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What mother doesn't want her daughter to grow up to be a beautiful, elegant woman In your endeavour to do this, don't neglect her personality development. It may sound clich'd, but inner beauty is indeed just as important as outer beauty. One of the most appealing aspects of a woman's beauty is her self confidence. A confident woman who walks straight, doesn't slouch, can hold a conversation on any topic, looks you in the eye when she speaks and has a high degree of self esteem is far more attractive than someone with a pretty face and no self-confidence or conversation skills. So concentrate on building up your daughter's confidence at the outset. Stay away from negative comments and at no stage should you criticize your daughter. Criticize or check a bad habit without criticizing her. Strive to constantly build your daughter's confidence without making her arrogant. Arrogance is usually a method of self-defence against personal criticism. If you stop finding fault with her, her defences should drop.

Feature Flaws

Remember that short of plastic surgery, your daughter's features cannot be changed. Never, at any stage, let your daughter feel that her nose is too short or too long, that she is too dark or that anything is wrong with any of her features. It is not necessary to have classical features in order to look beautiful. Each person's unique 'flaws' add to their character and their beauty and can actually work to their advantage.

Make-up trends

Most women just want to look pretty, and the best way to do this is NOT by following beauty trends. That hot pink lipstick may be the latest runway rage, but there is no point in wearing it if it doesn't suit you. Teach your daughter not to follow trends as far as make-up is concerned. Make-up is not an end in itself. It is a means to enhancing your best features, playing down flaws and imperfect skin, and making yourself look prettier at the end of the day.

'I want to look like that model in the magazine!' This is a common desire amongst girls and women, and if they don't look as beautiful as the women they see in beauty magazines, they start feeling ugly. Remember that the photograph of that beautiful model has been taken after a professional make-up artist has worked on the model and caked her face with make-up. Then, a professional photographer has taken the photograph under the best and most flattering lighting. Dozens of rolls of film have been shot and a handful of these have been chosen for the magazine.


Certain things which are within control matter more in ensuring that your daughter grows up looking and feeling pretty. One of the most important of these is complexion. Flawless skin goes a long way in enhancing a person's looks so concentrate more on ensuring that your daughter's skin looks glowing, healthy and completely pimple-free. It is not important to be fair skinned to be beautiful.

Never encourage your daughter to wear foundation of a lighter colour than her natural skin. Her face will look pasty and dull in your endeavour to make her look fair.


Inculcate a habit of exercise in your daughter even if she is not plump. This will help keep her in shape for years to come, and will boost her energy level making her feel better about herself. This will automatically make her more attractive.


Teach your daughter that is more important to be well groomed than to have perfectly balanced features. If your daughter dresses well, has well groomed, shiny hair, clear skin, walks well and speaks well, she will automatically come across as attractive. So stop obsessing about her skin colour or her small eyes. Keep telling her that she is beautiful until she believes it - and that is when she will truly become beautiful.

