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  SKIN CARE AT 30 - by Editor

You've probably spent most of your teenage and early twenties trying to get oil off your skin. But now that you've reached your thirties and your skin is fabulous, here's what you can do to ensure it stays the same another thirty years.


At thirty your face needs moisture and hydration throughout the day. If thick, expensive creams are not for you, here's how you can make your own facial hydrator at home. You will need:
Distilled water, available at grocery stores
3-4 drops of rose or chamomile essential oil

Mix the above ingredients and pour the mixture into a small spray bottle. Carry this along with you in your bag, and keep spraying your face throughout the day, especially if you will be spending time in an air-conditioned environment. Always shake the bottle before use. Your face will feel refreshed and re-hydrated.

If distilled water is not easily available where you live, try and make your own by collecting steam by boiling water and condensing the steam.

Ms. Shanta Bhandari, a 62-year-old woman with shiny, supple skin, looks years younger than she is. She swears by the importance of never pulling your skin when cleaning it, or when applying moisturizer or makeup.

All through my life, I have never cleaned my face with soap. When I was younger, face washes were not available, so I would apply cold cream to my face and neck as soon as I would wake up in the morning, leave it on while I took a shower, and GENTLY, VERY GENTLY, wipe it off with damp cotton before applying make-up.

Her skin, to this day, glows. She was however fortunate to have flawless skin, so the lack of deep cleansing and toning never resulted in pimples.


Masks are undoubtedly excellent for your skin, as they provide much needed nourishment. Think about it. Your face is exposed to the elements throughout the day, and the only form of nourishment it gets is a smattering of moisturizer every now and again. Although we should be applying face masks regularly, how many of us do so Some of us apply facemasks once a month, while others do so no more than 2-3 times a year. Ideally we should apply a nourishing (as opposed to deep cleansing) facemask weekly, even daily if possible. Can you imagine the difference applying a face mask daily will make to your skin ten years down the line You don't need to invest hundreds of rupees to do this. Make your own facemasks by using ingredients from your kitchen shelf. Egg yolk, honey, bananas, day old yogurt� all are excellent for the skin, so just splat on whatever is handy. Don't stick to the same face mask all the time. Keep applying something different.


Diet too plays an important part in your skin's health. Always eat fresh foods, and opt for canned food only in times of emergency. Your diet mantra should be:

If you make sure you eat enough of these in abundance and lay off fried, greasy and junk food, you're all set and on the right path to fabulous skin at 60, and, who knows, maybe seventy! Just don't forget to write in and tell us how you did it!

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Comments on Article

Name: Uma
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Hi, Good article - just to add thoguht - papaya pulp is a gr8 face mask for any type of skin for any age... do it continuously for 3/4 alternate days and the difference is visible.....
Name: rebecca
City:   canada
Comments:   Hi, good article - have a little tips for making skin looks like moisture and nourish by drink a glass of water with honey in the morning, it's not only make yr skin looks nourish, but also it can clean yr digest track which is very good for yr whole body.
Name: usha
City:   malaysia
Comments:   i have a dark skin. so how i want to chance my skin to become fair
Name: mary
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   Can u please add a good moisturiser name for dry skin. Thanks Thanks
Name: a
City:   a
Comments:   a
Name: rashmi
City:   bangkok
Comments:   you can apply besanpowder + milk for your face daily instead of soap,see the difference yourself in just a week .
Name: monica
City:   delhi
Comments:   you can apply bread n milk for ur face and even for your whole body it will make wonder for your skin.
Name: saranz
City:   brisbane
Comments:   be happy and live life, don't crib, drink lotsa water. and detox once a month, you'll look 20.
Name: priti
City:   delhi
Comments:   these tips are very useful give some more iodeas.
Name: jo
City:   bangalore
Comments:   Application of pure castor oil prevents wrinkles and softens the skin. This slows down the aging process also. Home made conditioner: mix one table spoon of honey and 2 table spoon of cream. apply this mixture on face and wash it off after few minutes. It works wonders.
Name: momee
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   these r very very beautyful tipfor a life. every women should apply them and become graceful and confident
Name: latha
City:   doha
Comments:   use low fat curd on the blackspots on your face for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water, this will fade your spots.
Name: Juvey R. Calvo
City:   Gensan Philippines
Comments:   A very interesting website of yours...very much informative and educational. thank your very much
Name: kowsalya
City:   Coimbatore
Comments:   hai iam kowsalya here i got my faced bleached after that bleach my face becomes so black and for college iam going in the sun and the sun effects also.,.. after that bleach my face becomes so for 1 yr i dint used any creams but it does´nt gone and now iam using emami naturally fair cream to look fresh.. please help mee how can i get rid of these blacks from my face all because of the bleach.. in my face it was like a black patchess.. pleasee help mee... how can i get my earlier skinnnNULLNULL pleasee helpppppppppppppppppppp, waiting for a good reply.
Name: murk
City:   jamshedpur
Comments:   Iam a dark complexion lady i tried so many product but no result kindly give me home made that should make me more beautiful
Name: gosh shi
City:   bangalore
Comments:   how to remove blackpatches and black spots from my face& nose and i am dark complexion kindly give me good tips how to get rid of these
Name: ahmed
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi plz can u rpl me u i m witing ur masg ok i m model
Name: Mervyn
City:   Melbourne
Comments:   HI I work in a really hot factory and my face is always over a hot die. My skin is very dry and get boils. and around my mouth like a dry rash with pimple marks arise. I am 29 yrs old. can u help me .
Name: christine
City:   Melbourne
Comments:   My skin is very sensitive to any types of creams. I develop rashes and marks on my face. Im 34 yrs old and have very dark circles around my eyes. do u have any suggestions.
Name: abzucr bupc
City:   hcynev
Comments:   ygbvfetp kwaqfx qcunl vchsdo mwfn mupnx tspwodq

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