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  CURLY LOCKS - by Editor
Your head is full of curls that rise like the living dead and seem to have a mind of their own. You've tried everything from straightening your hair to blowdrying it till it's fried, but it's still the same frizzy mess you started out with. What should one do?

First of all, there's good news for curly heads. Ringlets are back with a rage. So instead of burning out your hair with frustrating attempts to straighten it, here's what you can do to control those curls.

Curl Care

Getting curly hair to behave begins in the shower. Wash your hair every third day. On days you are not washing your hair, wet it and apply conditioner. Don't wash your hair everyday if you have curly hair, even if you are using a mild shampoo that claims it is suitable enough for daily use. Of all hair types, curly hair is the driest and most brittle.

Always follow up with a conditioner. Concentrate conditioner on ends, which are the most dry, and rinse out. Towel dry hair and apply a leave-in conditioner. If you don't have any, moisturising lotion is a good substitute! It keeps the frizz at bay and controls the curls. You could also apply a couple of drops of oil to your hair when wet. Remember, when towel drying frizzy hair, pat it down, don't
ruffle it.

For a quick fix for damaged, weak, dull or dry hair, work in a good healthy dose of conditioner on wet hair and expose it to steam for 15 minutes. Then lightly shampoo and rinse.

Curly heads need to apply more styling products, conditioners and oils to control their mane. This leads to build up. Once a month mix an equal amount of baking soda with your shampoo and wash your hair. This removes build up and residue and leaves your hair squeaky clean.

Comb your hair with a wide toothed comb when it's damp and not dripping wet as wet hair breaks easily, especially if it is tangled. Apply a good conditioner and using a wide tooth comb start from the ends. Take as much time as is necessary to avoid stretching or breaking your hair. Never comb curly hair when it is dry and never, ever brush your curls. They'll just open up into frizzes.

When blow drying your hair, use a diffuser attachment. Don't dry it completely; leave it slightly damp or you run the risk of over-drying your hair.

Perfecting the Curl

If you're letting your hair dry naturally, try this: Apply gel or leave-in conditioner to towel dried hair and create curls by twisting locks of hair around your fingers or by scrunching your hair. Or twist sections and clip them up with butterfly clips. Once dry, take them down. Loosen the curls with your fingers.

Wash your hair at night, apply gel or mousse and braid it. The next morning, open out your braids and finger comb your hair for lovely, natural curls.

Fed up with hair that zooms out at the sides as if you've been electrocuted? Pull your hair taut and secure it into a ponytail when it's drying. This way your hair will tend to fall down instead of spreading out.

Frizz Busters

If you tie up your hair in a silk, satin or velvet scarf at night, it will kill some of the frizz.

If you catch a case of the frizzies, simply wet your hair. Your mane needs to be kept megamoisturised to fight frizz.

So there you have it. In a world of people with flat, limpy hair that just hangs down, your curls set you apart. Just one out of twenty have curly hair, so count yourself lucky and chuck those straightening irons where they belong. In the bin.

