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  DRAMATIC EYES - by Editor
Dark and dramatic eyes look great on any woman, no matter what her complexion. Here's how to get that perfect smoky-eyed look!

  1. Dampen your brush and carefully outline your eyes (up and down) with black power eye shadow.
  2. If you don't have a stark black eye-shadow, you could outline your eyes with a black pencil.
  3. Sweep blackish-grey eye shadow lightly over your eyelids, and blend into the black outline to soften the effect.
  4. Apply a light brown or gold eye shadow on the inside of your eyelids, blending it outwards.
  5. Apply a blue or grey eye pencil on your upper and lower eyelids, over the black outline.
  6. Apply a thin line of black liquid eyeliner, to make your eyes stand out further.
  7. For beautiful lashes, use an eyelash curler to curl them upwards and open your eyes. Hold your lashes gently with the curler for at least 30 seconds, and then apply mascara immediately.
  8. Apply at least two coats of mascara to your eyelashes. When applying mascara, remember to emphasise the roots of your lashes. Hold your brush horizontal and apply mascara to your upper lashes with firm, outward strokes. Apply mascara to the top of your lashes as well, by looking down into a magnifying mirror. When applying mascara to your lower lashes, do so with the tip of your mascara wand, using side to side strokes.
  9. After applying mascara, let it dry and then comb through your lashes so they don't stick together.
  10. Finish off with a sweep of brown eye shadow over your eyebrows. This will give your eyes extra definition. There, you're all set to sizzle!

Coloured Contacts

Invest in a pair of coloured contact lenses. They add depth to the eyes, and the right colour can do wonders for you. In addition, the price of coloured contact lenses has reduced dramatically, and they last for a couple of years, so money shouldn't be a consideration. Yes, if you have perfect vision, you may find looking after contact lenses a hassle, but then again, there's no gain without pain! And if you have an eye number, there's really no reason why you shouldn't get coloured contacts - so if you've been considering buying a pair, go for it!

Dark Circles

Get rid of dark circles. Place a potato slice on each eyelid. Remove it after around ten-fifteen minutes. You could also use cucumber slices.

Conceal dark circles with the help of a concealor. After applying concealor to your undereye area, proceed with foundation application. Finish off with a dusting of compact powder. This ensures that the concealor blends in well.


No matter how perfect your eye make-up, it's just not going to look good if you've got puffy eyes. Here's what you can do to reduce puffiness:

Take a bowl and fill it up with ice cubes and water. Splash this freezing cold water ten times on your face, and another ten times on your eyes. Do this at least a couple of times a week. Not only will your puffiness reduce dramatically, but your face will start glowing as well. (Don't do this if you are prone to broken capillaries.) Follow up with moisturizer and under-eye cream.

