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  FASHION FLASH - by Editor
While you may not be fat, most of us mere mortals have bulges and projections that we'd like to hide from the rest of the world. Here are some that will trick the world into believing you're a perfect 10! Of course, this doesn't mean you slacken off and stop working towards shedding those few extra kilos. Keep exercising away, but who says you can't look sexy right now Sure you can! Read on. While it may not be even better than the real thing, it's close enough.

All-over slimness

Wear all black. This is one of the oldest tricks in the world. No colour slims you down as black does. Even if you don't stick to all black, opt for another colour, but make sure it's dark, like navy or bottle green, and it's the same, single colour from head to toe.

Fleshy Arms

Hide fleshy arms by wearing tops or dresses with full sleeves. Avoid wearing clothes with short tight sleeves. Magia sleeves are definitely out.

Big Bust

While a big bust is usually not something women want to conceal, sometimes it just might be a little too large for comfort.Draw attention away from your chest by wearing something around your neck like a choker, or even a pair of prominent earrings. Don't wear any jewellery that falls across your chest, as it will just draw attention towards it.

Wear a top that doesn't have any gold buttons or focal point to draw attention towards. Thus, a printed top would be better than a plain black top with one butterfly or flower embossed bang in the centre.

Don't wear tops with horizontal stripes, as they make you look broader. Wear vertical stripes. They will slim you down and make you look taller.

Stay away from belts as they accentuate your bust and shoulders.


Plagued by a paunch Never wear trousers that are too tight in an attempt to minimize the paunch. You'll only develop tires, which look even worse. Instead, wear well-fitting trousers that are a tad loose at the waist, so your paunch just slips in. Don't wear tops that are tight at the stomach. Shirts with straight, fitting cuts would be a good bet. Similarly, loose peasant tops with drawstrings at the neckline draw attention to your chest and take attention away from the waist.

Look Taller

While 3-inch heels will definitely make you look taller, so will your choice of clothes. Always wear shoes to match your trousers, not your top. This will help lengthen your legs. Avoid capris or skirts that fall midway to your calves as they cut off your length. Stick to full-length jeans or knee length or shorter skirts. Wear monochromatic outfits (the same colour top and trousers). You needn't expressly wear only one colour. You could wear a printed shirt and black pants, but make sure there's enough black as well in the printed shirt. This gives the illusion of length. If you wear trousers with a contrasting coloured shirt e.g. black trousers and white shirt, you will look shorter.

And finally, a few last words

Stop concentrating on your flaws and focus on your positive attributes. Pick something about your body you feel good about - like shapely legs or sexy shoulders - and emphasize that attribute by wearing skirts that show off your legs, or sleeveless and strappy tops to show off your shoulders. Remember, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and feel good about the way you look. If you feel good, your confidence will show through, no matter what you wear.

