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You are here Home > Beauty and Grooming > Articles
  LOOK TALLER - by Editor
First of all, let me begin by saying that being short does not go against the concept of 'beauty' as defined by society. It is absolutely fine to look short. Shorter people are cute, cuddly and come across as lovable and huggable! Good things do come in small packages. However, if you feel you would still like to add a few more inches to your height, don those three-inch stilettos and read on.

Monochrome outfits

Opt for a single coloured outfit. Don't try and pair a blouse with contrast trousers, as once a colour break is introduced it cuts down your height, making you look shorter. A single colour from top to bottom adds to the illusion of height. You could add a second colour to your ensemble by accessorizing it. Wear a scarf around your neck or carry a contrasting handbag. Add still more pizzaz to your monochromatic outfit by contrasting fabrics and textures. Blue denim with a blue satin blouse, brown leather pants with a brown chiffon blouse.


Wear a scarf with one end hanging down. This makes you look taller. If you wear a jacket or cardigan, wear it unbuttoned to add to the vertical and lengthening effect. Similarly, chose long necklaces over chokers, hanging earrings and loops over studs. Big belts appear to cut you in half and make you look shorter, so you should best avoid them. Wear heels.

Match your shoes to your trousers, not to your top. Nothing adds height more than wearing a pair of shoes exactly the colour of your trousers. Doing this elongates the legs. If you are wearing black trousers with a white top, which we have already told you is a bad idea, you may be tempted to wear white shoes. True, it goes with the look, but remember, we are trying to make you look taller and black heels will do the job far better than white stilettos. Similarly, match the hue of your stockings to your skirt or pant.


Any strips on your outfit should be vertical, not horizontal. Vertical stripes not only make you look taller, but they make you look slimmer as well. Thus if you are top heavy and have a big bust, you could wear a top with vertical stripes, while if you want your hips to look slimmer, you could wear striped pants. Thankfully colourful striped pants are very trendy, so invest in a pair.


Add height to your tresses. Wearing your hair up in a ponytail or bun makes your neck look longer and is a better idea than wearing your hair loose, and the higher your ponytail, the better it looks. If short hair suits you, cut it off to above your ears � but once again, only if it suits you! The idea is for you to look tall so you can look better, not worse! Not many women can carry off short hair, so if you can, go for it! Essentially, if short and long hair both look good on you, go for short. Similarly v-neck tops make your neck look longer, consequently making you look a little taller.


If you are even a little overweight, you will look plumper and shorter. Tall people can carry off excess fat with no one noticing, but unfortunately shorter people cannot. The good news is, if you shed a little weight, you 'gain' a little height as well, so if you can lose a few more pounds, do so. If you are slim enough, don't lose any more weight. Looking too skinny ruins the 'cute' factor of being short!


Wear skirts that are longer in length than in width. Alternatively, pair a long jacket with a mini.

And finally, the most effective tip of all, hang out with people shorter than you!

