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Mummy, I think I should start waxing. All my friends have started waxing. Nonsense, you're too young. Wait for another two years. Why, I didn't start until I was sixteen! There is no reason for you to start at just thirteen!

Often parents don't really know when they should start their daughter on waxing, and believe the later, the better. You're thinking that she should be concentrating on her studies instead of on beauty matters. Be realistic, and understand that just by disallowing her to wax will not automatically ensure that she stops wanting it and starts concentrating on her studies. If you really think about it, there is no reason why your daughter needs to wait until she is much older. Generally any age after 11 should be acceptable. Girls discuss who is hairy, and while they may not necessarily be cruel about it, they could have planted a seed in your daughter's head that she has hairy arms or hairy legs. By disallowing her to start waxing, and by disallowing any further discussion on the topic, you will be causing her to feel insecure about her body hair.

11-year-old Samina was extremely conscious about a little hair on her upper lip, and wanted to get it threaded, but her mother refused to hear of it. She was too uncomfortable to mention it again, so one day she took a wet towel and tried to scrub it off. The only thing she succeeded in scrubbing off was her skin, and she spent the entire evening at home covering her mouth with a towel, and then going to school the next morning with a bruised upper lip.

Archana was a little more daring. She simply started shaving her upper lip with her father's razor, until her mother noticed her little stubble. Her mother shouted at her a little, but for the most part, understood, and taught her how to bleach her upper lip. It helps if you explain to your daughter at the outset that she should not use a razor on her face as she will develop stubble, and that when she grows up a little there will be various hair removing options available to her.

At the same time, if your daughter has not yet starting showing a desire to being waxing, there is no reason for you to make her conscious about her body hair. She will come to you when she is ready, and whether she gets ready at an earlier or later date, be sure to be open to discussion. You could promise that she can start waxing if she obtains a certain grade. Tell her that at this age she should be focusing on her studies, but at the same time, let her know that you understand. You could perhaps keep it as an incentive. If she gets good grades in her next exam, if she starts waking up at a certain time, or if she goes regularly for her tennis lessons, she can start waxing. Don't be vague. First start waking up at 7:30 every morning, and then we will see. Of course your child is not going to start waking up at 7:30! Why should sheNULL Come up with a great incentive, give her a time frame, and then stick to your word.

To take another example, ten-year-old Tushima didn't like her moustache, but never did pay much attention to it until heard the boys making fun of Asfiya's moustache. Let's buy her a razor for her birthday! said Prithvi, and everyone burst out laughing. Tushima's hands flew to her own upper lip, and she asked her mother if she could maybe start bleaching. 'Of course, said her mother, and never again did Tushima have to feel self-conscious about that again.

The minute girls hit puberty, their bodies start undergoing changes, changes they are not entirely comfortable with. They start slouching and wearing oversized shirts to hide their breasts, men start looking at them differently and roadside Romeos start whistling at them and making passes. She really has enough to feel self-conscious about anyway, and you don't need to add body hair to that list. So if she wants to start waxing at 13 instead of at 16, by all means, allow it.

