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  PLUCK YOUR BROWS - by Editor
Many women neglect plucking their brows, believing that a little extra hair here and there wouldn't really make a big difference. It does! Read on for tips on plucking your brows.

Keep your eyebrows in shape. Many women neglect plucking their brows, believing that a little extra hair here and there wouldn't really make a big difference. Well, it does, and you would be surprised to see how much. Neatly plucked brows open up the eyes, and make them look larger and more prominent. They also make your face look cleaner, and your features stronger. Many models I know swear by the difference a well plucked brow makes.

Stick to the same beautician. If someone knows your brows and gives you a shape you like, make sure you stick to her, and don't keep changing your beautician.

If you do not have access to a beautician for whatever reason, or if you are living outside India and find it too expensive to get your brows threaded every ten days, shell out the money to get it threaded once, and from then on, thread your brows regularly by yourself.

Take it slow and easy when plucking your brows, so make sure you have plenty of time. There is no cause for hurry, and if you rush, you may overpluck, ruining the shape. If your brows are shaped unevenly, your eyes can also look a little warped. Yes, it's true. It's all about optical illusion. One eye will suddenly start looking smaller than the other, or higher than the other ... or even crooked! You don't want that, do you?

Pluck your brows immediately after a hot shower, or immediately after steaming your face. You could also apply a hot towel to your brows for a few moments before plucking them. If you have been regular with plucking and have just a few hair to pluck, you needn't apply steam, but if there is a lot of hair that has to go, steam softens it up and opens your pores, so the hair will come out easily without hurting you too much. Apply a little moisturizer to your eyebrows so the hair slides out. Linda Evangelista keeps a pair of tweezers in her bathroom and plucks her brows every single day.

If you are starting to pluck your brows by yourself from scratch, start slowly. Leave the super-thin brows for later ... much later, once you have perfected the art of brow plucking. The first time around simply concentrate on getting them clean and even. Start by combing your brows with an eyebrow brush. Then, identify the area from where your brow stops going upward. A little ahead, you will see another spot from where your brow starts dipping downwards. This is where you can give yourself a little arch by dipping down from that spot.

How much space should be left between the brows. Take a pencil or ruler and hold it straight up along the side of each nose. All the hair on the inner side of the pencil should go. The brow should start from the outside edge of the pencil.

After plucking your brows, apply some toner or astringent to the area to close pores. You could also apply some calamine lotion to sooth the area.


Did you know that your eyebrows could make you look younger Yes, that's true. If you want to take a few years off your face, simply take an eyebrow pencil and darken your brows, especially the beginning of your brow, next to the bridge of your nose. Make sure you darken it subtly though ... no one should be able to tell that you've applied eyebrow pencil.

