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You are here Home > Beauty and Grooming > Articles
Style your hair with care with these tips:

1. Never use a blow dryer on dry hair.

2. Cut your hair frequently. It is better to trim a minimal amount of hair often, than it is to cut off a whole lot once a year, as your hair stays in healthier condition. 

3. If you want a change of style but want to keep the length, get your hair cut in long layers. This also helps remove spilt ends. 

4. Use rubber bands that are covered with fabric when you want to tie up your hair. This reduces breakage. 

5. Natural bristle brushes are preferable to plastic and polyester bristles. They are gentler on the hair.  Unless your brush has natural bristles, you should never brush wet hair, as wet hair tends to snap easily. 

6. If you blow-dry your hair right, there is no reason why it cannot look as good as salon-blow-dried hair. The trick is to blow-dry your hair in sections. 

7. If you section it well, you should be done after 11 or 12 sections, and it should not take you more than fifteen minutes. However, if you randomly section your hair, it may take a lot longer, so be systematic about it.  Another reason to stick to systematic sections is that you will not be blow-drying hair that is already dry, and in this manner you will reduce damage to your hair. 

8. Stick to making sections with the help of horizontal and vertical partings to your hair, and doing blocks at a time. 

9. Make a horizontal parting two inches above the back of your head. Part the rest of the hair in the center, and pile up each side on top and clip it up, using one clip for each side. 

10. Divide the loose hair into two sections, and blow-dry each section with the help of a round brush. 

11. If your hair is very curly, it helps if your blow dryer has a flat nozzle attachment to better direct air. 

12. Move the blow dryer along the length of your hair along with your brush. 

13. After you have got the bottom done, keep moving upwards in sections, until you have finished all your hair. Simply use horizontal and vertical partings to section your hair.  

14. If you are using a straightening iron to straighten your hair, use it with care, and use it sparingly. It can be very damaging if used often, and if you do not follow up with extra care for the hair. 

15. On the other hand, if you are using a curling iron, don�t place the iron at the ends of your hair. Place it around four inches above the ends, and then feed the ends into the iron. Hair ends are the most fragile part of your hair, and in this manner you reduce the damage to the hair ends as you avoid prolonged high heat exposure. 

16. Wearing a leave-in conditioner at all times keeps the hair moisturized and also helps prevent damage caused by exposure to sunlight.  