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Feedback on article
Name: mairaj khan
City:   sharjah u.a.e
Comments:   pray NAMAZ and u will get good result InshaAllah
Name: mubina
City:   salem india
Comments:   marry a tall guy. make up the loss by gaining him
Name: Imran Baig
City:   Lahore/Pakistan
Comments:   Hi, very well written... BUT how can guys look tall. this is mostly about woman. Thanks
Name: mehar
City:   karachi gulshan
Comments:   can u tell me some availbale capsules or any chemical treatment to increase height ur topic is useless ...i mean wwe can dress ur or selves we need to increase r size not just temporary satisfaction plz add valueable information to increase heghit homeopathic matterz r effective in this case or not/ can i use them
Name: Izabella
City:   Beverly Hills
Comments:   You can get your son to grow taller by making him jump more or play basketball. It works tremendously. This must be done more when he reaches puberty. You should start making him play sports which involves lots and lots of jumping. Basketball is a great option. Besides that, when he starts to mature, feed him with food rich in protein and calsium. So, the point is, feed him lots and make him exercise and jump lots!
Name: Jerlena
City:   Brooklyn, NY
Comments:   I'm sorry, but jumping gets a person taller is a myth. Good nutrition is the key factor for any type of healthy growth. Recent chemicals added to foods (plants and animals) to increase growth and maturity are agents that aids in the overwhelming growth in today's generation. The key is to feed your children. Give them proper nutrition including drinking lots of water. And please keep them out of the sun. Hey, have you heard that too much sun exposure can shrink you I have. Is is a myth Who knows Stay out of the sun anyway.
Name: shorty
City:   san diego
Comments:   I found your article informative...thanks!
Name: Kate Tabernacle
City:   Australia
Comments:   whose are the worst tips i have ever read.. telling people to hang out with short people to make themselves feel better... that is very shallow and people should be ashamed to take that advise.
Name: Manchuria
City:   SG
Comments:   let me quote what one of you said: "marry a tall guy. make up the loss by gaining him" I nearly died laughing at that! But seriously, plya basketball. Cos it will make you stretch your limbs... thus, making you taller eventually! so try that.. or jsut wear heels etc... you knowthings that make u seem tall.. but why worry everyone is so short nowadays that even guys are getting shorter...
Name: sonia
City:   washington
Comments:   nice tips.can somebody tell me how me how to increase my height permanently.i am very desperate.i am about 18.plzzz help me...........
Name: sonia
City:   washington
Comments:   informative piece of article
Name: sr bhargav
City:   chennai
Comments:   hi this 4 all gals who wear high heels. doctors hav confirmed weari more than 2 inch heels causes fat accumulation on ur butts apart from spine ache health is important than height. the other tips are quite useful
Name: Ash
City:   UK
Comments:   There is a popular surgical procedure mainly used in china/japan, where majority of population are 5"2 / 5"6. Sounds painful, takes over a year to be effective and over that the recovery time. But it works. Theres quite a lot of information on the net if you search "height surgery".
Name: Sarah
City:   pak
Comments:   well,i used to be depressed abt my height coz iam 5'2 n half but now i am used to it every body in my family is tall lolzzzz but when my cousin told me that she wants to be short like me then i realized that short height has its own beauty so be happy wat u have n dont crave for more.
Name: Caroline
City:   Leeds
Comments:   Why the heck does it matter how tall ur kid is !
Name: Sarah
City:   corvallis, OR, USA
Comments:   I was told that constantly standing in front of a microwave oven waiting for my food to cook would stunt my growth. I dont know if that is actually true or not, but my experience has me inclined to believe it. I am the shortest adult woman in my family. My Father is an average height for a man, and my Mother is 5'4" but I am just under 5'2" and I'm definately not growing any taller. I've heard that girls stop growing taller at around puberty. Boys, I've heard, keep growing well into their 20's.
Name: Preeti
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Informative article. Yet I didn't like the part of hanging out with short people. Being short lets you stand out among the crowd and lets you get noticed... I have always been remembered! Anyways, this comment was The Best.."marry a tall guy. make up the loss by gaining him"...!! Suits me..!! I am 4'8" and My fiance(finally....!!) is 5'11"...We have been going steady for 6 years... Height has never been a problem between us.. Infact we have always shared the lime-light due to that.. ;) Enjoying every bit of it... :)) !!
Name: Preeti
