nishi
City:   michigan
Comments:   i just don't know why people care so much about being fair. i'm dark and i'm indian.. i've received my own fair share of insults, but hey, it's a cruel world. live with it. and damn anybody who thinks they're superior just cos they're fair. and it's been within our own race, mind you. the indian race. how screwed up is that
Name: miny
City:   bangalore
Comments:   sad and self-defeating as it may sound but girls let's face it , fair girls do have an edge over us dark ones. a fair girl strikes an impression instantly. ok dark girls too are coming to fore these days but we should recall that it is not their dark skin that is getting them attention but other features like good height, pronounced features and flawless skin. but what about those who don't possess any of those and to cap it all are dark frankly as a girl i'm more attracted to a guy with a fair complexion myself.then why should we fool ourselves believing that dark girls are in no way less than attractive than the fair ones. i'm dark myself and look thrice before buying any garment if it shows too much of skin. not because i don't want to wear skimpy clothes but bcoz of the fear that it'd show too much of dark skin and that frankly isn't a pretty sight. and let's face it most of the skin-showing clothes don't look that good on the dark-complexioned. i for one wear those which show least skin like full sleeves, no skirts n polo necks. and i know some people might get totally enraged or even disheartened after reading my comment but girls and guys it's a harsh reality we dark people have to come to terms with. and yes if anyone has some remedy to even turn the skin tone to even a shade lighter please don't hesitate to share it with us. it can make someones or rather a million's day or life for that matter..
Name: Aleena
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hiee well my face color is too dark plzz tell me the real fairness cream that's make me fair b/c i have getting married plzz help me n reply me on my email
Name: sandy
City:   usa
Comments:   i am light brown in complextion. i desperately want to get a shade or more fairer.can u tell me what i should use
Name: Ammar
City:   Lahore
Comments:   i am 18 years old...i have brown or wheten like skin colour..i want to have a fair complexion can u tell me how to get that one
Name: ambreen
City:   multan
Comments:   i m 18 years old and i have very very dark complexion plzz plz tell me some sure way to remove my dark complexion i shall be very great full to u. plz
Name: Anjana
City:   Melbourne, Australia
Comments:   Im dark and i want to have fairer skin
Name: Farah
City:   Istanbul, TURKEY
Comments:   hey im 15 and have a light brown complexion, is there any product that will lighten my complexion, i dont want to "Look White" however i do want to look a little less Tanned. you see I have to put up with a lot of ridicule, My family is TURKISH, and generally TURKS are white, Dont think INDIA is the only country where fair skinned individuals have an edge on tanned ones, i have to put up with the same here in the TURKISH CULTURE seems like its the same every where, i didnt always worry so much about my skin colour, but not its getting a little hard to put up with. pleas help me out
Name: shavina
City:   singapore
Comments:   hey i just dont understand something here guys the editor is sayin skin colour is not important at all but he dosen't understand how it affects people mentally . we have so much of inferiority complex that at times we wouldn't even want to leave our houses. even in singapore indians look down on indians.if one of them is darker than the other they call them blackie indians are real bastards if indians dont respect indians, you think others gonna do that think
Name: divasharni
City:   aus
Comments:   Oh my gosh it seems like a certain degree of you ppl have a complex about your skin colour! i'm half indian half african and have olive skin that i'm happy with i sometimes whish i was more darker because most of the dark skin ppl i know are more beautiful than the fairer skin ones! all i say is black is beautiful & get a reality check!