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Feedback on article
Name: Heather
City:   mwc, oklahoma
Comments:   very good adivse!
Name: shuma
City:   london
Comments:   hi the top of my eyebrows are uneven should i pluck them please help me on how to do this as i always hide them
Name: wanda
City:   Kinston
Comments:   What can be done when your eyebrows stop growing
Name: akshatha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   thats great!! but can anyone teach me threading i dont know how to cuz i use this electronic plucker to pluck.thatnksssss.
Name: jaime
City:   Pittsburgh, PA
Comments:   That's a really great article, however, I for one have never plucked my eye brows. Everyone tells me NOT to. I am a little nervous about ruining the shape...What should I do?
Name: yamesia
City:   chicago
Comments:   my friends pluck,they told me your first time you may start bleeding.Befor i do this i need to know is this true for all people
Name: nisha
City:   delhi
Comments:   hello i have very thin eyebrows so what should i do to make it thick thanks
Name: mary
City:   karachi pakistan
Comments:   hi my face is little bit round and chubby, could you sugest me which kind of eybrows will suit on me thicker or thiner. thanks.mary
Name: ciara
City:   plainview
Comments:   yes i was woundering is there any way to make your eyebrows grow back in a day because i was plucking them and i plucked i big hunk out and i have a date tomorrow so please tell me how to make them grow fatser. asap
Name: Archana
City:   India
Comments:   I too have the same problem.. i have very thin eyebrows, but beautiful eyes (people say so).. I really feel that good thick properly shaped eyebrows along with beautiful big eyes adds more beauty.. no body seems to answer for the questions here.. how do we make our eyebrows thick.. is there any natural way for it Please let me know soon
Name: pelin
City:   chicago
Comments:   hi, i was wondering what can i apply on my eyebrow to make it grow faster. i plucked it and now my eyebrows dont look even and i dont want to mess up my other eyebrow. plzz get back to me asap!!
Name: Courtney
City:   Methuen MA
Comments:   Hi... My Friend Shaved her eyebrows TOTALLY off... Is there anyway i could help her at first we thought she had Tricholomania but it says its a plucking disease... what does she have and how could we help her
Name: Maylibb
City:   Methuen
Comments:   Hello i have a friend who has no eyebrows at all... She didnt pluck them she shaves them is there any way me and my other friends can help her grow them back fast At first we thouight she had Trichollimania but we then realized it was a plucking disease... PLEASE HELP HER!!
Name: Mindy
City:   Indonesia
Comments:   iv heard of a girl like that in my school...i think she does it to be rebelious
Name: Nadia
City:   boston
Comments:   Does anyone know where i can get my eyebrows threaded in boston, MA
Name: Brittany
City:   saco
Comments:   Hi,my names Brittany and Ive really wanted a diffrnt shape to my eyebrows Ive been growning them out so I can have a more noticeable arch.But school starts in 2 days and I either wait and go to school with overgrown caterpillars for eyebrows or wax them and go back to the same old shape Ive had for years unless there is someway to make eyebrow hair grow faster.PLEASE HELP!
Name: angel
City:   chennai
Comments:   For scanty eyebrows apply olive oil and leave it on overnight, it will take a few weeks, but it works :) ! and in the meantime, use a pencil to accentuate ur eyebrows.. Stay beautiful! Love n peace!
Name: Mit
City:   Australia
Comments:   Hi My eyebrows are relly think i pluck them but they dont grow back. what can i put to make them grow quicker and more
Name: Erin
City:   Canada
Comments:   Hi, i have naturally thick eyebrows, but i had a little accident with my tweezers, and now i have these two little lines just above my eyes in place of where my eyebrows should be, what can i do to make them grow back as quick as possible
Name: aisha
City:   leeds
Comments:   hi i made i big mistake with my eyebrows and i really regret it. i plucked my eyebrows myself the first time, and i wish i had them done at the salon, i havnt plucked my eyebrows since april 2004 and i havnt had them threaded from the salon since 0ct 2004 beacuse i want them to grow back, do you ever think they will grow back, i want a really nice shape with a arch but ther are gaps at the top of my brows, please help
Name: uma
City:   new delhi
Comments:   Hi I've dark skin tone and have not yet started threading the upper lip or the eyebrows. If I decide to, what all precautions do I need to take? I'm really scared! What if the shape of the eyebrows gets distorted! The eyebrows are joined together and are thick also. I don't want the world to know that I've started threading them. Kindly guide me. Eagerly waiting for a professional guidance. Thanx
Name: anu
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   while the rest of you ladies complain about thin eyebrows, i complain that mine are too thick. And they start to grow upward at the ends. I'm afraid that if i thread or pluck, they will come back it possible to get new hair,due to threading. What should i do? Please help. Thank you for the wonderful site too.
Name: rani
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   while the rest of you ladies complain about thin eyebrows, i complain that mine are too thick. And they start to grow upward at the ends. I'm afraid that if i thread or pluck, they will come back it possible to get new hair,due to threading. What should i do? Please help. Thank you for the wonderful site too.
