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  DARK CIRCLES - by Editor
Does your face match with the area under your eyes Here's help for combating dark circles and under-eye puffiness.


Dark circles are often caused due to sleeplessness or disturbed sleep. If you find yourself developing dark circles, you need to first catch up on your sleep. Genetics too could predispose you to developing dark circles.

Other factors causing dark under-eye circles include:

  • Drinking an excess of beverages that contain caffeine.
  • Smoking
  • Allergies
  • Thyroid problems
  • A lack of iron in your body during menstruation. This often contributes to dark circles, which is why some women have a tendency to develop dark circles during their period.


First of all, try and figure out the reason you have developed dark circles. Have you always had them Are they a recent occurrence Does your mother have dark circles under the eyes as well Once you can pinpoint the cause for dark circles, it would be much easier for you to get rid of them.

1. Are you allergic to something If yes, work on avoiding the allergens.

2. Apply Vitamin E to the area under your eye. You could open up a Vitamin E capsule, and apply a little oil. Swallow the rest of the oil. This not only helps you get rid of dark circles, but also reduces puffiness around the eyes. In addition, regular application of Vitamin E delays the onset of wrinkles.

3. Apply creams that contain Vitamin C.

4. Inverted asana postures work wonders for dark circles. Try doing the sarvangasana everyday. Often dark circles and under-eye puffiness is caused due to sinusitis. Jal Neti is extremely beneficial in such cases, as it internally cleanses your entire facial region, rejuvenating it. Do the Jal Neti at least five times a week to clean out your entire nasal passage.

5. Swallow a capsule of cod liver oil everyday. It strengthens eyes.

6. Take a teaspoon of tomato juice, a few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a little flour, enough to make a paste. Apply this paste to the under-eye area, and wash off after fifteen minutes.

7. Drink at least ten glasses of water everyday. There is no stressing this enough. If you do not drink at least eight glasses of water everyday, you are not providing your body with as much water as it requires for flushing out toxins. Do not wait until you are thirsty before drinking up. By the time your body cries I'm thirsty!, you are already severely dehydrated.

8. Avoid stepping out in the sun, especially between noon to four, when the sun is at its strongest. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and the delicate skin around it, from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

9. Apply a cold, used tea bag to your eyes. You could also applied used, cold, herbal tea leaves to your eyes, to sooth them.

10. Apply a concealer to the area under your eyes, to hide dark circles. Use a colour that is every so slightly lighter than the shade of your skin. Apply the concealer gently; do not stretch or pull the skin from this delicate area.

11. Lie down, close your eyes and apply cucumber or potato slices to your lids. Leave on for ten minutes and remove. Wash the area with cold water. This soothes tired eyes instantly, and helps boost blood circulation in the under-eye area.

12. Try out dark circle remover creams available in the market. Make sure they are of a recognized brand before applying them to your face.

How can I get rid of dark circles See what our beauty and medical experts have to say.

