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Do you dry your hair naturally or use blow-dryers? Read on and know more about letting your hair dry naturally.

Sonam is very upset with her frizzy hair. She tried numerous hair products to fix her split ends. She is finding it difficult to cope up with her messy tangles. She is unaware that all this is happening due to excessive blow drying. After every wash she blows dry her hair straight. She is unaware about the fact that regular blow drying is making her hair dull and unmanageable.

Letting your hair dry naturally is the secret to have healthy hair. Hair makeovers that use excessive heat and chemical treatments like straightening, ironing, highlighting and perming cause damage to your hair. Repetitive chemical treatments can harm hair follicles and could lead to breakage and hair fall. Towel dry hair and keep hair problems at bay. Go step-by-step to get velvety hair without blow dryers or curling irons.

1. Towel dry hair

Once you are done with your shampooing let your hair drip so that the access water will drain out. Make use of absorbent and soft towels. Blot your hair with the use of towel slowly. Avoid vigorous rubbing as it may cause harm to the hair cuticles. Damp hair is fragile and more prone to breaking. Rubbing wet hair also causes split ends. Start blotting from top of the head and then move towards end. Absorb excessive water from your strands. After soaking up hair wrap the towel around your head and let it absorb excess moisture from your hair. Keep it that way for five to ten minutes.

2. Apply leave-in conditioner

Undo the wrapped towel. Apply leave-in conditioner or hair serum as per your hair type. Leave-in conditioners do wonders for any type of hair. You may also use hair serums to ease the frizzy hair and tangles. A small amount of leave-in conditioner can add shine to your tresses making it silky. Do not comb wet hair. Combing wet hair can damage hair cuticles. Combing wet hair is one of the reasons of hair fall. Brushing wet hair can lead to acute hair loss. Let you hair air dry.

3. Detangle hair

Detangle your semi damp hair with the use of your fingers. Move your fingers through your tresses and remove all the tangles and knots. Running fingers through you hair will add natural volume to your locks, leaving them pulpy.

4. Comb your hair

After detangling your hair with your fingers it is time to comb them. Use wide-tooth comb to get rid of remaining tangles. Let's get this sorted one last time, start combing from the bottom of hair and gradually move upward. Bottom to top is the way to comb hair. To make combing easy you can make sections of your hair thus preventing hair breakage. Let you hair air dry for about an hour.

5. Style your hair

Make sure that you have completely dried your hair. Move your finger through them and check for the dampness. Now you can proceed with brushing your hair. Go ahead and style your mane as per your preferences.

Wet hair care tips

Introduce following tips in your day-to-day hair care regime to maintain lustrous locks. Try using a shower cap in bath if you are used to squeezing out the water from hair and tying it up.

  • Do not tie wet hair, let you hair be loose until it dry completely

  • Do not comb or brush wet hair

  • Do not squeeze or twist hair while it is wet

  • Do not roughly rub your hair with towel

  • Do not wash your hair with very hot or very cold water

  • Do trim your hair periodically to avoid split ends

  • Do restrict blow drying your hair

  • Do use good quality conditioner to keep your hair manageable

Blow dry hair on special occasions

Air drying is not always possible. There are thousands chores that we have to accomplish besides drying hair. It is hard to dry your hair naturally if you do not have enough time. Secondly, you cannot keep your hair damp for longer period in colder climate as you may catch a bad cold. Thirdly, you have to compromise a little bit on styling too. Hair dryers are unavoidable on some occasions. Though frequently blow drying is not a great idea, sometimes it is suitable.

Air drying your hair is the prevention against many hair problems. One may suffer from alopecia, an acute hair loss due to constant use of hair drying equipments. Today every woman is fascinated with hair styling and makeovers. Loving your natural hair is like a challenge. Letting you hair dry naturally helps to combat hair disasters.

Dump those hair dryers, irons, and roller and let fresh air pass through your locks. You will enjoy the touch of your naturally beautiful tresses.

Do you use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair? Do you think air drying is better than blow drying? Do you let your hair dry naturally? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: sunidhi
City:   U.S.A
Comments:   It is always better letting your hair dry naturally. Hot irons and dryers are responsible for dry hair. High temperature can cause damage to the hair cuticles. If you are running out of the time you have to use hair blower as there is not any other option. But try to keep the power on medium. Avoid high temperature. Hair cuticles are delicate when they are wet. Everyday use of hot irons and blow dryers can lead to hair fall. I have come across few cases where constant use of chemicals and dryers made hair dull. Avoid using them if possible.
Name: Archana
City:   Jaipur
Comments:   Combing is the important part of the daily hair care. I used to comb my hair immediately after washing them. I got nervous when I noticed that I am losing more than normal quantity of hair strands. It made me depressed. Soon I talked with one hair expert and she suggested me to stop combing or brushing hair directly after shower. Our tresses are brittle when they are wet. She told me that I can detangle them with the use of my fingers but that too very gently. Once your hair is dry you can style them as per you want. Do not mess up with your hair. Take care.
Name: Stephanie
City:   New Westminster, B.C.
Comments:   I found this article fairly lame. It should be mentioned that shampooing should not be a daily affair. Rather 2 or 3 times a week. Also, one should use warm water when conditioning and cold to rinse it out to lock in moisture.
Name: krithi
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Hey people, in order to dry ur hair fast, just buy a table top me, ur hair will dry in 15 min and its natural air.
Name: tete
City:   london
Comments:   I think air dry is the best I haven´t blow dryed my hair or straightened for almost 1 year I just wash it then brush through it with my fingers and just let it dry and it takes about 30 minutes and it just comes out natural and amazing and I always get comments on my hair and if I want it straight I just brush it and if I want it wavy I just leave and seems to never tangle that much before my hair was so gross and I was losing it now its thick and grows faster and it just shines I love to show it off. Being natural is always the best
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