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I Would like to add to what I have already said. After reading an artical in paper regarding surgery, I had got my self medically checked. X-ray etc were done. Best orthopedic surgeon of Apollo hospital examined me (he was the writer of the artical). He told me frankly about the hazards of surgery. Surgery involves,breaking your lower leg bone,attaching fixaters (2 Iron rings with 2 iron rods) and then slowly pulling the newly forming bone by unscrewing the rods. This whole process takes about an year's time and is VERY VERY painful. The hazards are, (1)one leg might become longer and one shorter (2)infection, due to which they might have to remove my leg...!!! (3)legs might get deformed. There might be more but these 3 scared me out. I asked him,"why did you publish this artical?". He told me, this artical and operation is meant for those people who are short but have imbalanced body. I have a balanced body. After operation my legs will become longer and hands shorter and whole proportion of the body would be lost. Also,in case of accidents, where people have fractures,their bones are little damaged and final joining leads to one leg shorter than the other, this operation can help them gain the normal balance. Also, hormonal injections have lots and lots of side effecs. So people planning for this operation or injections, better do your research and think about all pros and cons. And after that, plan your course of action. My suggestion, being on the same ship, "God made you special..! He made you to stand out of the crowd and get noticed..! So, Enhance what you have and Enjoy being different! All the best!!"
Name: lisa
City:   new york
Comments:   i want to know if jumping really can make you taller i am a teenager. what can i do to get tell because it seems like i stoped growing like 5 month ago.
Name: Munish Bakshi
City:   Delhi
Comments:   i want to know that as my gfrnd height is 5.6 and mine is 5.7 somehow she looks taller than me . can u suggest me sumthin which can help me look taller than her as i m feeling deepresed about it. realy waitin for ur reply back to my email . i m 23 yrs old .
Name: snow
City:   riga
Comments:   thisis comment for vina banglor..evean u r shorter u can give birth to ataller baby buy chance are less...if u can aford thenu can go for genetics changes for ut future baby if not also after birth u can give her/him balance dieat n special excersize from child hood n for diet consult nice docter to make dieat a docter i can advise like so
Name: sania
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi every1! currently im using an ayurvedic tonic named seems like its working on me...i was 5 feet tall...but now its abt 2 months since im using my height has increased 2 1 5"1" giv it a age is 16..n dont 4get 2 jump atleast 4 to 15 min in the morning...n hang on a bar n stretch ur body b4 going 2 sure it vll work on u all..dont loose hope..all the best
Name: jenni
City:   miami
Comments:   ill try that sania =]
Name: poonam
City:   Pondicherry
Comments:   Hello friends My height is only 4 feet 11 inches & I am 25 years old. Due to my height I am not getting good marriage alliances. I am also having a round fatty stomach. I am desperate regarding my height & fat belly. I have seen HEIGHT INCREASING PRODUCTS ( like Higrow increaser, oka good height ) & WEIGHT DECREASING PRODUCTS ( like sona belt) of various companies on TELE SHOPPING. Is it worth to buy those products If so what company I have to purchase After age 40, will I be proned to any side effects I want to grow taller & slim my belly. Please, plz,plz........Kindly help. My email id is
Name: Michelle
City:   sarasota
Comments:   no product can make you taller! neither can streatching as for weight drink lots of green tea!
Name: asiya
City:   goa
Comments:   Hi, my height is 5.1 and im little overweighed. my husband brought SHAPEWORK for me to reduce my weight. plz tell me does it realy works. i want to know that what type of dressing should i wear to look tall and slim. pls let me know thanks
Name: M
City:   M
Comments:   How stupid are some of these comments Be grateful for how God has created you. Many are unfortunate. Lead a healthy lifestlye, eat the right food and be happy. There is no need for these drastic methods suggested by some of you
Name: nagul
City:   chennai
Comments:   sir...iam arun from india(chennai). i heared about your hospital.its well. my problem is im very short my height is 5.1. my age is 22(now). my parents are also the same height. but my grandfather and grandmother are having good height. is there any treatment is available for increasing my height. if it is possible how much fees it needs sir.. pls reply soon..
Name: sakshi
City:   delhi
Comments:   Sir i am of age 15 and i am over weight . My weight is 68kg . Tell me something
Name: sakshi
City:   delhi
Comments:   Sir i am of age 15 and i am over weight . My weight is 68kg . Tell me something
Name: Saurin
City:   india
Comments:   Respected Sir I am 20 year of age and my height is 5´3, at this time I am really concern about my height and was looking for height surgery that can be performed in india which can help me to gain height and searching on it I found your hospital(website) which provide that technique. I would like to get into it and know more about it like cost, limitations, effects, risks duration etc. if you can please kindly provide me with this information and allow me to make an appointment to come and start on my issue, I would appreciate that. Waiting eagerly for your reply. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Saurin Shah.
Name: mohammed ali
City:   chennai
Comments:   sir i am loosing my hairs daily i have lost so much of hairs when i take bath and come my hairs in the morning hairs looks fresh but not staight getting folded then as the day goes on slowly i feel like the hairs are reduced shrunked looks i have less hairs and also my hairs gets oily and i am having diabetic my hairs have algo gone white and brown and also my hairs got very thin so that when i come my hairs it easily falls please give me some tips how to solve these problems thanking you
Name: Pringlah Brahvnahguvnah
City:   Darjeeling
