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  TAME FRIZZY HAIR - by Editor
'I have thick, black, rough and dry shoulder-length hair. I wash and condition my hair once a week. Though my hair feels silky to the touch when wet, after it dries it gets so frizzy! I am at a loss and just don't know what to do. I constantly keep my hair tied, and wish I could leave it open at times, but I cannot. Please help me!' longchamp pas cher sac longchamp pas cher nike air max
- Kausalya, India

Millions of women around the globe suffer from exactly the same problem: frizzy, uncontrollable and untidy locks.

Just as a woman with a low metabolism rate will need to exercise more to lose weight, so also, a woman with frizzy hair will need to put in additional effort if she wants her hair to look good. Simply shampooing and conditioning hair is not adequate 'not if you want to get rid of the frizz.'


Hair which is naturally frizzy lacks moisture and protein. Thus, the first step you need to take is to ensure your hair has sufficient moisture.

Apply egg yolk to your hair around half an hour before washing your hair.

Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, and follow up with a conditioner. Unless you exercise, you need wash your hair only once a week.

Invest in leave-in conditioner. After washing and conditioning, towel dry hair and apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair.

Styling your hair

If your hair is frizzy, you will need to spend some time styling it if you want it to look good. Do you want to go straight or curly? Once you have that worked out, apply a generous dollop of gel to damp hair to hold the style and to tame frizzies, and get started.


Apply rollers and leave them on until your hair dries completely. Avoid applying heated rollers unless essential. You could also apply sponge rollers at night, and remove them the next morning.


If you want to straighten your hair instead, blowdry it straight with the help of a round brush.

Blowdrying all your hair together will be of little use; you need to blowdry small sections at a time.

Clip up the damp, unstyled hair with the help of two clips, and proceed to blowdry small sections, starting from the back of your head.

When the hair is almost dry, reduce the heat of the blow dryer so you don't over-dry it.

Be patient. The entire process may take half an hour. Don't rush it, or you will not get the results you want.

Grow your hair long, as short hair tends to curl faster. If your hair is long, due to the weight, the curls open up. Your hair would be far easier to blowdry, and it will stay straight longer.


Safflower oil is excellent for frizzy hair. When your hair is completely dry, after styling it, apply 2-3 drops of safflower oil to your palms and rub them together. Apply this oil to the ends of your hair. Use more oil for longer hair, but ensure that the amount you apply is very little, so your hair does not look sticky. Leave this oil on in your hair. This will help tame the frizzes.

Chemical Treatments

You could consider going in for a perm, so your frizzes get converted into glossy curls. If you long for straight hair, you could also opt for a straightening treatment, though a perm is less harsh than chemical straightening.

Whether you decide to perm or straighten your hair, you cannot afford to neglect it after the treatment as it could get damaged. But as long as you take care of your hair, oil it regularly, wash it gently and follow up with a conditioner, there should be no problem even after getting a chemical treatment done. Similarly, avoid going in for two chemical treatments together. If you must perm or straighten your hair, do not highlight it and vice versa.

Minimal Fuss

If you would rather not blowdry or style your hair, but simply want your frizzes to be manageable, here's what you could do:

