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There are various reasons for hair fall and damage. Know some common causes of hair fall and ways to prevent them.

Everyone has to cope with hair fall at some point of their lives. However the reasons for hair fall in each case is different. Hair fall is caused even when some people take lot of care of their hair. This hair fall problem occurs as people are not able to find the exact cause triggering it. There are a number of reasons for hair fall; here are some of the common reasons.


Diet plays an important role for all the health concerns including hair fall. Not having a balanced diet is one of the main causes for hair fall. Hair fall can also be caused due to certain diet plans followed for losing weight. Thus your diet should provide nutritive value to your body for getting healthy and strong hair.

Hair products

There are certain hair products which may not suit your hair. It can be a shampoo, conditioner, gel or any other product for hair. This is because certain chemicals in these products may not suit your scalp skin. Such chemicals may also cause excessive hair fall and harm your skin. In this case you can always depend on herbal products for your hair.


Increase in pollution day by day is causing major health problems. Pollution makes hair dull and frizzy causing hair loss. Exposure to sunlight for longer time can also cause hair loss. To cope with this problem you should always cover your hair with scarf, hat or cap. Avoid leaving your hair open while traveling if you have long hair. This will help you to keep your hair away from pollution.

Improper hair care

Hair fall can also be caused due not taking proper care of hair. You should always wash your hair regularly using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Oiling hair is most important part of hair care regime. Besides this you should avoid combing on wet hair and try to dry your hair naturally. You should use wide toothed comb and avoid tying hair very tightly.

Ageing process

Hair loss due to ageing process is the most common cause for every one. You should adopt the various techniques like yoga and meditation which slows down the biological ageing process. Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day is very essential to reduce the ageing process.

Imbalance in hormones

There are several reasons due to which hormonal imbalances are caused in human body. In case of women, hair loss is caused after three to six months of delivering a baby. This is as a result of post-pregnancy hormonal changes. It is also caused due to imbalances in thyroid gland. This can be corrected by proper treatment of thyroid diseases. Imbalance in hormones is also caused due to menopause. It can also result due to the imbalance in the hormones known as estrogen and androgens in women.

Medication and drugs

Certain medications and drugs may not suit your body and can affect your hair. There are some medicines which cause side-effects like hair fall. When you see such side-effects you should immediately consult your physician and replace the medicine.

Diseases and sickness

Diseases and sickness make your body weak causing hair fall. Skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis can also cause hair fall. Other diseases like diabetes and lupus are also factors contributing to hair fall.

Beauty treatment

Illustrious beauty treatments like hair colouring, hair straightening, hair styling can cause hair fall. Hair colouring involves harmful chemicals which make hair weak causing hair fall. Excessive hair straightening damages the roots of hair due to pulling. The other hair treatments like perming, curling and frequent blow drying can be harmful for hair.

Excessive stress

Stress is one of the important factors contributing to hair fall. Workload and other personal problems can cause stress. To cope with stress you should have a proper sleep. Eight hours of sleep is necessary to lead healthy life. You should also use stress management techniques like meditation and yoga.

As you know all the reasons for hair fall now, you can figure out what triggers hair fall. However there can be various other factors causing hair fall. Hair fall can also be a part of symptoms of certain disease or just a fear. You should always consult expert before taking action for preventing hair fall. But you can always try natural remedies for it. To have healthy hair all you need is a healthy body and proper hair care regime.

