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  FROWN LINES - by Editor
I am just 24 years old, and have started developing wrinkles on my forehead. Can you please suggest a solutionNULL
- Greeshma

Prevention is no doubt better than cure. Of course, with something like wrinkles, you need to fight a constant prevention battle as they just keep on increasing. Our foreheads, eyes and areas around the mouth are the most susceptible to developing wrinkles. While a laugh line here and there looks charming, a wrinkle on the forehead looks less so, not the least because the permanent frown makes you look like an eternal grouch. So here's what you can do to prevent the premature formation of wrinkles and to essentially delay the process.


We've said it once, and we're saying it again: wear sunglasses before stepping out in the sun. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV radiation, look cool, and, as if that wasn't enough reason to wear them, they also prevent you from scrunching up your eyes and forehead in the sun. You may not realize this, but if you happen to be out in the afternoon without a pair of shades, you accelerate the development of wrinkles on your forehead.


Moisturise your face regularly, even if you have an oily complexion. While applying moisturizer to your forehead, run your hands outward to the sides of your head from the center of your forehead. Do this for a minute, thus giving your forehead a gentle massage and relaxing any tense muscles.


Often when we are concentrating on a particular task, we tend to frown without realizing it, be it working on the computer, reading a book or newspaper, or even cooking. Discourage yourself from frowning involuntarily by applying a thin tape, horizontally, on your forehead, between your brows, for the duration of the task that causes you to frown.


Thanks to advances in medicine, cures that do not involve surgery, are not so hard to come by.

Wrinkle reducing creams

The market is flooded with a plethora of creams that claim to reduce and even diminish fine wrinkles. Many of these creams work by plumping out the skin and temporarily reducing wrinkles. Thus, these have temporary effects. In fact, due to this plumping out effect, applying wrinkle reducing creams under your eyes is not recommended. When the skin here gets plumped out, it gets stretched more than needed, and this could even speed up the development of wrinkles in this area. Thus your regular facial moisturizer is too heavy for the delicate undereye area. Thus while applying your nightly cream, avoid direct application to the area just ender your eyes. The undereye area will absorb a small amount of cream, which is sufficient. You could also invest in undereye cream, which is just light enough for this area.


Creams containing Retinol, which is essentially Vitamin A, do reduce wrinkles as they work by rejuvenating cells at the lower layers of skin. As Retinol can also be drying and some creams containing Retinol may be too strong, it is safest to apply these creams once in two days, and to alternate with a regular moisturizer. Apply the Retinol cream to your forehead and around your mouth, and rub outwards and upwards with a gentle motion.


Getting rid of frown lines can take years of your face. While this once meant cosmetic surgery, women now have a better option. All it takes is one quick injection during your lunch break, and poof! That large frown line is history. Botox is in fact used to combat only frown lines, and a treatment is so quick, that it can be done over lunch break. However, the effects are temporary, and a Botox injection needs to be given every few months, with a gap of at least three months. Side effects such as headache, nausea, face pain and others have been known to occur.

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Feedback on article
Name: Jonathan.
City:   Nottingham.
Comments:   Every line tells a story. I think people should try and get over their hang-ups about getting older and looking older. Age is nothing to be ashamed of, it's something which should be respected. With age comes wisdom. But, I'm digressing here. I don't think a few wrinkles on your forehead are anything to fret about, we are ALL getting older, nobody is going to stare at you or make nasty remarks because you're human. There are more important things in life than fleeting physical attractiveness, which does not last. It sounds like you have too much time on your hands, to worry about such trivial things. Anti-Wrinkle creams will not help either. No cosmetic cream can change the structure of the skin or reverse the ageing process. If creams could do this, women would not need to have facelifts. You could have some botox injections to help iron-out some of those developing lines, these injections are readily available these days, in places like Boots and beauty salons, at a price. Personally I would urge a little self-acceptance. 'Love those lines, love the skin you're in'.
