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  HAIR CARE - by Editor


Before stepping into the shower, comb your hair lightly with a wide-toothed comb to untangle knots. This aligns the strands and prevents your getting out of the shower with a lot of knots. Begin at the ends and slowly work your way up. Never try to rip through tangles from top to bottom. You'll end up with a clump of hair on your comb that could have been avoided if only you'd had some patience!


The temperature of the water you use while washing your hair should ideally not be warmer than room temperature. In fact, the best thing would be to use the lowest temperature you can bear. Too cold for you Well, hair is not sensitive, so you could at least bend over and give the lower part of your hair a final rinse with cold water.

Why cold water

Because cold water helps the hair scales lie down flat, making them stronger. On the other hand warm water opens the hair scales not only causing more frizz but also making the hair shaft weaker and more vulnerable. In addition, the scalp secretes certain oils that are good for the hair. These oils get dissolved in warm water, causing further dryness. Cold water does not dissolve the natural oils. So make the healthy-hair choice and go in for cold water! Brrrrr

Shampooing your hair

Start washing your hair at the scalp, because that's where grease accumulates. Gently massage the shampoo into your hair with your fingertips. It is a good idea to dilute the shampoo in a little water in a mug and then massage it on your scalp. This way the shampoo is even gentler on the hair.
- While applying shampoo to your locks, leave them hanging down instead of piling them on top of your head as though you're posing for a shampoo commercial. Piling up your hair only leads to more tangles. Let it hang naturally so the lather works its way from the root to the ends.
- Try not to churn your hair too much. Work the shampoo gently so the strands don't get untangled and result in unbearable knots. If you have long hair, apply shampoo to your scalp, divide it into sections, and massage each section gently with the shampoo from roots to ends.

Go gentle while rinsing

- The best way to wash out shampoo is to keep combing it with your wide toothed comb while rinsing it out under the shower. This helps in the de-tangling process and also helps the shampoo to rinse out better. While you rinse your hair, do not rub it harshly. Hair is at its most fragile state when it's being rinsed. The correct way is to just simply let water run down your hair.
- Remember, it's best to rinse hair under running water. Dunking it in a tub is not so effective as residue may still remain. You have to make sure you've rinsed out all the shampoo. Once you are fairly certain it's all gone, stay under the flow of water for another half minute or so, to be doubly sure. Wrap your hair in a soft,absorbent towel - and voila! You're done!