What are common reasons for hair fall? How do you prevent hair fall? How do you cope with excessive hair fall? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: Sandeep
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I have noticed that hair oil can also cause hair fall. I tried Navratan oil but it did not suit my hair. My hair started falling and growing dull and weak after applying oil. Now I only use pure coconut oil and nothing else. I do not trust any other branded oil too. It can cause danger to the skin also. I consulted expert regarding this problem he told me that it is always good to use natural and herbal products for hair and skin too. I was shocked to see excessive hair fall after using that oil. At that time I was in a good health and was not under any medication the only reason for the hair fall was hair oil.
Name: Karuna
City:   U.A.E
Comments:   Herbal products make hair healthy and strong. The natural herbs protect hair from pollution and help to avoid hair loss. Natural conditioners like Amla, Bhringaraj, Henna, and Ritha are useful to make hair silky and soft. Hair loss is only caused due to harmful chemicals in shampoos and conditioners. It also depends on health of a person. Balanced diet is vital for healthy and beautiful hair. Beautiful hair is essential aspect of beauty so it is essential to protect it. I believe that natural products are the best products. There is no other substitute for natural products.
Name: deenadayalanM
City:   vellore
Comments:   i am deena from hair is continiously falling daily on bathing i am 28 years old,i want remedy.
Name: deenadayalanM
City:   vellore
Comments:   i am deena from hair is continiously falling daily on bathing i am 28 years old,i want remedy.
Name: noonu
City:   vadakara
Comments:   my hair is falling for past 1 year.i take bath regularly and apply oil daily
Name: sumita
City:   malaysia
Comments:   iam 17 years old .my hair is falling seriously after staringhten the there any food or other method to control the hair falling?
City:   india
Comments:   i am 21 year .my hair is continiously falling what shouldi do tell me
City:   PUNE
Comments:   I use Dove shampoo, & do not apply any oil before or after shampooing. Since last few days i tried using hair drier, i think since then the fall of hair is a major problem. Does anybody know if using hair drier is harmful for hair?
Name: Anu
City:   India
Comments:   I´m 27 yrs old and I have Polycistic ovaries and my testrone level is high becoz of which i have a heavy hair fall and my hair is become almost bald..can anyone suggest me what is the right thing to stop my hair from becoming bald. PLs help me out..this hairfall is really making me very depressed
Name: sushma
City:   India
Comments:   my hair is falling day by day.Please do needful.
Name: abhisher
City:   amritsar
Comments:   hair thinning and falling
Name: poornima
City:   chennai
Comments:   how to reduce hair fall?how 2 grow it?
Name: Harsh
City:   indore
Comments:   i am 24 male, when i relocate from my home town to indore for Job purpose , i am in indoe since last 11 months and i am facing hair falling problem. please advise me or help me to choose the docor or find out the main cause of the same.
Name: juliet heliane
Comments:   i AM 32yrs old, i suffered hair falling 2yrs ago until now.I´ve always change my shampoo from time to time to find out wc is good for me but its not working. please advice me what to do.
Name: juliet heliane
Comments:   i AM 32yrs old, i suffered hair falling 2yrs ago until now.I´ve always change my shampoo from time to time to find out wc is good for me but its not working. please advice me what to do.
Name: sanjana
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am 28yrs old. i suffered hair falling 4yrs ago.
Name: malathi
City:   IndiaChennai
Comments:   When i was in 20years old my hair was so long and thick(5ft). After getting married and kids, now my hair was too short and it becomes bald. Iam working woman. this hair falling me very irritating. Please tell me the solutions
Name: Geetha
City:   Trichy
Comments:   I have a severe hair loss in recent times. Suggest me some home made remedy
City:   chennai
Comments:   I have a severe hair fall .I used many oils & shampoo but no one gave me a good please tell me the solutionm of hair fall.
Name: Pinky Mary Lyngdoh
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   i´ve been suffering from hair loss now for A Year.I did permanent Straightening last Year in May2008.....and now my Hair falls so much....Am so scared of it. I just recently got the homeopathic medicines.....the way the hair falls,its from the root itself.Now the volume of my hair is very thin....I us eto ahve very thich hair and very healthy hair.....I cant put oil as well coz the hair fall more..... Can u give me any suggestion to stop it..Please,,,help me otherwise am scared that i will be Baldy soon
Name: deva
City:   trichy
Comments:   i am 28yrs old. i suffered hair falling 8yrs please tell me the solutionm of hair fall.
Name: kavita sunder
City:   hospet
Comments:   after marriage and children i am facing heavy hair fall, as i am working women,i am too much depressed. please advise me.
Name: Mehek
City:   ahemdabad
Comments:   hi, i do straighten my hair once in a week so will it cause me? plz ans
Name: omer sayeed