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Feedback on article
Name: Sharada
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I have frizzy curly locks and have always been searching remedies for the frizz. This article seems to make good sense and is practical.
Name: Silvia Malhotra
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I have natural long curly hair and what I have found to be a God sent, is Sebastian potion #9. I'm not sure if this product can be found in New Delhi, but it ahs natural oils in it, it does not leave the hair greasy, I use only this after I come out of the shower and I never brush my hair, I simply run my fingers through my hair when rinsing out the conditioner. I use the potion 9 and on the very to of my head, I use a gel to help separate the curls then I wrap my hair atop my head and use a scrunchie to hold the hair in place and then I let it loose after a couple hours. Voila! Looser curls without the frizz that looks nice.
Name: Tahira
City:   London
Comments:   I think this site is great, the advice given makes sence. i have fizzy curls and i'll try the tips from this site and if they work i'll be delighted.
Name: tela
City:   karachi
Comments:   my hairs r curly i wana the best conditioner i hv heard too tht curly hair persons shuld not use the conditioners is thts so
Name: godu
City:   gulbarga
Comments:   this site is real good(and real indian site) and i loved reading about curly hair and its maintaince i want to know more tips on falling and dull hair
Name: tilini
City:   colombo
Comments:   It,s a helpful site.can u name any leave in conditioners for curly hair which can be found in asia
Name: sofie
City:   sthlm
Comments:   i like long hair! my own is to the hips and very thick! its brown and very hard to job out! i also like to wearing those scrunchies...but they is sliding down so much!! in 2 hours it can be sliding down over 5 inch why i allways twist the scrunchie really hard!! can someone help me! i really like those scrunchies anywhere...
Name: sara
City:   Mocow
Comments:   i dont know about the scrunchies i have the problem to!! i also needs help...i going to wear them when i got the help =)
Name: Alexandria Ridler
City:   San Diego, Ca
Comments:   These are really helpful tips for people with curly hair (especially the one mentioning drying with s diffuser)
Name: lili
City:   Ethiopia
Comments:   I don't have any word to explain how important you web site is please keep going your doing a good job. God bless you.
Name: mia
City:   LA
Comments:   great stuff. i have straight hair that curl at the bottom when i dont blow dry. i just wanted to know how i can get more curls without using curling irons and stuff. thanks
Name: linsee
City:   Canada
Comments:   Also i tried this and it worked!put a little bit of hand lotion in your hands and rub together like you normally would. then run fingers through hair. DON'T over do the lotion or your hair will look greasy!!!works awesome though!!!great site btw.
Name: Eleanor
City:   Chesapeake VA. USA
Comments:   I was browsing for hair care and found you. You made my day. Thank you
Name: phoebe
City:   canada
Comments:   never leave conditioner in curly hair over night it becomes full of tangles and very hard to brush, the leave in conditioner is good but the actually conditioner... never leave it in your hair... i've learned my lesson...
Name: Denise
City:   Huntingtown
Comments:   Great information. Thank you for posting it.
Name: Jai
City:   Chicago
Comments:   Potion 9 is great. But I stopped using it because of the price. My hair is more so wavy than curl, but I will get a little poofy depending on the weather. =-/ Lotion is good too though. My son have veeeery curly hair. I just spritz it with a little water and use a little coconut oil. But for the front (he has long hair)... when it gets a little frizzy I just use a tiny bit of lotion and that does the trick. =-) *~Peace and Blessings~*
Name: Arti
City:   Munich
Comments:   hi, came here to look for some tips on maintaining curly hair. This is a good piece of work and well ..very practical. From my experience, buy a good conditioner (I use the one from L'oreal for dry hair)....leave it on hair for some time after a shampoo, and wash. Most important: Never dry your hair in open. Try to keep your hair tied within a towel or in bands until dry. Open drying makes it very unmanageble!
Name: supreet
City:   New York
Comments:   this is a great site!! can you email this page to me every week
Name: neda
City:   pakistan
Comments:   ive got short hair but very dry tell me something to get frizziness free hair ...waiting for your reply
Name: suchi
City:   mumbai
Comments:   lovely site.superb read for people who want to take good care of hair.keep it up
Name: Ashley
City:   Sarnia