Name: sana
City:   markham
Comments:   lets get real here. whenever someone is looking for a girl for there son the first question they ask the parents is ."is she fair" if she isn't then they usualy take there buissness elsewhere. If the guy is handsome and smart and fair they will ofcoarse settle for atleast a medium education and beautiful features with fair skin. if he is great in any way the parents will ofcoarse want a great fair girl for the son they love so much. We need fair skin. help
Name: sharon
City:   uk
Comments:   hi, my skin used to be ok but now its getting spotty and i dont know why. My diet isnt bad, i exercise, my hormone levels have been checked but why do i still get the spots I also have white spots on my face how can i get rid of them you mention cucumber, honey and lemon juice but what do i need to do with these and how. My complexion is medium and i am not bothered about being light or dark id just like a clear complexion
Name: fair skin is not as important
City:   hi
Comments:   fair skin can look pretty. but that doesnt mean that you should devote your lifetime trying to be white. if u learn how to feel good and proud of yourself, no one can bring u down no matter how dark u are. it shouldnt matter so much anyway. this article is completely true. there are suggestions such as lightening ur hair which can help look nice. if u like dark hair, then that is fine too. people should stop being so racist and not judge people depending on the color of their skin. its such an irrelevant thing to consider that sometimes it makes me sick. if u prefer being lighter, then get a fairness cream and stick with it. if it helps, great, but if it doesnt, then MOVE ON. its not the end of the world. dark people are equally beautiful than white. we are all human. if u were to put the amount of time and energy that u use for trying to achieve lighter skin into your job, or work then u would be a much more successful person. these little things in life are unnecessary. yes, we all would love to appear pretty, but there are many other ways to achieve good looks. none of u want to turn out like michael jackson, do u i hope i helped :)
Name: lolo
City:   fremont
Comments:   Yes well you people are right...being lighter does make a difference..makes u feel and look better. try this black bleaching soap..u will get 3-4 shades lighter within 1 -2 weeks..u can get that and this skin bleaching powder at loufabeautyproducts..and it's affordable. for brown skins, u will look nice and wheatish,for wheatish complexions u will become fair and lovely. ya u all are right..if u are dark skinned, dont reveal so much skin because it looks unattractive. honestly thats what i feel..not to put anyone down but u get what u get right.
Name: div
City:   Transi
Comments:   Isn't it ironic that while Indian women desperatly smear themselves with fairness creams to become white, Westerners will roast out on the beach all day to achieve our predominantly dusky color.
Name: nycgirl
City:   nyc
Comments:   I am lightskinned, yet feel prosecuted by my family because they are lighter. I used to be selfconscious about that, but now I'm older and I realize I don't want to put emphasis on looks. How would you feel if your friends, signficant other, or whatever judge you only by color What happens if someone beautiful ends up in an accident that scars their face, will their family, friends, or signficant others still love them Please girls, you are all precious and beautiful in your own way. Individuality rules
Name: victoria
City:   colombo
Comments:   i had fair skin when i was 17yrs but now it has become darker and all in my family feel worried about it but after reading u'r article i have told my family i'm nice even with this colour. so girls plz be the way u are, u look more precious and beautiful the way u are now.
Name: dark skined sa
City:   south africa
Comments:   hi, reading some of ur comments has really touched me. i have realised that i should not put so much attention on the colour of my skin because as we all agree its irrelevant, its the type of person that u r that is far more important. for those girls who r concerned abt being dark affecting their marriage prospects, i would like to urll to ask urself if u would really like to be with someone or in a family that judges u on your skin colour, that answer is definitely. so dont feel dissappointed if u r rejected for ur skin colour, its their loss not urs, and neway those people would soon realise, maybe a year into the marriage that it is not the colour of ur skin that makes a successful marriage but rather the personality of the two individuals, how they communication, how they treat each other etc... so i would like to finally say that for all u girls that that still so desperate to lighten ur skin, realise that its not the change in skin colour that is going to give you happiness and success but rather accepting yourself the way GOD has created you. bye
Name: GoodLookingDarkMale
City:   London
Comments:   I am a dark skinned Indian male and have always been paranoid about my colour when attending weddings and functions or family gathering where lots of indians come together. When socialising with my white friends I am completely at ease but around Indians things change and i want this ongoing pain to stop. I have been insulted my family memebers and bullied when I was young, have tried various creams and nothing seems to work. All I want to be is equal to others but dont know how things will change I read the bits about everyones equal etc etc but it doesnt feel like it sometimes as I would love to believe these things but every now and then I get a comment thrown at me about my skin colour and it puts me into depression...
Name: lolo
City:   fremont
Comments:   I changed my mind....liking dark skin or light skin is your own opinion. If you are unhappy with yourself then that needs to be fixed. If you are simply frustrated with the way your skin is and want to be lighter or darker than it's up to you to take your next step. For the people who commonly say.."it's not the skin color that makes you beautiful but your features and inner beauty"...well how would you understand exactly why the person wants to change their skin color I understand that some people just want to do it to feel more beautiful but again that is their opinion of beautiful. We cannot stop them. The only thing we can do is to let them know not to use any harmful things to lighten/darken your complexion. Go on the safe side and you are fine. If you are happy with yourself then everything else shines. That's what really is the main thing. But the important thing to remember about your own opinions is that if you feel someone else is unattractive because of skin color, do not insult them because one day you may realize you have turned unattractive.. (physically and mentally). This is the fact I feel. I advise before you decide to do anything to change your skin colour, be cautious.