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   dear sir , i have got patchy hair loss from my scalp and lateral part of eyebrows for the past three years it is gradyally spreading and now i lost hair from chest and all four limbs this is bothering me alot kindly give me your valuable advice iam a twenty year old male engg student thanking you sir
Name: sanjay
City:   Colombo
Comments:   i m male and i m having hair fall problem recently... i think its not spread to all..this is the beginning period.i wont use any chemicals such as shampoo,jel etc.i m 18 years old.and i have no any problems like which you say i need a solution as soon.
Name: mrinal sharma
City:   mumbai
Comments:   HI this is mrinal sharma. I am very diet concious and i m sleeping for 6 to 7 hours a day. why my hair is week. when i was in north india my home town in chandigarh.The hair was healthy. But in mumbai i think my hair strenght is week. In front of my forehead just above the hair is less.Its luk ok.but i am afraid is all hair loss like dat fallen it would be probs with me. Plz help it out.
Name: Navin
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Im taking proper care of my hair right from balanced diet to use of herbal products. i also ensure i have proper sleep and pollution free environment. Still my hair is falling. is it anything to do with water ?? if so wats the remedy for that ??
Name: minila
City:   bangalore
Comments:   i always experience excessive hairfall starting from april every year till june.. i often straighten my hair. i want to know what the reason might be for my hairfall so i can take the coorrect precautions and diet. i have a balanced diet too.
Name: Rishi
City:   Rajasthan
Comments:   m 17 years ...old... my hair fall evertyme ..everywere plzz is a req give me any suggestion wt i do to protect my hair ..plzz plzz plzz
Name: Shashi kumar
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I m 19 yrs boy.i tryied different shompoos but i m not using conditioner.and i apply oil ones in 2 or 3 please help me to stop hair fall completely.pls suggest me the solution.
Name: Soumya
City:   cuttack
Comments:   how to control hairfall
Name: ashwin
City:   navi mumbai,panvel
Comments:   hii i am 18yr old teen i am suddenly suffering frm hairfall frm last week i dont know the reason i have stooped using shampoos ...plzz help me out of these .
Name: murali
City:   kuwait
Comments:   My doughter is 17 years old, she have the problem of falling hair, she is thyroid patients and taking 150 mg thyroin tablets everyday. the hair directly falling from the rrots of the hair. Slowly it is increasing . If there is any soloution please help.
Name: blessena
City:   kurnool
Comments:   im studying 10th standard now..after using nuzen gold hair oil im sufering wid alot of hairfall...plkz sugest a gud oil nd shampoo for me...
Name: indira priyadarshini
City:   secunderabad
Comments:   I am 27 years ...old... my hair fall evertyme ..everywere plzz is a req give me any suggestion wt i do to protect my hair. If there is any soloution please help.
Name: Microsoft OEM Software
City:   New York
Comments:   ZDh0hv Thanks a lot for the post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.
Name: wholesale men clothing
City:   New York
Comments:   Thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Will read on...
Name: negin
City:   hamburg
Comments:   Hi iam negin and i have a thining hair falling also and iam 22 years old but my hair is looks like a old women iam woory about it and i wanto shave it ...
Name: jasmine
City:   jalandhar
Comments:   hi i am 24 years old my diet and sleep is proper but even then i am having hair fall they get oily very soon after headwash and from roots they are geting thiner plz help me out.....
Name: maricar bacares
City:   dubai uae
Comments:   hi! i am 27 years old, and i am suffering from a very serious hair fall for more than one month now. as in my hair falls every day during my bath and i´m so scared of combing it because the hair falls i think more than 300pcs a day. it´s very serious and i´m so scared! i´ve tried using a lot of remedies i´ve searched from the internet. i also tried putting oil every night. but the hair fall doesn´t stop. please help me! i normally have a thin hair but now it´s getting worse. my scalp is now visible. help me please i´m begging!
Name: M.EvengelineEmima
City:   Vellore
Comments:   i am Evengeline from hair is continiously falling daily by combing & even taking hair wash also.i am 35 years old after my marriage(2010)i used a die product also,but nw within 2011to 2012 only heavy hairfall i want hair type is silkyhair,ineed good shampoo& oil also pls tell me remedy
Name: crork
City:   rBwwDpeFOu
Comments:   HJwxm3 Hey, thanks for the blog.Really thank you! Want more.
Name: pallavi Mittal
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I m 29 yrs old.I m having hair fall problem since last 11 months and fm the nov 2011 I m in Hyderabad. when I was in Delhi it was not happening bt now its too much. is it possible weather can be the reason for that?I m not using any chemical or hair beautification treatment. I m nor under any medication. My hair type is silky. Please help me.
Name: bookmarking service
City:   UsXPyXpU
Comments:   Kqznfz I value the post.Really thank you! Really Great.
Name: buy clomid no prescription
City:   New York
Comments:   pCmTCZ Im thankful for the blog article. Want more.

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