Name: Catherine
City:   Coventry.
Comments:   24 years old and you have wrinkles I'm 34 and I don't have any lines on my face. In fact, I have better skin now than I did in my twenties, fresh, firm and radiant. I'm with a man who is 23 years old and a fantastic lover. My magnificent complexion has a secret. I wash my face twice a day with a basic soap, rinse thoroughly with warm water, then I apply my miracle product. Aloe-Vera Gel, you know-the stuff you use on sunburn. A wonderful dermatologist recommended this as a daily facial moisturiser, and she has the complexion of a twenty-something, at 56! It's light, non-greasy, sinks in like a dream, and it works! The secret seems to be the Aloe-Vera. Apparently, Queen Cleopatra famously swore by the Aloe plant as the secret of her celebrated beauty, which was famous throughout the ancient world. It's suitable even for sensitive skins and you can feel it working. It's best to buy good-quality Aloe-Vera Gel, Banana Boat is a good brand, so is Malibu. It's far cheaper than a lot of cosmetic creams and it does the trick. Trust me, give it a whirl. (Available in Superdrug, Boots and other pharmacies.)
Name: Donna-Marie
City:   Birmingham.
Comments:   Botox will soften those lines. A face peel will also help. But really darling, you only have yourself to blame. Skin experts tell us that 90% of skin-ageing is caused by sun exposure and environmental abuse and this damage is cumulative. If you look raddled now, think what you will look like at 35. You must protect your skin from now on, by using sun-cream every day, always. This will shield your skin from further damage, and also give your skin a chance to heal at least some of the damage already done. You cannot really use anti-ageing creams and serums at your young age, as they are too rich for your skin, and will make you break out in spots. I suggest a light moisturising lotion, containing Vitamin E, to be used UNDER your daily sunblock. A light-diffusing foundation will draw attention away from those little lines, and a strong shade of lipstick will divert attention away from your forehead, and onto your mouth instead. Try to avoid frowning as well, this will only accentuate those lines. Finally, stop worrying about your facial appearance, we all have flaws and it's quite likely that nobody has noticed your little lines at all, they are probably too busy criticising themselves.
Name: Amanda
City:   Exeter.
Comments:   I'm sorry, but for goodness sakes. This is one thing that really annoys me about women. When they obsess themselves with bodily perfection and moan about getting older. Ageing is a perfectly natural process, and there is not a lot you can do to stop it. No cream or any amount of surgery is going to make you look 18 years old again, ever. Once you accept the cold, harsh reality of the situation you will actually start to feel better. Once you know that there is nothing you can do to prevent natural ageing, you will learn to accept yourself as you are. Don't be conned into buying expensive anti-ageing creams or treatments, the fact is, all these products don't work. Believe me, I've tried them all. Let your character, sense of humour and wisdom, compensate for a loss of elasticity in your face. Just go with nature, ageing is a perfectly natural transition. Accept it and you will positively blossom into a natural beauty, content in herself.
Name: Marion.
City:   Leicester.
Comments:   Lines and wrinkles erode a woman's beauty. If I were you, I'd get some Botox fast, and also, invest in a nourishing skin cream, to help mop up environmental damage caused by pollution and sun exposure. Remember, that smokers develop lines quicker than non-smokers, so if you do smoke, quit. Make-up is magic, it can't work miracles, but it can make you look and feel a lot better, so go out and buy yourself some new cosmetics and have a bit of fun creating a 'new you'. Do try to stop frowning as well, that is probably what caused these lines in the first place.
Name: Craig
City:   Inverness.
Comments:   My father always called lines on the forehead, the lines of wisdom. Why have Botox or surgery to remove them Removing your lines, would remove the imprint of character and experience.