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Feedback on article
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Does sitting long on computers(6-8hrs.daily)increases dark circles.If yes, than what can one do if his job demsnds so SHALU SMODI
Name: shervvin espahbod
City:   waashngton
Comments:   i want to hide my dark circle under eye rings but all of your advices don`t any cure in my problem am 17 years old & now i want to cure thiis problem with lasar is it successful
Name: mofo
City:   NY
Comments:   ive recently developed slight darkeness (purplish bluish) under my eyes. Its been about 2 months. I honestly beleive its because of stress causing disturbed sleep. Also, my mother has serious darkness under her eyes and I too belive she's developed these over years because she worries so much. I guess im like my mom! Is there any way I can get reduce or get rid of the bags??? There are a lot of mixed opinions on the interent. What the heck is the easiest and effective way?? thanks!
Name: samhere
City:   canada
Comments:   I got the same problem...I was allright a few months ago now my eyes look like panda eyes, its very annoying. I don't think its caused by computer stress because I used to spend lots of time in front of the computer and my eyes were okay. I started eating homemade bread and i think I'm allergic to yeast. I've eliminated it from my diet and now waiting to see if the dark circles will disappear.
Name: nisha
City:   malaysia
Comments:   I have a bad dark circle around eye area. Please tell me how to disappear this dark circle immediately. Thanks!!
Name: madz
City:   karachi
Comments:   i have had light dark circles since my kindergarden years and now they have gotten very very dark in these last few years. plz help me find a solution to this problem. i am teased very much about this at home and elsewhere.plz tell me getting some type of cosmetic sugery will do the trick
Name: Manisha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   i have dark circles because of rubbing the eyes plz help me find a solution for this problem any cream or lotion so that it can be removed without any sugery as soon as posible
Name: Shari Shemitz
City:   Mentor, Ohio
Comments:   How or where can I purchase or try "No Marks" concealer
Name: lily
City:   Chicago
Comments:   I have had dark circles under my eyes sence I was about7. I am puerto rican and have been teased about it sence I can remember. I am going to try your ideas and hope they help. thank you.
Name: mary
City:   maldives
Comments:   I have had dark circles around my eyes. pls tell me a cure.
Name: norah
City:   dearborn
Comments:   I've had dark circles under my eyes ever since i could remember, and i have tried lots of diffrent metheds to get rid of them.I drink alot of water and get more than 8 hours of sleep. im only 15 years old so my skin isnt old. i dont know what to do please give me some advice i can really use.
Name: Malsye
City:   Uk,Manchester...
Comments:   hey! my problem is that i got these from the year 97 and i've used each n everything but all in vin now i don't know what to do with these circles plz help me with this and secondly i also got thin hair now plz help me in this matter also....
Name: Jaya
City:   Jamaica
Comments:   well, i have a serious case of dark circles under my eyes so hopefully your remedies work. THANKS!
Name: Alexandria
City:   California
Comments:   IM 14 years old and ever since i was a baby I have had dark circles under my eyes. I have tried everything you have listed on this website but it just doesnt work. Is there anything else
Name: Dhruv
City:   Kolkata
Comments:   not so bad, i had em too, i figured it was because of the lack of propper sleep and i started doing jal neti too , that cleared em up pretty quick : )
Name: Terri
City:   Norfok
Comments:   I found out that the tanning bed causes a great deal of puffiness under the eyes...I don't tan any more...
Name: tela
City:   khi
Comments:   . Inverted asana postures work wonders for dark circles. Try doing the sarvangasana everyday. Often dark circles and under-eye puffiness is caused due to sinusitis. Jal Neti is extremely beneficial in such cases, as it internally cleanses your entire facial region, rejuvenating it. Do the Jal Neti at least five times a week to clean out your entire nasal passage. me not getting thiz r they preset in kaachi as well
Name: tela
City:   khi
Comments:   . Inverted asana postures work wonders for dark circles. Try doing the sarvangasana everyday. Often dark circles and under-eye puffiness is caused due to sinusitis. Jal Neti is extremely beneficial in such cases, as it internally cleanses your entire facial region, rejuvenating it. Do the Jal Neti at least five times a week to clean out your entire nasal passage. me not getting thiz r they preset in kaachi as well
Name: Bibi
City:   caribbean
Comments:   try the "Skin Nourishment and Bleach" works realllllllllly well, i just did it and my skin looks fairer, also the dark circles under the eyes aren't as visible as before
Name: carolyn
City:   winnipeg
Comments:   How do I get rid of my dark circles under my eyes I started noticing them a couple years ago and I have tried eye cream, I won't get surgery on them and i want something that will get them back to normal. please send me some information on things I can try at home to get rid them.