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Feedback on article
Name: shilpa
City:   New Jersey, USA
Comments:   though, the article is very good, i will definetely try these tips but i want some help to make some hair styles if i have very long hairs, they get tangled so quickly
Name: Aishwariya
City:   mangalore
Comments:   Even I have straight hair and silky but the problem is that when I untie it, the hairs get tangled. When I see some others I get astonished to see how they keep the straight hair so neatly. As you have informed about ironing what does it mean. Reply to my id.
Name: shivani
City:   karnal
Comments:   i hav short curly hairs i want them to look attractive .plz suggest how to make them more beautiful and long
Name: meeta
City:   sydney
Comments:   Thanks for these great tips. I have long straight hair, do you have any suggestions for possible hair styles besides layers.
Name: Bonshwanka
City:   Galveston
Comments:   Shivani-yeah you could get hair extensions or striaghten it at a hair solon Meeta- you could get it cut short and get highlights with some hari extensions and also get some hair dye you could grow it out and then get all that stuff done
Name: Kanishwa
City:   Galveston
Comments:   Aishwariya- you could get hair detangler or conditioner that you think might best work on you it workes on me
Name: Melli
City:   San Juan
Comments:   hey i have long black wavy hair and i have no idea WHAT to do with it i need help
Name: Bonshwanka
City:   Azelia
Comments:   Kanishwa i know you i hate you from high school i dropped out listen if you ever touch my man again i will beat you whole body down to da ground aight
Name: Kanishwa
City:   Galveston
Comments:   hey bonshwanka i hate you to aight i have nothin against you or yo man aight i only liked him i thought that he like me and didn't hav no GF aight
Name: rimmywalia
City:   newdelhi
Comments:   it is very good article i will deffinately try this tip but please suggest me how i can have long shiny hair i have stright shiny hair
Name: felicia
City:   K.lumpur
Comments:   i have short ,straight.lovely yet thick hair.i was thinking of coloring my hair because of my yelowish-tan skin and cut my hair layer to make it look less...does this help
Name: ayesha
City:   karachi
Comments:   can n e one plz tell me easiest method for blowdrying my hair
Name: Desperate!
City:   Nz
Comments:   Ahh!! My hair goes so frizzy after I blow dry it! I dont knwo why this is, as my hair is quite staright, although thick. Is there anything I can put on it before hand that will make it sleek and shiney, not a frizzy mop!
Name: reshma
City:   us
Comments:   As a child I had very straight hair, upto the age of 22..But after (27 yrs of age) my hair has started developing waves, the wave is so strong on my hair now, that I have to blow dry them when I never used to before. What could I do so as to avoid a hair dryer but still maintain stright hair and what could be the reason for waving. I have moved from India to US since past 3 years. I loved my straight silky hair..and I want them back. Thanks
Name: payal
City:   bombay
Comments:   what is a leave-in conditioner and where do we get it
Name: Monique
City:   Chicago
Name: sam
City:   stoke on trent
Comments:   why havnt you wrote anything about how to protect the hair from straightening irons as i have dry hair and i would like to know what to do with my hair to bring back life
Name: the chick
City:   Richlands,NC
Comments:   hey i have curly hair and it's sorta long and i can never do anythign with it and it seems liek all i ever do with it is put it up in a bun(which i do everyday) and sometimes i might put moose in it but thsoe are the only two things i can think of that would be good for me and my hair is damaged some(with split ends)can anyone give me some advice on differnt hair styles i can do wiht my curly hair?
City:   Virginia (USA)
Comments:   hi !! i have very long silky hairs but its very light but i like heavy hairs idats y i triming my hairs alots of time after dats its grow but not heavy wat can i do plz help me thxxx
Name: Gurvir
City:   Toronto
Comments:   My hair is way betta than anyones and dun need tips at firsst i did thnx peepz. IF I NEED HELP I ASK FOR HELP AGAIN!!!!!
Name: Amanda
City:   Califonia (usa)
Comments:   for those of you who want straight hair i've found that an ionic hair dryer works wonders. my hair was usually wavey, even after drying it with a normal hair dryer. with the ionic hair dryer it looks like i had spent an hour straightening my hair when i hadnt, and it dries your hair twice as fast. it doesnt ruin your hair either. also, always use a ceramic straightener. its better for your hair...hope this helps
Name: vijay..
City:   hydrebad
Comments:   hi! i have curly can i change it to smooth hair and how can i imorove my hairs growth.can any one please help me.
Name: lala
City:   lala
Comments:   hi. i DO blow dry my hair in sections every time i take a shower!!!!! but after i blow dry it, it gets all frizzy and pofy!!!!!!!! what do i do to not make it so frizzy!
Name: alishba
City:   india
Comments:   hi i do ironing my hair but after bath they become more curly and frizzy what should i do for this....
Name: --
City:   --