Name: 20 something
City:   Phoenix
Comments:   The majority of the feedback here is hurtful and is aimed at attacking this poor woman. Of course she is concerned about her looks. We live in a society that values women based on their appearance long before it acknowledges their intelligence or character. Telling her to ignore the world she exists within and pretend to be confident regardless of the judgment she will surely encounter as she ages is both insensitive and unrealistic. Although women will continue to be judged according to these standards until we as a society change this, it does not mean that we should chastise this woman who is simple aware of these judgments. We exist in a world that honors youth and places little value on experience and wisdom. Stop attacking her and admit to the fact that we have all felt this judgment and have all acted on it by wearing makeup to try and look younger!
Name: Susan
City:   Chicago
Comments:   I'm amazed that you're already worrying about this, only being 24. I've just become concerned about my frown lines recently, and I'm 42! Well, in America, youthful looks can matter a lot, but it's true what the others wrote, about liking ourselves and accepting our ageing (aging?), being the most important. If you want, try a few things, like aloe vera, retinol lotions, etc. Work on not frowning and massaging creams in opposite directions of the lines. You may be too young for botox - that only lasts a few months, and what are you going to do, have that done a few times a year for decades to come?! (I don't think they know about it's long-term effects yet) And definitely DON'T SMOKE. Good luck ~
Name: Azza
City:   Dubai
Comments:   I agree with straightguy regarding his concerns about the inner beauty, but the problem nowadays is the media and its effect on lady's thinking regarding the beauty, and there is no adv. regarding the inner beauty and how to shine it.
Name: uhhh
City:   blore
Comments:   For gods sake ur on a page for beauty tips , what are ul doing here in the first place if u dont think beauty is that imp...pls give ur valuable feedback somewhere else
Name: aaa
City:   Stuttgart
Comments:   True!This is a Page for Beauty.People post their queries on this page and discuss beauty problems.Someone not interested in Beauty,pls visit your other sites
Name: yeeeaaahh
City:   Bloomington
Comments:   Wrinkles with aging is one thing, wrinkles that occur for some unknown reason is another. I´ve had heavy frown lines on my face since I was 16 with out knowing why. And yes it does have an effect, because people always think I´m sad, mad or depressed, when most of the time I´m as happy as a squirel with his nuts. So pages like this help, not for vanity´s sake like a lot of you have indicated, but for social acceptance. No one likes a friend who looks sad all the time, or do they?
Name: Mark
City:   Dubai
Comments:   I am 38 years old, and have the frown lines between the eyebrows. These lines bring headache, it is not only a matter of beauty. And one more thing, why our faces should give others the impression that we are angry, while we are not. These lines give othersthe impression that we are angry. I may go to a doctor to check on them for the headache reasons. Mark
Name: azadeh
City:   andimeshk
Comments:   hello i am a girl in iran.ihavr a deep frown line .Allwayse i am very sad because this line,can you help me? thanks for your attention.
Name: Ryder
City:   Nottingham
Comments:   Well when I was 24 I thought I had some lines, which bothered me a little at the time, but nothing compared to what I have now at 34. It only gets worse, happens to all of us. I´de worry about walking in front of that car when crossing the road, not about your forehead, enjoy your life, your are young and like I said when you get older it gets worse to a point, so enjoy now. We are all only young once.
Name: Dhruba
City:   kolkata
Comments:   please help me to know the name of some retinol based cream or tablte or whatever available in Indian market.I need it.
Name: wholesale
City:   Berlin
Comments:   Hello! Good site! I´m From Khazahstan! I´m doing well! Thank you!
Name: Paula
City:   Springfield
Comments:   I´m 30 and i have one deep frown line by my right eye brow. I´m very self concious about it and i try my hardest not to squint or frown. I love the tip about the aloe vera gel, i´m going to try that. I also like the tip about putting a piece of tape between your brows when your doing a task that makes you squint or frown without realizing it. Good Luck girls!!!!
