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  HAIR COLOUR - by Editor
Coloured hair lightens and brightens the face, and makes you look better. Before you decide on whether or not you should colour your hair, ask yourself these questions: Do you have split ends Is your hair damaged Has your hair been recently chemically processed (permed or straightened) If your answer no to all three questions, your hair should stand up to colouring without any problem.

Highlights or all-over colouring

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to highlight strands, or if you want to colour your entire hair. Both look good, and what works for you is a matter of personal choice. Here is a quick comparison:

Highlights tend to look good on straight hair, but if your hair is curly, you could opt for colouring your entire hair.

Highlighted hair is, of course, easier on the hair, as only selected strands of hair are coloured and not the entire hair, but once again, if you take care of your hair after colouring, there will not be any damage.

You could colour your hair at home instead of spending big bucks at a beauty saloon, by simply purchasing a packet of hair colour. Various brands of reputed companies are available in the market. However, you will not be able to give your hair fine highlights without professional help.

I have lovely hair. Will colouring ruin my hair

As long as you look after your hair well after colouring it, the quality of your hair will not go bad. Your hair may dry out a little, but regular oiling would keep the dryness under control. It is a myth that colouring ruins your hair. However, if you neglect your hair after colouring it, if you blowdry it too often and don't bother oiling or conditioning your hair, you will definitely cause it harm. Using colour that is too harsh, or leaving the colour on for too long, may also damage your hair. In any case, your natural hair that grows out will be just as healthy as it always was, and the only portion that will get damaged is the coloured part, so don't believe that your hair will get ruined for life after colouring it! In fact, if your hair is too oily, get it coloured to balance it out.

Should I colour my hair if I have split ends

If your hair is damaged, colouring it will only damage it further. Wait until your hair recovers before subjecting it to any form of chemical treatment.

Why should I do a strand test

If you are colouring your hair by yourself, make sure you do a strand test. Many women apply colour to their hair and wash it off only to find that their hair has not caught any colour at all. So colour a very small portion of your hair first, to see how long you need to leave the colour on. If you have curly hair, leave the colour on for less time than that specified, as curly hair is porous, and catches colour easily. If your hair is straight and healthy, it may take a while longer to colour your hair, so leave it on accordingly. After taking the strand test, you will get a general idea as to whether you need to leave the colour on for more or less time.

After-Colour Care

Oil your hair at least once a week. Apply a generous amount of warm oil to your scalp, and massage well, so the oil spreads right to the ends of your hair. After applying oil, whip up the yoke of an egg and apply it to your hair, for extra conditioning. If you like, you could add curd to this mixture too. All of these natural products are excellent for the hair, and provides it with all the nourishment it needs.

Leave the oil, egg and curd on for at least 45 minutes, and then shampoo your hair. Use a gentle shampoo, preferable one especially formulated for coloured hair.

Apply conditioner after shampooing your hair, to prevent your hair from drying. You could also consider a leave-in conditioner, which is preferable for chemically processed hair.

Natural alternative to conditioner:
Another tip for conditioning hair that works well for me is to simply apply curd to the hair after shampooing, leave on for five minutes, and rinse off. Do not apply shampoo again; simply rinse off the curd with water. This conditions your hair rather well, and keeps frizzy hair in check. However, I do follow up with conditioner, for increased protection.

Natural alternative to leave-in conditioner:
Apply 2-3 drops of oil, more for longer hair, to your palms. Rub them together, and apply to your hair.

