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Are you breastfeeding your babyNULL Chances are, once you wean your baby, your breasts will sag. Although there is little you can do to prevent sagging, here is what you can do to minimize it.

At some time or another, breasts will sag. Needless to say, you would want them to sag at as late a stage as possible.

Breasts often sag after breastfeeding or even if you have not breastfed your child and your breasts had gotten engorged, after constant fluctuations in weight, or sometime around menopause.

Most commonly, breasts start sagging after you have weaned your child from breastfeeding.

Breasts are composed of fat and tissues. There are no muscles or ligaments in breasts, which is why they are prone to sagging. During breastfeeding, your baby keeps sucking out the milk and pulling your breasts downward. This causes the tissue in your breasts to stretch. In addition, breasts are filled with milk, and the skin around your breasts has stretched. When the breast empties, the skin may not shrink to accommodate a lesser volume. As a result, skin tends to hang on the breasts, making them sag.

More often than not, your breasts will sag after breastfeeding. However, whether or not your breasts will sag after breastfeeding largely depends on your skin and its elasticity. More elastic skin will be able to recover from constant pulling and stretching, and after weaning, such breasts may not sag.


Moisturise your breasts regularly, twice a day, when breastfeeding. This keeps the skin nourished.


Massage your breasts for at least ten minutes everyday, to keep skin supple and boost circulation in the breasts.


Exercise regularly. Exercise forces some movement of the breasts, and this helps strengthen them and boost circulation. You could do exercises that target the chest muscles to give the impression of firmer breasts. No exercise targets your breasts, and exercise by themselves cannot firm saggy breasts.

Feeding style

If you tend to rest your baby on your lap and bend down while breastfeeding, your breasts are certain to sag. The way you breastfeed can help reduce sagging. Place your elbow on a high cushion so you can cradle your baby higher in your arms. Position your baby so he sucks outwards and not downwards. Place your entire other hand under your breast, and offer it to your baby. Keep holding and supporting your breast well while breastfeeding. This will not prevent sagging, but will reduce its effect.


Make sure you wear a bra that gives you proper support during your pregnancy and when breastfeeding. In general, not wearing a bra forces your breasts to rely on self-support, and this strengthens them. However, this could also work against you, as bras give the breast support and help delay gravity�s effect, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, when the added weight pushes your breasts further downwards. So going about braless all the time could also make breasts sag. Your best bet would be to wear a bra most of the time, and to go braless every once in a while, expect when pregnant or nursing.

