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  STRETCH MARKS - by Editor
Stretch marks are the result of sudden body changes such as puberty, pregnancy or weight gain or loss where the skin stretches out to accommodate the body changes. The best way to combat stretch marks is to prevent their formation.

Stretch marks, also known as Striae Gravidarum are scars that develop mainly around the arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. They are pink, purple or red when newly formed and turn silver or white over time. Stretch marks develop in the dermis i.e. the middle layer of the skin.

Rapid or sudden weight gain is said to be the main cause of formation of stretch marks. Therefore, stretch marks are primarily the bane of pregnant women. 75 to 90% women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. The main cause of stretch marks is excessive production of the hormone, cortisone, during pregnancy. Collagen, a protein, helps keep the skin supple. Cortisone decreases the level of collagen present in the skin leading to development of stretch marks. A woman's stomach stretches greatly to accommodate her growing baby. Her breasts grow as well, thus leading women to develop stretch marks on these areas.

Stretch marks are also characteristic in the case of pubescent girls who begin to develop breasts and pubescent boys who begin to develop muscles. Stretch marks can also occur when people begin to lose weight or workout to tone their body. Stretch Marks are hereditary as well. So, if anyone in your family has stretch marks, you are bound to get them too.

The best way to combat stretch marks is to prevent their formation.

Body Lotion

Stretch marks generally appear on areas where skin is dry. Apply body lotion all over, not just on your arms. If you are pregnant, do not forget your tummy and breasts - they need lotion the most. Do not wait until you are pregnant or until you start planning a baby before applying lotion. Start today. Do this every morning, after a shower. Your pores are still open, they are clean, and will be able to absorb the moisturiser well.

Malai or Milk Fat

You could also try something more natural, and apply 'malai' (milk fat) to your body every day. You could do this after applying soap. Smita has been applying malai and haldi instead of soap for years now. And when she delivered, she did not have a single stretch mark! She is now 48-years-old, and her skin glows to this day. For those of us who cannot conceive of taking a shower without soap, using a moisturising soap is a good idea. (If you have very oily skin and pimples on your back, skip applying moisturiser on your back, and when taking a shower, make sure you scrub your back well with a loofah.)

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also believed to help prevent stretch marks. Invest in a cream which has Vitamin E, or apply pure Vitamin E oil to your stomach and breasts every day. You could do this from the time you find out you are pregnant.

Massage and Skin Exfoliation

Regularly exfoliate your skin either with a dry brush, pumice stone or exfoliating body wash in order to improve blood circulation and keep your skin healthy. This will not only reduce appearance of existing stretch marks but also act as a deterrent in formation of new stretch marks. Regular oil body massages help keep your skin nourished and supple. Coconut oil is a good bet as it gets absorbed fairly easily. Start with body oil massages before pregnancy, and speak to your doctor about continuing them during pregnancy. You could gently massage your tummy with oil yourself.

Diet and Water Intake

Water hydrates the skin from within by helping the skin cells stay plump, moisturised and healthy, and if you have been drinking enough water every day, chances are that you have well nourished, supple skin, which will be able to bear the impact of sudden body changes without developing marks. If you have a poor diet, your skin is more likely to be unhealthy. Diets deficient in antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A or Omega 3s can lead to your skin lacking elasticity which will cause development of stretch marks.

Weight Gain

It is easy to gain weight during pregnancy since pregnant women feel hungry all the time and are often tempted and encouraged to indulge. In addition, indulgence during pregnancy tends to be guilt-free, so women tend to give in to their cravings. Whatever the reason, if you do gain more weight than you should, you are certain to develop stretch marks. The best thing for you to do is to weigh yourself regularly, and aim to gain weight in a systematic manner, as suggested by your gynaecologist.

However, since some factors that cause stretch marks are out of our hands, some stretch marks are bound to appear. If treated immediately upon formation, you can reduce and in some cases completely remove the appearance of stretch marks. You can treat stretch marks as soon as they appear by use of medicated remedies containing glycolic acid or retinoids. You can even try home remedies such as lemon juice, virgin coconut oil or malai if you wish to go the organic route. If stretch marks are not treated as soon as they appear, it becomes much more difficult to treat them without use of surgical options.

