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  TOMATO ME - by Editor

Not many of us relish getting pelted on the face with tomatoes, but believe it or not, tomatoes are excellent for the skin.

The humble tomato is one item no kitchen shelf is ever without, no matter what the season or location. Perhaps this is why most of us take the tomato for granted and do not appreciate the tremendous health and beauty benefits it brings.

Not many of us relish getting pelted on the face with tomatoes, but believe it or not, tomatoes are excellent for the skin. In fact, as far as anti-ageing products go, tomatoes rank high on the list.

Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants and so they counter the ageing effects on the skin, by cutting out the number of free radicals in your body. Free radicals break down the support system for your hair and skin, so it makes sense to eat a tomato a day.

In addition, tomatoes help preserve moisture levels in the body. In the summer or winter, when our skin is exposed to artificial heating or cooling, moisture levels in our body fall. We need to constantly replenish this water supply, or our body will start sucking moisture from the skin and the hair. In addition to eating a tomato a day, it makes sense to drink no less than 10 to 12 glasses of water daily.

If your skin is oily, you can apply tomatoes to your face. It counters oily skin by absorbing surplus oil and also helps get rid of pimples and acne. Apply undiluted tomato paste to your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm, not hot, water. In addition, tomatoes also help lighten the complexion, especially if mixed with cucumber juice. This makes a great face mask for oily skin. Place a cucumber slice on each eyelid and cover the rest of your face with the mask, taking care to avoid the delicate under-eye area.

If your skin is dry, you can add some day-old curd to the tomato paste and then apply to your skin. Tomato masks have excellent anti-ageing properties, so start applying them once you cross the age of 25.

If your skin starts burning when you apply to tomato mask, wash it off. You should feel a gentle tingling sensation after applying the tomato but if it stings too much, you could wash it off and add curd before applying the mask.

Do you have a boil or a pimpleNULL Apply tomato paste to it. The acids from the tomato will soothe the pain of a boil and will also speed its recovery.

Slightly red cheeks looks healthy and very appealing. Eating tomatoes regularly gives you a pink and glowing complexion, so eat up!

Hair Tip

If ever your hair has absorbed foul odour which you are not able to lose despite shampooing it, a great way to neutralize this odour and get rid of the smell would be to apply undiluted tomato paste to your scalp. Leave on for fifteen minutes and then wash it off. Your hair should be odour-free, and dandruff free.