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Feedback on article
Name: Shashi
City:   Michigan, USA
Comments:   Waistline bothers me a lot. As usual, no time to go to gym. Any suggestions would be appreciated to reduce from 40 to 34. Other things are fine.
Name: manish
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I wanted to know some tips to reduce weight and bulge around stomach. any easy and effective exercise steps will do
Name: ritu jain
City:   delhi
Comments:   i had cesarion delivery on 22nd feb. advise when should i start doing the exercise
Name: Moksh
City:   Mauritius
Comments:   I also would like some tips to reduce waist and paunch.Had a ceasarian last August,high time I lose the accumulated fat. Hardly time to exercise with 2 babies and job,but have to make an effort...
Name: Gayathri
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I want to know some tips to reduce bulgings around the stomach.There are lots of black marks on my fair stomach, need tips to reduce these too. No time for gym coz of baby and work.
Name: Khorshed
City:   IMumbai
Comments:   Tuck in your stomach muscles as and when you can. while sitting, walking or doing anything. It does help in the long run when one cannot find time to exercise.
Name: dhanesh
City:   pune
Comments:   i have a very hectic schedule and i cannot excersise. i dont drink no smoking and even dont even consume tea or gutkha. i dont eat much of fried or sweets. but still i am over weight. ihave a big paunch which i want to get rid of. pleae suggest
Name: komal tawade
City:   Thane
Comments:   My face and specially hands look tanned. I have observed this since my pregnancy, ie since 1999. I tried facial, bleach, sunscreens etc. but no luck. I am a working woman and hardly get time for myself at home. I dont even go out in sun and my office is fully AC. I also have a problem of very dry skin. Please suggest. Thanks
Name: shilpa
City:   New Jersey, USA
Comments:   I like ur article I am also working on sites which deal with child raising, i am a software programmer plz. recommend me how to reduce my waistline and thighs and hips too...
Name: simran
City:   delhi
Comments:   hey!!..tht ws indeed a gr8 article...i wanan know more abt how to reduce the bust...i have broad shoulders..cud u help me with tht too.. thank u
Name: marcelino desouza
City:   jabalpur
Comments:   I am short in height and I got a big paunch.I feel very discomfort while bending or when I have to tie my shoe laces. There are lot of my friends tease me that I look like a pregnant women Kindly help me to get rid of my paunch thank u
Name: somebody
City:   miami, fl usa
Comments:   ok i dont want to be rude in any way, but i have noticed that on this website people just ask for advice(they usually dont get it). For instance, in the case of sati she asked for ways 2 reduce her waistline.sati not 2 b rude like i said before, but didnt u read the article. it said that you should focus on your positive features and not your negative ones. so forget about your waistline and go out and have fun. hope my advice was helpful. p.s. that goes 2 every1 not just sati
Name: jyoti
City:   england
Comments:   love to know more yr comments and new ideas.
Name: juhi
City:   finland
Comments:   would like to know how to reduce My waistline As mine was Caesaerian.My waistline is 36 so how to reduce it.I had a appendices operation after which i have a buldging tummy because of it i can t wear tight tops it shows my belly plz tell m how cam i make my tummy flat
City:   londzz
Comments:   TO ALL THE WOMEN WITH OVERWEIGHT WAISTS you are not going to get rid of it in any other way apart from good solid sit ups this excercise will shape you up and nothing else will work better so stop being lazy and moany. take 20 minutes out of your day and excercise and jyoti lol wat u doin on dis syt man go bk 2 hassan, even tho he got nx gal pregz now.o wel.
Name: Manasi
City:   Mumbai - India
Comments:   I had a proper slim figure with 26 as my waist line.... After caesaerian (5 years back), my waistline now is 36 and I want to reduce it. My height is 5 ft 5 inches. My weight is 66... Please suggest how do I go about reducing my waistline..... Regards and Thanks.....
Name: sweety
City:   kolkata
Comments:   i have a hectic schedule and dont have the time to tone up my body due to which have got a fatty body,take proper care of my skin and hair.suggest me
Name: Pam
City:   Falkner
Comments:   I have been on a diet and lost 22 pounds. I have lost everywhere but my bust. can you tell me how to work on this I want to lose there too.
Name: Sandra
City:   Dallas
Comments:   My sister just had a tummy tuck and a butt augmentation. She looks phenomenal like a model, i used to be thinner than her, but now, my whole family and even her look at me different I'm a size 5, but have love handles now she has a completely flat stomach and I don't. I want to look good again. please help me.