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Feedback on article
Name: Radha
City:   Boston
Comments:   hi mom-to-be. no it is not recommended to colour your hair during pregnancy.
Name: yousra
City:   beaubassin
Comments:   what about natural colouring , like henna i want a red colour .pls give me the recipe thx
Name: Shilpa
City:   Detroit
Comments:   Hi, I colored my hair recently and i am experiencing sever hair loss. How can i repair this damage
Name: nisha
City:   Hongkong
Comments:   Hi, I have long curly and dry hair.I hear that applying egg yoke is really good for dry hair. Am to wash it off with shampoo after applying egg yoke Thanx.
Name: Amanda
City:   Toronto
Comments:   My hair has been dyed many times through out the years. Dark brown is my original colour and Blonde is the colour i have been dying it all the time, now i'm sick of blonde and i want to get rid of it and change to a different colour but dye it one colour and have certain type of streaks. I don't know what to do What colour should i dye it I want it to be fashionable for the season also!
Name: sri
City:   Florida
Comments:   I just want to know if I could use the Henna powder that has an expiration date of OCT.2003. please suggest.
Name: abi
City:   trivandrum,kerala
Comments:   i have long black hair of moderate thickness. i want to have curls at the ends. also i want to have a reddish brown colour for my hair in the natural way. please tell me what to do.
Name: Sandy
City:   Thornloe
Comments:   I have dark brown hair and i have had it dyed several times but i can,t get the right that i want.I go lighter and i was told if i don,t want red in my hair to go to an colour with ash in it.But i still get that orangie red colour what can i doI would like a nice light colour not to blond but in the light brown with highlights no red or orange colour.What can i do to get rid of those bad colours.
Name: gayatri
City:   edison
Comments:   Hi! I used to have straight and silky hair after I start colored my hair its getting dry and little rough.I always blow dry my hair after shampoo. Pls advice me what I need to do To keep my hair straight and silky.
Name: nidhi
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am mom of a 8 month old baby. i had great deal of hairfall. it has reduced now can i highlight my hair
Name: Nicola
City:   London
Comments:   Hi, I have shoulder length hair that I died red a couple of months ago. I now have roots since the colour was permenent, and i have not dyed it again. The colour in my hair now is quite dark, i was wondering, could i use another, lighter dye over the top of the one i already have it would be semi permemant to avoid the roots problem. or else could i use the same colour dye as before, only semi perm, on my roots pleas help!
Name: sarita mittal
City:   Glenn Dale
Comments:   i color my hair every month, but after color my hair, it stay only two or three weeks then i see gray hair again. i am tired of coloring my hair, and also my hair is falling.Please help
Name: Rachele
City:   Missouri
Comments:   Hello, I have been dying my hair lightest blonde since forever and now the beautician tried to darken it a little, it turned a grayish tint! Help do I have to be a bleach blonde forever or is there another shade I can try where it wont turn gray
Name: Alex
City:   Auckland
Comments:   Hi, Great website. I am only 30 and have been going grey over the past two years. I just had a baby and the grey has taken off, nearly 50%. I have been dying the roots but my hair grows so fast I need to touchup every two weeks, what can I do
Name: Thailand
City:   Bangkok
Comments:   Does anybody know where I can buy Melancor in Thailand
Name: Akankshaa
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   hi, please tell me why it happend i have tried for highlighting my hair but there was no color after the wash, i kept it for almost 1&1/2 hr. my hairs are very straight & healthy not too long. please give me the of any loreal beauty parlor near andheri.
Name: sarah
City:   fairgrove
Comments:   i hate the fact that bondles want to be brunettes. i just hate it so much . i think its so stupid. why dont they just stick to there natural color i mean really if u think about it that is the color that looks best on you anyway. well thats just my opion. but just think about it really dont u agree.
Name: brooke wilson
City:   gtyfhe
Name:  cant tellu
City:   gdfthryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Comments:   my hair is blond and curly do u no any colors i shold consiter thanks tooals
Name: [no name]
City:   melbourne
