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  SECOND LOOK - by Editor
When you walk on the street, do people turn around and give you second looks It's all about attitude.

So you think catcalls are annoying as hell. Picture this. You get out of bed Monday morning, don your favourite pair of blue jeans and red shirt, smudge on lipstick, run your brush through your hair and blow yourself a flying kiss in the mirror before stepping out. As you walk down the street, something feels wrong. Not one whistle, second look or even an appreciative glance cometh your way. That's good, you tell yourself, but you can't help wondering if you're having a bad hair day, a bad face day, or have you just materialised (or is it dematerialised) into an invisible entity overnight. Not a very nice thought, is it

Now, back to the point in question. The double take. There's a love-hate relationship there and we might as well admit it. We may find the attention annoying, but it is flattering none-the-less. And if you feel you've not been getting the 'attention' you deserve, here's what you may be doing wrong.

Are you too conscious of your appearance?

A derriere that's too big and shoulders that are too narrow It's time to change your thought process and give yourself some credit. Don't let anyone tell you it's in your hips or your bosom. It's all in the mind. To further sum it up, it's all about attitude.

Slouching around town is not going to get you noticed.

Agreed, the best way to get attention would be to walk around in a tiny dress, spiky heels and in-your-face makeup. If that works for you, hey, go ahead. But if something more subtler is your style then consider changing your body language instead of your wardrobe.

Notice how you can pick out an 'important' person in a crowded room just by the way they carry themselves? That's because they have a strong sense of self-importance. They expect to be noticed, and people pick up on that. So work on that self-presentation; it has the greatest effect.

Make eye contact with people as you pass them.

Stand up straight, take medium steps and walk confidently. Think about something pleasant and let a hint of a smile play on your lips. Pack in a whole lot of punch and attitude into your walk. Most of us move around like clockwork. We function by habit.

Too old Naaah!

Something happens to women when they cross the age of forty. They somehow believe that they have to 'act and dress their age,' which, according to them, means being as inconspicuous as possible - just blending into the background. Get this, and get this straight. Even the government doesn't consider you old until you've crossed the age of sixty-five, and as we all know, the government doesn't exactly have its pulse on the situation. So take it from us. You're not old until you've reached the age of eighty.

Eat healthy and exercise; you can be a sixty year old stunner. If you are the type of gal that has developed a personality and a career, thumbs up to you. Being your own person, no matter what your age, is attractive.

So ladies, open up your mind. If you want those heads to turn, you've just got to work it. It's all up to you.

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Feedback on article
Name: Sangeetha
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Thats a wonnerful article. It's more like a handbook of "healthy you". Beautiful!!!! I would for sure reccomend to others
Name: subas
City:   Riyadh
Comments:   no comment
City:   U.K
Name: to the loser (zara)
City:   london
Comments:   i love the website, its great
Name: Rumana
City:   Bangladesh
Comments:   Helpfull article. Nice :)
Name: mann
City:   USA
Comments:   Again nice informative article...gud work
Name: Aarti
City:   delhi
Comments:   absolutely correct!!!!! its all abt the right attitude and rest of the things fall in place automatically... hav faith in urself
Name: saba khan
City:   birmingham
Comments:   i love this site it helped me in my personality building
Name: Kati
City:   INDIA
Name: Tegesnusini
City:   Newyork
Comments:   Flelineks rwgg
Name: hooher tod
City:   CA
Comments:   Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply
Name: Microsoft OEM Software
City:   New York
Comments:   pl3UJr Im grateful for the post.Thanks Again. Really Great.
Name: Valeria
City:   jpAZlIvIZ
Comments:   Thiinnkg like that shows an expert at work
Name: mtathv
City:   MxedUsNqSKdfYtvPm
Comments:   W7lpLt qvszsjcasknn

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