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20 tips to help get you through one of life's most oft repeated struggles - the Fight Against Fat.

Aching to lose weight and don't know how to start You've come to the right place. Here are 20 tips to help get you through one of life's most oft repeated struggles - the Fight Against Fat.

1. Have you tried to give up sugar and haven't succeeded Instead of forbidding yourself certain foods - just eat less of them. If you must have sugar in your tea, cut it down from two spoons to one.

2. Ever notice how if you eat when you're ravenous, you tend to overeat? So try eating more regularly, even if it means more frequently. Eat an average of 5 small meals a day, instead of 2 or 3 large ones, where you stuff yourself.

3. Be conscious about what you eat. Keep a food diary and note down everything you eat. You may be shocked at the results.

4. Eat or snack only on the dinner table, not on the couch in front of your television. Once you make a policy out of this, you'll cut down on snacks tremendously. Don't get too comfortable while eating. It's always better to eat on the go. Always sit straight on the chair.

5. Make rules for yourself. If you experience cravings, give yourself ten minutes before you attack the refrigerator. In most cases, the craving would just die down and you'd walk away.

6. Drink a lot of water. This reduces hunger pangs and gives you more energy.

7. When you decide to finally attack your weight problem, you want it gone by the weekend. But realise that that is just not a realistic approach. If you want it off permanently, you've got to take it slow. It may even take up to a year to get to your desired weight - that's fine, because you've got more of a chance of maintaining it.

8. Join an aerobics class. It's more disciplined and it's always better to work out in a group.

9. Stay busy. Don't just sit around wasting time. Chances are your mind will wander to that delicious chocolate cake Partake in activities that are not conducive to eating. Join a singing class, take up oil painting or gardening - cultivate a hobby.

10. If you have to snack, try this. Put your hand in the packet of wafers and take out a fistful. Finish off whatever you get your hands on - and that's it.

11. Don't stack up on fattening yummy foods. It's easiest to control food intake if you just don't have it around. If you feel like chocolate cake, buy a pastry so it doesn't hang out in the refrigerator all week till you polish it off. Similarly, don't keep tubs of ice cream in the freezer. Buy a cup or two and eat it when the mood strikes.

12. When you reach for the refrigerator, stop and question yourself. Are you just bored or are you really hungry? In most of the cases the answer will be the former.

13. Stick little post-it notes on the refrigerator saying, Stop! Or Reach for a glass of water.

14. Buy clothes a size smaller and work towards fitting into them.

15. Don't beat yourself up or lose heart just because you've slipped up a few times. You need to keep a positive outlook and keep encouraging yourself.

16. Visualise how you will look without those extra kilograms.

17. Take up yoga.

18. Find new and different ways to measure how far you've come. Don't just stick to the weighing scale. Scout around in your cupboard and try on old clothes that are big for you excellent motivation.

19. Find a partner to work out with or to support you. Enlist the help of a friend and go for activities that don't involve snacking. Take up tennis, go cycling don't just meet friends over lunch or dinner.

20. Get motivated. No one is going to lose your weight for you. You're going to have to do it all by yourself, and if the motivation doesn't come from within you, no amount of friends and family pushing you to lose weight is going to help.