What are the causes of stretch marks? How can one prevent the formation of stretch marks? How can one treat stretch marks? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: vani
City:   belgium
Comments:   hi, this article is every good useful to all.good information given about stretch to avoid during pregnancy occure stretch marks.ok. my problem is i have 19 months baby now. that time i was pregnancy time i donot apply any creme. my tummy as so many stretch marks have . now to disapear.any .plz give information how stretch marks before only any home treament.
Name: Cha
City:   New Jersey, USA
Comments:   Good article. Although these things do help to prevent strech marks, some people are just prone to getting these annoying marks (like I was). No matter how much lotion I used I still ended up with strech marks. = ( So, if these precautions don't work for preventing strech marks for you, don't be too's just the way it is. = )
Name: Jo Prabhu
City:   Long Beach, California
Comments:   Stretch marks are prone to be genetic, and no matter how much lotion or creme is applied, the skin is stretched and the top layers broken so repair is not possible. I got huge stretch marks after childbirth: However there is hope for those that want improvement: The skin can either be lasered several times to encourage new skin growth or it can be cut off and the skin above the cut can be stretched and sewed to the lower incision . Once the scar of the incision heals, it can be removed with a laser. I have seen this procedure performed so I know it is possible. Good luck. If you have questions, pl feel free to contact me.
Name: vandna
City:   jersey city
Comments:   i'm looking for a gyneocologist. Moved from india four months back ...please help me as i'm reall in need of a good Doctor.
Name: syeda
City:   pittsburg
Comments:   im only 19 and i have stretch marks on the sides of my stomach, knees, back, and arms ive tried everything that there is but then i found a solution it doesnt get rid of them but it helps reduce the appearence. i used neurosporen (i think thats how its spelled) well its used for scars so if u have any scars anywhere it will help reduce there appearence or even get rid of them as well. you can buy this product at rite aide, safeway ect. just go to the pharmacy asile..
Name: sumi
City:   san diego
Comments:   hi,i'm 20yrs old.I have stretch marks on the sides of my stomach,breast,knees. pls give some lotion name to remove this stretch.
Name: anita
City:   bombay
Comments:   i rubbed coconut oil on my stomach everyday, from the very first day i got to know i was pregnant. i dont have a single stretch mark, and have 2 grown up children.
Name: Nisha
City:   Nagercoil
Comments:   I have more stretch marks.Im using olive oil only from 8th month.How can i rid it off.
Name: Rose
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Im 21 years.I have more stretch marks on stomach, breasts, knees, tummy etc during my pregnency.Now how can i make it disappearGive some home remedy.
Name: priya
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Hello friends, All of u people with stretchmarks start applying vitamin e oil and olive oil on the affected area twice daily. but u need to do it for a real long time atleast for 7-8 months. they will surely become less visible. I had the same problem and it worked for me.
Name: det
City:   makati city
Comments:   pls help me in my stretchmarks i cannot wear some stuff including sleveless due to my stretchmarks pls. help in a cheaper way pls. t.y
Name: Mansi Sachdeva
City:   Moscow
Comments:   i have already strechmarks how can i reduce them plz suggest tks
Name: BEBE
City:   corvales
Comments:   HI;I'V GOT Two dougter befor 6 years i have many stretch mark in my toum what treat i can use and what cream who doctor i can go or call plz this broplem help me
Name: BEBE
City:   corvales
Comments:   and i have cululute in my botox and my lag with stretch mark i need to talk doctor for cream or lizer or surgary please answer me
Name: sarah
City:   mumbai
Comments:   im only 14 and weigh 45 kgs and i have stretch marks on my hips. it looks really bad. WHAT DO I DO
Name: myah
City:   Los Angeles
Comments:   i just had my baby 5 moths ago and i have strech mark i want to get rid of them please help me.
Name: Me
City:   U.K
Comments:   im 13 weigh between 55 nd 60 kg im 5 ft 2 and i have strech marks on my legs and belly and i really hate it help me get rid of it please
Name: xyz
City:   USA
Comments:   im 14 and i weigh about 60 kilos. i hav stretch marks on my lower back. please give me some tips. it looks really bad..please help me!!
Name: pooja
City:   new delhi
Comments:   Hi, I have 6 month of my pregnancy. I have developed red colour strech marks on the side of my tummy. pls help to avoid it.
Name: priyanka
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i have strechmarks near my armpits can u suggest any other remedy other than laser surgery
Name: radhika
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi iam21 yearold i have weight about52 i have strech in stomach and thigh give me a home remedy
Name: rana
City:   jordan
Comments:   hi im 23 years old ,i have red strech mark in my hips ..i´m 58 kg .plz help me how can i remove it ..i put lotion every day but there is no reason.
Name: prissilla
