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Hair fall is a common concern for both men and women. However, if you follow simple remedies, you can easily prevent hair fall problem. Taking preventive steps will not only help you avoid hair fall problems but also help to improve health of your hair. Read on and find some helpful tips for preventing hair fall.

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon and there are many reasons behind hair fall. Hairs have their life and they grow back again. But if you are facing hair loss more than normal, it is alarming. The first thing that you should do is find the cause and if there is an apparent cause like lack of vitamins, iron, minerals or pollution, heredity, lack of sleep or any such reason, try to rectify it.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

  • If the hair loss is due to insufficient nutrition in your diet, just concentrate and add that particular category of food or you can also include some dietary supplement as well.

  • Make some changes in your lifestyle. Eat properly and nutritious food items sleep well and do some exercise. This will help you improve your overall health and you will find improvements in your hair growth and density also.

  • Take care of the cleanliness of your hair and keep it free from dust, dandruff and other hair problems. There is no such rule that you should clean your hair twice or thrice or daily. Depending on your daily activity, you need to clean your hair.

  • After cleaning, keep a towel wrapped on your hair for sometime and try to dry your hair in a natural way. Excess use of dryer and other hair styling products are also cause of hair loss.

  • If possible, wash your hair with a mixture of amla, shikakai and neem leaves so that you are absolutely free from the chemicals used in the shampoo.

  • If you apply a mixture of almond oil, olive oil and castor oil, you will find that further falling of hair will get reduced after some time.

  • Trim your hair every month. This will help you get rid of split ends that are also one of the causes of hair fall.

  • Keep your hair in natural form or at least do not make your hair very tight.

  • Eat iron rich food items and include apple, beetroots, few nuts, amla and jaggery in your daily diet. These will help you prevent hair fall.

  • Tight hairstyles, overuse of dyes and driers, alcohol and tobacco are one of the causes behind hair fall. If you are having any of these habits, try to get rid of them.

  • Use hair products with organic ingredients and avoid chemicals as much as you can.
These are some of the causes and precautions that you can take so that you do not face hair fall. Even if you find that you are having hair fall more than normal, you can start making changes in your lifestyle. A balanced diet and some exercise will help you get rid of many other problems. Try to make your life disciplined and be consistent with the natural ways of living, add fruits and vegetables in your diet and you will see the difference in few days.

Hair follicles need protein to grow and so if you add some protein rich food items in your diet you will have strong hair within few days. Keeping in mind these few tips you can help prevent your hair fall up to a great extent. Make sure you have at least six to seven hours of sleep daily. Practice meditation, yoga and pranayama so that your stress level comes down. These tips will help you overcome many other problems as well.

Are you coping with hair fall problem? Which remedies have you tried to control hair fall? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Remedies for Preventing Hair Loss Video
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hello girish,
its your own decision so you are happy its obivous thing, and now you used to became a bald, so its normal that you feel comfortable in this, so enjoy your baldness and new hair cut also. ...
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you had mentioned in your post that you keep small round around the tuff, i dont understand the meaning of tuff, what is it, and its good that the hair cut suits on you, so keep it up. ...
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some people done the head shave due to some reason because they suffer from hair problem like dandruff and hair loss problem, so its not easy to them bald the head, but its useful for them. ...
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some people comfortable after head shave and being bald,because they are enough confident to carry the shave head, so its on us, how we feel comfortable in that, so choice is ours. ...
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nice to heard that you feel comfortable and happy with your hair cut, and why dont you try long hair , try it once, may be its also suits on you, so for change try this also once. ...
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the head shave you talk about its done in temple only like at temple particular place, where the person who want to give hair to god, then can give, so its good thing, and no one
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