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Feedback on article
Name: seema
City:   doha
Comments:   I am aged 28 having two kids. My height is 168cm. Now i weigh 74kg. I am breastfeeeding my second baby who is 8months old. I didnt get my periods yet. Is it overweight After 1st delivery weight was 75 but later when the baby turned 8-9 months weight went down to 67. That time i got my periods at the 8th month. Is losing weight related to periods
Name: fazliyanilam
City:   baharain
Comments:   I am aged 28 having one kid .My height is 5 feets. My weight 55kg . is it ok my weight
Name: lakshmi
City:   podicheery
Comments:   my problem is i want to loose weight badly but as of now i am feeding my baby and people says i should go on diet or excercise to reduce my weight otherwise i workhard at home.. what should i do abt this please help...
Name: Jyoti
City:   Johannesburg, South Africa
Comments:   Hi All I don't think we can ever have the perfect weight and keep it up - its human nature. All the advice given above is very motivating and realistic. I think if we tell ourselves that we can lose weight, we can but we have to persevere and take it one day at a time. I've started my own program, I've marked my weight on my calendar and everyday I try a bit harder - each time I've cheated - I don't mark the calendar, in this way, I can keep track of my progress. Good luck to you all !
Name: bobby
City:   Arizona, America
Comments:   Hi.. i am 22 years old and i weigh 148 pounds and i m 5'4''.. do i have normal weight for my height? i drink lots of water and the resultant is just visiting the rest room very often but no loss in weight.. but i m confident that i would come up with my goal..
Name: sharmistha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hi, i am 24 years old and ihave a baby who is 7 months present iam weighing 63kgs and i am 5ft 6inchs tall.i am interested to lose weight and i want to know a diet chart that will help me to reduce.i am a housewife and i want to know few exersises that will help me to reduce and at the same time please let me know the actual weight that i should have according to my height.
Name: disha
City:   noida
Comments:   how long does ones body take to loose weight,its been one month that i have join aerobic classes,for how long should i cont to get the desired results . i am 17 yrs old and weigh 53.5 kgs
Name: neetu
City:   California, U.S.A.
Comments:   hi, i am 16 years old; 5ft and 2inches and weight 120 pounds. is this a right weight for me. but still i want it to lose weight. well it be healthy for me.
Name: tina
City:   hamilton, canada
Comments:   hi am 16 year old, 5.7 and 124 weight, do u think tht i gotta lose some weight coz i wana to be a model:) and my skin is really dry :s give me an advice plzzzz thanc
Name: V. Mascarenhas
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   hi i am 28 years old, 5.2 and weight 63, please suggest what is the correct weight for my height. i drink a lot of water as a result have to visit the rest room frequently. please suggest
Name: Sujatha
City:   USA
Comments:   Hey guys, it is really good to drink water, yes, visiting restrooms every few hrs is a pain, but it does remove the unncessary fat/water stored in ur hips/thighs. Reducing WILL take sometime, but be happy- u are controlling your woeight...Believe me - WATER DOes wonders!
Name: Sanjana
City:   USA
Comments:   Follow some good diet plan like haveing tea with half spoon sugar, some soups, roti/rice at around 2pm and go for early dinner, remmebr to drink water inbetween.
Name: sanjay gupta
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I want to loose my weight. Now I am 34 years old. My height is 5.5". I drink lot of water daily.
Name: Lakshmi Natarajan
City:   Abu Dhabi
Comments:   The article is good, advising us not to eat and suggesting us all the above points(Do's and the Don'ts). But here even if people are not eating all that like elderly people do not eat cakes, and they do not eat chips but they tend to put on or be in shape. you emphasise on how to stay fit should we continue with regular food habits, why should one go to aerobic imagine if the person does not have time.
Name: pavan
Comments:   Hi I am 28 years old and I have one daugher (21 months). My Height is 5.41/2 , and my weight is 135 pounds , is this normal......
Name: Ashwani Kumar
City:   Delhi, India
Comments:   I am 34 year young man, 5"6" but my weight is around 75kg. I would like to reduce it. What I should do. I take light food a and lot of water daily. Pl suggest. I shall be very thankful.
Name: Sunita
City:   United Arab Emirates
Comments:   I am 30, weight 75kgs and my height is 5ft. I am desperately trying to loose weight, pls help!!! with a diet plan, thanks a million.
Name: Likitha
City:   Singapore
Comments:   iam 28 yrs and my weight is 72 and iam 5 feet 4 inches height,how many lbs do i need to loose,iam a working with 9 months son.
Name: Seema
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I am 27 yrs and have a baby of 7 1/2 months old. I weigh around 78kg. I am 4ft 11inch. Wonder whether it is fine to weigh so much.
Name: maya
City:   Coimbatore
Comments:   Hi all.. I am 23 yrs old and my height is 5 feet and 3 inches.I weigh 58 kgs now.A year and a half before i was only 52.i have put on weight in my tummy and my back..i want to get back to my previous weight.Tell me some good ideas to reduce my tummy aand also the unnecessary flesh in my hip and back.Thank you so much.
Name: sheeba
City:   mumbai
Comments:   am 21 yrs of age..5'4 in ht and weigh around 57kgs...wld like to know whether this weight is appropriate for my age and ht..i usually gain wt easily on my very lazy about exercising and walks .... do suggest me something or send me some tips..thanx , sheeba.
Name: swetha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i am 28 yrs of age..and i weigh 54 and my ht is 5'5 ..wld like to know whether this wt is apppropriate for my age people tell me that i look pretty weak and tired.what shld i do , plz suggest...i usually go for swimming and also do yoga regularly ..... is that enough .. do let me know... thanx, swetha.
Name: praveena
City:   usa
Comments:   hai,iam 28 yrs,my height is 5'5and my weightis 132pounds is this correct
Name: vimal
City:   cochin
Comments:   i am 21 years old & i am student.i am 75kg and my height is 168cm.i can't keep away from food but want to reduse my weight,help me
Name: P.Kanimozhi
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Iam 25 yrs old & unmarried. Iam 70Kgs,my height 5.11. I want to reduce my weight dratically, help me.
