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Some more easy-to-implement body care tips. 

1.Watermelon juice clears the skin of all its blemishes leaving it fresh and lovely. Grate a watermelon, squeeze out the juice and apply it on your face for 15 minutes. Now wash it with hot water and then splash on cold water. 

2. Fenugreek leaves (methi) cure pimples, blackheads, dryness and early appearance of wrinkles. Make a paste of these leaves and apply it every night. Next morning, wash off with warm water. This improves your complexion. 

3. Tea leaves and lemon juice helps prevent hair fall. They also lead to soft and shiny hair. You need to boil the leaves in water and strain out the tea. Add a little lemon juice to this concoction and wash your hair with it. Rinse your hair thoroughly. 

4. Bengal gram flour (besan) mixed with curd can be applied daily on your face and hair! It will not only give you a glowing complexion, but also long and lustrous locks. 

5. Orange juice is great for an instant glow. All you need to do is dip your fingers in the juice and pat your cheeks, chin, neck and forehead. Wash off after ten minutes.   

Your kitchen shelf has been secretly storing all these beauty secrets for years. It is up to you to discover more. And when you do, don't forget to share them with us! 

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Feedback on article
Name: akila
City:   Portland
Comments:   Is there any simple home recipe that can give me a more fair complexion quickly The lemon in milk does not seem to work.
Name: Shyma
City:   Miami, Florida
Comments:   I was successfully able to remove tan and become fairer by mixing milkpowder with hydrogen peroxide and applying it to the skin for 20 minutes. You can see a marked difference in a week or two. Try to apply once in two days.
Name: priya
City:   edison
Comments:   i have blackness on my elbows,knees please kindly suggest me remedy..iam deseperate for the answer..
Name: Ria
City:   Fremont, California
Comments:   What should i do to improve the tanned skin
Name: Annie
City:   Stamford
Comments:   I HATE my skin!! It's become all dark and weird.I get pimples often and i hate my neck color.It's darker than my facial skin.I want to wear nice dresses but my neck color is so dark!! i need help with that.Besides my knees and elbows look dark and totally pathetic.Please give me an EFFECTIVE solution for all this.I'm desperate
Name: Ranjana
City:   Strattford
Comments:   Try rubbing lime on your knees and elbows to lighten the skin.
Name: ruchi
City:   glenvans
Comments:   hey!that's right...actually u could squeeze in a couple of lemons into a bucket of water n bathe with it...over a couple of weeks it'll lighten the skin n leaves u with a for summer!!
Name: Nazlie
City:   Lenasia, South Africa
Comments:   Do you have any remedies for PSIORISIS! My skin is very dry and itchy! Please help!
Name: Vanessa
City:   Mercedes
Comments:   Hi Nazlie, I hear that lavender oil is really good for psiorisis. Hope this helps.
Name: aisha
City:   chennai
Comments:   give me a solution for post pimple marks
Name: vc
City:   bombay
Comments:   apply lemon to your face. it really helps.
Name: alveena
City:   london
Comments:   plz give me a solution for acne and acne marks. And plz could u tell me any remedy for acheiving fair complexion.
Name: jaquana
City:   elizabeth City
Comments:   I have really dark skin and I get darker each summer. Is there anything I can do to lighten my skin
Name: payal
City:   mumbai
Comments:   iwant the indian recipe of making wax at home 2 remove the hairs with proper quantities pls suggest
Name: sandhya
City:   los angeles
Comments:   sandalwood powder,unboiledmilk,drops of lemon jiuce and tumeric powder.should be mad to a thick paste.then apply to your face as a mask greatly improves complexion and watch for the wonderful glow on your face.good for dry skin
Name: orvs
City:   Toronto
Comments:   I want to get fairer and I want to get fairer soon.What should I do
Name: tamiko
City:   Seattle
Comments:   Products with pine tar and/or salicylic acid are very good for a lot skin problems. My husband's Dr. recommended them for his skin. Also, using a pumice stone really helps keep elbows and feet looking smooth, just be sure and moisturize after.
Name: Renu
City:   San Francisco
Comments:   Hi Where can I find Hydrogen Peroxide I would like to use it to lighten my complexion. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Name: nazzie
City:   baltimore
Comments:   hey, how do u get rid of post pimple/acne marksi'm kind of dark too so the marks look really there any good and effective way of removing them?
Name: Lovleen Singh
City:   Cleveland, ohio, U.S.A.
Comments:   hello, get rid of acne, make a paste of green beans and apply on face as a mask. 2.Again, in india we get multani mitti( in powdered form), apply it as a mask daily or once in 2 days to get rid of acne and post acne marks and too oily skin. 3.apply daily face pack of sandalwood mixed with milk(for dry skin)or water (for other skin types)to get rid of all kinds of blemishes.
Name: tatyana
City:   everett.washington,U.S.A
Comments:   hi, my skin is soooo WHITE how can i tan it naturally
Name: pragati
City:   assam
Comments:   hi,is bengal gram good for all type of skin
Name: deepti
City:   kanpur
Comments:   hi... tell me the proportion of mixing milk powder and hydrogen peroxide...and also tell any other thing needed to make the mixture and any precautions
Name: sangathi
City:   varanasi
Comments:   hii...temme how can i get over wid my scars i have loads of scars in my face is ther any recepie for removing an curing of pimples an i hav a oily skin
Name: malaa
City:   Male'
Comments:   i need a home remedy for sun burn and dark neck area.
Name: lekha
City:   danbury ,ct ,usa
Comments:   this site is very nice
Name: Suman
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi, My skin complexion is white, oily and clear wihtout any pimples. I frequently wash face with cold water. But i would like to get much fairer complexion soon and get rid of oily stuff. Please suggest me home remedies or any other way. TIA.
Name: Kita
City:   Cleveland, Ohio
Comments:   I would really like to get a cute haircut but,my neck is really dark. Please let me know of some natural remedies for a dark neck.
Name: Gunjan Kaushik
City:   faridabad
Comments:   please tell the proportion of milk powder and hydrogen peroxide
Name: L
City:   Springfield
Comments:   I have alot of blemishes its all over my face what can i do to make it disapear
Name: Ashwini
City:   Orlando
Comments:   I was just wondering if shyma could tell the propotion of milkpowder and hydrogen peroxide to get fairer complexion..I hope she is visiting this site regularly...Many of us are wiating for it...please shyma
Name: Nupur
City:   New York
Comments:   I have acne scars.Please tell me the home remedy.
Name: savitha
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   for post pimple marks put powdered urud dhal mixed with turmeric powder, malai and put it on all ur face. It worked for me
Name: Monika
City:   ludhiana
Comments:   i want to improve my body complexion
Name: v manoj kumar
City:   new delhi
Comments:   well i am a dark guy,i would like to get a fair complextion faster,pls advice as soon as possible
Name: Srilatha
City:   Chennai
Comments:   iam on darker side and i want to become fair...and also to get rid of the pimple marks.. so pls give me some good suggestion regarding these.
Name: scarses
City:   philippines
Comments:   hihi! i am scarses here i hav black scars on my legs which looks very badfrom one side my leg is plane and from other side black spots . plz giv me tips and alos have black underarm and lips, wat can i do pls help me tnx,,,,,, and more powers
Name: teena
City:   hyderabad
Comments: really..amazing!!!!!!!but i would like 2 know about form of my face...i have a very broad face...otherwise i m slim...tell me how can i make my face.slim
Name: Aashii
City:   miami Fl
Comments:   dnt use hydrogen peroxide - causes rapid agin of da skin!!!
Name: Daria
City:   Singapore
Comments:   A cure to have a fairer complexion, you can buy in a dermatological clinic some kojic acid (but it can be harsh for the skin, if applied too much) mix this kojic acid to some creams about 20% kojic acid only, You can have fairer skin in 1 week. Don't forget to apply large amount of sun block when going out because it will tend to make your skin darker when exposed under the sun. A remedy for pimple scars or scars, you can apply tomato pulp on your scar and leave for 10 mins. and rinse off. Do not use this if your skin is very sensitive.
Name: Sabeena
City:   Dubai
Comments:   To improve ur complexion,mix bengal gram flour(besan), milk and little turmeric pd.and apply this mixture generously on the face and neck,leave it for 15-20 mins and rinse with water
Name: kaushik
City:   guwahati
Comments:   For fair skin apply cucumber juice mixed with coconut milk and apply on face and hands. Leave in for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.
Name: priy
City:   dubai
Comments:   GIve me a remedy for pimples . how to make my hair smooth and silky .
Name: neena
City:   canada
Comments:   My hair is wavvy,i wanna make my hair straight n smooth naturally.Any suggestions.
Name: vijitha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   is there any simple home recipe that can give me a more fair complexion quickly please help me my skin type oily skin
Name: Abhinav
City:   jamshedpur
Comments:   i have lot of redness on my face due to pimples and acnes would u plz suggest some home remedy to get rid of this redness
Name: heather
City:   burnsville
Comments:   i got acne on my face chest and back! i need some help getting rid of it fast!!! please help!!!!
Name: shireen
City:   Brampton, Canada
Comments:   I am 40 Yrs old and getting ageing spots on my face. Please tell me how to pervent from this spots
Name: Puja
City:   Ilford
Comments:   Hiya This is a gud site. Just a piece of advice - Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide or any strong bleaches on the skin. It can mess up your skin (in the long run) and would also speed up agening!