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Feedback on article
Name: Sonia
City:   Toronto
Comments:   um i got a question...i just wanted to noe wat i can do to reduse my pimples on my face..and to make my face look fair
Name: Sakhi
City:   Kalamazoo, Mi
Comments:   this was very nice
Name: mala
City:   Mauritius
Comments:   Extremely interesting
Name: Vee
City:   Maldives
Comments:   I would be really grateful if i could get tips on getting the snazzy Madonna's eyes look real dark n mystifying or the Urmila Matondkar's eye make-up tips really alluring type.......... i'd be very grateful for any kinda guidence - thanx
Name: jenny
City:   corona
Comments:   i have a question ... My friend krystal is getting married and she wants me to do her makeup , she wants dramatic eyemakeup and light lips .. but her eyes are kind of small and putting black makeup around the whole eye makes them actually look smaller .. so how do i do this with out giving her pea eyes JEnny
Name: To Jenny
City:   USA
Comments:   I suggest using a bronze eyeshadow and then lining the top part of the eye really closes along the lashline with liquid eyelinger, but if she wants a lot of black eyeliner then you can apply it along her bottom lashline, stop midway....hope i helped:)
Name: Ida
City:   Richmond Hill, Ontario
Comments:   Hey, I have dark dark dark circles under my eyes and I tried cucumbers and cucumber juice, it worked a little but the next day they were worse than they were before. I just tried potato slices so I dont know if its going to work but can anyone help me get rid of them
Name: ruelha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hey ida, remember wadeva u try ur neva gonna get rid of dark circles unless u sleep well. ensure dat u sleep atlest 6 hrs.actually u gotta sleep 8 hrs a matter wad u try ....all the dark circle removing creams n al, theyre gonna b useless if u dont sleep well. combine sleep wid potato juice or even cotton soaked in chilled rosewater n wait 4 results. n believe me takes time. so wait!til den manage wid concealer.n yea in case u hav an olive undertone rem no matter wad u do ul always dark circles even if u sleep for 10 hrs n yea da rest of u guys pls dont criticise and insult pple. learn 2 b supportive pls.
Name: ruelha
City:   mumbai, india
Comments:   hey sonia from toronto, try washing ur face as often as possible coz u c the major reason u get pimples is trapped grime n dirt in follow a good skincare routine like pls use a cleanser wen u wake up , b4 bedtime, n immediately wen u return from outdoors.n b4 goin out try using a toner if possible. toners remove x-cess oil n close ur pores [ lessen da size of em} den u can use a water based moisturiser ,dis is not necess coz ur likely 2 hav combination or oily skin.but pls do da cleansing rite n if possible da toning.n pls no matter how sleepy u r wash ur face well b4 bed or ull end up cursin urself within da next few dont go 4 oil based products.water based always.stay away from creamy n foam cleansers. go 4 gel based or ones wid minuteexfoliants
Name: meerab
City:   lahore
Comments:   hi i wanna make my lashes long .so do u hav any tip for those ppl who r trying to make their lashes long.
Name: ruelha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   yea meerab, how r u ssupabt lengthening your lashes....try using a lengthening'll work wonders.
Name: Kelly
City:   nashville
Comments:   to make your eyelashes longer you should always use an eyelash curley.. like they said above. apply 2 coats of mascara. more than that will cause your lashes to look too clumpy and spidery looking. there is also mascara's out there that add more length and volume to lashes.. brands like covergirl and maybelline. Sonia.. first of all do not wash your face as often as you can or whatever. washing your face too much can cause your skin to produce more oil and therefore...cause you to have a break out. wash your face once in the morning and once at night. always take all your makeup off before you go to bed! that's a biggie. or if you're dead tired just get some kind of gentle cleansing wipes (maybe something from olay or neutrogena) and wipe all your make up off. then cleanse with your daily face wash before you go to bed. i know they say (cleanse,tone,moisturize) but the 2 most important things are to cleanse and moisturize! oh & i also recommend Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash. it gaurantees to make your skin clearer in 3 days. ( i said clearer not clear.) and if you dont like it you can always send it back and get your money back so it's a win win situation. hope i helped!
Name: Anonymous
City:   NJ
Comments:   I drank 80 fl. oz. of water a day ,during a breakout, and my pimples were GONE in 3 days.
Name: I
Name: thas
City:   thailand
Comments:   I want to know about the contect lens that make me big eye ...where can bye
Name: sundri
City:   pa
Comments:   hi, need help. i have a lot of dark circles. when i put eye liner on, i look like a ghost. what should i do please help
Name: lima
City:   lima
Comments:   Hmm...I know my mom made my lashes longer by cutting them when I was a baby, so after they grew faster, bigger and ticker. But it's a little dangerous to do and you're not a baby any castor oil is good! I've heard about it too! Drinking water really helps your skin. The more you drink the better. You'll also have less pimples. For dark circles, I know you have to sleep alot (which I often don't do :S) and also taking an ice cube and kind of rubbing it all over your face/under eyes. Makes the skin tighter too. My problem is my nose...It's not really that big..but when I put concealer on it it starts pealing off...I don't have that problem with the rest of my skin. Anyone know what to do about that?
Name: shell
City:   london
Comments:   hello friends i was wondering if u could help me i have been invited 2 a wedding party next week and i would like my eyes to look dramatic but with minimal eye makeup, i have hugh brown eyes and i basically want my eye color to look slightly lighter and sparkle is there any natural way of doing this without damaging the eyeplease help
Name: Sharmila
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   Dont forget to pull your liquid eyeliner a little further, creating a upwards stroke, when you reach the outer corner of the eye to dramatise those eyelashes further. We call this the fishtail and it sure adds that certain Umph!
Name: judy
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   dear friends where to buy the castor oilthat can make eyelash longer. Underneath my eye there´s few oil lump look like pimples growing....any tip
Name: someone
City:   something
Comments:   does this really work????
Name: Lorraine
City:   OiMPWROOjgNViMnmlOC
Comments:   Big help, big help. And sueprlative news of course.
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