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Feedback on article
City:   punjab
Comments:   is there any gel or cream which tighten or reduce breast without side effects. i´ll take steroids plz help me
Name: shajitha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   i hav small breast i want to improve my size of breast to larger in size give me some tips plz.. i became darker in complexion now give some tips to improve my complexion and get rid of pimples
Name: kavitha
City:   delhi
Comments:   my breast are very small
Name: sruthi
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i have really small breasts.i am very ashamed of them.please help me to improve their there any exercises to improve them..pls help me..
Name: S Kumari
City:   allahabad
Comments:   I gave birth to a child one year back. For the past three i have stopped breast feeding. My breast had baddly sagged. How can i bring it straightstiffer. Kindly advice
Name: tinkle
City:   us
Comments:   This site is very useful.I have ver big and saggy breast.I feel very bad about it.Can anyone suggest me some suggestion to firm the breast
Name: uma
City:   bangalore
Comments:   Hi, I have large breast & it is sagging, is there anyway to make it hard & firm.. If so can you suggest some exercise or other methods
Name: Poonam
City:   Delhi
Comments:   i really big breast & i realy wana reduce it but without any surgery is there any pills with can reduce my breast without any side effect and any excerise for thightning the breast plz rly
Name: sadia
City:   houston,tx
Comments:   hi, i have very big breast and it is saggy.plz tell me how i can make it tighten and little small.
Name: rina
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I do have big breast before my marriage itself.I hope there is no method for reducing breast size.
Name: sheetal
City:   thane
Comments:   i have really small breast i am very ashamed of them,after 6 months i will get married,i want to improve my breast size,pls give me some tips,as soon as possible pls.
Name: jassi
City:   chd
Comments:   i have really big breast.plz suggest some home tips and some exercises to tighten my breast
Name: renu
City:   goa
Comments:   i want my breast to be larger because actually it is too small.
Name: sheeba chandra
City:   kollam
Comments:   my breast size z 36 n it is sagging. after 3 months my marriage z fixed. i need 2 make it tighten n round. plz suggest some advice.
Name: sweetoo
City:   khi
Comments:   i have really small breast i am very ashamed of them,after 6 months i will get married,i want to improve my breast size,pls give me some tips,as soon as possible pls
Name: stainless
City:   kingsbury
Comments:   I have finished breastfeeding my two sons and my breast is sagging please i want to know if there is any pills that can firm my breast and bring it back atleast a bit up. please am despriately in need cos i have lot my confidete i don´t go out any cos when i dress up is as if my breast is showing that its sagging please i need a reply. Thanks.
Name: swagatika panda
City:   bhubaneswar
Comments:   i have really small breast i am very ashamed of them,after 6 months i will get married,i want to improve my breast size,pls give me some tips,as soon as possible pls
Name: sri
City:   dubai
Comments:   have really small breast i am very ashamed of them,after 8 months i will get married,i want to improve my breast size,pls give me some tips,as soon as possible plsase.
Name: sania
City:   paris
Comments:   hi m 19 n i have really v small breast i want to increse my breast size cz i feel v uncomfortable in my friendz ...plz give me some tips ...
Name: deepa
City:   kanpur
Comments:   my breast size is too large...i realy wanna reduce looks very ugly..plz help me and tell some exercises and pills to reduce wil b so greatful...
Name: shweta
City:   lucknow
Comments:   i m not married but going to married in next 3 months..i m so worried about my breast,,actualy my breast size is very large according to my overall it looks very ugly,i realy wanna reduce my breast size..plz help me...u wil b so greatful..
Name: abi
City:   madurai
Comments:   i have big bust so it is not firm pls suggest ideas to reduce and firm it
Name: chandrika
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my breast was sagging my nipples are not tight. what should i do?
Name: Marina
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   My bust is big and its not in shape as I have gained some weight now so plz can you suugest me some pills or gel that i can apply?
Name: NM
City:   fl
Comments:   i´m young and i have breast of a 40 year there any cream that i could use without any side effect
Name: jnmpxyi ekyrv
City:   nuovzrmt
Comments:   ufnkdoipe wjeznovu dciyp dpuoi vchfji drxgsywkb hrnml prmxe cinkseayr
Name: meena
City:   chennai
Comments:   my bust is big and its not in shape as i have gained some weight now so plz can u suggest me some pills or gel that i can apply
City:   westville
Name: PM
City:   bangalore
Comments:   i´m going to get married within 2mnths and i´ve realy big breasts & i realy wana reduce it but without any there any pills or effective gel which can reduce my breasts without any side effects and any excerise for thightning the breast and yes without spending much too.plz reply
Name: MP
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I am 27yrs and i have really big breast and it not in shape as well. is there any exercise to reduce it fast? can u suggest me any pills or effective gel which can reduce my breasts without any side effects and any excerise for thightning the breast.
Name: fozia
City:   toronto
Comments:   i fed my 2 babes for 4 yrs now the breast r saggy and turned smaller. suggest
Name: sejuty
City:   ottawa
Comments:   help me plz, hi i m 27 yrs old a married women have really small breast and very bad shape, i am very ashamed of them,4 months ago i got married,i wanna to improve my breast size,pls give me some tips.without any surgery is there any pills with can bigger my breast without any side effect and any excerise for thightning the breast size and shape ,pls give me some tips,as soon as possible
Name: MANI
City:   trivandrum
Comments:   iam 23yr old women my breast is saging down how can i overcome it with out reducing its size plz give me valuble information
Name: Rheya
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I used to have small breasts. Than when i got married my husband and i started making out and he started ****ing on my breasts. That made my breasts bigger within 2 mnths. I was surprised. Advice to those with small breasts out there. You can also try using a pushup bra.
Name: ritu
Comments:   i want to be a big breast actually it is so small and i am just 21 yrs old can u help me or suggest me for improving my breast becoz i get the admission in air hosstess traning and i want to get perfect figure plz help me i iam very thankful to u.
Name: swatha
City:   madras
Comments:   i have small breast. after giving birth 2 my child. and feeding milk 2 him it becomes so sagging.please give solution sa early as possible. my husband left me. so i am getting 2nd marriage on next month.please suggest. and i want 2 be big breast and must be tight.not sagging. please in this week only please give me reply.
Name: aku
City:   usa
Comments:   Hello, I got married an year ago. I am in plan for a baby, but my breasts are big ans saggy now itself. I know it will become more bigger than now after the baby born. Can some one help me how to reduce the size and tighten it either with exercise
Name: maria
City:   lenoir
Comments:   my breast are small how can i get them to be big
Name: giegie
City:   New Dehli
Comments:   i need some suggestion or exercise for my breast bc it is getting sagged and larger kindly give me some tips. pls
Name: tsnalini
City:   secunderabad
Comments:   hello, my breast is too big and it has sagged up and i am embarrased to go out. i am also uable to get a good bra that fits my breast size. plz suggest me some pills or any other alternate solution, in order to reduce my breast
Name: Amy
City:   Blore
Comments:   I gave birth to a child 2years back. My breast had baddly sagged & its very small now. How can i bring it straightstiffer. Kindly advice
Name: asha
City:   thiruvananthapuram
Comments:   hi Amrit Kaur, please don´t take steroids its very bad for you! it affects the internal organs too. If you need medication, please go and visit a doctor, he or she may be able to prescribe a safe or good cream or so.
Name: PM
City:   NAGPUR
Name: cherie
City:   kuantan
Comments:   i have really small breast i am very ashamed of them,after 6 months i will get married,i want to improve my breast size,pls give me some tips,as soon as possible pls
Name: Bipasa
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi, I want to reduce the size of my breats as they appear too large and also want to make them tighter. Please suggest a suitable remedy preferably homebased. Eagerly and urgently waiting for a reply. Regards, Bipasa
Name: akshi
City:   banglore
Comments:   im 21 yrs my breast was too small, so i was pressing them daily now after a month it a really became big so u can also try n see.... 100% ull see result....
Name: GeeGee
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I am married but, i am just 24 i had one son he is 5 year. My breast when i am wearing bra it wont be look bad , but when i loose my dreases i fell very sagging and fallen breast i want my breast would be tight and stiff my size is 34 " help me urgent
Name: rabia
City:   lahore
Comments:   i am unmarried and virgine . my breast size is 36 . i hav a saggy breast . wht can i do to make it tight waithout having any surgery .
Name: priya
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   HI i´m 25 yers old. but my breasts are very small . how to improve my breast size.
Name: vari
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i have sagged breast.can it be tighten without surgery with some cream and medicine

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