Name: I love my skin colour
City:   Auckland
Comments:   wow!! i didnt know people felt this way about their skin colour, why would you care what skin colour you have whats the point in being fair and no having any features what so ever and besides if u have nice features being a darker complexion actually highlights those features as opposed to being fair skinned then the only concentration is based on the colour of your skin and not what you really look like. i know a lot of fair indian women who have hidious features and whereas i know a lot of darker girls who have lovely striking features. Besides how many fair skinned people do you know that have flawless perfect skin yeah no one becuz the lighter you are the more imperfections are seen thru your skin, whereas if u are dark a lot of those imperfections can be hidden its much harder to see a spot or a pimple on a black skin then it is on a fair skin were a black spot will totally stand out and a pimple would look like a red dot. darker skin women look healthier. Iam a tanned skin girl and i love my complexion never in my mind have i ever thought of being fairer i love the skin iam in and if u are not satisfied with the skin you are in u will never be satisfied with your looks becuz your skin colour is something that you will have to live with it for the rest of your life and no matter what you do it will never ever change so if u cant fight it why not enjoy it and enhance your beauty thru your features and not your colour *proud to be dark*
Name: Unknown
City:   Scarboro
Comments:   Does anyone know how to get rid of pimple markS
Name: amanda
City:   los angeles
Comments:   I'm an african american female who over the years have been talked down to called names and made to feel ashamed about my dark skin. Before I used to be okay with my skin color but people don't always except you the way you are some of you guys don't know how hard and painful it is for us.
Name: brownie
City:   London
Comments:   hiya u lot, just like 2 let u know that all those bleaching creams cause cancer of the skin. If I were u , I wud'nt use it. How r u going 2 get on? Hey, listen..r u going 2 forfeit urself just 2 live up 2 the selfish society's expectation Or meddle with wat God gave u There r far more imporatant things, like the inner-self.Lets start with that, afterall thats the thing which will help us gain inner satisfaction. Sure, i've received loads of insults abt my colour. BUT who cares wat sum nationalistic rascist empty-headed geezers think. I'm happy the way God made me, let the light of ur heart lighten up ur way. Enjoy.
Name: uglydarkie
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   this article sucks. i want to be fair.
Name: priyadarshini
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi.i am 20 yr old girl staying in mumbai but syudying in bangalore.i have got a wheatish complexion nd i want to improve it.plz suggest me some home remedies which will work faster on my skin to make it fair.nd the fairness creams contain bleaching agent so is it advisable to use them.i get tanned very fast.sodoctors suggested me to use melascreen lotion.plz help me out.thank u
Name: random
City:   LONDON
Name: carolyn
City:   El Paso Texas
Comments:   Some of the older Hispanic generations have this dark-skin complex, and I think that it can be compared to what Indian women go through. I even remember some women buying face foundation makeup that was too light, and looking ridiculous. In my opinion, I think that keeping healthy (to glow), and keeping neat and nice hairstyle will keep you pretty no matter what color. If a man chooses bride that is only fair-skin, then he was taught this lie growing up. Avoid such men! A good man looks for a caring, responsible, and sensitve women.
Name: clearskin
City:   delhi
Comments:   What's wrong with wanting to be fairer? Others want to tan and it's okay True, we always want what we don't have, but it doesn't mean we have self esteem issues trying to achieve it. If you want some simple creams or tips on how to lighten your skin - not michael jackson way - just get rid of your tan, or lighten a few shades, there's a great forum for it: There are a lot of normal ppl that just want to be a little bit lighter, not a big deal!
Name: yes
City:   hyd
Comments:   i am 18 years old...i have wheatish like skin colour..i want to have a fair complexion can u tell me how to get that oneit helps me alot .give the reply soon plz.
Name: terry
City:   charlotte
Comments:   anyone who wants to be lighter to be white!!!Shame on you!!!
Name: ruks
City:   sia
Comments:   if all woman know about the selfish society, then why do we stilkl want to compete.. because it is in the natural instinct of a human female... and competing deoesnt necessarily mean becoming skinnier or fairer... it is just to look better than one another..preceptions of mind really.. but as for me, i know im fair, but i'd really like to even out my skin colour as im very much dark at my hands due to sun exposure and shoulders too, and strangley my stomach darker.. so what can i do to even my tone and darken areas such as knees and elbows?... what r the kitchen ingredients that lightens skin??
