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  CELLULITE - by Editor
Cellulite. If you're a woman, chances are nine out of ten that you would have encountered these unsightly lumps on your thighs and buttocks. And you would be itching to get rid of them. You'd be willing to try anything, from pounding the life out of them to creaming them, and occasionally, if you are really desperate, exercising them!

So what is cellulite anyway?

It's fat that looks lumpy and dimpled, and is usually found around the buttocks and thighs - because this is where most women store fat. So if your behind resembles a lumpy mattress more than it does the models strutting around on television, you know why. Not fun, huh And to add insult to injury, most men don't get cellulite!

What causes cellulite?

Heredity, lack of physical activity, gorging on fried food, coffee and sugar, and drinking less water.

So how do we get rid of this cellulite?

Diet and exercise is the way to go. If you're the type that binge eats during weekends or holidays and then crash diets, STOP NOW. You're not helping your system at all. It's bad for your health and for your well being. And anyway, the worst part about cellulite is that you don't need to be fat to have it. Skinny women get cellulite too! Remember, once you get fat cells, they stay with you through thick and thin, ever the faithful companions! (With friends like these, who needs enemies?) So the only thing that will help is a balanced low-fat diet.

This may be easier said than done, but remember what you learnt ever since you held a book to your nose? Prevention is better than cure. Take it slow and steady. Crash dieting tops the 'worst ways to lose cellulite' list as you don't lose fat, you lose muscle. Instead, cut down on fatty foods.
Bid farewell to french fries, ghee laden aloo ka parathas and butter chicken, and desert the desserts!

Combine your diet with aerobic exercise and weights to tone up muscle. The healthiest and most natural way to diminish cellulite is through diet and a mix of cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio exercise, three times a week, and 30 minutes of lifting weights or doing resistance work (sweeping the floor, washing clothes - yes, it works!) three times a week and you're all set.

Water Water Everywhere

Another cause of cellulite is inadequate water intake, which prevents the body from getting rid of toxins, and these toxins prevent the breakdown of fat. So drink up - at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. If you drink any caffeinated beverage, you need to drink extra water to counteract caffeine's dehydrating effects.

The Brush Off

The skin is the largest organ of the body and other than bathtime, it's completely neglected. Brushing is the best thing you can do for your skin, and it takes just a few minutes everyday.
On dry skin, take a soft body brush or loofah and brush towards the heart:
Up from the legs and arms.
Down from the neck
Across your buttocks.
Dry skin brushing is more beneficial than brushing when in the shower. Don't scrub, massage or rotate the brush on the body; just sweep it across the skin in long smooth strokes. It stimulates blood circulation, tightens the skin and eliminates cellulite. Phew! And if you need any other reason - it feels damned good