Skin Talk
RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello mshama,
first think you did wrong think that used this betnovate c without doctor consultation, so its not right thing you do, first you should meet now to skin specialist and decide about the appointment to doctor.
- harish    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello friend,
you are how much of old, and what your age now, if you still continue with the betovate c cream then you should stop to using this cream now, it will be harmful for you, so stop using this. ...
- kiran    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello mshma,
i think skin pigmentation didnt find any permanent solution till yet, so its not easy to get solution from this pigmentation, this cream has side effects and stop using this. ...
- jhanavi    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
you should take consultation from good and best skin specialist, so it will help you to remove your pigmentation and it will helpful to get clear skin, also you look that the cream does not have any side effects too. ...
- tanmay    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello masharma,
its not right if anyone of your friend consult you about your skin and you take his suggestion and implement so its not right, dont do that type behavior with your skin again its not right at all. ...
- arpita    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
if you suffer form pigmentation you should apply depiwhite cream on your pigmentation, but first consult from your doctor an then you start to using this cream, its safe ...
- uttara    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
i think skin pigmentation is heridatory, and its get you from your generation, if your parents have pigmentation you will also get pigmentation, in pregnancy and due to hormonal changes its occur. ...
- rakshanda    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msahrma,
pigmentation its common think now a days, and also the ayurvedic medicines also have some side effects first you should check which medicine suits on you and which not, so its depend upon you. ...
- naresh    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello masharma,
the pigmentation dont have any particular and permanent solution, you should find out the solution on that, you can apply the solution which include vitamin c which is helpful for you. ...
- dipti    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
the pigmentation is not big issue or its not skin related big problem and its not harmful for body, but yes its not look good if its occur on face so thats why we should control on our eating habit. ...
- dharmesh    read >>