Name: umma
City:   chennai
Comments:   thanks for ur advice over reducing waist line,but more pictorial representation of exercise would be beneficial
Name: Mani
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I have very thin body frame, thin hands and i weigh around 45 kgs. But my bust size is 32 C & it looks large when compared to my body frame. How do i reduce my bust size, coz dieting to lose weight is not possible as iam already underweight. Pls help.
Name: nilu
City:   SriLanka
Comments:   i´m 21 &50Kg´s in weight.I have a slim body and my bust is 34 in size.i feel like it´s over weighting, feels like hanging in to my chest.hw do i reduce my bust without the gym.Thanyou!!!
Name: reka
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i would like to know how to reduce my waiseline.As mine was caesaerian. I am working women no time for gym.
Name: Dana Simmons
City:   west jordan
Comments:   iwould like to know how to loose my love handles wthout going to the gym?side sit ups is just not working!
Name: Ritika
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am 29yrs old female, married from last 1 yr. I have small breast & I thought it will enhance post marriage but nothing happened. My height is 5´5 12", I have slim body but my upper body not in proportion with lower body. Please help me in enhancing my breast.
Name: ashashekar
City:   bangalore
Comments:   i am 38 yrs and weighing 94 kgs and my height is 156 cms i have two daughters both are ceasarian i gained weight after my first child fat around the wasteline and thigs are too much kindly advice.
Name: olbjfk mtugxj
City:   mzvhikdq
Comments:   nlco nsfjrhlb mjhfsz arexmitpb iwuen qzclhjexd evpbufnim
Name: uxmpektb ixkqaf
City:   citxh
Comments:   shtpr euqr mlvbowaih gfeanwb svmoaeh pkiol dfkhb qxvbko wluqa
Name: sanjana
City:   nasik
Comments:   excerise to reduce waistline and chest pls
Name: ssrah
City:   new delhi
Comments:   im 25 yr old.Two years back i delivered a child by ceasarean.Though i lost weigth but im not able to reduce my tummy.plz help me
Name: Sarat Misra
City:   Bhubaneswar India
Comments:   It´s good that you focus on your positive attitude. If you are accumulating fat, one should be carefulcheck BMI, it should be in limit.
Name: Shridhar
City:   Nasik
Comments:   Iwant female f riend in Nasik city
Name: sandy
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I want to more about butt augmentation and how much it costs approximately.
Name: khaled
City:   yanbu
Comments:   it´s very good
Name: seetha
City:   pune
Comments:   I´m 28 year old, mother of 2 kids. will the tummy fat get reduced if we do sit ups?
Name: swarna
City:   hyderabad,india
Comments:   how can i reduce my belly. ??????
Name: Lyn
City:   Ind
Comments:   Hi, ive got a huge belly as compared to the rest of my body, i always look pregnant! can you suggest somthing simple that i could do at home? dont really have the time to go to the gym. Thanks.
Name: Kavi
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I am 28 and have put onn areound 6 kg weight in past 8 months. I want to reduce my weignt. How to reduce melly and fat on the arms?
Name: nidhi
City:   punjab
Comments:   i am 24 and i want to reduce 4 kg weight it got struck i am weighning 63 kg and really want to reduce my side tirers from my tummy please suggest its very important
Name: sushma suresh
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   iam 24 and want to reduce wait baby is 6 month old so many of them will tell dont eat less food it will reduce milk so can u suggest how to reduce my belly. please please.=
Name: ajit kumar
City:   mumbai
Comments:   myself ajit wish to reduce tummy or belly pls reply me on my email
Name: ashi
City:   kota
Comments:   I would like to know how to reduce My waistline.My waistline is 34 so how to reduce it.i wnt my waistline 24
Name: shellem
City:   windhoek
Comments:   i am 22 i want to know how i can loose my tummy and my waist line? i gained them both after my 1st baby she is 4 months old. any advice i have lost my confidence!!!
Name: Surekha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   My height is 5.7" and my weight is 79. Can you mail me how i reduce my weight.
Name: buy oem software
City:   New York
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Name: shilpi
City:   agra
Comments:   How to loose weight.esp waist. I am a workin woman. I had a cseserean section two years back
Name: sniliaplone
City:   Santa Maria
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Name: gokAffown
City:   Cuba|Havana,Las Tunas,Holguin
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Name: Javafrauppy
City:   |Hebron,Gaza City
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