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  LOVE HANDLES - by Editor

Whether you are slim or need to lose weight, chances are you have love handles you would do anything to get rid of! Here's help.

One of the most common issues men and women have with their bodies are love handles, the annoying bit of fat that hangs out from the sides of our abdomen, over the waistband of our jeans or skirts. Love handles are common not just in those who are a little overweight, but even in relatively slim people with bodies that are not completely toned. Here's how you can get rid of them:

Side bends

Stand up and spread your legs so they are a little more than shoulder width distance. Bend sideways to the left, reaching for your left calf with your left leg. After you have bent as far to the left as possible, bring your right hand over your head, stretching it to the left. This will give you a further stretch in your sides. It is not necessary to use weights. Remember that you want the fat in this are to disappear without bulking up the muscles. Repeat 15 times on each side. Do 4 sets.

Side crunches

All of us are (or should be!) familiar with stomach crunches. Lie down with feet shoulder-width apart, hands below the head. When you get up, twist to the left bringing your right elbow in front and drawing in the left knee so they meet. Start by repeating this exercise 15 times, and move up to 30-45 repetitions. Do 4 sets.


Sit on a stool holding a long rod. You could use a broomstick. Place the stick on your shoulders behind your neck, supporting it with your arms. Twist from side to side. This exercise also works out your obliques (side stomach muscles), tightening them over a period of time.


Remember that all these exercises work best when supplemented by cardiovascular activity. Brisk walking 5-6 times a week, or jogging 3-4 times a week, for half an hour, should be enough to burn off some fat, get your heart going and pump up circulation.


Make it a point to avoid eating carbohydrates (chapatti, brown bread etc.) at night. You can pile on the carbs during the day, for breakfast and for lunch, but not for dinner. This is because when you have carbs in the morning, your body has enough time to work it off during the day. But when you have it for dinner and go off to sleep, your body will need to convert excess carbs into body fat, so it can store it.

Tricking Mother Nature

If you wear something too tight around the hips, the soft flesh above is bound to stick out from the sides. But if you wear something a little looser, the flesh will just slip into it giving you a flawless line on the sides, thus effectively eliminating the love handles! However, this is easier said than done because if your jeans or trousers are a little loose from the sides to hide love handles, they are likely to be a little loose all over, which may not be what you want. This would be easier with skirts.

Your best bet to looking sexy this summer would be to be regular with your cardio workout and side stretches.