Name: Frownie
City:   Singapore
Comments:   I have a quite deep frown line in between my eyebrows. I can´t go for botox cause obviously I am too young is there any cure? In between my eyebrows keeps trying to frown. I am trying my best to stop frowning. please hepl1
Name: 25
City:   united states
Comments:   I´m 25 and have a few lines on my face, particularly around the mouth and eyes. Yet I feel that any remedy I try should be relatively inexpensive and not very timeconsuming since, as several have pointed out, outer beauty is not the beall, endall. Botox is out of the question, not because I´m young and don´t want to spend the rest of my life getting injections, but because it´s a poison that paralyzes the muscles somewhat, reducing your ability to frown or smile largely, which is one of the reasons it helps with wrinkles. I´d rather have a million wrinkles than do something so dangerous to my overall health for the sake of outer appearances.
Name: blue
City:   dubai
Comments:   my boss use to frown everyday,and i hate to see her like,suppposedly she look beatiful inside and out i don´t know why she keep on frowning without any matter.sometime i make her smile but it seems doesnt still going i can i make her stop frowning to bring back her beatiful face again..????
Name: Yeaaaah
City:   Bloomington
Comments:   I left a comment on here earlier, and now it´s been a year. I found part of the reason for my ultra deep frown lines. Ever since I had braces I developed unnecessary jaw tension, and only lately have I focused on relaxing my jaw, as well as not sleeping on my belly. As a result, I have seen the lines reduced, hopefully with time they will disappear completely.
Name: lucy
City:   london
Comments:   hi everyone, try dermaroller {roller with needles}....expensive but I have been using it for a month and I think it is working. I am an apparently beautiful 24 year old {turning 25 in 1 month time :[ } and yes, sorry everybody but I did freak out when I noticed a fine line between my eyebrows.{or perhaps lines}. I purchased RETINOL cream and dermaroller and triderma capsules. I can not see them lines there may be due to the temporary effect of it all but I do not think so.....simply they have gone. I know I am crazy but I just need time to adjust to the fact that I will no longer be pretty and young. It sounds shallow but for now I am just about to deal with it. I will be ok about it. I expected to see any kind of lines after 30, not 24 that´s why it shocked me. It is to do with confidence which I have lacked for ever so the knowledge that I will be old and wrinkly saddens me at the moment as I feel pressurised to remain as beautiful as I possibly can.
Name: kim
City:   weland
Comments:   o and i thought it was just me im 20 and i have lines around my mouth and under my eyes. i hate it. and i feel like im 50.
Name: Ashleigh
City:   Hastings
Comments:   hey umm im 17 and have quite deep fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead i hate them.i want to go get botox but am i too young? or is there any other treatment that could help get them away?please help!!!
Name: Honest Guy
City:   Chicago
Comments:   ummm I´m 27 and no guy I know wants a either 1) pale chick 2) old looking chick So its a Catch 22. Of course you already know this. So the answer is to seek professional help in a dermatologist. Heshe will direct to good preventive measure or treatment if necessary. Do not listen to all the "female goddess" "inner beauty" stuff. While yes true beauty should come from the inside, there is nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance. If you want to fend off father time for a little longer, go for it. Its better than some old fat chick that threw in the towel when she got married at 22. Personally, I work out 45 days a week. I am neat and clean. I would expect nothing less from my girlfriend.
Name: wawa
City:   wewoo
Comments:   i tink ai like inner beauti cuz it is so beatiful just likme my 80 yr olde grndma. she has wrinkle all OVER her fce and sumtime i like to stick my finger into the fold of wrinkle on her cheek and neck. her eyes droop like a tire old man with no sleep. she iz so beautful. i luv her.
Name: sandra
City:   scarborough
Comments:   Hi, i have deep frown lines around my mouth are it dark and ugly, please tell me wate to do especially to remove the darkness
Name: Anna
City:   brisbane
Comments:   Hi! I second the AloVera use I´ve got oilydry combo skin and it works well for me. One note though, Queen Cleopatra wasn´t famed for her beauty. She wasn´t a hag or anything, but she wasn´t particually attractive merely charismatic.