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Feedback on article
Name: dipti
City:   mumbai
Comments:   beautiful article, want many more thanks.
Name: Anjana
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Great article. Never realized how fantastic the humble tomato could be!
Name: madhavi
City:   sfo
Comments:   excellent article ,very much appreciated.such articles are always welcome
Name: sudha
City:   delhi
Comments:   exxxxxceeeellent,need more articles from kitchen shelf
Name: Jasveer
City:   bendemeer rd
Comments:   i would like to have some home remedies for clearing all the marks on my face. marks like pimple, black spots, open pores. pls reply
Name: Vijj
City:   Toronto, Canada
Comments:   Excellent info. Thank You
Name: to shruti
City:   mumbai
Comments:   shruti that article is on tomatoes from nutrition viewpoint and this is an article on how a tomato can improve your complexion skin and what are u doing monitoring the site get a life
Name: ekta
City:   navi-mumbai
Comments:   too good .was very helpful but can we apply this paste to kids also and to how many year old child
Name: Vidya
City:   s'pore
Comments:   Wow...........those tips abt tomatoes was excellent,will appreciate to hve more!!
Name: sowmya
City:   UK
Comments:   Excellent. Need more on lightening the skin complexion from the kitchen shelf. Thanks
Name: Rama
City:   Tokyo
Comments:   Wow, Its really good article. Keep writing on many more...Thanks a lot for the valuable info.
Name: babi
City:   noida
Comments:   very nice article. thanks for the info.
Name: bharathi
City:   Coimbatore
Comments:   really it is highly useful to me thank u
Name: preethi
City:   toronto
Comments:   Excellent.Need more information to get rid of black spots on my face and lightening the skin complexion please reply to my mail, thank you.
Name: Sonia
City:   Sacramento (USA)
Comments:   Excellent article.
Name: Ranjini
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Some useful information regarding tomato, especially the hair tip.
Name: Archana
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Nice article. especially since it seems so simple ans straight foward also whose kitchen has no tomato as u rightly said. well done.
Name: Jassica
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Very informative and nice articles. Would love to get online help too.
Name: Gargi Raj
City:   Mysore
Comments: friend suggested me to apply tomato for the tanning on my hands.. is it worth applying .. or what shoud i do for the tanning on my hands...kindly guide
Name: jamuna
City:   mumbai
Comments:   very well done. more beauty tips please. these are excellent!
Name: HEMA
City:   Delhi
Comments:   hi my skin is rellly very oily & ur tomato & cucumber mask help me a lot...thx for this
Name: belt
City:   Somewhere ova da rainbow
Comments:   Emily is a silly pooha
Name: mariz
City:   phillippines
Comments:   i like this article very much, everytime i open the internet i want to search this article...thanks send me more at
Name: winnie
City:   m'sia
Comments:   i'm 14 and suffering with pimples problem. I will try to use tomatoes slice on my face.. Thanks~
Name: Tia
City:   meh=
Comments:   Yahooo--- another excuse to eat burgeres!!! jk lol...mmmm.. tamatoes^^
Name: Linda
City:   Sacramento
Comments:   I am 41 and have had adult acne for about 10 years. I can't wait to try out the tomatoe paste mask. Please keep sharing the natural home cures. Thank you so much for the insight on skin and how to care for it.
Name: Betelhem
City:   Ethiopia
Comments:   Iam 20 years my weight is 55kg please give me sageesions so that I can reduce my weight.
Name: marielle
City:   san carlos city
Comments:   this tomato article was tried by my mom and found out that it was really effect6ive to the skin now, she feels that she has very young skin of a 20 yr. old woman who has really radiant face now thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!1
Name: jairus
City:   san carlos city
Comments:   i love you marie
Name: simplest22
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Your site is too good. I found it today itself. I read 10 articles. They are awesome and informative. I already heard about tomato but not this much. Once again This is just a great site
Comments:   GREAT
Name: farooq khan
City:   hyderabad india
Name: sameer
City:   hyderabad india
City:   hyderabad india
Name: anita
City:   kentucky,usa
Comments:   gret article.but can we apply tomato paste everyday on our face
Name: cristy
City:   aa
Comments:   what is undilutedcan u explain me
Name: cristy
City:   none
Comments:   how can i make a undiluted tomatocan u help me
Name: salena
City:   oklahoma
Comments:   undiluted means no water added during pureeing the tomatoe
Name: cristy
City:   none
Comments:   oh thank you
Name: jayson copiling
City:   philippines
Comments:   ako po si jayson, hnd ko po alam ang gagawin ko sa mukha ko...namumurit na po ako
Name: Lakshmi
City:   NJ
Comments:   Hi very informative.After My Marriage I came to US (NJ).My skin Started to have wrinkles.I am worried abt my skin.Before my Marriage I used to apply tomatoe.Now i am using Rarely.can u tell me how to improve my skin.
Name: Rani
City:   Pune
Comments:   has anyone tried that Tomatoe mask Is it effective in improving the complextion. Any who has tried can share the experience. 12th May, 06
Name: shamala
City:   Seremban
Comments:   i having combination can i use tomato mask that tomato+cucumber juice to toning my face Please reply!!!!
Name: ayesha
City:   new york
Comments:   hi what,s mean curd
Name: Sarah
City:   lahore
Comments:   i have combination skin.can i use tomato and cucumber mask
Name: rekha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   actually i didnt use it but seeing the comments i think i have to use it my skin is dry and the pimples r appearing on my face so can suggest me anything so that i can apply it plz mail me thank u
Name: jessica
City:   phx
Comments:   wen u say "Apply undiluted tomato paste to your face" does that mean to use a regular tomato paste from a can?
Name: Sohana
City:   .......
Comments:   yumm yumm! i love eatin tomamoes soe much, din´t knoe it´s soe helpful to our skin! gotta increase it´s intake from nowon. Thanks editor.
Name: lila kumar
City:   delhi
Comments:   i loooooooove tamatoes but indeed i got stones but no pimples just boils!!!
Name: lila kumar
City:   delhi
Comments:   i loooooooove tamatoes but indeed i got stones but no pimples just boils!!!

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