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  UNWANTED HAIR - by Editor

Women are generally particular about removing unwanted hair, but many neglect some areas believing that no one even notices the hair. Unfortunately, everybody does!

Chin Hair

Although many women are particular about removing hair from their upper lip, not all are particular with regard to hair on their chin. Disha's hair on her chin gradually started thickening and by the time she was 33 she had a mini-beard on her chin. She would get it threaded at random intervals, but she wasn't really very particular and would pay a visit to the parlour only when a friend would mention that the hair on her chin was very visible. Then, when her 7-year-old daughter's friend said Disha aunty, how is it that you have a beard? she was completely stunned. She decided to start going for laser therapy, made an appointment, and now, one year later, her chin is completely free of hair.

Not all of us have really thick hair on our chin, but even fine hair, if it is slightly long, is clearly visible. Remember that chin hair, unlike hair on our arms, legs or even eyebrows, hangs down from below the chin and every time you have a conversation with someone, that person can see the hair on your chin.

It is better to pluck chin hair, since you then only remove the long or thick hair. If you thread hair on your chin, even very minute and fine hair gets removed, with the result that it grows back longer and thicker.

If you have a lot of hair on your chin, consider opting for laser treatment.

Stomach hair

If you have hair on your tummy or hair around the navel, either cover it up or remove the hair before exposing your tummy. Stomach hair just looks bad if you expose it. If you are wearing a lehenga or a sari, make sure you remove all hair from your stomach. Some people have very fine, almost invisible hair around the stomach, but they have more hair around their navel. If this is the case, then only remove hair from around the navel. Since most of us don't expose our stomachs very regularly, hair removal cream is a good option for removing stomach hair. Waxing is an even better option, but if you have extremely sensitive skin on your stomach and you may get a rash after waxing. If waxing works, great, but if it doesn't, simply use hair removal cream once in a while, whenever you need to.

Underarm hair

Either ensure that your underarms are completely free of hair, or don't lift your arms or wear very short sleeves. Shaving underarms causes hair to grow back thick and dark, and underarms may start appearing black. Waxing is a better option. Make sure you wax regularly. After a few years of regular underarm waxing, hair grows back really slowly, and it is far easier to keep underarms free of hair. Get your daughter started with waxing her underarms at around the age of 12 or 13, and discourage her from shaving them. There may be some times she needs to shave, if she is wearing sleeveless for example, but if she sticks to waxing her hair regularly and not shaving at all, by the time she is 20-25, she will be relatively free of all underarm hair troubles. Remember that underarm hair responds best to waxing.