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Feedback on article
Name: Monty
City:   Shanghai
Comments:   Dear Manju/Miss Pooja , As I am now only 25 years boy and as i have lost my hair in the middle and as i am little bit tensed what to do pls inform .. Regards , Monty
Name: Navneet
City:   Canada
Comments:   Dear monty , Apply haircare oil (little War)and give a gental massage and leave it for more then 1 hr and after this do shampoo it will help
Name: Neena
City:   USA--Dallas, Texas
Comments:   I did see significant results after rinsing in cooler water than I usually do. Now, I will continue rinsing my hair in cool water...Thank you!
Name: parvati
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Mail me useful tips
Name: tanya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   please send me more tips on how to keep my hair free from tangles all the time.I have thick and dry hair
Name: dheena
City:   USA- Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comments:   Hello. Since the birth of my son, 7 weeks ago, my hair has turned frizzy and unmanagable on the top layer. Conditioning only seems to make it frizzier. What should I do!
Name: Dee
City:   Lakeville
Comments:   Please advise me with my hair problem. I had a very dark black, healthy, shiny hair and since I colored it, it was damage leaving a lot of split ends. I trimmed it myself to get rid of the brown damaged ones and now I have this black hair again. I am happy but my hair style look terrible because the back is longer and the front is very short like I made it too much of a shaggy kind. I also pluck out my hair which I considered as dead hairs and I am disappointed of what I did co'z my hair is thin now. I feel stupid.
Name: Manjurohit
City:   Cochin(ernakulam)
Comments:   My husband and myself is from cochin.We never used to have dandruff.But,since we left cochin we started having them in lots, also consulted this with shin specialist but in wain. We take daily head baths and ones a week with cleanic plus shampoo. Please solve the problem of mine.
Name: tayyabakhan
City:   lahore,pakistan
Comments:   please give me more usefull tips about hairs
Name: namrata
City:   japan
Comments:   my hair are dry,and no liveliness is there,growth of hair is stopped on top of the head,give simple but more efective home remedy which could be usefull for me in japan,where water is very hard,and where we donot get our indian products,i will be very much thankeull to you.
Name: anushree
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   Mail me useful tips Pls.
Name: heena
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i had good hair as i changed my shampoo also because i permed my hair now it is become very curly and dry please suggest me some remedies
City:   INDIA
Name: Millie
City:   Shaw
Comments:   Please send me some more hair tips. I am black and my hair is natural, I am trying to stay away from chemicals, but how do I prevent tiny knots and split ends that appear at the end of my hair. Also since my hair is too thick, I hot comb my hair after I wash it. Is that good
Name: ruchi
City:   glenvans
Comments:   hey! did u know tht if u used onion juice on bald does regrow i know its yucky...stinks too...but it actually works!!!
City:   DUBAI
Name: mone
City:   egypt
Comments:   hi. please my hair is dry and always use hair dress after shoer to give good apperence. if not use hair dress my hair seem dry and bad apperence please give me method to exhibit my hair in good apperance without use hair dress. thank u.
Name: Bebe
City:   Singapore
Comments:   I had grey hair since I was in my early teens. Everyone said that there is no cure/prevention. Now I'm 32. This problem is getting more severe. I have to colour my hair twice a week. That makes my hair dry. Pls email to me some remedy tips. Thanks.
Name: madison
City:   *************
Comments:   e-mail me some tips on how 2 make my hair grow longer fast with out taking those pills u have 2 order just home remidies and stuff like that
Name: hefoo
City:   Geneve
Comments:   my hair is dry and not grow and Iloss alot of my hair I want some thing make my hair grow very fast and become vry long please advise my with some tips
Name: nair
City:   mumbai
Comments:   please help me and suggest me i 've lots of gray hair/
Name: swati
City:   mumbai
Comments:   my hair s frizzy n dry.It does not hav fast growth,i want long n silky hair plz help me n this matter through mail. thank u
Name: Gabriella
City:   Setauket
Comments:   I have long curly hair and I need tips on how to keep it healthy , if you know of any home care remidies email me please!
Name: Ahmad
City:   Pewaukee
Comments:   Does washing the head with water everyday help on hairfall
Name: Sujatha
City:   Milwaukee
Comments:   This seems to be a very useful article to me coz after coming to US i have the hair fall problem which still has not stopped i'm trying my level best to control it, But i'm helpless. I would be glad if u cound send me some more tips for my problem.
Name: Parveen
City:   Saudi Arabia
Comments:   Almond oil is not available most of the time. What to do Which is the best hair oil Sometimes using henna, lemon juice or yoghurt causes headache due to the coldness of the stuff. What to do Is baby oil good
Name: vimala
City:   bangalore
Comments:   this seemsto be a very useful to me coz after coming to US i have the hairfall problem which still haas not stopped i am trying my level best to control it,but i am helpless.i would be glad if could send me some more tips for my problem.could u suggest, Does washing the head with water every day help on hairfall or weekly twise or thrice
Name: padma
City:   austn Tx U.S.A
Comments:   few days back i had hip length hair i got shoulder cut length now i am very frustated now please help me to grow long hair faster suggest good oil and other things
