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Learn to use a hair straightening iron and let your hair speak your style statement. Straight hair is just a slide away.

Straight silky flowing hair is what most women desire. Hair is a women's crowning glory which only appreciates with love and care. Hair care products and hair treatments have been around the world since ages. At present straight hair seems to have captured the hearts of millions of women. Today, a woman with the curliest of tresses can have the straightest of hair. It is no secret that a straightening iron can press out all those unruly waves and curls to a sleek, shiny mane.

Straight hair is easier to manage and there is a chic quality attached to them that makes them a hot favourite amongst women of all age groups. Straightening irons have now become an inseparable appliance for any beauty makeover. If you fancy straight hair but find it difficult to use straightening irons, read on to get some basic lessons on how to use a straightening iron.

Steps for using straightening iron

Here are some easy steps which will help you learn to use a straightening iron. Follow these simple tips and get lovely straight hair falling on your cheeks. This method keeps hair straight till the next shampoo. Sprinkling water and excessive sweating may bring back the waves. Avoid rains and running around too much to maintain the look.

    1. Wash your hair using a good shampoo and a conditioner. Dry it using towel.

    2. Apply hair protection products on your hair before straightening. You can use a combination of straightening balm and hair moisturiser or a hair serum. Avoid applying these products on the roots of hair.

    3. Dry your hair properly before using straightening iron.

    4. Brush your hair well so that the hair protection products applied are spread evenly through the hair.

    5. Make several sections of your hair using clips.

    6. Use thermal protection spray to protect your hair from heat. Spray it on the each section of hair from the distance of about one inch.

    7. Plug your hair between the irons and glide it down to the end of hair, just like using a comb. You can use a comb to make this process easier. Start from the top exerting pressure and glide the iron towards the bottom of your hair. Repeat the process for all the sections of hair.

    8. Apply smoothening product if possible after you finish straightening your hair. As frizzy hair gets settled your hair will appear smooth and attractive.
Now, that you know the process of hair straightening, all you need is a good hair straightening iron. Avoid using other heating appliances as it can cause hair fall and damage. Make sure that you buy a good ceramic coated hair straightening iron.

Frequent straightening of hair is not good for the health of your hair. You can try it for special occasions. Hair straightening exerts pressure on hair making it weak. So it is necessary that you take proper care of your hair. Oil your hair and massage it regularly to make your hair strong. When you use hair straightening irons, make sure that you also use proper hair care products thus preventing hair loss. All the best!