Comments:   I just coloured my hair and i am very happy with the results, but how long should i wait b4 washing it I'm afraid if i wash it too soon it will fade. Thx!!
Name: BS
City:   Australia
Comments:   Hi I am planning on an export business(exporting beauty/hair products of Australia).Let me know the products you are looking for.
Name: ooshmi
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   I have lots of grey hair, Pls anybody tell me any ways of reducing it.
Name: Me
City:   Sydney
Comments:   I have tinted black hair, and every month or so, colour in my roots with a semi permanent. I want to go a shade or 2 lighter now (dark brown), so will be doing my roots in a rich dark brown. I want to put a few highlights through now though, using bleach, so it can have dark brown/dark brown reddish even, bits through it, so when I start doing my roots the dark brown, it will blend easier. Will the highlighting damage my hair while pregnant. I am 30 weeks pregnant, and have only done my roots with a semi twice in my entire pregnany, and plan to do touch up my roots after baby comes. But as I will be breastfeeding, I have heard this really dries out your hair, so want to highlight before my hair goes dry/thinner with the breastfeeding. Will highlights be ok to do now
Name: Sarah
City:   Manhattan
Comments:   I recently coloured my hair, adding various highlights by bleaching portions of my hair. Naturally, I have very dark brown hair so I had to bleach my hair for a very long period of time, then I coloured my entire hair with Loreal hair colour for dark hair, after which I bleached smaller portions to get a different shade of brown. How can I treat my hair in order to prevent breaking and dryness And how often must I conduct this treatment Can it be done at home
Name: vicki steffen
City:   bellevue
Comments:   i am going to use your new highlighting kit with color. How do i highlight . do i do it just on top of a strand or all the way through sHOULD I GET MY HAIR CUT FIRST OR AFTER COLORING Thanks for your help. vicki steffen
Name: Laci
City:   new york
Comments:   i have frizy,dry,weightless hair and i bleached it back in march and i dont want to keep up with bleaching the roots, i want to dye it a light brown and get golden highlights...but i'm not sure if the semi-permenent color will cover where i bleached it as in there will be a differnce in color from the roots to the middle section...also what is curd and where do i get it and also this oil you guys keep talking about
Name: whitney
City:   oklahoma
Comments:   i just dyed my hair 2 or 3 weeks ago(storebought color) and i want to redye it and iim afraid it might be to soon to redye sis says if i dye it to soon afterwards it might fall this true
Name: Judy Ng
City:   Auckland
Comments:   I am a Chinese and am alergy to all commercial hair dye. My scalp will itch very badly and I will end up with sores on my scalp, due to scratchings whenever I dye my hair.I have been looking for natural hair dye but failed. Even with Black Henna, I get the same result as other commercial dye. What should I do Does it mean that there is no chance that I can have black hair again
Name: Samantha
City:   london
Comments:   i had my hair died and i dont like i want it died as soon as possible again but how long do i have to wait
Name: Samantha
City:   london
Comments:   i had my hair died and i dont like i want it died as soon as possible again but how long do i have to wait
Name: Jessica
City:   New York
Comments:   I found my way here researching whether henna dries the hair because I don't want to use a commercial product with so many toxic ingredients. I'd be grateful for comment from anyone with long-term experience using henna as a hair dye. Jessica
Name: Chloe
City:   Australia
Comments:   i have naturally blonde hair and i dyed it black about 10 months ago and now im thinking of bleaching it back to blonde...will this cause my hair to break...or damage it in any way Plz help im in desperate
Name: charm
City:   philadelphia.
Comments:   i just colored my hair 1 week ago woth chi by farouk my roots took the color but my ends did not how long will i have to wait to reapply the color to my ends.
Name: holly
City:   cleveland
Comments:   ohmygod, my hair is wayyy to dark for my skin tone. i have dark red/brownish hair and it would look good on anyone else but not me. plus my dumbass aunt dyed my eyebrows with the kit (they used to be very light thats why she did them) and now they are like red!!!! what can I do to fade the color and what should i do to my eyebrows is there something I can buy to lighten them without turning them orange or pink since now they are reddish color H*e*l*p!!!
Name: Jennifer Pierce
City:   Tampa