Name: wheatish
City:   madras
Comments:   hai. iam having wheatish complexion but i want to become fair.some of relatives tease me a lot due to this bcoz iam the only girl in my family who is having this complexion please suggest me some remedies through i can become fair permanently please kindly reply to my email address as soon as possible
Name: Rani
City:   Ny
Comments:   any1 that sayz itz not a big deal really doesnt know what u go thru being dark... I agree u shud be happy with what God gave u and that he made u beautiful nomatter what, even if ppl sont think so bcuz of some crack ass reason u r actually saying God made a mistake calling yourself ugly...but it is hard especially if your INdian,..indian guyz usually prefer light skin and all mah frenz are so beautful with light skin..that suckz for me but u kno iz not fair..ppl will say thingz but u shud try not to let it get 2 U at first i alwayz uzes fair n loveli, n u kno what it made me DarKEr!! later i learned i have other thingz that some of my light skinned frenz don't..wen ur light body hair lookz really bad n i kno girlz who ppl say are prettier but they have that mustachez StiCk ouT like anything! like that i kno some big girlz that are just gorgeuous but ppl say the less pretty skinny one iz better..How?..i dont kno but u learn to make fun of yourself..n otherz to..yes u may be dark but u R beautifUL no matter what ppl say..n if ur a chiLL person..ppl will see dat evn if ur darK..or light..yy do we want to be white? original indianz were even darker!!..only till the white pple came and mixed..all this culture waznt made by white wuz frum INdiaNz..n we are all Indianz so Suppport the ppl of your culture..dont Look down on any1 cuz of anything!...~JaiHinD~
Name: PrEM
City:   ShaOliN, Ny
Comments:   Yo...diz grl RaNi iz rite next 2 Me n shezz Dark n HoTT so dun hate on urself cuz u dark cuz u stiLL kinda borred n iuNNo how we got onto this article but ishh trUu .. and im lightskinned but i think Raniz bangin n shez Curvy too..not stick skinny personally i ain feelin that so consider uaself beautifuL.. u kno ima pretti fyne guy so u KNo..loL it takez a gorgeous girl to get mah attention n u dun have 2 be light n skinny to be that...n i relli am not feelin musatches...n sideburnz dat a lot of lite girlz have..LoL..some lite girLz are gorgeous but so are some darK onez like mah girL sorri we madd borreDD..PaYCE..
Name: sam
City:   hyd
Comments:   Hi I have a wheatish complexion, plz plz plz tell me how to get fairer. A shade or 2 fairer would be perfect. Ill be getting engaged soon and have to look better..plz reply asap
Name: H0n33
City:   kar
Comments: 18 year ol girl with a medium fair you really think you treat your skin well..stop blaming your skin you think you have a HEALTHY SKIN....i know girls who are really fair but with a skin filled with red ugly looking pimples. i have been taking care of my skin ( mind it not trying to make it fair) since i was 11 years old ( i was dark and oily at that time) all i did is took good care of my skin using different remedies ( no chemicals please) to moisturize it, nourish it and i love it today and still am trying to improve it.....i never blame my skin. i blame my habits.
Name: Amber
City:   United States
Comments:   This article completely surprised me... I have VERY fair skin and let me tell you, I have been teased many times by my friends and family for being so fair. All the popular girls here go tanning all the time to look darker, but my body doesn't tan so I am stuck this color. I have finally come to except how I look and love myself. I think you people who are naturally tan are lucky because that is the skin tone that all the girls in America are dying to have!!!
Name: Brooklyn's London
City:   Brooklyn , NY
Comments:   It's incredible how many women of color desire white skin! It's sad actually. My mother once said to me that she believed the White man went to all 4 corners of the world and saw so many beautiful faces of color and became enraged because he couldn't look like us. So what he did was told us that we were ugly and said that since I can not look like you, I will make you hate yourselves and wish to look like me! Looks like his plan worked!
City:   Chennai
Name: Hetal
City:   pune
Comments:   Hi, I liked ur article, now i am not consious abt my colour. A have healthy skin that is enough for me. Thanks for advise.
Name: amz
City:   birmingham
Comments:   hi i thin ki still would look better with lighter skin i mean especially boys like it !! my best mate has very fair skin and she is indian so she has nice features and everything all the boys like her and i have noticed if she wasent fair she wouldnt be that pretty and i desperatley would like to have fair skin as i never get any attention !!!!!!!! plz plz plz plz plz plz tell me how to get at least 3 shades lighter !!!!! i wud b reli thankfull :( :) amun xxx

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