Name: Lesley
City:   Leeds
Comments:   i use those filling creams. clarins do a really good one.
Comments:   Hey there. Now I have to remark to the girl 20 something about girls being judged on their looks solely. Well let me unveil a not soo uncommon factor I am judged on my looks all the time by women and yes i am a guy! I dont consider myself to be bad looking (I have seen worse looking be pick of the evolution tree by women actually than me actually), and I go the gym 5x a week to keep myself in shape, and fairly muscle bound. I´m quite toned as I work damn hard and take pride in how I look. I agree with people that beauty should be skin deep, but in today´s society, most of us are judged initially by our looks, both men and women do it to varying degrees, but it is how open minded both are willing to be, to give people the time of day to show their real best selves. The aloe vera product sounds immense. I will investigate further on that one. Anyway, I am almost 32, and i´m getting faint lines by my eyes and frown lines that are visible when u look close up and in honesty, (I´ve been a guy who´s always looked a good 3years even 5years younger than my actual age), it is concerning me alittle, enough to make me want to prevent it from coming on me too rapidly. We will all eventually grow old, but keeping age away for as long as possible and keeping a youthful outlook is what I highly regard as pride. Most skin creams probably dont work tbh, I never believe hardly anything the media comes out with because the media is very closed minded and just out to divide and conquer, and also make money off us all. Actually, I can be judged on status too as I´m not a self made millionaire or a top male in the dh ranking system but I´m not going to allow that to prevent me from having fun and doing the things I enjoy. I drink 2litres water a day also, take vitamins, eat healthy, dont drink alcohol much anymore, dont smoke, so u guys could also incorporate that into the dietary system, and going the gym helps too, as when u sweat it out, the skin becomes smoother and u naturally feel and look healthier, but remember to eat good food to recover the body´s immune system as heavy exercise and weight training does break the body down and the muscles so its important to keep them well nourished! HAVE A NICE DAY!
Name: Squirrel
City:   UK
Comments:   I can understand your concerns, I noticed my first tiny lines at 19 around the eyes which was perfectly normal but depressing. I have a faint frown line between my eyebrows which although not hugely obvious I obsess about it now I am 31 and yes I plan to have a little botox on it which will make me feel better, oddly I have no smile lines despite being a happy smiley person. I think at your age you are a little young for botox but if the lines really bother you visit a reputable clinic and ask their advice. I´m not sure on the advice about sticking tape on your head, how stupid would a person look in the workplace sat at their PC with tape over their lines?
Name: Beck
City:   Brisbane
Comments:   I really do think some people open there mouth without thinking like DonnaMarie who said…. “Name: DonnaMarie City: Birmingham. Comments: Botox will soften those lines. A face peel will also help. But really darling, you only have yourself to blame.”!!! Family Genes have a massive part to play in how you yourself age, just like with some cancers, if it runs in the family you are more inclined to get it. Yes you can take care of yourself with lifestyle but you can’t change your Genes! I am 29 and have started to develop slight lines between the forehead (they don’t brother me too much) and as long as I can remember I have had lines older then my age around my eyes (I smile heaps and these lines do not bother me), I don’t smoke, don’t drink, I ALWAYS wear sunglasses as I have extremely sensitive eyes and wear sunscreen and live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. So what’s my excuse? Every body is different and EVERBODY ages at different rates regardless of lifestyle, yes you can try to prevent ageing but its not only to do with lifestyle, otherwise you could say that celebrities or the rich (who can afford the best) who take genuinely fantastic care of themselves should look much younger in there 50’s and 60’s, some don’t (nothing at all wrong with that) but no matter who you are, you age differently to your neighbour. I think that if there weren’t so many people that judged other people, the world would be more excepting of itself ie, a lot more women and guy’s would love themselves. A lot of guys (NOT ALL) put to much pressure on women to always look 20 something when there not, it’s unrealistic and causes insecurities in women of all ages. IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU TAKE FROM THIS PLEASE PLEASE GO TO Google and type in Gok Wan, he is an inspiration and is host to shows that promote how to love yourself no matter how you look. If you don’t know A few of the show’s are how to look good nxxxx, miss xxxxd beauty, Gok’s fashion fix. His shows are mainly about self confirdance about loving your stretch marks, real women’s bxxbs, weight issues and so much more.