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Feedback on article
Name: madhu
City:   chennai
Comments:   hello madam, i want to remove hair in my pubic area in a triangle shape how to do it and whether to do wax or shave please help
Name: feel
City:   delhi
Comments:   Which is the best way to get rid of hair on chin. I have used every method but it does notlessen the growth.
Name: sangeetha
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   please let me know some of the useful tips on how to boost our memory power
Name: navneet
City:   orissa
Comments:   well i am shaving since a very long time for my underarms..and now my hairs have gone quite coarse n i really dread shaving them now ..i am 22 yrs old..please recommend some way to decrease the pain associated.
Name: Sowmya
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   How about hair on the nipple. It hurts to pluck it.
Name: Gita
City:   Toronto
Comments:   I'm happy to see at least some people discovering body hair isn't bad! I've been fine with mine since I stopped being a teenager (feeling pressured into it), and I am still found very attractive.
Name: jyoti
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I have hair on my chin i don't knw laser is good i m worried about it
Name: giggle
City:   hartford
Comments:   tickle my pickle how
Name: twinkle
City:   USA
Comments:   which is the best way to remove hair from nipples and pubic area
Name: abhishek
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i dnot want my beard anymore in life so what to do but dnot smile my skin face i am an artist please sugest me
Name: Kitty
City:   Montreal
Comments:   is it harmful to shave my arms not armpits ARMS!!!
Name: NotSaying
City:   Seattle, WA
Comments:   The best way to remove any & all unwanted hair is take your pick. pluck it out/wax till it stops growing back or get an appointment at a laserhairremoval center look it up online to find one close & make sure they use the new droit laser that painlessly removes the hair in just 4-6 treatments 1 month apart each. make sure if you do the latter that you stay out of the sun until all treatments are done it can cause serious skin damage otherwise. your welcome all. hope that helped.
Name: please reply
City:   london
Comments:   when using hair removal cream to remove hair from the stomch i reacted to it and have been brought up in a rash. Is there any ingredient in the cream which i could be allergic to and what other methods would you reccoment as i have very sensitive skin and even if i shave or remove the hair, small black dots can be visible sometimes
Name: tara
City:   london
Comments:   I am female age 27. Your site is very useful and good tips for asian like me. i have started shaving my pubic hair since last 2 years and it has cause the area to go very very dark, please help!!! Many Thanks Tara
Name: saher
City:   london
Comments:   i m female. i m 19 years old.i have a big problem.its a acne problem.and other problem my skins is not fresh.please help me and tell me what can i do for it.i m very thankful to u .i m very worried about my skin.
Name: Arpita
City:   Kent
Comments:   Hi there, I am taking a laser treatment and this beauty clinic has given me 3 sittings in one month, as she says my hair grows back quickly. I don't think she's trying to make any money coz I have gone for a package. I live in England but getting my treatment here in India and she has assured me that all my hair would be removed in the span of three months. Do you think it’s write for her to give me sittings 3 times a month I just read one of the queries from your list and you suggested someone that laser sittings should have a gap of one month. Is that true in my case as well I do have thick hair! Also, if my laser doesn’t show any effects on my skin this time, would I be able to use katori wax when I go back to England and get rest of the sittings when I get back at the end of the year I hope I wouldn’t lose the effect of laser after using wax on my skin. I hope to hear soon. Thanks Kind Regards Ritu
Name: Oluremi
City:   India
Comments:   I have read peoples' comments here, but I'm impress in what I have read, I've learnt many things about shaving and waxing hair. I have alot on my tommy, but I think I love it so much, so I can't see the reason why I should cut them, cos it's God's blessing. Thanks and Bye.
Name: Ankit
City:   MD USA
Comments:   there are new products that came out. they burn the hair and is not harmfull to your skin so you may want to try that also there are sprays that reduce the growth of hair. I haven't tryed it but seen informatals on tv.
Name: pav
City:   birmingham, england
Comments:   when i was very young i started to shave anything and everything on my body and now i have thick black hair growing on my stomach, bum and arms, its really bad, and as a teenager i find showinf off these areas very hard!! i have tried waxing, bleaching and plucking but i stil look like a gorilla, and even worse is my pubic area where thick hair grow 2 inches down my leg and on my bum, i am distrought, please help me.
Name: Tina
City:   Tarpon Springs, FL
Comments:   I also have very bad hair all over my body, on my stomach, back, between my breasts, around my nipples, and on my butt and I used to shave it off and bleach it and I stopped because it was so annoying and it just seems to get worse and worse I am very embarrassed about it and am very self conscious of it! I am afraid of what people think and I am afraid to wear a bathing suit or have a intimate relationship with a guy! Please help me, Thanks
Name: safina
City:   dubai
Comments:   hey there people i am 16 and i shave my legs but because im dark i get these mark n i cant get rid of them, i dont know but i think it is because im dark. ive been told not to shave my legs but i cant help it. and my mum aint letting me have laser treatment but i dont know why. if i stop shaving now would they go before im 27
Name: jester
City:   taylor
Comments:   i dont care for unwanted hair because you cant see mine .so it realy dont bother me, and it shoudnt bother you either so let it go and get over it dum person
Name: senthil
City:   hosur