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Feedback on article
Name: neh
City:   mumbai
Comments:   pleaseeee help me with my cellulite im only 18 i need help desperrately u could mail me that would be very nice of u i read ur article but i need quick help
Name: shereen
City:   kuala lumpur, malaysia
Comments:   hhmmmm...some beauty tips please!
Name: sonia
City:   putrajaya_ malaysia
Comments:   send me some remedy to loose weight as iam putting on alot more then i eat . and itis sad to see iam the one person in thewhole family is big in size then other mhhh sad
Name: sonia
City:   putrajaya_ malaysia
Comments:   send me some remedy to loose weight as iam putting on alot more then i eat . and itis sad to see iam the one person in the whole family is big in size then other mhhh sad
City:   Barcelona, Spain
Comments:   For loosing weight , try Mediterranean Diet which is based on salads, vegetables and grilled meat without spices. A good dose of Olive oil helps. avoid bread and only take two spoons of rice or pasta with your salad.Try it!
Name: `India
City:   Raleigh North Car.
Comments:   Hi! my name is `India and I was surfing the net about 6 months ago because I have cellulite & I ran across this product called Tone N Tighten with Calclum Added. It's Formulated And Manufactured By Universal Nutrition & it really works or it did for me. I have always diet and exercise but still had cellulite but 6 to 7 months ago I ordered & started to take Tone N Tighten I notice a great change in my hips and thighs and this summer I feeled good for one time showing my thighs @ the beach , I still have a little cellulite but by next year I don't expect to have any cellulite. I just ordered a new bottle last week to continue taking and this will be my 4th bottle this is with Combine with diet with aerobic exercise 45 min's to an hr. a day and I always do my exercise in the mornings because I think my body reacts better. If any of you ladies want to read about it , just type in Tone N Tighten and compare prices ,I never pay no more than $8.95 a bottle and the Count is a 120 caps per bottle I've seen it as high as $16.95 but I would never pay a big price because I going to continue taking them and I don't want to spent unnessary money and If you be a smart shopper & compare prices you want spend a ton of $$$$$$ never. Hope it works for all of you like it did me. `India :)
Name: Sara
City:   NYC - USA
Comments:   We sell a product called "Skin-sation", which is a bath mit that removes dead skin and lasts for years! Never molds. Keeps skin smooth, promotes weight weight loss, cellulite, and the process of excreting toxins in the body, and gets rid of itchy, dry skin. Reasonably priced and a great, natural alternative to costly creams. E-mail me for more information: We will ship anywhere!
Name: Genesis
City:   Exeter
Comments:   Im 12 and i have cellulite and i wana know how to get rid of it pleas pleas help me .pleas
Name: bowie
City:   birmingham
Comments:   hi i've had cellulite since i was 10 i'm 14 now. i have tried every exercise there is i drink 2 liters of water everyday. yet, i'm still stuck with cellulite so i've learn to manage and believe that i will get rid of this cellulite before i start volleyball.
Name: Angelica
Comments:   If you want to get rid of your cellulite, drink plenty of water, and do lots and lots of lunges and squats. Another exercise that I find helpful is to laydown on your back and bend your knees and lift your butt up in the air and back down, but dont let your rear touch the ground. It worked for me... Also swimming is very good at getting rid of cellulite.
Name: anita panda
City:   bhubaneswar
Comments:   dear sir/mam i am 25 (married) and working as a lecturer. i have got a very dry skin.i apply costly creams and sunscreenlotions of lotus.and i even apply curd a bit of tumeric and a bit of honey on my face and wash it off before bed.but still my skin looks dull and dry in winter and very much stretched in the afternoon .please give me natural home remidies and cosmetics what i can use
City:   SANTA FE
Name: amanda
City:   Manchester, england
Comments:   i am 20 and have always been quite underwieght, but recently i have reached my ideal wieght. please give me advice on how to lose the celllite but not the wieght. natural things and exercises would be best for me. i would be very grateful for your help i would like to nip it in the bud.
Name: christina
City:   harlem
Comments:   im 13 and ive had cellulite since i was 11 and i want to be able to wear cute clothes but i cant please help me!!!
Name: sangeetha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi!! i'm 24, i don't eat fatty food. jus normal chapati sabzi and at time non veg. but i don't freak out on oily food. i'm kinda overweight. i drink water and yet have cellulite on my butt and thighs. advise. please.
Name: Brittney
City:   bbsiebishf!hotn
Comments:   I am 16 and Have celulite can you please help me...I'm not overweight at all!
Name: LoveMahTurtle
City:   w00p
Comments:   lunges are really useful, stand up and take a step forward on one leg, and sink down until you almost touch the ground, but DON'T! repeat and/or use weights as well
Name: angela
City:   miami
Comments:   im 13 yrs. old and workin on my modelin career , i hav cellulite all over my but and the back of my thighs pleas help me!!
Name: Angie
City:   Dighton