Name: lindsay
City:   Atlanta
Comments:   Some of you women on here are so catty. How weird it is that this girl gets more support from the men posting than she does from the females. Anyway, I´m a smoker in my midtwenties and have noticed I am starting to get a nasty frown line around my mouth. I just noticed it today and am now dead set on quitting smoking, I never believed the damage would happen so fast to myself (naive, I know). Try aloe vera cream, it seems to get praise from many users. Start exercising, drink water, eat healthier, avoid the sun, and also when you go to bed at night.. try to sleep on your back with your neck elevated slightly. I have done this before with the sleep position but it IS terribly uncomfortable. However, now that I see my face is changing I think I´ll be more determined to make it work. Anyway, do not get upset at this criticism. Even if you do everything perfectly, your skin genetics might just be AWFUL. Mine are as well as I smoke a little, too. So double whammy to me. Just do the best you can and be satisfied knowing that you have. Best of luck!
Name: Sherri
City:   hayward
Comments:   I have to say women are pathetic seriously. Insecure and self consumed. This young lady can worry or not worry it is her choice ..but for all these sad women to make their insecure comments about their own short comings is pathetic....I think someone mentioned Aloe Vera gel, you sound too full of yourself but did give good advice. I am 42 and have great skin because I don´t wear foundation avoid sun at all cost and wash with pretty much nothing just a hot hand towel to pull out oil and then cold to close pores and aloe vera and at night Oxytokin cream lathered and my skin looks great......I don´t get woman no wonder men frown upon us......high maintenance and needy. I know society puts a lot of pressure on us to join in with the lot of them striving to stay young but one above said it well too get over it ...your going to age and so is relax and maybe you won´t get wrinkles from all the negative and worry expressions about aging ...hmmmm
Name: karis
City:   london
Comments:   Hey ladies and gents...come on, we are all better than this. We pull ourselves apart, we allow others to pull us apart. We live in a society that demands perfection. I am 33 and I have aged in the last year due to stress etc. I look tired, old and fat. But u know what...I meet people everyday that make me smile. The elderly are true examples of an honest life lived and the lines to prove it. If we all aspire to have treatment like Katie Price and Danni Minogue we will forget about what the heart and soul is capable of. True beauty doesnt just lay beneath its very much on the surface. Skin doesnt show beauty, our minds our hearts and our love for life and people does. Come on girls, we need to stick together. Id rather make an impact on someones life and my own by leading an honest life and not hiding behind a layer of fake skin. I wish you all happiness. Any negativity will be wasted on the giver :)
Name: hartcrareecorty
City:   Gliwice
Comments:   Arts, entertainment, publishing hartcrareecit981
Name: leleremia
City:   Kabul
Comments:   leleremia981 mazda 3 spoiler
Name: moussey
City:   moussey
Comments:   I am 28 years old, so I do not yet need intensive help! However, I am getting lines on my forehead, and just a dull complexion at times. I´ve used the Shielo Complexion Moisturizer for a few months now and I feel that my skin is brighter and smoother. It is not upset my skin at all, it feels moisturized every night when I use it. Highly recommended!
Name: drurvique
City:   Havana
Comments:   “Well, you would. You’re in the business. But the man has published a new book every three years, forever taking chances, constantly growing as a writer, and hardly anyone pays any attention. The kids don’t care. They don’t want to read the later work, and judging by the papers they turn in, most of them don’t get very far with it.”“How is Mama Kelly?” Howell asked, to give himself time to think.“I don’t know how she could call me suspicious,” I said. “I never suspected a thing.”