Comments:   I have Curly hair. But i use just a regular iron and a towel. (*works great!*). But when I straightend my hair i also tryed to curl some peices. I noticed that when i did this it wouldent curl. Why is that
Name: Alys
City:   Yorkshire (England)
Comments:   Im 13 and I have always hated my frizzy curly gold hair but Im going to try out your great tips and who knows, I may generate a new found respect for my curls ^-^
Name: Amy Charnock
City:   Lancashire (England)
Comments:   I'm 13 and i came across this website by accident and i'm so glad i did it gives you loads of tips about taming curly hair. I have very curly hair and i ALWAYS straighten it but i may have found a new respect for curls!!
Name: aliya Khan
City:   manchester
Comments:   i am 32 and have nice curly hair, could you tell me what can i take or use to stop any grey hair comming thanks ALIYA
City:   PAK
Comments:   my hair are curly & dry. I want to make my hair shiny,stright&conditioned
Name: sugan
City:   Michigan
Comments:   hai!! my hair are curly & dry. I want to make my hair shiny,stright&conditioned. can i use hair straightening machine.I couldn't understand the steps that u defined in the article.can u explain how to Looser curls without the frizz.
Name: ana
City:   plano, texas
Comments:   hi, i'm 13 and i've got curly hair. I just got this iron, CHI, that cost me $109, but trust me it was worth it. WHat i don't like is when i blow dry my hair. It is so frizzy and it literally looks like i got an afro. When i straighten it afterwards, it just gets puffy and it looks dry. I try to use this Pure Shine thing i got at Albertsons. IT works when other people spray it on, but not when i spray it on. What can i do to blowdry my hair without getting it puffy?
Name: Stefani
City:   Antioch
Comments:   I have the worst hair ever, curly, parched, dry, brittle, thick, everything you don't want in hair. But I don't like straghtening it. This site gave me some great tips that I'm hoping will make my life TONS easier if they work. All my life I've struggled with the mane bestowed upon me and its honestly been a burden. I have tried everything under the sun and have only recently begun to just accept the curly hair I have and have tried to find ways to tame it. I'm hoping these suggestions on here work!
Name: jassi saggu
City:   Surrey, Canada
Comments:   i love the advice that you gave on this website, i think it is great because just couple of days before i tried everything to make my hair look nice and curly but because of all the frizz in them your advice seems to solve my problem thank you very much.
Name: Maurie Smith
City:   Dallas
Comments:   yes, this site is really good im not indian but i came across this site because i wanted to know some tips for my curly hair and this sites just the place!
Name: Freeya
City:   Toronto
Comments:   I also have discovered the CHI ceramic flat iron and it is AMAZING for any kind of curly hair. It makes your hair soft and silky and doesn't damage it at all! If you have really curly hair I find it is better to roughly dry with fingers and then take sections and use teh iron on them...pantene commercial hair at kidding! One disadvantage is that it will show up ANY flaws in your hair cut bcos I know when you have curly hair the biggest advantage is that grwoing out layers uneven bangs or colour can be well disguised..not so with poker straight hair! If you don't like using a flat iron then the best way to sriaght hair is by taking into consideration the following when blowdrying: 1. Use a big barreled baor bristle brush. Shorter styles and bangs need a smaller barrel 2. Dry hair 70% with a wide toothed brush 3. Pin up and start taking sections from the nape of the neck (While the rest is clipped out of the way on top of your head) winding around brush and pulling slightly taunt drying at bottom working your way to the top. Blast each section with cold air to set the style 4. Smooth over with flat iron if desired or finishing cream like PAntene's to tame flyaways You should be set with stylish staright hair!
Name: viraj
City:   new delhi
Comments:   good site guys...keep it up. im a 20 year old male with curly and frizzy hair.i plan to grow them and get them rebonded.what length of hair should be good enough for rebonding..and is it free of any side-effects.
Name: devangi
City:   ankleshwer(gujarat)
Comments:   your tips r too nice after washing my hair htey becom like jungle (ful jate hai)can u tell me name of any mild shampoo wich i can get easily pls
Name: mahsa
City:   tehran
Comments:   i have curly&frizzy hair .i dont love them .please help me for have straighting&soft hair
Name: Miranda
City:   Delta
Comments:   well I have really big puffy hair and it is curly and i really dont consider my self is a pain in the behind..I try to blow dry it and do whatever I can but it never seems so go how i want it and end up in a pony tail, I really hope these tip wil help..
