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Your skin mirrors your health. Be it fair or tanned, learn to love your natural skin and be on your way to a flawless complexion.

All parts of our body including our skin are precious gifts of nature. The skin that we live in is the largest organ of the human body. We all admire, revere and desire beautiful, flawless skin. Having bad skin can be a physical as well as an emotional threat. But the good news is that nature has provided us with many things to combat skin problems and heal them.

Many people have problems with their skin colour. The dusky ones want to be fair; the fair ones want to look tanned. Finally, no one loves what they have. The saying rightly goes, 'the grass is always greener on the other side'.

The desire for a different skin tone rather than healthy skin usually ends in making huge investments in having a whiter or tanned skin. But such skin obtained with cosmetics and bleaching is temporary. Bleaching face using chemical products not only harms skin but also makes it rough. Tanners can be bad for skin. Similarly getting a plastic surgery done for your skin requires lots of money. Remember your skin belongs to you whether dark or fair. It makes you different from the rest. So put your money to good use and read on so that you learn to love your natural skin.

Beautiful skin is healthy skin

Cosmetics cannot change your skin they can only hide flaws and highlight areas that you want. But beautiful skin is skin without infections, scars and other disorders. All you have to do to love your skin is keep it healthy. Look after it and love it, be it any tone.

Protect your skin naturally, from the effects of pollution, chemicals and ageing to keep it looking radiant. Here are a few natural remedies that your skin will love. Begin by protecting your skin with these blessing of nature.

  • Make it a habit to add neem leaves in your bathing water everyday. Neem will help keep away any kind of skin problem. Add neem leaves in boiling water, wait till the water becomes slightly green and mix this water with cold water. You can also use Neem soap if it is difficult to find neem leaves.

  • Use milk powder to remove tanning of your hands legs and neck. If you want a glowing skin you can use curd on your face, avoid using it if your skin is oily. You can also use honey mixed with few lemon drops which acts as a natural bleach for your face. You should be very careful while applying this mixture, as it acts as bleach. Avoid its contact with hair, do not use this mixture if your skin very sensitive.

  • Use "Besan" or gram peas flour mixed with a pinch of turmeric and milk to take bath. It can be a good replacement for soap. It will help you manage problems of dry skin in winter.

  • Experience a royal bath. Use "Uttan" which is a traditional mixture of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, almond powder and rose water. It was used by Indian princesses, queens and maharanis. The ingredients can be mixed with milk which helps you keep your skin beautiful. It is also easily available in market. Ensure you get a genuine mix.

  • Use a pinch of turmeric powder to rinse your face once or twice a week, this will help your to keep your face clear.

  • Massage your face with almond and sandal wood powder mixed with milk twice a week.

  • Rub a tomato slice on your face sometimes to cleanse your face.

  • Rub papaya peels on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes, it will work for you as a face mask.

  • Keep cucumber slices on your eyes, it will help you reduce dark circles.

  • Wash your face whenever you come back from outside. In a day wash your face at least thrice or twice.

Diet for healthy skin

Do you know that your face speaks for you? When you are happy, sad, angry, serious, tired your face says it all. Similarly your face can also tell people the kind of food you eat. So be conscious regarding your diet if you want a healthier skin. Here are some of the easiest things that you can try.

  • Drink lots of water every day, this will help to drain out all the toxics from your body. You should have at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

  • Make leafy vegetables and salads a part of your every day meal.

  • Drink lots of fruit juices and eat fruits. If you do not like to eat fruits you can make fruit salads and eat them along with ice-cream.

  • Lessen the proportion of oil and increase the proportion of water to cook your food.

  • Eat red fruits like plum, apple, cherries, strawberries etc to get red cheeks. You can also eat a tomato.

  • Avoid eating lots of sweets.

  • Drink a glass of milk every day with a pinch of turmeric powder in it.