  1. Start growing your hair long.
  2. After shampooing and conditioning, apply a few drops of oil to your damp hair.
  3. Apply a generous amount of gel to your hair.
  4. Brush your hair well, and then plait it.
  5. When dry, open up the plait, and apply a little more gel to the ends of the hair, to tame any frizzes.
The result? Your hair may not look silky, but it will not be spreading out in all directions. The 'bushy' effect will be dramatically reduced, and your hair will look wavy and in control.
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Feedback on article
Name: shannon
City:   G ranville
Comments:   i want shiny hair and i want to have frizz-free hair WITHOUT putting damaging heat on it. help!
Name: Sharada
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   This article seems really good and very elaborate.
Name: Shannon
City:   Columbus
Comments:   Maybe the secret is not to wash your hair every day, you're stripping it of its oils, the kind it needs to maintain moisture. Try washing it three times a week or every other day, and brushing it with a very bristled brush to distribute your natural oils.
Name: Barb
City:   Nanaimo, B.C.
Comments:   I have chemically treated hair and recently had a perm. Now my hair is dull and lifeless with absolutely no curl. Can you help
Name: Rahul
City:   India (Mumbai)
Comments:   I am a male, 20, and dont have too short hair, they are curly and dull in the front and straight in the remaining area. How to straighen the hair
Name: Anuja
City:   India(Mumbai)
Comments:   I find this article very helpful. I have dry hair which tend to curl up and look limp and lifeless.Though they are not very thick they become frizzy after a hair wash. The tips given in the above piece seem really practical and useful.
Name: sheila
City:   UK
Comments:   I Used to have a very healthy and bouncy hair , but frequent chemical treatments has made it dry and thin , i braided my hair the last time which even made it worst, i lost so much hair although it is long half way my back but it does not look healthy at all. what do i do to curb this situation thank u !!
Name: Alayne
City:   Gettysburg
Comments:   Help!!! My hair looks like I took a bunch of gel and made a mohock. I have short hairs on the top of my head, and it gets sooo frizzy, can you give me some tips
Name: bujji
City:   usa
Comments:   hello,what is leave in conditionerthank u.
Name: aparna
City:   chennai
Comments:   this segment is very Livon a leave in conditioner, or can u suggest some good brands.
Name: nikki
City:   mission
Comments:   i Have heavy, thick ,long,frizzy hair and I don't know how to style it for prom
Comments:   Since i have tried many conditioners even livon ,iam not getting smooth and silky hair kindly suggest me some herbal home treatments
Comments:   Since i have tried many conditioners even livon ,iam not getting smooth and silky hair kindly suggest me some herbal home treatments
Name: David Sutherland
City:   London
Comments:   I am male 35. I had strong bulky hair. Since two years ago, I shaved my head with a razor [they say it makes hair even stronger!]. Since then I had weak frizzy, very dry thin, fragile hair. Last month I was advised by a freind to apply Niacin (Vitamin B3) powdered supplement to my head - saying it will increase blood flow to the head! Foolishly I followed that advice, and made the application - same day I felt pain in my head /headache! Next day some hair fell out, and at the root level there was trace of burned hair roots. Since this disaster of treatment, I have little hair left on my head, with bald spots apparent. Can you please HELP with what to DO!!
Name: shri
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hi! this is shri here. my 9yr old daughter has got very frizzy dry hair. she has long hair earlier but due to dry hair, I cut it short to a boy cut. pls advice as to what kind shampoo and conditioner I must use on her. also, can I use Livon on her thank u.
Name: Jasvinder
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   i am belong to sikh hair is very weak frizzy, very dry thin, fragile hair. everyone advice cutting hair from edge but you know i am from sikh family, so cutting hair is not possible for me. kindly advice me how to make my hair silky, long & smoth.
Name: smita
City:   bhopal
Comments:   really helpfull site..... but i problem is i have soft.scanty,short hair my race is like hell very distorted tell me what suld i do
Name: nitin
City:   jammu
Comments:   what is leave on conditioner
Name: Tisha
City:   joplin
