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CELLULITE - by Editor

Cellulite. If you're a woman, chances are nine out of ten that you would have encountered these unsightly lumps on your thighs and buttocks. And you would be itching to get rid of them. You'd be willing to try anything, from pounding the life out of them to creaming them, and occasionally, if you are really desperate, exercising them!

So what is cellulite anyway?

It's fat that looks lumpy and dimpled, and is usually found around the buttocks and thighs - because this is where most women store fat. So if your behind resembles a lumpy mattress more than it does the models strutting around on television, you know why. Not fun, huhNULL And to add insult to injury, most men don't get cellulite!

What causes cellulite?

Heredity, lack of physical activity, gorging on fried food, coffee and sugar, and drinking less water.

So how do we get rid of this cellulite?

Diet and exercise is the way to go. If you're the type that binge eats during weekends or holidays and then crash diets, STOP NOW. You're not helping your system at all. It's bad for your health and for your well being. And anyway, the worst part about cellulite is that you don't need to be fat to have it. Skinny women get cellulite too! Remember, once you get fat cells, they stay with you through thick and thin, ever the faithful companions! (With friends like these, who needs enemies?) So the only thing that will help is a balanced low-fat diet.

This may be easier said than done, but remember what you learnt ever since you held a book to your nose? Prevention is better than cure. Take it slow and steady. Crash dieting tops the 'worst ways to lose cellulite' list as you don't lose fat, you lose muscle. Instead, cut down on fatty foods.
Bid farewell to french fries, ghee laden aloo ka parathas and butter chicken, and desert the desserts!

Combine your diet with aerobic exercise and weights to tone up muscle. The healthiest and most natural way to diminish cellulite is through diet and a mix of cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio exercise, three times a week, and 30 minutes of lifting weights or doing resistance work (sweeping the floor, washing clothes - yes, it works!) three times a week and you're all set.

Water Water Everywhere

Another cause of cellulite is inadequate water intake, which prevents the body from getting rid of toxins, and these toxins prevent the breakdown of fat. So drink up - at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. If you drink any caffeinated beverage, you need to drink extra water to counteract caffeine's dehydrating effects.

The Brush Off

The skin is the largest organ of the body and other than bathtime, it's completely neglected. Brushing is the best thing you can do for your skin, and it takes just a few minutes everyday.
On dry skin, take a soft body brush or loofah and brush towards the heart:
Up from the legs and arms.
Down from the neck
Across your buttocks.
Dry skin brushing is more beneficial than brushing when in the shower. Don't scrub, massage or rotate the brush on the body; just sweep it across the skin in long smooth strokes. It stimulates blood circulation, tightens the skin and eliminates cellulite. Phew! And if you need any other reason - it feels damned good

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