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Feedback on article
Name: shivani
City:   australia
Comments:   very good and informative. The relationship between a mother and daughter is of love and trust.we should contribute by being understanding of each other's needs
Name: sumaiya
City:   Dallas
Comments:   Well i am 15 and my mother didnt' let me start till last year but that is when i sneak started and she allowed me, belive me a bond between a mother and daughter is someting tobe cherished and you explain that very well.
Name: rajni
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi!i'm 17 yrs old.I don't have a hairy upper lip but it appears dark.Should I go in for bleachingCan I bleach my entire faceWill it harm my skin
Name: Amanda
City:   Malibu
Comments:   In response to Rajni - I have been bleaching my entire face for about 5 years. I think it is perfectly ok to do so.
Name: aarti mehta
City:   vikaspuri,delhi'
Comments:   nice stuff pleasetellsome home remedy to get rid of facial hair
Name: mee
City:   ererewee
Comments:   well i started shaving my upper lip and its been like a yr or so now, and now my hair is starting to grown within there any solutions
Name: Seema Shah
Comments:   Hi I am from Nadeem
Name: Seema Shah
Comments:   Hi I am from Nadeem
Name: black
City:   london
Comments:   don't start waxing because you could end up with ingrowing hairs which looks unsightly. waxing will also distort the hair roots and this will affect you using more permanant solutions at 16/18 years old. laser treatment is the best form of hair removal and although it takes time and can be expensive, the price is coming down all the time and the technology is evolving to improve speed. the best thing to do is to use a depilatory cream until you are old enough to laser.
Name: tsk
City:   toronto
Comments:   i was a person who had alot of excessive hair. i wax, a little painful but alright. i have an old fashioned mom who doesn't wax or thread or use make up. when i was little i used to complain about the hair on my upper lip or on my arms and legs. she said it was alright. i eventually figured out how to get rid of the hair. now that i'm older and don't have that problem any more. but i still wish that my mom told about stuff like waxing and threading instead of me experimenting with razors and stuff. so to all the moms i would like to say that be there for your daughters and be willing to talk about stuff. i thought this article was great!
Name: Megha
City:   Iselin
Comments:   Is it true that bleaching can give you skin cancer
Name: pranathi
City:   delhi
Comments:   send in information for just teens,health,skin care,communicating with parents
Name: shweta
City:   new delhi
Comments:   the article was very nice. but i m sorry to say that still my is refusing to wax i m 13 yrs and my mother is a old belief women but my friends use to laugh at me. i dont understand what to do. pls reply me
Name: malkah
City:   london
Comments:   very good london
Name: Chetna
City:   USA
Comments:   My daughter, unfortunatley, got blessed with all the body hair that I have. I have learned to deal with it, but what can I do to help her before it becomes an issue for her
Name: sweta
City:   USA
Comments:   I am 12. my breasts started to grow when I was 10. Now they are large.My uncles touch my breast when he hugs me. my mother tells me to stay quite as we owe him for bring us here. She says he will not hurt me. This morning he put his hand in in my gown and felt my nipples. I let him because he say he love me.And it felt good. My mother is right
Name: Rachel
City:   England
Comments:   SWETA!!!If you are a real person then you need to sort your self out! Your uncle has no right to touch your breasts! He may have brought you where ever you are living now but you can show your thanks without him touching you up!!!!!!! Its Sick!!!!
Name: gore mom 2 desi kids
City:   usa
Comments:   thanks for the advice. I am virtually hairless (on face and limbs) and what I have is so fine and white you cant see it. My daughter is 1/2 Indian and is has a little dark facial hair. I wondered about what to do about it, if I should do anything at all. Now I think I will allow her to wax if she asks me. Thanks
Name: samuel
City:   las vegas
Comments:   your articles are really good and help kids & parents reationship .
Name: vasu
City:   delhi
Comments:   my daughter is six and has lot of hair on her arms and back due to which choice of dress is limited kindly suggest the right age and the way to remove it.Thanks
Name: Deepa
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I think you should have some filter mechanism so that "priti" and their lot do not use this otherwise good site as a platform for advertising kiddy porn. About child sexual abuse. There is no consensus or "love" only an abuse of power by those entrusted with the care of the child. The children may not protest and may even like the sensation, but the guilt and the scars are too much baggage for anyone to lug around. And Sweta, speak to someone you trust (not your mom, as she thinks your uncle touching you is ok), maybe a school counselor. Take care.
Name: God Bless
City:   Abu Dhabi
Comments:   Hey Sweta, What your mother says is absolutely nonsense. If he bought you all there that doesn't mean he can feel your breast and play with your nipples, tomorrow HE WILL DEFINITELY START SUCKING IT. My dear little girl I have a daughter like you. If this happens to my daughter I will see to it that he is in trouble. Did you tell your mother about he putting his hand in the gown and he felt your nipple. I am sure your mother would understand that HIS INTENTIONS ARE NOT GOOD. If your mother doesnt understand you, quietly and directly tell your uncle that I dont like this and threaten him that you would tell this to your parents i.e your father. I am sure he will never dare to repeat this DIRTY AFFAIR. I will be happy if you let me know that you have taken the action and your uncle has stopped HIS NONSENSE APPROACH. Take care and God will help you.
Name: god bless u
City:   dubai
Comments:   dear sweta , grow up my dear, understand that yr uncle does not have any good intentions. and please go for help to a school counsellor. just b'coz he bought u to this place it doesnt mean he can use u up. u are a gift of god and its our duty to keep our body and soul safe from such kind of sin b4 marriage.we r responsible before god so hurl up courage and say an absolute no to this person
Name: Anonymous
City:   no where
Comments:   Sweta is ,more than likely, lying.
Name: Natalie
City:   Cobourg Ontario