Comments:   My hair is very very thick, curly, frizzy , and dry!!!! I can deal with the curl but when I let my hair dry naturally it turns into and afro, I hate having to use all these products just to tame it, not to mention it gets so expensive buying all the products. Is there something I can do about this without remortgaging the house just for products
Name: Alex
City:   Detroit, Mi
Comments:   Leave in Conditioner is just a certain type of conditioner that you don't wash out of your hair. Paul Mitchelle makes good leave in conditioner
Name: Courtney
City:   no
Comments:   Thanks for the info...i hope it works!
Name: michel bechir
City:   Sao Paulo City-Brasil
Comments:   Hello,I'm male and i would like to know how to treat my very thick and dull hair,a very short style doesn“t `make me look very good.Are chemical procedures suitable for male hair?my hair i neither straight nor curly,it is relly a difficult hair because it neither smoth nor curly it is really thick and waved.
Name: kim
City:   swansea
Comments:   hiya i have had a perm but what it to be straight well chemically straight but have a perming lotion and don;t know how to ust it please help
Name: ankita
City:   marlboro, nj
Comments:   hey...i have long thick hair that is straight at the top but is wavy at the bottom...can u suggest an herbal remedy to eliminate the frizz w/o using gel,mousse,etc., or other harsh chemical treatments thx...
Name: ankz
City:   Los Angeles, CA
Comments:   hey guys...u should all try frizz-ease hair serum by john frieda...itz this amazing breakthrough formula that actually works!!...i have long thick hair n i used 2 struggle 2 style it everyday bcuz it wuz so frizzy...but now everytime afta i finish shampooing and conditioning i use frizz-ease...itz this clear liquid that cumz in a bottle complete with an eyedropper...jus put it on afta ur hair is slightly damp...then go on styling as usual...n voila!!...u got gorgeous lustrous locks...
Name: maxine
City:   sta messa
Comments:   try a shampoo and shampoo for 2x a week or so . rinse with warm water.alppy conditioner and rinse with cold water. leave to air dry.when it is almost completely dry, blowdry with cold air. comb and style as usual.brushing with be better if used with metal tips.
Name: olivia
City:   leicester, england
Comments:   My hair is really thick and dry. I wash it once a week. After washing, I blow dry it and straighten it with ceramic straightening irons and add some serum to the ends. The result is brilliant but after about half a month of doing this, the ends of my hair are really really dry and I have split ends, can you help
Name: rahul
City:   bangalore
Comments:   my hair is thin and density is very poor if i apply oil one can see the scalp .it is falling rapidly no i am oiling my hair daily before bath and shampoo daily. it looks groomed but my doubt is daily shampooing is good is there any other method.
Name: tilini
City:   colombo
Comments:   my hair is curly,thick & frizzy.pls tell me how leave in conditioners work & suggest a good product.i am very desperate.thank you
Name: shagufta
City:   Calcutta
Comments:   hi, i had natural light curly hair, i went for straightening at a parlour,i think they used L'Oreal professional to straighten it but unfortunately my hair has become rough frizzy n extremely dry,specially in the end itlooks like damaged used broom :). the salon people said i need extra treatment n they gave loreal's powerdoes treatment n iam using loreal's shampoo n conditioner for damged hair.pls give some suggestion so as i can get rid of this rough dry hair
Name: nicola
City:   stoke on trent
Comments:   my promlem is this my hair is thick i use light shampoo and the same conditioner i use also leave in conditiner and serum hour after i wash my hair and i drink plenty of water and ieat healthy but why is it that after 1 hour of washing my hair it is bone dry and unmanageable any advise happyly tacken thanyou.
Name: harini
City:   chennai
Comments:   I have thin and falling hair.iwant to have thick and lusturous hair.plz do suggest some tips. are there any shampoos & conditioners available in the market for my problem any home made tips
Name: Val
City:   Niagara Falls
Comments:   when i wash my hair, and blowdry it, i always feel my hair afterwards, and it always feels STICKY! i rinse my hair out rilly good and i only put a small amount of shampoo and conditioner.. how can I get my soft hair back without letting it feel toooo sticky and gross!
Name: kristal
City:   brisbane