Comments:   Im 16 and have had cellulite for a couple of yrs with none of it going away. I only have it on my thighs but lots of it! Im trying to tighten and loose that fat on my thighs but not on my butt... I like my butt can you help
Name: Estefania
City:   Guayaquil
Comments:   I've had cellulite since i was 13 and i quit drinkin soda's and those things but i still keep gettin the cellulite in my butt and tighs!! how do i get rid of it!!! i want to be able to wear cute skirts !!! help please
Name: Mandy
City:   Oak Ridge
Comments:   Hey, Ive had a cellulite problem for a while now, im 17 and i weighed 115 when i met my husband and i now weigh 133 im now on the SLIM FAST diet, and was wondering if this would help with it, or what kind of excercises i could do to improve it..PLEASE HELP ME!!
Name: Yesy
City:   Jakarta , Indonesia
Comments:   Eat lots of veggies , fruits , and drink lots of fluid ( not fuzzy drink !!! ), and try to avoid any stodgy food and plus go to the gym and work out 4-5 times a week with cardio and weight lifting( challange yourself) . I am sure that will work . Eat healthy and work out are the only way to get rid of celulite . Also you will stay fit for life . The best investment you can do for yourself . Good luck !!!
Name: anon
City:   NULL
Comments:   please please please please tell me how 2 get rid of my cellulite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm 14 and slim (23 inch waist) but my ass, thighs and legs r covered in cellulite. i drink lots of water and have tried massaging moisturiser into my cellulite regularly. pls help because i can never ever go swimming or wear shorts or short skirts because its that bad. and in pe i have actualy been laughed at because of it. HELLLP??
Name: Sheza
City:   Wellington
Comments:   hey im 15 n i have this huge cellulite problem and to add to that my ass is huge so can you please help me i drink heaps of water n exercise at leazt once a week
Name: Laura
City:   southampton
Comments:   Well im 18 and i have quite a bit on my upper thighs, so ive done my research very thoroughly UNFORTUNATELY... short of having plastic surgery, you are stuck with it. cellite is not ordinary fat that can be burnt off, it is deposited in an area which it cant leave basically. thoughh, eating well and exersise with alot of toning can greaatlyy improve how it looks. I swim 5 times a week and mine has kiindof firmed up and diminished slightly, though it is still there. and DONT CRASH DIET THEN PIG OUT THEN CRASH DIET! it makes the fat deposit fasterr and gives u saddlebagsss.. slow hard process im afraid, anyway evryone has cellulite no1 caress, and those who dont..we shall hunt them down!! .. whos with me ;)
Comments:   help... i h8 having celulite its ruining my life i cant go swimming with my friends bcuz they laugh! help!!
Name: paras
City:   karachi
Comments:   hi i m paras,i huge ammount of strtch marks on my body n ugly ones n cellulite too plzz help me get rid of them,i m soon to get married n my fiance is too consience of these thing, need help p.s:plz know surgeries just home remedies
Name: shalee
City:   North Platte
Comments:   Hi, I'm 15 years old and i have cellulite on my inner thighs and i also have reddish stretch marks there and it is so annoying can u help me get rid of them. plz and thanks
City:   London
Comments:   my butt sticks out and I want it to be flatter and not to stick out,it's embarrasing. I would like to know how to get rid of it.Thanks!
Name: chantelle
City:   plymouth
Comments:   u think thats bad im only 14 an i have a slim figure but my celulite is really bad but im gunna take these tips and they beter work! lol xxxxx
Name: olivia
City:   @@@
Comments:   Im only 12 years old and i have cellulit under my buttcheeks. I can never go on swimming feild trips because i hate it. People think i stuff my bra cuz i have huge boobs they think that's why i dont go. I need some advice. I'm not fat or ugly it's just this damn cellulite.
Name: toni
City:   cleveland
Comments:   I definitely agree with everyone that mentioned diet and exercise. when i lived in California, my boyfriend left me. I ran everyday for only about 30minutes and ate a vegetarian diet. My butt was as smooth as as baby's butt after about 3 months or less.
Name: leena
City:   jiddah
Comments:   r the products of some international marks good for toning the huge thighs like clarins and dior my thighs r full of fat although my upper part body is so thin.plz hep
Name: jessica
City:   sydney australia
Comments:   hi im 16 and have had a baby i have really bad stretchmarks on my inner thighs, stomach and back i was wondering is there anyway to get rid of them other then going into the sun... and i want to know how to make my bum look bigger and to tone it up... and loose a bit of weight on my thighs and tone them up too
Name: Michelle
City:   Kuwait
Comments:   Hi. Please tell me if there are any exercises to get buttocks like jennifer lopez. my buttocks look flat in jeans and shirts. Also i have stretch marks on my buttocks. how can i get rid of these. Please help.
Name: Alicia
City:   Mobile
Comments:   For stretch marks and scars try using cocoa butter; it's natural and effective. You should use a butter formula as well as a cream or lotion formula(use the lotion more if you're worried about the greasy feeling of the butter, but try using the butter maybe at night before you go to sleep). Make sure you cleanse your skin regularly to prevent a build up of oils. Palmers and Cococare both have really good formulas. They smell good and have all kinds of benefits for your skin. I have a pretty big butt and thighs, and have managed to keep stretch marks minimal by using cocoa butter for years. I am 22 now but had bad acne in highschool that left me with blemishes, by using the butter I don't have any signs of acne and people compliment my skins look and feel. Try it, I hope it works for you like it has worked for me.