Name: rachel
City:   usa
Comments:   Awhile ago, i accidentally shaved off a part of my brow... so i ended up making the other brow even by doing it to the other one. i HIGHLY regret that.... and everytime i try to grow them back, they take so long that i give up. what can i do to grow them back very quickly
Name: tamanda
City:   chennai
Comments:   hai for thin eyebrows you can apply coconut oil and then draw a thick line using eyebrow pencil everyday it will give a good result
Name: lissy
City:   ijnpji
Comments:   it kills me to have my eyebrows plucked ive tried putting ice on to numb then and that hekops is there any other way
Name: Preeti
City:   Preeti
Comments:   hey..for thin eyebrows fill up your eyebrow by using an eyebrow pencil with the same colour as your eyebrow and gently pencil is towards the growth of the hair. u dont have to draw a thick line. doing this will give an illusion of thicker and darker eye brows.
Name: tina
City:   tokyo
Comments:   i am scared of plucking my eyebrows and i cant let them be like these since they have out grown tremendously and are in a bad shape, since i am not in india its preity expensive to go to a beautian and get them threaded, i dont even know threading myself to do it at home . wat do i do
Name: napolean dynamite
City:   atl
Comments:   for peeps who want thicker eyebrows, just take liner and go across. its better
Name: nina
City:   atl
Comments:   if you want to make your brows unnoticeable, just dye them 2 shades lighter than your hair color.
Name: tanvi
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hey , i get boils after threeading my eyebrows , they are painful and stay for almost two to three weeks , ssfter which i have to thread them again , can u pls tel me how to get rid of these boils
City:   LONDON
Name: ANON
City:   umm....*i forgot.....
Comments:   hI, i HaVe ShOrT mEmOrY, i ThInK iT's BeCaUsE i HaVe No EyEbRoWs, As I hAvE OvErPlUkEd...........ty
Name: pasha
City:   montreal
Comments:   the best thing to do wen u overpluck or wen ur eyebrows are to wait!Eyebrows can take up to months till dey grow fully. Meanwhile the only thing u can do is fill them in wit a pencil dat matches ur natural eyebrow color.
Name: Eshveen
City:   singapore
Comments:   i have a very thin eyebrow. i have try to shave it and im applying olive oil. Can olive oil make the eyebrows grow can u give any suggestion on how to make the eyebrows grow in natural way..once i went to a saloon, the girl said the pores will closed if we pluck the eyebrows so many times.thats why the eyebrows wont that trueif it isnt,how long it will take for the eyebrows to grow and wat are the i can get thicker eyebrows.thank you very much. hope u can help.
Name: heena
City:   london
Comments:   u can apply castor oil to ur eyebrows over night this will make them grow better and faster even on areas with less growth . also if u put castor on eyelashes overnight they will grow thick.
Name: michelle
City:   littleton
Comments:   i need help i shaved off all my eyebrows cause they were so uneven now im eyebrowless and school starts in six weeks i need help if someone would please e-mail me at thx!!
Name: taylor
City:   troy
Comments:   can olive oil make my eyebrows grow
Name: Ross Zaunbrecher
City:   Geuydan
Comments:   My freinds played a prank on me and shaved my brows and school starts in four weaks. A boy w/o brows is not cool is there any way to make them grow faster and what is threading
Name: alana
City:   trinidad
Comments:   it makes a big difference WAX ur eyebrows
Name: ME.
Name: m
City:   US
Comments:   I got an alergic reaction with this face cream and like alot of my eyebrow hais came out. It looks really patchy and thin. School starts in like 2 weeks! help!!!!!
Name: J
City:   Australia
Comments:   Solution - Talika Lipocils I found out about it through one of these chat rooms, ordered it over the net and I have eyelashes fuller and longer than they have ever been.
Name: J
City:   Australia
Comments:   AND.. it also works on eyebrows - google it.
Name: kate
City:   Lincoln
Comments:   my sis dared me to shave off half of my eyebrow and school starts in 9 days how can i get them to grow back.Please help me!!!!!!!!!!
Name: sonia
City:   india
Comments:   hi im juss wondering how to make my eyebrows grow bk fast i start school in 2 weeks!!!!!11 n i have alot of gaps in them
Name: Mari
City:   Sacramento
Comments:   Do NOT buy the fake eyebrows from the headcovers website. I did and it's the worse investment I ever made. They look very fake, you're better off penciling them in until they grow out.
Name: Livi
City:   Viccy
Comments:   Name: shuma City: london Comments: " hi the top of my eyebrows are uneven should i pluck them please help me on how to do this as i always hide them " No. Never pluck the top of your brow, all that's goning to do is make them more uneven if you want to make them even, brush them through with a tooth brush then trim the tips until there even with tiny scissors,i talk from experience! x0x0Peacex0x0
Name: *****
City:   ********
Comments:   mustard oil and castor oil are very gud for ur eyebrowz if any1z planning 2 grow dem think. deyre found at indian storez
Name: kajol
City:   india
Comments:   does talika liposil work well plz help i have very scanty eye brows

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