Comments:   Kindly greetings by Pringlah to all Sir my feet and inches are being not very well behaved. Naughty are they beacuse they will not go up. They are being 4 of the feet and 7 of the inch. I currently will be taking of the food to stop the height from falling away. Please take me to the hospital now please thankyou please. Give me something. To you from Pringlah and he gives you the received happiness farewell. I love mummy very much
Name: srapmi ayimgey
City:   dehli
Comments:   most gracious woman. I have hadding tall problems when from very small age. it has becoming a disabled as i struggle to mount my vehicles. I have titchy selfesteem for i shop my clothes in childy stores. One good things is that I can fit into my many childhood clothings. Wishing you thankfullnessly. Srapmi Ayimgey.
Name: Tuchmee Ollovah
City:   Bushy Forest
Comments:   Beautiful Doctor of Big For me it will have a big problem. I am so very small when that when i wish to release my lamb chops onto the big people potty i often am falling in. Because i do not touch the flusher there many peoples other lamb chops go onto me and i must wash within the sink my self. I am of 3 shoes and 12 inches in size. Is there somethign be for me to eat for my legs to touch the floor when sit i on the stool Many of them kick me when they walk. Kisses and wishes from Tuchmee the person small.
Name: Susmi Natachmijently
City:   chennai
Comments:   I am deeply thankfullish for your most delighting tips on gaining heights. The skirts and ponytails and high heels work wonders with widdle, weenie me. But however on the contrary opposing against on the other hand to this, it failed to go down well with my rugby team buddies. I do dearly require wild nature natural height, as I find a struggling battle field when i must climb onto the toiletary. I unabling to reach the door lock and interrupted mid toileteriser being captured mid dump and cannot reach to my pantaloons on the floor due to my stumpyness arms. please god send me some heights, me request you. for your time i am inbelievably grateful with gratitudations, bubba. Susmi Natachmijently.
Name: Tatolmih Yangalorishnih
City:   calcutta
Comments:   Greeting all friends, blessed for help. I have small husband and height he has makes sadness. He only reach the button on my belly and hurts inside to know he is tallness of child of littleness. blessed please help, help pleaseing thanks. Love to you sir of kindness.
Name: mita
City:   bombay
Comments:   oh god the bit about hanging out with short people was a joke so dont agree or disagree with it. don tu guys get it
Name: Snupdee Ohdubbagee
City:   Oaklahomo Province
Comments:   Frequent them say hello from me. Snupdee myself shall have the unhappiness felt by the length of himself. Many of the companion females of the species have been nasty reference to the size of the man´s hood. Those of them state of the relation in bodily measurements. Snupdee enjoy to kill all who imply what is not good to be said. Shove. What must be done by the son of my father who is not my brother to spurt to the tall I give will intercourse in exchange. Helping results many please from where i live. Farewell. Snupdee
Name: Fahtsheet Smolltoes
City:   Chutney
Comments:   I think your tips are amazingly, frighteningly, astonishingly, chilli astounding and ´first class´. I am delighted absolutely on awakening from bedtime and mounting my stilts. I feel oh soo very tall with these extra, extra millimetres. Thank lord for you and your wiseness, beautiful angel. Thank you very please. Fahtsheet.
Name: Mistavors Camptitcha
City:   The Big One
Comments:   So Hello. So small be me. but sting like battyfly and bumble like bee say them. Twinkletoes. Bye Goodfare. Mistavors
Name: manish
City:   delhi
Comments:   i wd like to add i knw ppl whose height increased in 20´s and evn after marriage ,there is ahomeopatheic medicine called gro t ,my frends used tham a nd grew in height
Name: jitendrashinde
City:   nashik,india
Comments:   plz tell me any addrress in india where i can do surgery of my legs to increase height
Name: manu
City:   alapuzha
Comments:   i want to know whether we stop growing after the age of 21. Also i would like to know abt your comment on higrow height increaser
Name: manickam
City:   madurai
Comments:   iam 5´6" tall i want to improve my height possibly to few father is a tall person and my mother is short of 5´.Is it good to use "hi grow height increaser"? or what are the ways to improve my height? .please i kindly request you to give me an idea sir. is it good to use "acupressure sole"(height increaser)? or what treatmentcan i take?
Name: parvaneh
City:   tehran
Comments:   Dear sir madam I am pleasure that know you and I use your advice but I have problem .My husbend is short how i help him ? please give advise to me. Thank you for helping and if we shoud use from the drug please inform me. Best regards p.samiei
Name: ankit
City:   delhi
Comments:   my age is 20 and i want to grow my father height is 5.8
Name: ankit
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am 20 years old boy and i want to grow taller i am using yoko height increaser with certain growth exercises PLZ tell me A boy can grow upto the a age of.
Name: preeti
City:   delhi
Comments:   regarding akit´s question ... there is no age limit for increasing height.... i m a medical student.. & trust me u can increase ur height at any age by just stimulating ur growth hormones... give a try to teleshop´s HI GROW HEIGHT INCREASER it will work
Name: preeti
City:   delhi
Comments:   regarding MANICHAKAM, yes it is good 2 use HI GROW HEIGHT INCREASER.... u give it a try with hardwork & faith... it will definitely work...

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