Comments:   i used to have really long hair that was smooth and pretty straight, but i got it cut shorter and now it is sooo curly and frizzy! it boofs out a lot and is so uncontrollable. i like my hair the length it is because it look so nice when i straighten it, but im afraid of the damage i am doing with the heat. how can i make my naturally smooth and silky at a shorter length, without using chemicals and dangerous heat thx... :)
Name: bindi
City:   Leicester
Comments:   One great way to get rid of frizzy hair is with the Japanese rebonding system called Yuko System. it makes hair permanently brilliant..everyone should check it out! ;)
Name: Kate
City:   /
Comments:   I really hate my hair, it is dry, frizzy and has very bad split ends all over, i shampoo and condition my hair about 3 times a week. Also i straighten my hair becos it looks like a lion if i dont please help ive tried every single product out there, but nothing works!
Name: poornima
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I had thick, curly, very rough hair. From past 2 years I am losing my hair extensively. Now I have only 1/4 of what I had 2 years back. My daughter she is 8 years old she is having hair of my texture very rough. she loves to leave her hair open, as it is very rough, she cant manage. kinldy advice the safer method to make her hair silky. I am desperately in need of ur advice. hope to rcv reply fm u very soon.
Name: vijay
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hai i am vijay haircare advicer and messur apply cocnut +gingelly oil it will reduce roughness bye
Name: jay
City:   boise
Comments:   i have medium, brown, thick and frizzy hair and everytime i straighten it it gets frizzy when i go outside how can i straighten my hair permanently at home please help me i want it to be chemically straightened forever but it wouldnt cost a lot
Name: Hon33
City:   kar
Comments:   hi...i wana know if there is any other name for safflower oil (i have no clue what it is)..secondly what is gingelly oil
Name: hakuna_matata
City:   Ottawa
Comments:   Be happy u hav thick hair sum peeps hav so thin hair they r going bald!!
Name: ¢¾
City:   Toronto
Comments:   use "lèoreal paris vive smooth-intense shampoo & conditioner" donèt comb hair too much when wet. I tried oils but they never help. They make hair look greasy.
Name: Jules
City:   Bangkok
Comments:   i have chemically striaghtened my hair. It only seems to go straight when it gets wet.How can i bring back the look the hairdressers let me walk out with
Name: Laura
City:   Stamford
Comments:   A year ago I was bald after undergoing chemotherapy following breast cancer. Now I am happy my hair grew back, but grew back very curly. It is dry and flyaway. I have had it professionally colored blond; and feel I would like to go back to my natural color of brunette with just blond highlights. Please advise how to get rid of the frizzies and dryness.
Name: Becky
City:   England, Brighton
Comments:   My hair is really really horrible!! i cant beleive it!! i wash my hair once a week and use Q&A frizz prudicts for shampoo, conditioner and moose for after! and its still really frizzy but its very soft and shiny! THE FRIZZ IS HORRIBLE! i cant even have my hair down anymore it looks soo horrible! Please give me some tips! anything! i hate my hair! i wush it was straight smooth and silky! :( :( please help me ppl!!!
Name: nikki
City:   atlanta
Comments:   I have naturally curly hair but I have a perm to loosen my curls but my hair is so dry and I have major split ends and frizziness. I did find a product like the other girl did which was the ceramic straightening iron and it works wonders. After I washed my hair, it used to take 3 days b4 I could wear it straight down but with the ceramic iron it straightens the hair instantly. The only problem is I guess bcuz of the intense heat it causes my hair to dry out fast which causes me to have split ends and dryness. So what do I do I don't want to stop using the iron bcuz it straightens my hair very good but I don't want the split ends and dryness either. Help!
Name: Kristen
City:   toronta
Comments:   Heres a good way to get smooth hair: it works good! wash ur hair however u wash it..and put a lot of conditioner in and put ur hair in a plastic bag and then sit outside or blowdry a bit to seep in the conditioner...or you can just air dry it. works good!! try it!
Name: boo
City:   columbus
Comments:   My hair is so frizzy. I have tried hair products, such as frizz-eaz and i have tried leave in conditioner. I use a lot of gel, and I use moose and hairspray. Nothing Works!! HELP!!!
Name: stella
City:   canoga park CA
Comments:   i have dry frizzy thinvlack shoulder-length hair. what should i do to makeit sleek and shiny and not oily

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