Comments:   i dyed my hair black awhile ago and now i want to bleach it bc i am into the rockish look but i do i dye it with home bleach
Name: Nicole
City:   Otsego
Comments:   I have long blonde hair and i want to dye the underneathe of my hair but i dont know what color or what type of colouring brand to use
Name: Kristin
City:   Ohio
Comments:   I just recently got my hair highlighted and it looks horrible (the stylist messed up my hair) and I want to dye my hair back to my natural color, how long do I have to wait
Name: Patricia Dorner
City:   luxemburg wi
Comments:   i colored my hair with a 26 washs and it is out, just to cover the gray and know it is way to dark of a brown for me, and colored it about 6 days ago what can i do to lighten it or can i put a lighter color rinse in it again real soon, i cant stand the dark color in my hair it doesnt look right at all. thank you for your help .
Name: Kim
City:   Dublin
Comments:   I have been getting lightlights for years and i would like to go all over blonde now, would i ruin my hair as i have already noticed a difference in the texture since dying it
Name: Crystal
City:   Show Low
Comments:   i have been dyeing my hair once a month for six mothns now and i really hate the black and want to bleach it do you think it would fall out and i have been loosing some hair already how much hair is it narul for one person to loose a day any way
Name: Sonia
City:   Lahore-Pakistan
Comments:   i would like to know about good Hiar dyes to be used at home....anything that wont damge hair texture & also cover gray hair problem
Name: Jennifer
City:   parkton
Comments:   I dyed my hair but i dont like the results. How long should i wait before I dye my hair again
City:   lucknow
Comments:   Dear Sir, My name is mamta age 24 year working in MLC company.Today i have seen ur this artical & im very impressed.I want ur some suggestion for my hair.My hair is long & My mostely hair is white & im using mehndi but its remove very shortly.Some time i feel very dipress.I want to chanege my hair stile but for my white hair im unable for this. I want your ur suggestion. Wating for your reply. Mamta
Name: jamie
City:   Eunice LA.
Comments:   iam naturaly a level 5 or 6 and i color my hair with a level 4 for about 3 years now i would like to go to a level 7 or 8 like a honey color but i dont know how to do that if color doesnot lift color any suggestions on how to do so
Name: april
City:   tracy california
Comments:   okay i have majore issues with my hair, i let my friend die my hair realy funky a year ago. main color dark blonde with highlights of light blonde. black streaks, and black underneath.then i got pregnant ang couldnt keep up with roots were like 8 inches long a medium brown i am just trying to get it blonde again,i have died it twice already, and now i have all this orange and yellow and redish streacks everywear.what color should i die it to get all the orange red color out. i dont know if i should keep going blonder, or go brown please help April
Name: missy
City:   leeds
Comments:   well people, i have dyed my hair so many different colours you wouldnt believe! i actually had brown hair week ago n then on saturday i dyed it blonde and it went very ginger so i dyed it 6 times in one night to get it back blonde! i am surprised that my hair hasnt fallen out.My advice to any of you is only go about 3 shades darker or lighter than your hair colour, then that way if you want to go back to your original colour you can very easily.x
Name: deborah
City:   england
Comments:   i have dyed my hair red i want a brighter colour how long should i leave it before i can dye my hair again!
Name: PAM
City:   TAMPA
Name: Niv
City:   Australia
Comments:   Hi! my hair is naturally black but in the past couple of weeks i've noticed that my hair is turning into brown. is there any way of stopping it and blacken it back again in a safe way. if so please contact me.
Name: Rajendri Sharma
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi, I am Raji some 2/3 years back I had a very thick hair which I cut down due to problem in maintian them, now the length of hair is below shoulder, for last 6-7 months I had coloured it in golden brown, for one week it was looking great, but later on the hair starts greying from root itself I find very awkward due to same,Later on parlour lady had given a root touchup but it was only for 3/4 days because again the grey hair starts peeping out, Is their any remedy for the grey rooted hair how will I cure it. Please help me since my marriage is fixed on February and I want to get rid of this problem Please hep me Thanks Bye

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