Name: ilora
City:   chennai
Comments:   i m 23and my height is 5 feet and my weight is 56 it my ideal weightif not how much i have to reduce now.
Name: Alicia
City:   miami
Comments:   hi im only 13 years old and i weigh 286 lbs.i dont look like it but i do .im sick and tired of being over weight and i want to loose it. who ever reads this,plz give me tips on how to loose this weight thanx bye
Name: kim
City:   edinburgh
Comments:   im 5foot3 11 years old and weigh about 110lb i think im so fat can you tell me hom to loose it or your comments email me on please
City:   dublin usa
Comments:   hey why don't u try to do yoga? That 'll really helpful. But do it regularly. Have fun!!
Name: vaishali patel
City:   U.S.
Comments:   i am 25 years old. my height is 5'2" and my weight is 130 lbs. My chest is small but my hand, leg, thigh, hips and tummy are full of fat. How can i reduce that please help me
Name: Naseem
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I m 29 yrs of age..5'2" in ht and weigh around 58kgs... i usually gain wt easily on my waist n hips n tummy very lazy about exercising and walks .... plz suggest me something i m soon to be married...thanx
Name: tanu
City:   Pune
Comments:   hi! i am 22 yrs old, my height is 5'1" and my weight is 51 kg. I want to know that whether i overweight?? If yes then how to reduce??
Name: MINA
City:   usa
Comments:   I Tired so hard to lose weight but i finaly i got one formula in which i lose 5 pound weight in one week and i am so happy. i just drink 20 glass of water. so my hunger automatically reduce. and plus only fruit and wheat flour item nothing else. some time vegetable but rarley. and it works.
Name: bhgawathi
City:   USA
Comments:   i am 34yrs old,my height is 5'1"and my weight is 130lbs,i have two kids ,ifound lot of fat on my tummy ,waist n hips can u suggest some good excersises n deit plan to reduce 10lbs ,iam fond of sweets how can i avoid ,help me.thanks a bunch.
Name: zz
City:   z
Comments:   have strong will power ... thats all it takes . u can do anything u set ur mind to . just do it and it will be done , thats all it takes . hardwork and dedication.will power.
Name: for those in india
City:   the spa
Comments:   for all those overweight indians who want to lose weight without excercising or dieting and QUICKLY,here s something try Himalaya's AyurSlim capsules. you dont have to diet and its purely natural..but the results may last for around a year after which you have to excercise lightly to maintain weight.And its reasonable too..some 130 rupees for a pack that can last for 15 days and you need 3 such packs to remove sum it up...and good luck
Name: safia
City:   nowshera(pakistan)
Comments:   i am 29 yrs old.i have 160 pounds weight & 5.5" hight.i ama lecturer of economics.kindly prescribe a possible solution for my problem. THANX
Name: artimathew
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i am 29 yrs old and my weight is 71 kgs, height 5.3 ft. my problem is that i cannot resist eating and i can't exercise. kindly prescribe a solution as i am keen to loose weight.
Name: laura
City:   sydney
Comments: 14, n i weigh this bad plz help me...i want to lose my thighs n i wanna look good!!!
Name: clarasharmala
City:   malaysia
Comments:   hi,iam 19 years old and iam in 80kg my parents want me to lose some weight ,i have try cuting dowm my food and i walk a lot but my body is still the same .i whould like to lose some pound and feel happy with my body.can u please help me.
Name: Preethi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi everybody - I would like to share few tips for weight loss. Drink lotsa water, never be empty stomach (gas accumulates n will bulge ur tummy). Take Tomato juice every morning with a handful of peanuts (peanuts gv energy n more than a handful is fat) tomato flushes toxins, sometime live only on watermelon juice n see ur skin glowing.Always take juices before eating cooked food n not after.
Name: pavani
City:   Santa Clara,usa
Comments:   Hi everybody-iam 22 years old and iam 150 pounds and my height is 5.1 when i was in india i use to be 45 kgs,but now i gained weight.if i do exercise and walking,iam getting body pains,due to this iam not able to do other work,plz can anyone tell me how to reduce weight.
Name: cindy
City:   vancouver
Comments:   i'm 20yr old 5ft3inch weighing about 173pounds i've been fat for the past 5yrs help me loose weight fast but safelty
Name: mary
City:   karachi
Comments:   i'm 32yr old 5ft1inch weighing about 140pounds i've been fat for the past 5yrs help me loose weight fast but safelty i drinks lots of water. please help help help
Name: aparna
City:   delhi
Comments:   i m a 25 old and i weigh 75 kgs and my height is 5fet and seven inches
City:   ASIA
Comments:   hie there girl! i read that you are only 13 and weigh 280+ Lbs... i am in the so totally same boat and i hate it too... maybe we should chat I am 18 andweigh around 300 Lbs! yeah exact 300Lbs... so if you are readin this, pls respond my sending me an email to messadonna@ yahoo. com
Name: aarti mehta
City:   vikaspuri,delhi'
Comments:   ireally want to lose ewight i drink lot of water whenever i eat food ifeel guilty of myself and feel depressed please help me i am suffering from hypothyroidism
Name: ranjna
City:   new delhi
Comments:   I am 32 years my height is 5ft i want to loose weight i have joined aerobics but failed to loose weight.
Name: Archana
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I have gained excess weight after my delivery.. I feed my baby and i am a working woman.. I hardly find time to go to gym or aerobics. I have started to walk in the evenings... Is there any natural way to reduce weight.. some one told Himalaya product AyurSlim works.. but will it have any side effects Should we consult a doctor before having it Can feeding women have it.. I am going to stop feeding very soon.. Please advice..I very badly want to lose my weight.. What is the right diet for me I am 28 years old. I am 5'3 inches tall. Since I am allergic to lemon and cucumber, pls advice a diet which does not involve these items.. I have experienced one thing and would like to share it with you all. Mixing honey along with luke warm water and half a lemon juice and taking it early in the morning in empty stomach will help a lot in reducing weight.. Since I have become allergic to lemon, I want to know if just honey with luke warm water alone will help in reducing weight.. Please advice

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