Do you fancy straight hair? Do you use straightening irons? How often do you use hair straightening irons? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: Manisha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have seen many girls with this fusion hair style. It is good for those who do not want to make their hair completely straight. It is making front hair straight and giving a nice cut and rest of the hair is curly. Even many actresses like Rani Mukherji and Katrina Kaif are having this hairstyle in some of their movies. It looks nice and I think it can suit any face. This style is now becoming illustrious and is liked by many of the girls and women. It is good that you do not have to spoil your entire hair. Those who do not want to go for the entire hair straightening they can go for front hair straightening.
Name: Jasmine
City:   Australia
Comments:   I use control freak products for my hair care. I think that hair serum is good for use during hair straitening. I find it comfortable to use these products when I straighten my hair. But I have noticed one thing that frequent straightening causes hair loss and damage. The dead strand looks awful. So now I do hair straightening occasionally during parties. But I use the same Control freak products whenever I do hair straightening. But it is always better to be on a safer side. It is not good to exert pressure on hair which results in hair fall and damage.
Name: Julie
City:   pondichéry state
Comments:   hello, well i use a straighter coz i hav frizzy hair but i really dnt knw which shampoo or hair product to use after or before straightening..wat is the best in india !!?? plz do tell me ...
Name: neha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i iron my hair after every so addicted to it....but i dnt use any product before starighten it n my hair is jus fine
Name: kiran
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I like you method.
Name: tafseen
City:   mapusa
Comments:   it was great watching i know how to iron my hair without damaging it.
Name: Ashwini
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   the info was very useful..can u pls suggest me some good hair care products essential 4 hair straightning
Name: Nina
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hi, i use a straighter regularly after every hair wash.I naturally have wavy hair. Problem is i do not use any hair products before straightening. This has made my hair dry and lifeless. Yet i don´t use to discontinue the use of the straighter. can you please suggest a remedy?
Name: shamna
City:   trivandrum
Comments:   can u suggest some good hair care products that don´t have any side effects ?
Name: shona
City:   agra
Comments:   well nice tips ,would be beneficial for straightening my long curly hairs,thanks
Name: Vanity Girl
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Hi All, I use a straightening iron very frequently, but not daily, cuz my hair stylist advised me against it strictly. The only leavein hair product that I use is Livon, and it works wonders for my hair. You can try that, if you haven´t already.
Name: fueviegiommup
City:   Lilongwe
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Name: manali
City:   mumbai
Comments:   where will i find thermal hair spray in india..
Name: Shalini
City:   abudhabi
Comments:   can u pls suggest me some good hair care products essential 4 hair straightning that don´t have any side effects
Name: pallavi
City:   indore
Comments:   My hairs are dry and damaged and i am using hair straighting iron. I want to know that is it the only reason to my dry and damaged hair?
Name: adam
City:   chennai
Comments:   i purchased the hair straightner machine , it is a branded company. i like soft and straight hair but iam very afraid of using the machine because if i use the machine i may get hair loss problem more over i dont no how to use the machine but after viewing the indiaparenting website i get little bit confidence of using the machine. my personal advice is if you have the machine at home take it to the barber shop who knows well how to use machine and make your hair straight without any damage.
Name: Anusha
City:   Mauritius
Comments:   Hi! I straighten my hair every time after i washdry them. I use Paul mitchel hair serum. I´ve been using this serum for over a year now... and it works pretty well... However, i must oil my hair often to avoid dry and split ends! Now i´m looking forward for a trim:)
Name: Angel
City:   Pune
Comments:   Please advice me which thermal spray and hair protection serum can be used... and where is it available..?
Name: sapna
City:   allahabad, India.
Comments:   Please advice me which thermal spray and hair protection serum can be used... and where is it available..?
Name: SpeesFeddib
City:   Albany
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Name: spavaCymncymn
City:   Charlotte Amalie
Comments:   DUBLIN (Reuters) – The Irish Mother Day Flower Delivery Aviation Attestation said it would concede flights to offer on from all Irish airports from 1200 GMT on Tuesday but volcanic ash could dethrone more disruptions later in the week and periodically wholly the summer. The IAA had closed airports from 0600 GMT until 1200 GMT celebrated to time of ash ingestion in aircraft engines, although overflights of Ireland from Britain and continental Europe had not been banned.
Name: sara
City:   karachi
Comments:   i like ur method of hair straigthning....
Name: Himmy
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi I am a 26 yrs old boy i like straight hair & also i did hair straightning but my hair wasn´t so straight which i was thinking after spending RS 1800 . He had used wella cream to my hair and it wasn´t like pin straight .
Name: helloz
City:   paris
Comments:   what are some cheapgood hair straightning serums?
City:   chennai
Comments:   i want hair straightning machine when i buy at chennai
Name: divya
City:   chennai
Comments:   hey hi.. i have a very bad hair.. i wanna straighten my hair.. can anyone suggest me a place wer i can get a straightning machine in chennai
Name: ramapriya
City:   chennai
Comments:   any health and glow store,but get the ceramic plate ones,and make sure you either apply coconut oil or a good protecting serum...does any1 know where to get a protcting serum in chennai?health and glow doeant have any...i am in adayar chennai plz help
Name: sandy
City:   chennai
Comments:   where i can get hair straighteing machine in chennai.. pl let me know soon
Name: Ishrat
City:   uk
Comments:   Hi all... I regularly use a hair straightner. (Meaning everyday :L ), im extremely addicted to straightening my hair. There are day´s when I wished that I never began this process of straightening and cannot get over the use of using it. Is there anyone out there who can suggest any tipsadvice to how I can stop using a straightner or atleast cut down on using it. I´d very much appreciate it if someone can also suggest any good basic home remedies for hair strenghting and healthy growth of hair products please. would very much appreciate it. Thank you xx
Name: Sonu
City:   Nagpur
Comments:   I wil confirm tryit bu tell me sum good product name
Name: kiran
City:   bhilai
Comments:   i know about my skin is oily,dark spots,sensative
Name: Beby
City:   Nayagarh
Comments:   Nothing
Name: Rupali
City:   Pune
Comments:   Hi. All. I just bought a new straightener and i ws really afraid to try. But now after using it once i loved the way my hair looks. Actualy i have very silky hair and it is not to wavy so in just few minutes i gets straighten. I just want to knw that cn u plz suggest me any good heat protecting spray. I wil really appreciate it. Thanks.
Name: Beau T
City:   ny
Comments:   I have used the Chi Iron Guard for the past year, but the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protectant is MUCH better. The Chi Iron Guard makes my hair sticky and dry. This Shielo spray seems so vitaminenriched, it´s super lightweight and makes my hair smooth and shiny, plus IT SMELLS AMAZING!!!! I want to wear it as perfume. LOL. The Chi Iron Guard doesn´t smell good at all. Honestly this stuff hasn´t only protected my hair from heat, but makes my hair look so much more healthy. I´m so happy I found this! By the way, I have wavy, fine hair. Hair that curlsfrizzes when exposed to humidity or wet. So, this definitely works on my type of hair.
Name: dhara
City:   Ahmedabad
Comments:   firstly i must thanks u for your informative artical. i am plaaning to buy a hair straightner but in delemma where will i get all these mentioned hair potecting products in ahmedabad and its price list. I am having shoulder touch thin , curly, frizzy, dry hairs so pz. do suggest me about the best suitable products for my hairs. planning to buy Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener(Light indicator •30 Sec Heatup Time •Ceramic Plates •360 Deg Swivel Cord •Auto Shut off Function •Dual Voltage •Plate Locks ) Pz. do inform me at earliest. Thanxs dhara.
Name: celebritynakedm
City:   Augusta
Comments:   revija denar kam vložiti denar
Name: Nicolas
City:   TnIxecpq
Comments:   my gsdenoos u have a lot of hair..and i thought i had a lot haha.Anyways ur hair is gorgeous! but no more bleach girl, dont ruin that beautiful hair =)
Name: zirgxkepb
City:   NtMHTFbGYwO
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City:   New York
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Name: mxeajpe
City:   fRKaHTsKunFzJmpIxK
Comments:   FDvNim jattnvfkmhar
Name: Priya
City:   kuwait
Comments:   I used weekly once for straightening hair with ceramic flat irons... but didn´t follow that you´ve advised. I´ve normal hair. what type of heat protections i have to use while flat straightening.. pls suggest.
Name: Microsoft OEM Software
City:   New York
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Name: wholesale men clothing
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Name: Aisyah
City:   Jember
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Name: Get the facts
City:   Pembroke
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Name: sandhya
City:   hyderbaad
Comments:   hello..i generally apply oil oncein a week massage and wash my head with shampoo..i wanted to try straightner to have a different look..but im very scary to use as my hair is very thick and very dry..if i apply that heating applicant really scaredwil it become still dry and finally get can i apply straightning without getting too dry..pls advice me
Name: Boonganuacy
City:   Axum
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