Comments:   how to avoid the hair lossing
Name: valerie
City:   new york
Comments:   hey im valerie...i have hair on my chin and im really embarressed about it..i think im too younge to get laser and im scared to tell my mom...its weird..and i never thought it was normal for a girl..i dont know what i should do..
Name: SUM1
City:   CANADA
Comments:   whats threading how do u do it!!
Name: emma
City:   united kingdom
Comments:   hello im emma and ive got a problem, how am i remove hair that is on my back, stomach and arms, everyhwere. please do help me, any chepaer, nautual ways to remove it, i tried waxing butr it brought acnes and marks please tell me how to remove it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Name: Hey
City:   London
Comments:   I have hair on my ass crack, stomach, chin, everywhere, I can't think of getting married because I am afraid as to what my husband is going to think. :( Is there any way to get rid of all this uglyness?
Name: Geetha sundaram
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I am having lot of hair around my navel in the stomach and I use to remove once in a while since I wear the saree well below my navel (Low Hip Saree). Is there any permanent solutions for removal of these hairs
Name: farwa
City:   Islamabad
Comments:   This is good to wax underarms but here it is a very different problem with me. Please help me I have hair on my neck near to ears. I am worried about them. These look very awkward. My hairstyle never look good. THanks in advance.
Name: Sara
City:   italy
Comments:   hi i have hair on my nipples and i have been shaving for 6 years from when i was 14. now it has grown and i wish to remove coz it really makes me feel sad when i look at myself. how about waxing is that harmful
Name: Nicole
City:   Goldsboro
Comments:   I never that there were other females like me. I am a teenager with very bad acne, chin hair, stomach hair, and butt hair. I feel embarassed about my chin hair all the time and I am just fed up. But it comforts me to know that I'm not the only one.
Name: duaa
City:   lahore
Comments:   hi!i have dark black hair on my chin.i want to renove hair parmanentlywaht i dolasre is good salution or notis there any siade effect on skin my underarms are dark and i dont know what to do. which is the best way to remove hair from nipples and pubic areathanks
Name: duaa_ali
City:   lahore
Comments:   hi! I have hair on my crack, stomach, chin, everywhere, I can't think of getting married because I am afraid as to what my husband is going to think. :( Is there any way to get rid of all this uglyness?pleas help e.mail add. is
Name: Krista
City:   lousiville
Comments:   i have dark thick hair under in my armpits...and mu pubic hair is the hurts to shave because it cuts me because the hair is so think and i have extremely sensitive skin. i also have dark hair on my back stomach butt and crack and thighs, and when i shave n e hurts and breaks out...i tried nair once, but it created huge blisters all over that burned so bad....i also naired my armpits and they started to bleed...n e advice help me im in a semi serious relationship and i dont want him to not b able to look at me or sumthing like that...please help!
Name: Wow
City:   Mississauga
Comments:   My 7 year old has hair on her upperlip and legs and is very conscious about it. She crys every time she goes to wear short, because the kids at school make fun of her. What can i do to make her feel better.
Name: sonia
City:   seattle
Comments:   I have thick, long on my stomach, between my breasts, around my nipples, and on my face and I used to pluck it and bleach it and I stopped because it was so annoying. Hair growth seems to get worse now. I am very embarrassed about it and my self esteem is very low. I am afraid of what people think and afraid to have a relationship with a guy or get married. Pease Help.
Name: sam
City:   usa
Comments:   i have dark underarms and i feel really jealous when i see ladies wearing sleeveless clothes cause i cant wear one due to my dark underarms ..will you help me!
Name: belete mekonnen
City:   adis abeba ethiopia
Comments:   i want to remove my hair from on my face for ever.
Name: Rachel
City:   DC, USA
Comments:   Hey guys, I have been getting laser treatments done for almost a year now. I am currently doing the hair on my underarms and my bikini line. Laser is definately worth the cost because the hair comes back finer and eventually most, if not all, is gone. I have light brown hair so after a couple laser sessions my hair follicle was too light to be attracted by the laser beam so now I have to go to get electrolysis on the area. However, it is soo much easier to shave the areas where I got laser done. Less ingrown hairs, and less razor burn. I completely recommend it. However, make sure that the laser they use is safe to use on dark skin. The place where I go just recently got a laser that is perfectly safe on darker skin. My friend who is dark skinned and dark haired got laser done there almost everywhere and she has had tremendous results. I'm envious of her that she has such dark hair since the laser is more attracted to the darker pigment. ALSO, WAXING will only make your hair grow in worse. Waxing distorts the hair follicle making it kinkier and harder to manage. The only way that hair will stop growing from waxing is if you have completely damagaed the hair follicle, so don't bother.
Name: Tina
City:   boston
Comments:   Hi, I have very very thick hair under my chin, so thick that no chemical cream or wax can get rid of it. The only way i have found to get rid of it is to shave, and it just gets thicker. I cant afford laser treatment. Is there anything else i can try its getting more and more like a beard
Name: pat
City:   manchester
Comments:   hey i have very thick hair on my chin and would like to know a good remedy for it. I have heard of hald paste but dont know how to make it or whether it works. Could you please tell me a good home made paste which will diminish or make less my unwanted hair on chin face and whole body. many thankz.
Name: LELE
City:   usa