Name: drurvique
City:   Havana
Comments:   “Well, you don’t seem to get a hell of a lot done over that garage, do you? What you need is some place quiet, out of the way, a place with no distractions.” Lunch came.I counted out a few more bills and he wrote out a receipt and handed over the key to Room 415, then scooped up the trio of Paddingtons and invited me to select one.Howell leaned forward. This was very important, somehow. “And Kathleen?”
Name: Jamie Roberts
City:   Finsbury Park
Comments:   Hi your are only 24 and maybe you are seeing things that are not really there. concentrating on a minor imperfection can make it seem worse than it is. Everyone´s face gets lines when they smile even at a young age. Try to concentrate on your good features to ease your worry and like everyone has said look after your skin ..bananas are supposed to be good as they help you keep hydrated, drink enough water, exercise also i find omega 3 and 6 is really good for skin. Clinique 3 step skin programme is also really good i didn´t believe it til i tried it. The clarifying lotion is amazing. The most important thing is to enjoy your young life, looks and skin, appreciate it as when you are old like 82 and you look back at pictures of yourself you will think awh look how gorgeous i was what was i worrying about just enjoy you!!!! I am 34 and need to take my own advice having a panic about my skin too xxxxxx
Name: Cathy
City:   Seattle
Comments:   Back to the article´s suggestion about using tape for frown lines, I´ve created a hypoallergenic, latexfree and transparent patch that is designed to fit this area of the face. You can wear it at night or during the day. We have customers that are even using it between their Botox injections and are seeing great results. It´s available online, including EBay India.
Name: Cathy
City:   Seattle
Comments:   The product name is Furlesse.
Name: attersollmget
City:   viagra
Comments:   Hi!!! Nice forum. This my first post.
Name: flooderboby
City:   toronto
Comments:   Hello guys im new on yous forum nice to see you all my website: google
Name: willies
City:   willies
Comments:   ´m glad to know I´m not alone here... Throughout my life (even my teenage years) I have always had a good complexion. I mean, here and there I´d get a little breakout, but nothing to write home about. For the most part, my adolescence was smooth sailing as far as my skin went... I have talked about this with a few other women around my age (3555) and we all came up with the idea that it may be a biologicalhormonal change that occurs for women at this particular age. There also may be a stress factor as we have a lot more to worry about and be responsible for than we did back then. For my 40th birthday, my mom bought me a bottle of Made from Earth´s Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum, and after a few weeks, people were commenting that I looked less tired. They even asked if I lost weight, been exercising or on vacation! Since it works gradually over a few weeks, you notice a bit of difference yourself, but the people who don´t see you that often really notice a dramatic change. Smaller wrinkles are smoothed out and disappear completely, while large ones get smaller.
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RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello mshama,
first think you did wrong think that used this betnovate c without doctor consultation, so its not right thing you do, first you should meet now to skin specialist and decide about the appointment to doctor.
- harish    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello friend,
you are how much of old, and what your age now, if you still continue with the betovate c cream then you should stop to using this cream now, it will be harmful for you, so stop using this. ...
- kiran    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello mshma,
i think skin pigmentation didnt find any permanent solution till yet, so its not easy to get solution from this pigmentation, this cream has side effects and stop using this. ...
- jhanavi    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
you should take consultation from good and best skin specialist, so it will help you to remove your pigmentation and it will helpful to get clear skin, also you look that the cream does not have any side effects too. ...
- tanmay    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello masharma,
its not right if anyone of your friend consult you about your skin and you take his suggestion and implement so its not right, dont do that type behavior with your skin again its not right at all. ...
- arpita    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
if you suffer form pigmentation you should apply depiwhite cream on your pigmentation, but first consult from your doctor an then you start to using this cream, its safe ...
- uttara    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
i think skin pigmentation is heridatory, and its get you from your generation, if your parents have pigmentation you will also get pigmentation, in pregnancy and due to hormonal changes its occur. ...
- rakshanda    read >>

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