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  10 BEAUTY TIPS - by Editor
1. Brushing Up 

Make body brushing a part of your daily routine. Scrubbing out dirt and grime is the least of its advantages. Body brushing tones and stimulates skin, helping with the natural drainage of the lymph glands. It also helps combat cellulite. When brushing, work towards the heart, up from your legs and thighs, and down from your neck. Oh, and remember, skin should be dry while body-brushing, so make sure you have a soft brush - you don't want abrasions that are hard to explain!  

2. Banana Rama 

For a great homemade face softener, try this: mash a banana and apply it to your face. Leave on for ten minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Your face feels like satin. Plus, it puts those over ripe gooey bananas to good use!  

3. Pearly White 

Ever looked in the mirror and felt that your teeth were going from white to off-white to yellow? Take a hard look at your habits. The biggest culprits in the teeth-yellowing process are tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine. So if you must indulge, brush your teeth afterwards whenever possible, or at least rinse with water.  

4. Shades Of Summer 

A snazzy pair of sunglasses not only looks great, but also delays the onset of crow's feet (wrinkles on the sides of the eyes) which are accelerated by squinting in the sun. 

5. Peaches And Cream 

Great looks come with great skin, so get crackin' on that epidermis. Dirt and oil blocks pores causing blackheads and pimples, while dirt, grime and pollutants are drawn to oily skin like moths to a flame. So wash your face as often as possible, and cleanse at least twice a day. 

6. Instant Glow 

So you've just reached home after a nerve-wrecking day at the office and have to leave immediately for a dinner party thrown by your husband's most revered business client. How to get that glow in a flash? You could cheat and layer on the blusher, but a better option would be to try this: simply mix equal amounts of lemon and honey, apply it to your face and wash off after ten minutes.  

7. Luscious Locks 

Nothing improves the quality of your hair better than getting a regular oil massage. Get it done at home once a week if you have a husband or mother-in-law that dotes on you, or visit your neighbourhood parlour.  

8. All Steamed Up 

After applying oil wrap your hair in a steaming towel for twenty minutes. Give your hair this steaming treatment at least once a month. Steaming hair after applying oil helps it soak deeper into the follicles.  

9. Fun In The Sun 

The sun's warmth may make you feel good but it's ultraviolet rays over time cause at best, dry wrinkly skin and at worst, skin cancer. Don't step out without loading on that sunscreen. In the summers, avoid stepping out between 12:00 to 2:00 when the sun is at its peak.  

10. Water, Water Everywhere 

You can never drink too much water. It flushes out your toxins and is great for the skin, liver and just about every conceivable body organ! It keeps you cool and feeling fresh, reduces dehydration and rejuvenates your body cells. Drink at least ten glasses of water in a day. Bottoms up!