Comments:   omg DEAR SWEATA dude your uncle is like a pedifile for touching you charge him thats disgusting for him to be touching you ew slap him next time he does that its NOT RIGHT for him to be touching you ew Uncle thats sick! anywyas slap him! bye
Name: toupi
City:   canada
Comments:   sweta, tell your teacher at school, soon he is going to go further-he might even rape you, your mother should look a job and move away your uncle is a pervert a child molester a evil person you dont have to put up with this. in india the people put up with it thats why they have so many mental and physical disable children. if your mother is not sleeping with him she will have the courage to get the hell out of his house she cant pay him with your body.
Name: bri 12 yrs
City:   new york
Comments:   i think if ne body touches u then u run far away tell a grown up n have them call the police asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Unknow Person
City:   S'pore
Comments:   I really getting know more things here it make thinking under easily i happy to know that there is a page for us to understand and know more things keep up your work!!! All the beast n gd Luck For your Up coming
Name: Unknow Person
City:   S'pore
Comments:   I really getting to know more things here it make thinking under easily i happy to know that there is a page for us to understand and know more things i going to tell my friends and staffs abt it for than to understand wat i do now keep up your work!!! All the best n gd Luck For your Up coming!!!!
Name: someone
City:   usa
Comments:   this is a good service you are doing for us girls, thank you for this web site
Name: sukie
City:   usa
Comments:   I loved the article. I am 14 years old and i am not allowed to do anything except my eyebrows and not even my forehead. I am the hairiest out of all my friends and think that people make fun of me. Can you tell me a herbal way to remove my facial hairs because i am starting highschool in a couple of days..thanks.
Name: zooya
City:   pune
Comments:   hey iam 20yrs, i have been informed that i should not use hair removal creams to remove hair as it would cause my skin to darken in i use razor to shave,but it causes me a stub,which is very incomfortable.plz guide about my rumors regarding hair removal creams & razors.
Name: udeni
City:   toronto
Comments:   I've got hair arround my nipple area what can i do to get ride of, and also and also my facial hair
Name: Azure
City:   California
Comments:   plz remove priti's comment's, they are sick and wrong!
Name: j
City:   england
Comments:   this is a really good piece of information thanks!!!
Name: rk
City:   los angeles
Comments:   this message is for sweta... u really need to talk to someone else if ur mother is not listening. it is absolutely wrong what ur uncle is doing and should stop immediately
Name: jo
City:   bangalore
Comments:   zooya, long tern usage of hair removal creams can cause your skin dark. instead, why dont you try waxing and threading i am 30 years old now and started waxing at the age of 14. now, i only wax as less as two or three times a year (as waxing slowly reduces the hair growth after years).
Name: jo
City:   bangalore
Comments:   udeni, you can try laser treatment for your facial hair, if you have lots. else, you can either bleach or go for threading. and few hair around nipple area is common for most of the women. just dont bother. if you feel they are more, you can try plucking a few.
Name: mango
City:   uk
Comments:   im 13 &i wanna do my upper lip i shave my legs im allowed to do that but im too shy to ask my mum if i can thread my upper lip how should i ask her.i tried to thread my upper lip and it worked but how should i tell my mum wot if she goes angry about me doin my upper lip
Name: jo
City:   bangalore
Comments:   Hey Mango, How close are you with your mom Ask her what she does for her upper lips and when she started threading This should start a conversation and you can put in your request as to how to go about doing the same.
Name: samera
City:   birmingham
Comments:   Hello, everyone i have the solution to unwanted hair which will go away. After waxing or threading apply organic fennel oil to the parts where the hair has been removed. Slowly you will notice the hairs will not grow back. Make sure the fennel oil should be organic. I will order it from abroad and try it too.
Name: mikka
City:   newdelhi
Comments:   Nice article. I like your thaughts that mothers should understand and should be a good partner and friend to thier daughters. well done
Name: meen
City:   dubai
Comments:   i am 16yrs old and my mom still doesnt allow me to remove my upper lips or my eyebrows i tried talking to her but she then says that i shouldnt remove them because then i would be distracted from my studies or i dont deerve to remove them because i get bad grades i am fed up because i am not brave to remove it without her permission because she will hit me plz help because all the boys in my class make fun of me everyday
Name: yas
City:   dubai
Comments:   i am 16yrs old and my mom still doesnt allow me to remove my upper lips or my eyebrows i tried talking to her but she then says that i shouldnt remove them because then i would be distracted from my studies or i dont deerve to remove them because i get bad grades i am fed up because i am not brave to remove it without her permission because she will hit me plz help because all the boys in my class make fun of me everyday
Name: yas
City:   ddf
Comments:   i am 16yrs old and my mom still doesnt allow me to remove my facial hair or my eyebrows i tried talking to her but she then says that i shouldnt remove them because then i would be distracted from my studies or i dont desrve to remove them because i get bad grades i am fed up because i am not brave to remove it without her permission because she will hit me plz help because all the boys in my class make fun of me everyday --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: kuku
City:   lahore
Comments:   Samera from Birmingham mentioned organic fennel oil, is this the same as the stuff you get in shops for aromatherapy asthey always say to mix with another oil. Is this safe to use on your face
Name: amit kumar
City:   delhi
Comments:   sir i am student of bca
Name: amit kumar
City:   new delhi
Comments:   i am 22 year old man.i loved aticle.good coments you website.i thing garl so things wery good, i love any girl
Name: chinki
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am 13 and ma mom doesn,t let me remove the hair on legs and upper lip.All ma frienz get these things done.Why can't I.Help me out here?PLZ
Name: yas
City:   dubai
Comments:   isnt that wat i said chinki . u know its true wat they say about indians they really r stupid

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