Name: Raeven
City:   Piru
Comments:   Please help me I'll be 20 this year in june and I have horrible cellulite, what can I do to prevent & get rid of it. I've tried everything to lotions, expensive body wraps, patches, Pills, gels, Home dermabrations you name it you got it. Not to mention I did have a baby in october of 2004 and let me tell you it ruined my body bad completly. I was always thin-fit & athletic so this is very depressing for me.Please Help me!
Name: Fire&Ice
City:   Australia
Comments:   There unfortunatly is no way to get rid off it once it arrives! its a curse its true DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE only way to prevent further unwanted guests is too become healthy and active plenty of toning exercises loads of water, recently lost a few kilos and discovered the cellulite in my thighs appears to hav lessened or peerhaps mooved further away from the skins surface(as it is less apparenT) good luck girls
Name: AMA
City:   US Virgin Island
Comments:   I am 33 and my legs are full of cellulite, it is like a nightmare. i dont think anything will ever work and thats not all i have varicose veins on my legs too. i think that multiple pregnancies, not eating right and exercising ,and not drinking enough water was the cause of these problems. I just have to work out more often and drink more water and hope for a miraccle.
Name: leena
City:   usa
Comments:   how to get rid of cellulit...and how to make my butt gigger and rounder plz write your answers here...thanks alot.
Name: princess
City:   sylmar ca
Comments:   im 24 yrs old and ive had celulite 4 ten yrs. i hate exercising so thats my problem. i know i need to to get rid of it. i feel all u out there its a depressind thing to have. i got a boyfriend of 6yrs but that dont mean i need to keep it up i wanna look good for him. so any one got any web sites cream pills anythind please help im open to anything...
Name: bibi
City:   Pristina, Kosovo
Comments:   hi,I'm 24 and my legs are full of cellulite,please can you help me what do because a feel so bad when a look to me legs Can you send me any exercises foto for celulitet and is cream and masage helping please help me
Name: Sarah
City:   Denver
Comments:   You girls are crazy, you´re all sitting here saying "OMG I have celulite! How do I get rid of it" The article TELLS you. READ it. Low fat diet and exercise! Why are you still asking about how to get rid of it when the article tells you Is it because you want an easier solution There is no easier solution. If you want to get rid of it, excercise, drink water, intake less fat. Problem solved! Do you want it or not
Name: Milan
City:   Trenton
Comments:   Sarah you´re talking as if you´re just perfect. I guess you exercise and eat less fat huh!
Name: Anju N L
City:   Kerala
Comments:   This site is really helpful. I am 21 year old.My skin is very dry,especially my legs and hands. skin on my palm is very hard.This makes me feel so bad.send me any home remedies to recover this problem. thanks
Name: abc
City:   phil.
Comments:   CELLULITE is a water that is stucked on some parts of our body(well,that is for the simplest dscription).hot water 38 to 40 degress and massage the affected part of cellulite on your body.Do it everyday in your bath or shower.Drink plenty of water cause it is not just for your good health and hydration, it also helps the stucked water (cellulites) to flow normally..WE HATE EXERCISE!well..who doesn´t?but we must do it if we really want to look great.exercise wasn´t that harsh! just by shaking our butts to our favorite music inside our room or on the disco its a form of exercise.oh! by the way! shaking your body can reduce cellulite so what are you waiting for? GO AND SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE YOUR BODY TO YOUR FAVORITE DANCE MUSIC!..IT WORKED ON ME MAYBE IT WILL WORK ON YOU TOO!..
Name: sanya
City:   valjevo
Comments:   I´m 20 years old. I have trained kickbox for a long time, and after enjory I had to stop. Now I have problem with cellulite, I need advice how to lose it
Name: nikki
Comments:   hi, i´ve been getting acne on my back and butt, but it does not remain there for long however there are blemishes now or marks from the acne....what can i use to erase these marks?
Name: Deni
City:   Doncaster(England)
Comments:   Hi,Im 14 and i noticed that i had cellulite on my thighs and buttocks not long ago.It upset me quite a bit because i dint realise young people could get it and my dream is to be a Model and an Actress,if you could PLEASE email me any tips and remedies that could help reduce the lookget rid of it. Im embaressed to go swimming or get changed when i do P.E,im not even fat,im quite skinny. Thanks x
Name: Jemma
City:   Derby (England)
Comments:   I´m 16 and ive got ceelulite on my my thighs and it really affects my confidence id love to wear little skirts like ma mates but i jst can´t because of this cellulite please could someone tell me away to get rid of it that works because ve tried all sorts.x

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