Name: pradeep agarwal
City:   faridabad,haryana.
Comments:   plz advice to look hairs wet and silky and shiny after using hair color. home remedy as well as products from indian market availability too. if i use heena to color then advice me for darkest acived shade to suits on males and how
Name: ascaptia
City:   seabrook tx
Comments:   I have two and a half feet of naturally blond medium to tight curly hair and the only I mean only way I can get through the tangles is to shampoo lightly just the scalp with my hair hanging in the shower and I apply a handful of infusion and using a round mason brush start with the ends and work my way up applying a little water as needed. Takes me thirty minutes if I wash my hair every day. If I wash every other day it takes an hour to two hours. I wring my hair out in the towel, rebrush because it is still untangled but easier to put my fingers through and I put in a small 2 quarter sized amount of hair jell and scrunch dry with the towel and I leave it until it dries. I might turn my head over about three times to scrunch. I get compliments on it all the time and it works for me but usually people say it's not healthy to brush while it's wet however if you do it without pulling too much I don't know. I'm just saying what works for me. If anyone knows of another kind of detangler or conditioner I could use please help. I have yet to find one at a regular drugstore. Thanks, Ascaptia.
Name: Brittany
City:   Mississippi, USA
Comments:   Hi, I happen to stumble across this webpage too! (Yes, we southerners do have eletricity, and yes, we want to have a really good apperance.) Very impressive! I go to Wavelengths (very expensize hair salon) and they still didn't give me this good of information! The silk scarf idea was a great idea, that refreshed my memory with the Silk Scarf trick. (I learned that in school around last year in 9th grade.) I'm so glad that this style is comming back for the Winter of 05/06. Now these straight headed PEOPLE have to go threw trying to get the PERFECT CURL like we CURLY HEADED people tried to get the PERFECT STRAIGHT AS A BOARD HAIR! (It's a never ending war, is it?) Well, I'm off to wash my hair. ;) Bye.
Name: naynay
City:   wylie
Comments:   ok well yea i have curly and frizzyish hair!! and i straightin it everyday for skool!! but every time i do straightin it it will alwayz go back to bing curly!!!!!!! but thanx 4 the info ima have to try this
Name: sajid
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Gr8 site, it helped me a lot to decide the course of action on my hair.
Name: Joyce Montalban
City:   Manila, Philippines
Comments:   I just wish there was some tips on how to curl your own hair...because for most Filipinos, we have stick straight hair (like mine!) and would love to have curly hair for a change. I've noticed some have curly hair but are frizzy and not really the bouncy curls of other ethnicities.
Name: someone
City:   Windsor
Comments:   i have straight hair and its always frizzy and puffy ...... y is it like that and what can i do to make itt stop
Name: joy
City:   n/a
Comments:   After a long day my hair gets frizzy and puffy. what can i do to avoid that
Name: Jane
City:   India
Comments:   I straitend my hair 2to 3 times in the beauty my hair is falling so much,Pls advice.I really like straight hair,what shall i doPls advice. Should i stop straightingIs using hair iron at home safePls advice.How do i use it Thanks, Jane
Name: sherouk
City:   new york
Comments:   you know that i have a curly hair but it is becoming better by using conditioners and oil on my hair can you please tell me how can i make my hair longer becuse i need it longer and you know i guees that brushing thye culers make it to smooth i am using patanin shampoo it is so good i wish all the girls that have dry hair pleasse how can i make my hair more healther pleeeeease answer!!!!!!
Name: Nadia
City:   London
Comments:   I am very impressed. i am only young but i hate my hair i always wish for straight hair but i am really impressed with the tips that work for me. my hair when i try to straighten it goes static and looks really damaged and broken but the moisturizer and cool air has helped heeps:)thank you xx
Name: korby
City:   tokyo
Comments:   i wish i can just go out with my friends without putting on cap or without covering my head,infact my hair really grow slowly
Name: korby
City:   tokyo
Comments:   am an african guy and wishing to make AFRO on my head but my hair grow very slowly.i just need some tips to make it grow faster.
Name: olga
City:   perth amboy
Comments:   my hair is curl very cury and very dry what shampoo and conditioner can i use and to defining curls hlep please
City:   INDIA

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