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Afer delivary i got lot of strech mark on my stomach & thie im 22 years pls give me some tips that whivh workout
Name: malsi
City:   KL
Comments:   try jean wu´s works.. ! you can search for the link on google..all the best !
Name: kavitha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   plz help me in get getrid of stretch marks
Name: Nneoma
City:   lagos
Comments:   Ihave stretch mark in my upper arm and legs, as a result of bleaching gal cream reaction when i was in my tender age, i´m 32 now i have tried all but the mark couldn´t go alot of fake creams i used yet is still there, pls help me it looks too bad i can´t wear sleavless or skirt
Name: robin
City:   patna
Comments:   hi,i have strech marks on my shoulders,arms and due to exercise in gym i want to remove it anyhow plz help me
Name: rahul
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i have stretch mark and bithmark too long and i want a treatment for it , is there any cream too aviod it , i am having fair complexion and is gaining wieght to that extent fill the stretch mark... help me
Name: Seeta
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hey Karina from bangalore.Where did u get Revitol from? Do you get it anywhere in bangalore???
Name: shwetu
City:   thane
Comments:   hey guys!!! the best way to lessen strechmarks is drink lots of water,apply malai and haldi instead of saop ,apply coconut oil and if the marks are less apply No marks cream it really works believe me!!!
Name: sharmila
City:   Coimbatore
Comments:   Now I am pregnant. I feeling itching to all parts of my body. My skin is also dry skin. My face also becomes very dry and appears with slight wrinkles and marks. Can u provide me some suggestion to my skin and also to avoid stretch marks
Name: katherine
City:   new york
Comments:   i am 21 years of age and i have stretch marks on my shoulders, arms, tummy and hips. i have been struggling to get rid of them since i was 16 plz. tell me how i can.
Name: Rose
City:   Kentucky
Comments:   Hey. I have I 14 year old daughter. She has devopled fast for her age. but she has stretch marks on the upper part of her legs. She is 5´1 and weighs 114. can you tell me how she can get them to go away? and why she has them?
Name: babydoll06
City:   manila
Comments:   hi shwetu..^^ where can i buy NO MARKS CREAM? is that available in manila?
City:   greensboro
Name: srujana
City:   rajahmundry
Comments:   i had the streachmarks on my shoulders,breast and tummy after my pregnancy.i have applied vit e oil on my tummy. it workedout to some extent but not completly.pls suggest me a good cream for these marks
Name: rani
City:   delhi
Comments:   i have strech marks on my hips and thighs. it looks very odd. plz suggest some home products
Name: hrgj oskhfr
City:   jwfnusiz
Comments:   kxvawhiz lmahd ahklpesfm ydnx qavyrcs xtkmzda bongh
Name: gjra emslzq
City:   bvqgpmy
Comments:   gbrjcpyl rhwfdslk vawpnjmfe zatychx dyza yvriw tehios mvku oexpam
Name: len
City:   Vancouver
Comments:   Hi there, I was woundering if you know of any products that can REALLY help with streach marks. I am only 19, but since I grew so fast when i was young I have sreatch marks all over and am really desperate to get rid of them. Any advise would be most helpful, thank you.
Name: Lilly
City:   lololol
Comments:   im 13 and i have really bad stretch marks on my legs. can u give me some advice on how to make the less visable.
Name: Sherry
City:   Long Beach
Comments:   I have stretch marks on my shoulders, arms, breast, hips, butts, & the backs of my legs. I´ve had them ever since when I was 12, I´m now 16. How do I get rid of them? Some are whitesilvery, others are red.
Name: ROSE
City:   lagos
Comments:   how much does laser surgery cost,and why can it be done.
Name: priyanka
City:   delhi
Comments:   please suggest the name of any cream which can remove my stretch marks on my body during the pregnancy
Name: mimi
City:   johannesburg
Comments:   i also have them and i dont like them a singlebit. all they do is destroy my comfidence. hoe can i get rid of them
Name: Dianne
City:   manila
Comments:   Im 26 , dont have a baby and i have stretchmarks on my legs, arms, tummy, hips, and the worst is on my breasts... making me feel so insecure with my partner. im so damn desperate to get rid... please help...
Name: Neha
City:   kolkata
Comments:   Hii..I am 22 yrs old and i have a real bad stretch marks on my upper thighs and on my hips and i am going to get married soon.Can u please suggest me a quick,easy and effective way to get rid of it.Pls reply me soon.
Name: tisha
Comments:   i m havng stretch marks on my legs i am an airhostess and i want to get rid of them can u pls give me some advice
Name: iya
City:   New Jersey
Comments:   I´m only 15 but I started to gave stretchies when I was 12 yrs old. I can see that I´m not the only one who has a kind of problem like this. And now I´m starting to over come my hatred about my stretchies. What important is your selfconfidence and determination. We have to accept that everone has his own flaws even celebrities. I hope you could accept yourself as you are and what has God made you.
Name: priya
City:   chennai
Comments:   how to get rid of stretch marks due to pregnancy

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