Comments:   Help! I have very black dark hair all over my face. I've been waxing for over 10 years and it's gotten worse over the years. With the ingrown hairs,dark spots and scars. I feel so unattractive please want can I do to get rid of this furry face
Name: shae
City:   new york
Name: ravi
City:   hosur
Comments:   Hai, I am in hosur near bangalore i want girl friend in and arround hosur& Bangalore please mail me on, awaiting your mail for contact immediately by phone or direct for all.
Name: Rehana
City:   london
Comments:   i need 2 remove hair from my internal part wat should i do shavin hurts me .... and body internal very delicate so help me wat should i do .
Name: erica
City:   houston
Comments:   ummmm.. internal hair what ist that:) um.. shavin is the best option for that iw ould think.. but i am gong to say waxing is best for the legs, underarm, bikini and such areas. i have never waxed.. but i HAVE shaved several years:) i am 22 and have been shavin since i got hair. um, i dont really know if it will grow back thicker if you shave, but i have heard that it does. Supposedly, waxing is suppose to be the best option over all. Hair next to your ears, i think is normal i have it.. sorta around theback of my neck, and up the sides of it, and next to the ear. This is normal.. just more noticeable if you have darker hair. hair on your lip is normal.. all o fyou .. your hair is normal.. i swear.. people are hairy. thats just the way we are. men are more hairy than women because of testosteron(a hormone in the men). anyways.. for your legs.. wax them. For your underarms.. wax them.. for your bikini area.. wax it.. they even have special made waxing for your lip hair. and those of you that dont want chest hair.. and butt hair and any hair.. wax it.. it will hurt very badly, like ripping a band aid of but multiply times 6 or something. But worth it.. shaving is only going to make your hair grow back more thicker and darker, and coarser. in the long run, you will get use to shaving quickly each day or everyother day depending on how fast your hair grows.. but it will still take youlonger in the shower.. to get ready for your man. (or woman) and waxing, ... waxing is good. because it keeps the hair gone for 2-4 weeks(depending agian on how fast your hair gows) and you can rewax. it does hurt, but it will not grow back thicker , darker and coarser. try this. at your grocery store, or beauty store, by a waxing treatment. it is best to go to a salon and get it done, because they are more professional, but a home kit (that you buy at the store is good too). NO HOME MADE ONES.. trust me... isnt your body worth it who wants a risk of reaction from some stupid home made recipie of wax. very hurtful. anwyays.. i will hush about it now.. but concider waxing. i think it will solve your problems.. and in time all of you will come to realize that tehre is nothing wrong with any of you. With the way the public agenda is today, they make us want to be skinny, sexy, smooth.. and it is nice.. but not at out health expense:) i was once uncomfortable with my body and still am(22yrs. old) and i am coming to accept it ..a nd all my flaws and imperfections..a fter all IF NONE OF US HAD ANY IMPERFECTIONS, THEN WE WOULD ALL BE THE SAME it's was makes us unique, and sexy in our own way. you will all realize it soon. mmk.. bye for now.
Name: erica
City:   houston
Comments:   also, one more thing.. all the hair removal lotions... these are good . SOme of them willburn .. and every ones skin is different.. So for me to be able to tell you that a certain hair removal lotion owont burn you.. it would be wrong.. you have to try and test on a small area first.. always test on a small area, as all of us have different reactions to diffeent ingredients and lotions that we may not know of.. do you understand no body has hair too thick for creams and waxes.. maybe just try a different cream or wax.. or leave the cream on longer this is also a solution.. of course not too long.. but diffeent brands are aslo good.. if one does not work. and if any of you are unsure of side effects, or if something is a good solution or not. quit being lazy. Just type what you are curious about in the search engine.. and it will help you find out.. i mean.. the onely way to get answers is to do a little research of your own. how do yout hink i know this.. I DID MY OWN RESEARCH.. it doesnt take ver long.. just maybe a fw minutes to find what you need on the internet.. you shouldnt expect to sit there and wait for some one to give you an answer. ONly youknows whats best for you. i ran accrossed this while doing research of my own.. this is how i know things.. i do research.. and looking things up. i mean no disrespect to any of you.. but this india parenting site.. is pretty cool. It help people realize that they are not alone, but whats wrong in speeding up the process and looking for yourself. okay.. again.. no disrespect. i hope you all fid what you are looking for.. i am outta here.. and on my way to further investigate my other questions.. peace out.
Name: Paayal
City:   India
Comments:   I have hair on my bum crack, some on my nipples and a good crop down there. I hated it and had a tough time and some embarassment too. But I have begun to use the situation to an advantage. I ask my boyfriend to synchronise a styling session with me each time he has to get a haircut. We make elaborate plans, get exotic trimmers, oils, combs, vibrators, He undresses me carries me to the 'love area' we have created and gives me a trim and between work we a massage each other and we always end up having animal sex with stray hair sticking to us - passionate sex. I trim his pubic hair too. At the end we are clean trimmed and we celebrate with a visit to the men's saloon and a dinner date. Mail me at
Name: Mishi
City:   India
Comments:   Gosh Paayal, I used your strategy. Now I look forward to my pubic hair to grow back. My sex life was getting jaded and terrible. Your idea has got me and my husband waiting for the hair to grow back. I am also taking men's haircut lessons, because I want to surprise him by giving him a haircut and styling too. I had the most exciting orgasm last month - and we even planned to share the secret with our cousins.

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