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Feedback on article
Name: mariano
City:   chennai
Comments:   i am suffering from photodermatitis due to it my forehead & nose having black patches . what should i doNULL
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   The tips you have given are really very good. Kindly send some good tips for pimle scars and any way for fairness of the skin.
Name: Mani
City:   India
Comments:   How can i loose my wt my height is 5.51/2"
Name: Meena
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Pimples occur often three-four days before menses. Pls. advise how to get rid of them. And also advice how homly face massage and glow on the face can be done.
Name: sangeetha
City:   chennai
Comments:   i am having black patches on my cheeks.use of whitening lotions have not helped.could you suggest ways to reduce them.
Name: pushpa
City:   mumbai
Comments:   some of the tips are very me some home made tips for making my hair look great without washing when I have to go out for party immediately after work.If possible Email it to me
Name: revati
City:   mumbai
Comments:   give some tips on pimples due to harmonal changes
Name: chitra.R
City:   salem
Comments:   Please give me some tips to improve my skin colour.
Name: Sheela
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   The Tips Give are really good but it will be very nice if you could give some tips in improving the skin colour.
Name: nisha
City:   banglore
Comments:   how can i loose weight NULL
City:   mumbai
Comments:   For pimples marks scars use Meeems Beautipac herbal soaps also for complexion fairness, remove tan body firming,relaxation,detoxifying,made with ancient ayurvedic recipes.
Name: usha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   very informative i required the details of home facials
Name: tayyabakhan
City:   lahore
Comments:   yur remedies are so effective.please tell some tips about aloevera
Name: latha
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Hello ppl, to learn basic knowledge of ...
Name: hema
City:   chennai
Comments:   please give some home made tips to reduce the black dots on the face.
Name: Dolly
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I have one daughter, but my weight is 45kgs only could u pls give me some ideas to increase weight and breast.
Name: jayanthi
City:   bangalore
Comments:   Suggest some home made tips for skin rashes due to facial at parlour.
Name: maria
City:   peshawer
Comments:   wan to hav fair complexion
Name: Amol Dalvi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   This are the Best tips Keep it up Regards Amol Dalvi
Name: jess
City:   VA
Comments:   Please please give me some advise on how to get rid of pimples and blackheads!!!
Name: Vanessa
City:   Mercedes
Comments:   I want some tips on breast firming. Please send me e-mail back.
Name: kulwant
City:   U.S.A
Comments:   please email me any new beauty tips and wt. loss tips.
Name: Babi.
City:   Bahrain
Comments:   I've become real tanned can u suggest somethin' to remove this
Name: pamela
City:   dubai
Comments:   I have a quick remedy for fair skin and it is cheap too. mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with one table spoon of orange juice and one tablespoon of yoghurt together and apply on the face leave for 20 minutes to dry then see the results after one week do this every day. have fun
Name: Naeem
City:   karachi
Comments:   hi.i m 19 years old but my height is short it is 5"1cm plz plz.... if u have any idea or solution plz tell me what i do elp me plz...... Thanks
Name: Jai
City:   dallas
Comments:   I have been swimming and my skin has tanned very much. Any suggestions to remove this tanNULLNULLNULLNULL
Name: swathireddy
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   give me some homemade tips for fairness & remedy for my lips to look pink colour from dark.
Name: Mansi
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I like your tips, i will try them, but i have so many pimple scars on my face. How can i get rid of themNULL
Name: chaya
City:   santa clara, ca
Comments:   I have one daughter, but my weight is 45kgs only could u pls give me some ideas to increase weight and breast.
Name: Teja
City:   Vapi
Comments:   My sister has small brown spots on her face especiallyon cheeks , pls suggest some remedy which can mnimize or reduce these spots
Name: Sunita
City:   Vapi
Comments:   I have a very dark and thick skin on my arms especially near my elbows since the past 7-8 years kindly suggest me some remedy
Name: shivani
City:   karnal
Comments:   give me somehomemade tips for fairness and remedy for my lips to look pink and also who to loose weight
Name: saira
City:   peshawar
Comments:   its a very informative side,i love it.My question is about how to get rid from the scars of electrolysis.just tell me by homemade tip or any other one ,there are many scars on my chin,i am 30 years old.thanks
Name: sunita
City:   pune
Comments:   ur tips r nice but plz tell me a fast way to loose my weight
Comments:   my daughter is little dark.give me some homemade tips for her make fairer.she is 3 years old.
Name: Bushra
City:   Lahore
Comments:   i want the homemade tips for fair complexion.My lips r a bit black. Please tell me its remedy.
Name: rhea
City:   raipur
Comments:   my skin has becme dark due to exposure to sun.please tell some tips
Name: Sushma
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I am tan in colour. what can i do to increase my complexion NULL I want to become a bit fair.
Name: grace
City:   Manila
Comments:   If i have small holes (scar) in my face due to white heads or pimples could i still remove themNULL
Name: vishnu
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   tell me how to prepare home made bleach for skin, so that hair on skin changes to skin colour
Name: geeta
City:   ujjain
Comments:   : tell me how to prepare home made bleach for skin, so that hair on skin changes to skin colour -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : tell me how to prepare home made bleach for skin, so that hair on skin changes to skin colour -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The tips given by u are good and effective.Tell me how to prepare home made bleach for skin, so that hair on skin changes to skin colour
Name: leena
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i had pimples on my face after damaging it, black spots have occured on my face pls find some solutions how to remove them
Name: sowmya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   My skin colour is dark. Can u tell me any home remedy to get a fair complexion. I do have a pimple mark on my face. Please tell me how do get rid of itNULL
Name: sarah jane
City:   manila ,philippines
Comments:   Can u post a tips on how to make a homemade product to whitens skinNULL
Name: Kavita Mansukhani
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Gr8 tips. will use them definitely. do keep posted with latest tips and hints for beautifying us. good luck
Name: seema
City:   malaysia
Comments:   i have so many scars left on my face due to pimples and acne i had and they really look bad. they look like holes all over my face. i am having a terrible oily face. pls suggest me an effective homemade remedy so that i can get rid of these scars,holes, oilliness,and also that can make me look fairer.pls reply to me fast,i have been suffering from this problem for 10 years.thank u very much.
Name: SSS
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Please please suggest homemade remedies for fair complexion.
Name: !
City:   !
Comments:   why on earth would you want to lighten your skin. love the skin you're in!
Name: nivedita
City:   mumbai
Comments:   can u tell me homemade tips and ideas to increase the size of breast
Name: shashi
City:   bangalore
Comments:   please suggest me to keep my lips pink or red rather than black or dry. i dont have any bad habbits like smoking, drinking please suggest me keep my lips in red in colour...i will be waiting for your reply.

   Add your feedback here...

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Your City:
Your Comments:
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