Comments:   if u guys want an EASY method.. GET permanant straightening!!.. its the best!!.. i was so sick of always blowdrying my hair everynight that i got permant straightening.. yes it is expensive. may cost about $80-300 depending what country you are in and how long your hair is. well SAVE up and go to your hairdresser and ask 4 permanet straightening!! you will never have to worry about blow drying, straightening tongs, etc! try it guys!!
Name: soma sarkar
City:   kolkata
Comments:   its a nice site i have found for me .really its helps me alot.
Name: abhishek
City:   patna
Comments:   on my back of my neck there form hairs in one rounded way how can i remove it
Name: duli
City:   dubai
Comments:   Even I have straight hair and silky but the problem is that when I untie it, the hairs get tangled. When I see some others I get astonished to see how they keep the straight hair so neatly. As you have informed about ironing what does it mean.i am a breast feeding mother is it ok to colour my hair. Reply to my id.
Name: Dipzee
City:   calcutta
Comments:   Hi i am 22 male...but for the last few years i have been losing hairline has receded to just about half an inch above my ears. I need opinion from u gals as to what sort of a hairstyle i shud young and love to accordingly please select a style which 'll catch ur attention. i am 5 ft 7 ,fair and medium sized. Cheers!
Name: Rashmi chhibber
City:   New-Delhi
Comments:   I have very long and straight hair. When I keep them untie they get tangled and due to this they look very flat, thin and life less. I want some sugession so that they look heavy and less tangled.
Name: Megzie
City:   Canada
Comments:   My hair was like perfectly straight up to the age of 11 now @ 13 my hair is crazy frizzy and wavey. Is there such thing as permenant straightening
Name: puspalata
City:   bhubaneswar
Comments:   Hi ! I have waist length Black Hair. But it always gets tangled. How to overcome it.
Name: kanishwa
City:   galveston
Comments:   hey bonshwanka,you assoledont try to accuse me for any thing that i have nt done .if you do i shall tempt your man to have a night with me.
Name: marielle
City:   san carlos city
Comments:   hellooooo!!! i have nice black and shiny hair but it always gets flyaways at the end how can i prevent it
Name: sxyladyorl
City:   Blackpool, UK
Comments:   My hair, up until yesterday, was long and curly, I never ever use a hair dryer, I wash and condition, brush it through and put in mousse and scrunch (make sure hair is towel dried first!) then spray with hair spray. Also, to avoid the 'stiff' look, don't go out until its near enough fully dry... Now...I have straight hair...I had the yuko system done, which set me back quite a few hundred but so far so good! I had tried straightening irons (thermal glass I recommend) and blow drying but never could get a proffesional look how I did at the salon...
Name: sowmya
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my hair is soft till middle and it is some wht wavey like tht frm middle i wantto make my hair soft and silky,i dont want to go to beauty parlour where do i get tht instrument to mae my hair soft plsss reply.
Name: sowmya
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my hair is soft till middle and it is some wht wavey like tht frm middle i want to make my hair soft and silky,i dont want to go to beauty parlour where do i get tht instrument to make my hair soft plsss reply.
Name: Jo
City:   jhkhkkws
Comments:   Everything is impostering...dont get fooled guys abd satisfied with what U hav........
Name: Taylor
City:   Vonsa
Comments:   Bonshaka or w.e and the other girl god shut up! Whoo cares ur fighting on an article of hair thats Low loser! And who do u think u are with " aight " its called yes or right not " aight " wanna be Ghetto!
Name: sharmila
City:   mangalore
Comments:   pls mail me latest hair cuts name
Name: Rashmi chhibber
Comments:   mujhe kehna to nahi chahiye par maine itni stupid hair site se kabhi advice nahin li.dekho questions ki line lagi padi hai tum answer kyoun nahi bhejte hon sabko aur abhi to yeh starting hai aage aage dekho main kya-kya likhkar tumhari insult karoongi
Name: arvinth
City:   chennai
Comments:   iam male 21yrs old.i have lengthy hair style nearly 18cm. my hair is silky and when i have a shampoo bath,it flies in air and falls in eye. i cant apply oil bcoz i have oily skin, if i apply oil my face too become oily.i want my hair to look wet for more than 6 hrs,i tried lots of gel it dries within half an hour.i want my hair wet is there any special gel or oil
Name: ashwin
City:   kanpur
Comments:   i am male 14. i want to keep short hair. please tell me some trick to make spikes at home itself.
Name: sharukh khan
City:   karachi
Comments:   my hair is falling plzzz tell me what i do plzzzzzzzz
Name: sddgh
City:   fyfhujygj
Comments:   show some pictures of hair styles.
Name: ashita
City:   mru
Comments:   can i have some tips abt how to make hair grow faster!!
Name: prat
City:   california
Comments:   hiya.I live in U.S. and I love that hairstlye of kajol in Fanaa.It´s had been 2yrs since I´ve been to India.can u tell, how I can get that haircut done here in U.S. what are the words I shud tell them to get it done that way.
Name: vasundhara
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Can you please suggest some good straightening irons available in India?
Name: Subha
City:   Colombo
Comments:   Can you please give me the contact details of Ms. Vasundhra the beautician from chennai. Regards, Subha
Name: gita
City:   essex
Comments:   what if ur hair is curly and very hard to comb

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