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Feedback on article
Name: Rita
City:   Frederick
Comments:   It`s a fantastic article !
Name: Kavita Idnani
City:   Dubai
Comments:   It's really very useful article since I have a daughter and didn't know how to creat self confidence in her, now I know how to handle her. THANKX
Name: vaidehi
City:   ahmedabad
Comments:   its a good article,i am also having a daughter and my mother taught me the way its written and i also want to do just urself!!
City:   MUMBAI
Name: simran
City:   mumbai
Name: Hema
City:   Bangalore.
Comments:   It is a well written article.Self confidence is the cornerstone for a gir's success.
Name: Dinesh Vadhyar
City:   Baroda
Comments:   This article was really an eye opener. thanks
Name: BilluRaj
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Great article... Plz make such articles as regulars.. Kudos..
Name: swapna
City:   California
Comments:   There should be more articles like this written, promoting self-esteem, and confidence for children and teens.
Name: ...
City:   New York
Comments:   I thought this was pathetic!Mothers should be happy with their kids the way they are, or the kid will eventually pick up on it and spend thier life infront of the mirror. Be happy with your kid!
Name: latha
City:   illinois
Comments:   Great article!! I grew up hearing negative comments about my complexion and it really affected my self esteem, especially around my own people. I'm a mom now and I still feel it. My daughter is brown skinned as well, but I always make sure she should feel proud of her skin tone and that she is beautiful. I don't ever want her to feel she is less beautiful than another who is fairer skinned than she. Society is hard on women and we as mothers need to make our daughters feel beautiful and do what we need to do to help boost their self-confidence in a positive way. Thank you for such and enlightening article
Name: preety
City:   lahore
Comments:   a very good artical,but u should add some tips for children, like drinking loads of liquids,,get more buitiful skin ...etc
Name: Sharon Pires
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have two daughters who are quite conscious about their skin colour. They both have a wheatish complexion and sometimes tell me they wish they were fairer. I have often explained to them that beauty is not just an outward show but that they are beautiful inside. Maybe I will just give them a printout of this article to read. A well written article, a great help for mothers like myself. Thanks a lot Sharon
Name: priya
City:   delhi
Comments:   really a good article, it is not only useful for them who have daughters but for those also who dont have daughters, even these tips are useful for those moms also who are blessed with son, or moreover it is a confidence booster for every female.
Name: emma
City:   Newcastle
Comments:   this is a v. gud article its a fantastic point my mum neva said anything nice bout me but i feel nice just reading it lol! wbck!
Name: Alka Gupta
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   A great article and an eye opener.Even i am a mother of two girls and the younger one has a wheatish complexion.I realised that shouldn"t think that she is not preety.After all beauty is an inner thing.
Name: Ailin
City:   Sydney Australia
Comments:   I love this site and this article it gives me so much selfesteem about myself and my confidence.
Name: Pavani
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   This is a great article, i have an 1.5 year old and i believe reading articles which are this informative will give me the info necessary to raise my daughter to be a whole person both inside and out.. 3 cheers to the author and the website... this is a great one...
Name: Pavithra Shankar
City:   Assam
Comments:   Your Artciles is really superb, it actually develops self-confindence within us, it creates personality development which is very important for modern society.
Name: bhavna.samtani
City:   mumbai
Comments:   articles on this site r allways THE BEST,this article sp is superb it will be great if u come with more articles like this.thks
Name: vasha
City:   poland
Comments:   A very good artical, but it is good better when add some tips for personality development
Name: Nina
City:   Garland, TEXAS USA
Comments:   I am happy to read such a true to heart article. I am a mother of two little girls. I try to always tell my daughters how smart they are first, beautiful later. But, I tell them everyone is beautiful in his or her own way...
Name: Dakshayani
City:   Chicago,ILL
Comments:   Am a mother of two precious little girls.I love to read thing that can help me raise my girls the right like my mother raised me.
Name: Prachi Abhyankar
City:   delhi
Comments:   It was a wonderful article.Now my daughter is very confident n now doesn't feel anything bad about her skin.even if she has a dark complexion she now moves out very freqently without having the fear of being a topic of laughter
Name: sweety
City:   USA
Comments:   It is a great article. I also want to know how a girl with pimple prone skin can take care of her beauty and self esteem. My daughter is in her early teens and get many pimples. It takes longer time for the pimple marks to go and she is worried about that. Thanks.
Name: omg
City:   trinidad
Comments:   chinid is so contradicting erself, she's sayin its a good article dat ppl mus accept their dark skin n then she's advertising a product to brighten skin::::hypocrite:::: ppl like u piss me off n i make NO apologies
Name: Bhawna singh
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I think the thoughts of this article should be lighten up among all the young girls to make them realise the worth of their natural beauty.
Name: Bhawna singh
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I think the thoughts of this article should be lighten up among all the young girls to make them realise the worth of their natural beauty.
Name: Bhawna singh
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I think the thoughts of this article should be lighten up among all the young girls to make them realise the worth of their natural beauty.
Name: juanita
City:   Columbia
Comments:   I think a lot of the females are insane because their skin isn't fair enough. I love when my skin tans in the sun because it glows and my pimples are hidden temporarily. I'm 13 and I am a golden color, so i am kind of dark and i admit i have low self esteem but my skin tone has never crossed my mind in a negative way, mainly my pimples.
Name: Aisha
City:   Potomac
Comments:   I really loved this article! Often times us girls have so many insecurites and most come from our mothers. Thank you once again!
Name: Kaylin
City:   Church Hill
Comments:   These tipes helped me so much and I want to just say Thank you and I really want you to do more articles like this to help us grils. Thank you once again so Thank You!
Name: Savita
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Very Good Article.
Name: priya
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Very good site
Name: Rekha
City:   culpeper,VA
Comments:   Excellent article for mothers who are having daughters. Surely, we should try to increase self confidence in our daughters from childhood so that they can become smart, attractive and successful woman in their life and this can accomplished only when discrimination between boys and girls will be abolished which only woman can do it. Always motivate your daughter and give equal opportunity to them as we give to son. I like this article very much and thankful to the writer.
Name: priyaanand
City:   california
Comments:   very good article. A girl self confidence is very very important. thanks to the article.
Name: Priya Gopalakrishnan
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   A lovely afrticle! we mothers definitely need to groom our little girls with this level of confidence. Its important to teach them that...." They will look Beautiful when they Think that they are Beautiful" and not just by fairdark complexions.
Name: natalie
City:   los angeles
Comments:   good artigle but im 8 yeasr old i have my first pimple.
Name: kamakshi
City:   florida
Comments:   very good article. A must read article for all mothers
Name: sumiti
City:   bareilly
Comments:   It,s a very good article for all those mother´s who are having lovely daughter´s this article will help them in grooming their daughter´s and creating feeling of self confidence in them.
Name: bushra ul hussaini.
City:   bhopal
Comments:   great help me to grow as attictive gals....i will definetly fallow theese handy tipes.
Name: jahdia
City:   bermuda
Comments:   I love this article and so does my mom.I feel like a proper lady.THANK YOU!
Name: jahdia
City:   bermuda
Comments:   I love this article and so does my mom.I feel like a proper lady.THANK YOU!
Name: Madilynn
City:   Jefferson, WI
Comments:   hello me again and this artical is awsome and i belive it but the thing is I still have pimples on my face and im only 11 going into 6th grade. So pleaes help me some how.
Name: Mousumi
City:   Pune
Comments:   It is good, well written and really eye opener article. Self confidence of a girl is very important for her success.I am a mother of one little girl. I try to always tell my daughter how smart she is first, beautiful later.
Name: tclohujkgo
City:   tclohujkgo
Comments:   Thanks for this site! jofjbzn.html zfff.html axnk.html arwepsmb.html ctjl.html tstuklbsp.html qxhi.html kigfmkpz.html
Name: Jasmin
City:   ..
Comments:   i agree so much esp. with the critizing point because it really does affect the child. my mom critizes me all the time...and it doesn´t help anything
Name: cdyiyundly
City:   cdyiyundly
Comments:   cod overnight tramadol
Name: link
City:   Berlin
Comments:   Hello! Good site! I´m From Khazahstan! I´m doing well! Thank you!
Name: Sabrina
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Skin colour does not matter, what matters is facial features

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