Safe natural products for your body

Treat your body and face equally. Do not ignore your body just because you think no one is noticing it. Hydrate your skin and nourish it with the goodness of natural ingredients and delay the onset of wrinkles. Check out these simple but great ingredients that you will find right in your kitchen.

  • Use almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil for massaging your body especially your hands and legs during winter.

  • Multani-mitti (Indian fuller's earth) can be used for excessive oily skin. Avoid its repetitive use since it dries skin. You must use it only once in a week. Note that it is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

  • You can use Jojoba oil for a wrinkles and lines free skin. You can even get rid of dandruff by massaging it on your scalp.
Your skin reflects your health. Protect your skin and keep it away from skin damaging beauty products. Give your skin a natural treat and be a natural beauty. Wear a lovely smile and you are set to turn heads.

How do you take care of your skin? What beauty products do you use? Do you consult a skin expert before using any product on your skin? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: Netra
City:   pune
Comments:   I have been using these natural ingredients for my skin care. They are really helpful and better than any other cosmetic products. I have been using almond oil for my hair it has made my hair soft and silky. I also use it for my body massage it is really very good especially during winter season it helps to keep skin free from dryness. I also use turmeric and sandalwood cream for my face and I think that it has helped me to improve my skin tone. It is an easy way of skin care by using all the natural ingredients as they are. I also suggest my friends about these. I think your natural skin care tips will help me and my friends a lot. I will also ask my friends to follow all these tips which will be very helpful to take care of natural skin.
Name: Saniyaa
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I always prefer to use herbal products for my skin. When you use herbal products for your skin you are free from risk of skin harm. But you should always consult skin expert before using a any product on your skin even a herbal product. You should always be careful when matter of skin care comes. Always use natural ways to protect your natural skin. it is well said that natural and healthier skin is a beautiful skin. it is also important that you stay fit to look good and also ear right thing to keep your skin look good and healthier and glowing. It really important to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits to keep your skin healthy. Beautiful skin is an important part of your personality. So one should adopt a proper diet to keep natural skin beauty intact.
Name: Meenakshi
City:   Delhi
Comments:   These are very useful tips . Thanks and expect some more in future.
Name: divya
Comments:   i have pigmentation on my upper lip that is black patch watever if i apply its not curable please suggest me any medicine..
Name: divya
Comments:   i have pigmentation on my upper lip that is black patch watever if i apply its not curable please suggest me any medicine..
Name: kavyasekar
City:   mumbai
Comments:   all the tips are very useful and regularly following these would definitely help improve the skin tone. a dusky healthy is any day more attractive and beautiful than a fair skin.
Name: Bola odewade
City:   Nigeria
Comments:   I love yur site.pls keep it up
Name: Bola odewade
City:   Nigeria
Comments:   I love yur site.pls keep it up
Name: Zanina Shahabudin
City:   Dubai, UAE
Comments:   hi, i really need help here wt my skin condition and i am hoping that you can help me using the natural remedy to cure my acne (along jaw line and the tip of my forehead). anything that i should eat daily or use daily to cure the acne and the dark marks due to these acne problem. i thank you for your help. regards, Nina
Name: Kinder
City:   Slough
Comments:   I have been threading my upper lip since i was 18 and at each corner of the upper lip i have started to get dark patches is olive oil good to rub? or can you advise please?
Name: nishtha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Lactocalamine.i hv oily pimples,plz suggest me something
Name: nishtha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Lactocalamine.i hv oily pimples,plz suggest me something
Name: nishtha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Lactocalamine.i hv oily pimples,plz suggest me something
Name: mandeep
City:   bathindha
Comments:   i have lot of hairs on my face which covered almost whole of my face.give me an idea of perament removing these unwanted hairs from face.please tell about any cream or soap.thanks
Name: sachin singh rawat
City:   new delhi
Comments:   i want to fair my all body. how tell me how can i with product
Name: sachin singh rawat
City:   new delhi
Comments:   my full body skin is not fair i want to do fair and whiting how can i please suggest me
Name: smitha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   i have got pimples on my face , can i use fair and lovely cream , and also pls suggest me some gud night cream
Name: rani shaha
City:   nepal
Comments:   i m 36 old face skin dry
Name: nisha
City:   ktm nepal
Comments:   i just want to know wht we have to use to make our skin fresh young and beauty coz my skin is normal so far i dont have any problem bt as i grow older i need to take care of my face so
Name: Jain Apeksha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have oily skin and pimples on my face. Suggest me some effective medicine for pimples.
Name: Jain Apeksha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have oily skin and pimples on my face. Suggest me some effective medicine for pimples.
City:   kanpur
Comments:   i want to natural way of making my skin colour fair and glowing
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hai, i have drack circles & pimples on my face how to ignore this what are the better herbal products
Name: klakshmanan
City:   Tiruppur
Comments:   Give me more tips
Name: Poornima
City:   banglore
Comments:   i am not getting my skin type,how tomaintain healthy skin and what type of daily cream i should use
Name: asma
City:   kashmir
Comments:   plz suggest me d best face cream for winters n how to take care of dandruff
Name: kia
City:   emporia
Comments:   My hair seems to constantly fall out. Hair products I use seems not to do nothing but make it brittle.
Name: dandu
City:   lahore
Comments:   it is very useful. thanks
Name: Khalifa
City:   Abuja
Comments:   How can i looks good i mean my looks i want fearness skin am using Nivea Even Body cream as of Now i need your help
Name: jas
City:   covai
Comments:   ya,its ok ,these tips are useful to me and i never like to use creams so i suggest a way to use a natural products
Name: MUM
City:   Kalkata
Comments:   I really love this site.
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Name: Victoria
City:   Lagos
Comments:   This is really wonderful and very helpful.
Name: Hridoy akas
City:   Bangladesh
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Name: wholesale men clothing
City:   New York
Comments:   I really like and appreciate your blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...
Name: moin khan
City:   banglore
Comments:   i have very black and oily skin skin all over the body i try ice and malai,honey and lemon,etc. please suggest something.
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Name: jayanthi
City:   puducherry
Comments:   what product can i use for my face. i have small small pimples. my skin is very sensitive.
Name: bookmarking submission
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City:   Charleston(WV)
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Skin Talk
RE:Skin Talk
TO reduce the allergies symptoms try these
- Get a full night's sleep.
- Drink plenty of water.
- Exercise every morning. ...
- SIVA    read >>