Name: brit
City:   porterville, CA
Comments:   I have very dry hair, with lots of split ends, since I colored it. After a hour syling goes dull. What should I use to make it more managable and healthy agian
Name: Roopa
City:   California
Comments:   I am to California few months back. I have noticed i have a heavy hair fall. I have a proper diet plan with all vitamins and minerals and do take shower twice a week still my hair fall rate is day by day increasing . I do read ur articles regularly and follow some of them like conditioning , massaging etc. Could it be the water problem I do take shower in warm water not too hot nor too cold. Please suggest me !!!
Name: vidya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   hello,mine is shoulder length hair.i have silky hair becomes oily the next day after a wash. i have lost my hair in the front portion(forehead). my scalp is been noticed which makes me bit embrassed .i have tried many hairstyles but no use. please suggest and mail me some useful tips
Name: sejal
City:   chicago
Comments:   pls help me and advise me that how i care my hair bcos my hair is dry,dead,curly & short.
Name: Elizabeth
City:   Frederick
Comments:   When I step into the shower I wet my Hair then I wash it with a moisterising shampoo then I rinse it out and when I finish shampooing and conditoining my hair feels smooth and soft it makes my hair feel strong and healthy after I shampoo and conditoin it so my hair feels strong and healthy after I wash it.
Name: Lindsey
City:   Sewell
Comments:   i would really appreciate it if you cold email me any tips for growing my hair faster without taking all that medicine thanks
Name: Asha Rasam
City:   Mumbai, India
Comments:   Please snd me some useful tips for Hairfall and dandruff. Also tips for fair and flawless skin on face.
Name: Alexis
City:   Mars
Comments:   I've heard that pills, etc. advertised to make your hair grow longer faster do not work. . . is this true? Is there any way to make your hair grow longer faster?
Name: sristi
City:   Pune
Comments:   I had lovely long hair. But as they were falling a lot due to typhoid around 6 yrs back I got them cut. they became alright after that. But from the past year my hair is falling heavily. There is no other problem..I mean no dandruff or dryness. The texture is still nice and soft. But they are falling heavily since I shifted to new town. What should I do. Please help!!!!
Name: dolly
City:   kathmandu
Comments:   hi.. i have dry,brittle curly hair...i apply mousse after bath..does it affect my hair
Name: priya
City:   london
Comments:   does washing hair everyday makes your hair fall does onion juice make your hair root stronger how do i make my hair grow more please send me the answers to my questions in my e-mail thank you.
Name: Carla
City:   Bacolod city
Comments:   hi! can u send me some tips on how to make my hair grow longer within a few months I really need help! my last haircut wasnt that good =(
Name: abdul rahman
City:   cyprus
Comments:   i have hair falling problem and your suggestion is not suitable and not worhty .so give me some best tips to prevent hair falls and improve hair to strength. thankin you.
Name: bhupendra mohite
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i m suffering from hair loss problem. preveiously my hair was thick and strong but now in days it became very thin and soft and falling from front side my back side hair is still good.
Name: Lata
City:   Kuwait
Comments:   I had beautiful long,thick hair before. But, since early teens, I had grey hair. Now I have been using Garnier/ Loreal hair colours twice every week, since I am working. If my hair is not colored, its all white. My hair has completely fallen and damaged. I try to retain it by oil massage once every week, prior to coloring.No use. Also, due to this problem, I have not used much shampoo or any other chemicals on my daughters hair. She is 13 now and she is getting grey hair. I am worried, please help
Name: Elizabeth
City:   Frederick
Comments:   I have long wavy hair can you help me figure out how to straighten it and when i use salon shampoos and conditoiners it makes it feel much more soft after my hair has been washed it feels really nice and soft
Name: robin
City:   amritsar
Comments:   hi,im just 18 yrs. old and it seems as if my hairs are becoming lifeless and frequently falling too.How can i stop them from falling.Please help
Name: mariella
City:   philippines
Comments:   hi! im mariella and 23 years old. i have a thin hair and it keeps on falling especially when im taking a bath. what should i do with it. its already thin and it keeps on falling every time. please help me. i would really appreciate it if u can send me tips on how to make my hair thick and to stop it from falling. thanks in advance and God bless.
Name: vedasree soma
City:   shannon,ireland
Comments:   hai,i have a silky hair,but a wavy one. can you suggest me the remedie so that i can keep it super straight and not wavy all the time.
Name: shafaq
City:   karachi
Comments:   hi i am shafaq i am having problem of fairness my skin is become very dark and now winter days is come still i am having same problem one of my friend she was darker then me now i dont know how her colour complexion is become fair give me some formula please mail me and more i like long hair but it is short
Name: ria
City:   new delhi
Comments:   i hav dry hair plzzzzzz give me some tips how to make them silky and how to make them grow longer and also i have bald skin in the front how to grow here there
Name: soumya
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Your beauty tips are more useful. Send me some more skin care tips

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