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Feedback on article
Name: neha
City:   b'lore
Comments:   hello,i have a question,u said not to eat chappati,brown bread,but what is best alternative for this to reduce carbs at night.tx
Name: smita
City:   ranchi
Comments:   Have salad, veges.. boiled veges with salad dressing or with a little mayo is excellent. u could also have fruit. my fave is strawberries. they are not too sweet, they have very little calories and are high in fibre and nutrients. or have rice at night.
Name: Jezyak
City:   shoshone
Comments:   This is a really great exrcies! im 16 and i play alot of sports but im not looseing my l/h! i have problems with my love handles, and this is just great. i no longer have this problem! thank your very much!
Name: manisha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hey...great tips...but what do we eat at night
Name: Swati
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   nice article can you please tell how to reduce chuby cheeks,my cheeks are becoming more n more wide day by day .i am gaining wait too
Name: Kim
City:   Usa
Comments:   Thank you for the advice i needed so bad.I was bending to sides for a while but when i stop i notice that the fat was appearing and coming fast! Oh no after doing the exercise i can see the difference.
Name: carliy
City:   usa
Comments:   thanks for the tips i am pretty sure they will come in handy i just want to get the body shape and size i want and i think this will really help!! thanks again
Name: Rea
City:   Johanesburg - South Africa
Comments:   I really need help with love handles, and found your site!Thank you - i will try these excercises! Any suggestions for a wuick fix as I have to go to an award ceremony and want to look great in a more tigh fitting top any ideas or tips
Name: Delore
City:   Usa
Comments:   i have really big cheeks. is there a way to get rid of the fat without surgery
Name: Brittany
City:   Chantagoga
Comments:   Thanks for the tips. I am a thin, 15 year old girl who is active in many sports but I have love handles that I just didnt know how to get rid of. Hopefully this works. How long does it take to work
Name: vanessa
City:   london
Comments:   thanx so much it has really helped on my love handles a great deal and they have completely gone now. i can't thank you enough because i thought their wasn't anything that could get rid of them!!! thanx again
Name: Jojo
City:   seattle
Comments:   i have fat cheeks. is there a way to get rid of that without any operations
Name: Mitshell
City:   Kuwait
Comments:   i have started the side bends and twists since 3 - 4 days after reading this article and have been walking regularly on my treadmill for the last six months. i hope it s going to help me tone up my love handle. i wonder how long it ll take and also i d like to know if these exercises will help tone up the area slightly above the curve of the waist. i have slight flab there which kind of hangs and make me feel uncomfortable. the kind that u can se hanging from the end of the sari blouse at the back of old ladies. can this be reduced by side bends. Please reply.
Name: Danielle
City:   Oshawa
Comments:   Thank you so much for your exercising tips! I am definetley excited to start working on these love handles!!! Thanks so much, wish me luck! I'll keep everyone updated!
Name: Zita
City:   Abu Dhabi
Comments:   Please advise the alternate food to chappaties at night. Is rice consumption at night as bad as chappaties
Name: karim
City:   doha
Comments:   that is yor wish I am waiting
Name: samera
Comments:   hi there, anyone want to lose fat in there body and shape up then take 1tbp of pure honey add into warm water and take that 1st thing in the morning. You will notice within 15 days. I have tried it it works!! and i can feel that my bodyshape is coming back as it use to be. Good Luck!
Name: arvind
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi anyone who wants to reduce the double this exercise.....Form an exaggerated "O" with your mouth by pushing your lips out as far as possible. Now smile is brightly as you can. Hold for 1 sec, then form the "O" shape again. Hold for 1 second. Repeat 10 times.
Name: Vinita Saini
City:   SouthCarolina
Comments:   I m recently married & just after marriage in about 2 months, my thighs & waist line has increased,i consulted the doctor & examined that i m under eathen & underwait but still my bosy is streaching & fats seems to get deposited on thighs & waist area.. please help to get over the same.
Name: sandhya
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   I am 24yrs married recently,what i observed is my hips and thigs are more compared to my rest of the body.I tried lot of exercise to reduce it but it was vain.I reduced to take oily foods and sweets etc. Plz help me to be fit body with proper shape. Plz send your suggestion to my mail Id.
Name: Manju
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I need to reduce atleast 25kg with shape i can only do dieting tht too not too much as i'm working in call centre.Pls i need shaping i've put on weight in belly & thigh so much so pls suggest some tips which will work out immediately
Name: Michelle
City:   Staten Island
Comments:   I tried doing the side bends, and my rib area started to hurt.. is that normal and also, can someone please explain how to do the side crunches to me because i tried them, but i´m not sure if i´m doing them right. thanks, i´d really appreciate it if someone answered.
Name: Tristania
City:   Chicago
Comments:   Well I have read a few things about the love handles problem and everybody says that if you do exersizes that target this area of the body they will only develop the muscles there, so the love handles will look larger. The only thing to do is to do cardio, because there is no way that you can loose fat only at one part of the just have to loose fat. So cardio and good diet will be the only way to get rid of love handles.
Name: Megha
City:   Chicago
Comments:   These tips might just be the weigh to eliminate my love handles. I am pretty skinny but I have friends who would love this.. Thankx!!
Name: sarah
City:   corona
Comments:   if I do the first two things you listed above Side bends and side crunches about 200 timmes a day how long untile I see results you think?
Name: Nicole
City:   us
Comments:   great article!! im so active in sports....vball cheerleading and softball... but i STILL have love handles long does this take?!?! please reply!