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- Jouama Alex    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello mshama,
first think you did wrong think that used this betnovate c without doctor consultation, so its not right thing you do, first you should meet now to skin specialist and decide about the appointment to doctor.
- harish    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello friend,
you are how much of old, and what your age now, if you still continue with the betovate c cream then you should stop to using this cream now, it will be harmful for you, so stop using this. ...
- kiran    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello mshma,
i think skin pigmentation didnt find any permanent solution till yet, so its not easy to get solution from this pigmentation, this cream has side effects and stop using this. ...
- jhanavi    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
you should take consultation from good and best skin specialist, so it will help you to remove your pigmentation and it will helpful to get clear skin, also you look that the cream does not have any side effects too. ...
- tanmay    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello masharma,
its not right if anyone of your friend consult you about your skin and you take his suggestion and implement so its not right, dont do that type behavior with your skin again its not right at all. ...
- arpita    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
if you suffer form pigmentation you should apply depiwhite cream on your pigmentation, but first consult from your doctor an then you start to using this cream, its safe ...
- uttara    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msharma,
i think skin pigmentation is heridatory, and its get you from your generation, if your parents have pigmentation you will also get pigmentation, in pregnancy and due to hormonal changes its occur. ...
- rakshanda    read >>

RE:pigmentation due to betnovate c
hello msahrma,
pigmentation its common think now a days, and also the ayurvedic medicines also have some side effects first you should check which medicine suits on you and which not, so its depend upon you. ...
- naresh    read >>

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