Name: Tabz
City:   manchester, uk
Comments:   hi. a lot of people have asked how long it will take to loose those stubborn love handles. the honest answer to this is that it will take as long as it does to get your diet spot on. that doesnt mean atkins by the way. you need to stabalise your diet to one that consists of low fats and high complex carbs.( these are commonly found in brown starchy food. brown flour, rice etc.) a good way to make sure your not takin in bad fats it to simply see if it is a solid or liquid at room temperature. the liquids are good and solids are bad.and stick with butter instead of margerine. sarah is doing 200 crunches a night and still not loosing the fat. my advice to you is that try doing crunches with resistance. this could be as simple as doing your crunches holding a weight to your chest. the reason for this is that your body is burning the muscle as you do a lot of repetitions.(an example it how 100metre runners are bulkier than marathon runners who are skinny.) so putting a little muscle on will make sure ur burning calories even when you sleep. and dont worry, you wond end up looking like a body builder!its pretty hard for women to put a lot of muscle on. they dont have high enough testosterone levels to make them muscly as men. thats why body building women take testosterone. makes sense doesnt it! iv wrote a lot i know. if you have read through it i hope you found it usefull. dont hesitate to ask any other questions about exercises or any goals you wish to like to help.
Name: tabz
City:   manchester, uk
Comments:   by the way, if your doing sid ebends with resistance dont make the mistake of using a weight thats too heavy for makes your love handles larger.a weight that you can lift around 21 times is three sets of 7 side bends and remember that you use more of the core muscles when you exhale. so at the end of each repetition and really bring your knees to your chest and exhale as far as you can. and i mean as far as you can and hold for a second.and inhale when relaxing. youll find that you can do fewer repetitions this way at first. this is because you will be using the weaker parts of your core muscles that havnt been trained before. good luck!
Name: M
City:   Ottawa
Comments:   Please advise the alternate food to chappaties at night. Is rice consumption at night as bad as chappaties?
Name: Sand.S
City:   H,tx
Comments:   Hi well i need HELP PLEASE! im 22 yrs old about 5´2. i used to be fit, but after my child was born almost 3 yrs ago i still cant LOSE the weight. i have tried exercising, walking and cutting down on what i eat. BUT it is hard for ME. i only eat 2 times a day around 6pm and like between 2am and 6am. my husbands works graveyard and he brings home something to eat when he gets out. i know im NOT suppose to eat at that time and i didnt before i got pregnant. But i feel that i will starve if i dont eat! what CAN i do!! plz. help me. i had mantained the weight i stayed with after birth for the past 2 12 yrs, but recently ive been GAINING EVEN MORE WIEGHT... I gain weight from my face, actually EVERYWHERE AND IM TIRED OF THIS.. I DONT GO OUT MUCH ANYMORE BECAUSE I FEEL TO FAT! ALSO, WHEN I HAD MY SON, I DIDNT BREASTFEED AND MY BREASTS STAYED LARGE!! I WENT FROM A 34C TO A 38DDD!!! I THOUGHT THEY´D GO DOWN, BUT THEY DIDNT AND I FEEL AS THEY ARE GETTING BIGGER.. I REALLY HATE THEM. IM THE ONLY ONE IN MY FAMILY WITH LARGE BREASTS. WHY? EVEN BEFORE PREGNANCY THEY WERE BIGGER THAN ANYONE ELSES IN MY FAMILY. PLEASE HELP ME I NEED SOMEONES HELP, ADVICE ANYTHING U CAN GIVE ME. 3YRS OF THIS IS ENOUGH FOR ME! I NEED TO START LIVING AGAIN!! THANK YOU!!!
Name: Sand.S
City:   H,tx
Comments:   sorry, i meant 2 12 yrs almost 3!
Name: S
City:   A
Comments:   I am only young but I have bad belly flab. I hope this works, can you tell me when it should begin to kick in? I am going on holiday in 10 days time, will it have atleast a tiny bit of affect before then?
Name: me
City:   uk
Comments:   how do i get rid of tummy flab i have hanging around with my love handles??? needed so badly for the summer!!!
Name: madhu
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i want to reduce atleast 5 kgs and tone my bosy a bit i the waist.i exercise regualrly and will follow ur tips as well ,but suggets me a good diet that i can follow and loose weight
Name: lavanya
City:   chennai
Comments:   i want to reduce my fat in hands and legs please suggest me an excercise
Name: harsha
City:   panaji
Comments:   hi, im 20yrs old my height is 5´4 my weight is 61kg i want to loose my weight im too much fatter in waist line plz suggest me
Name: Rekha
City:   Amsterdam
Comments:   what is the best dinner?
Name: jacob
City:   bangalore
Comments:   I have fat cheek,I need to get rid of this, kindly help me in lose fat on my cheek.
Name: anu
City:   tampa
Comments:   Hi all, *First thing in the morning,to start with 34 drops of honey in warm water with lil bit of lime juice. * Drink lots of water before break fast. *Just have very light break fast between 810AM *Keep drinking water frequently till next meal *The metabolism of the body is its peak between 12PM 2PM so have food like brown rice and whole wheat chapahtis but split it some at 12PM and some at 2PM. *5pm very light snack *By 7:30 you shoudl be done with your dinner but keep it light. * if you are awke till late night and feel hingry do have have naythign solid. have fat free milk. * Most important, The more water you drink the less water retention happens.So u get to loose water weight first and then the fat deposits under you skin.
Name: linzi
City:   leeds
Comments:   hey i heard that using a hoola hoop does wonders on your luv handles
Name: caramel
City:   bk
Comments:   hey i wanna know how i can get rid of belly fat with out losing weight on my hips and butt
Name: vacation
City:   London
Comments:   Hi! I´m John Strass and i like your site! Thank you!
Name: diya
City:   indonesia
Name: Samuel
City:   Xe3zTZ
Comments:   Az61jH Hello! I´m Samuel Smith, i´m from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!
Name: 25010
City:   v0o5SIP
Comments:   comment3,
Name: 11910
City:   VIbOIy
Comments:   comment1,
Name: 41602
City:   asCatE
Comments:   comment2,
Name: порно галерея 10729
City:   oOrPaeN
Comments:   comment4,
Name: порно галерея 10729
City:   QRoSz8
Comments:   comment4,

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