Name: nisha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Very much dark circle having want some thing for that if you have than pls tell me cost of that & some detail about it
Name: josie
City:   victoria
Comments:   i have bags or dark circles on my eyes. ive had them for like 3 years and am only 13.can u tell me something i can do to get rid of them.
Name: josie
City:   vic
Comments:   im 13 and have dark circles or bags. ive tried EVERYTHING and my mum wont let me get laser treatment. what can i do
Name: josie
City:   vic
Comments:   where do u get cucumber juice from and can u eat it
Name: josie
City:   vic
Comments:   is there anything else u havent listed on the website i can use for dark circles or bags
Name: didi
City:   si
Comments:   i have bad dark area around my eyes,do think vita-k is good for that
Name: R
City:   US
Comments:   I have dark circles since i was like 7 and my dad also has dark circles.Can you provide an easy and fast remedy for that.
Name: linsue
City:   Pretoria
Comments:   Hi,my body is very dark and my face is very light,can you recommend a homemade mixture that will make my body light,please help me i've been seeking for the solution for almost 4 years now.
Name: Ajay
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi!I am 32 years old. I have had Black Circles around my eyes from last 10-12 years. I tried various medicines after consulting with Skin Specilst but they were not worked. Recently, I have get contacted with Laser & Cosmetic surgeon. He is giving me EP+EEP treatment but the same is not doing well for me. Can you please provide an easy and fast remedy for that. Thanks & Best Regards,
Name: shobhit
City:   noida
Comments:   my job demands sitting before computer for 8 hrs,i take 5 cup of coffee a day and 5 cigrattes a day which i cannot cut.Ican only sleep 6 hrs a day and now how i can control or hide the dark circles under my eye
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   i am using tenovate,momate and clearz alternately.have been using since asked to use benzoquinone effect.please help!
Name: Anne
City:   sacramento
Comments:   Hello fellow pandas, I also have dark circles which i hace been using fade away cream wand by "sudden change",I am noticing a gradual lightening of the skin under my eyes--good luck!
Name: farah
City:   dubai
Comments:   im having baggy eyes and dark circles around my eyes for almost a year and im 14.can you give me a remedy to get rid of them
Name: thi
City:   vancouver
Comments:   hey, im 14 and i've got pretty dark circles under my eyes but not really and im also vietnamese and i was wonder what can i do to make them go away. well thank you
Name: Ruben Garcia
City:   Flagstaff Arizona
Comments:   Dark Circles: I bought a neutrogena cream for DC's. It looks worse and wasted my $$$ What is the best product that i can buy for Dark Circles? Should I star taking vitamin K? I'll start cut E vitamins on my eyes tomorrow, but then again, Is there a company that makes the best cream for DC's?? Thanks Ruben
Name: Sudhir Matta
City:   Chandigarh
Comments:   I have dark circle around my eyes.I am computer professional.Please note that my skin is dry.
City:   toronto
Comments:   i have dark circles under my eyes which always make me look tired. does laser work what's the cost? is it availiable in toronto canada? is there some reason why my left eyes cirle is darker and larger than my right? thank you very much!!
Name: pratibha
City:   delhi
Comments:   hello sir ihav dark circle for the past 1year. they r becoming darker how to get rid of them . ihav tried many things. now a days iam using almond oilwhich i apply atnight for 20 minutes then wipe itwith cotton but iam not getting very good results. plz help iam gettiing frustated because of these circles
Name: saran
City:   chennai
Comments:   Sir/Madam, I having dark circles. I think due to sleeplessness. Offcourse i am sleeping from 23:00 to 08:00 hours. Dark circles are reducing and increasing. Kindly suggest in this regard.
Name: nancy
City:   delhi
Comments:   hello,I have dark circle. I dont know way.
Name: Natasha
City:   london
Comments:   i know how to get rid of these dark circles in just 3 days!
Name: Hanna
City:   Cedar Rapids
Comments:   I have the worst bags under my eyes and I'm 14! I just started my period for my first time (ever) last week and I was kind of excited then these "panda" bags showed up. Any advice?
Name: Kevin
City:   Duluth
Comments:   How do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes The one girl said she knew how in just 3 days, could you tell me how
Name: Emma
City:   Norwich
Comments:   My under eye Skin doesnt match my facial skin. under the eyes is darker more purple, can you recommend any Make up to cover them
Name: cheryl
City:   baltimore
Comments:   I have dark circle and puffiness under my eye something they look worst than other days why. Is it because I don't drink 8 glasses of water.
Name: Preethi Manohar
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I found this very interesting
Name: Harold
City:   Singapore
Comments:   I have been having dark circles around the eyes for a long time. It started initially around 1993 as a small black circle below my eyes. This black circle gradually increased around my eyes and became darker. In 2003, the cirles around the eyes were very dark and gradually it was spreading to the side of my head and cheek. It was very ugly that I look like Robin Hood with a mask on my face. I have tried all the creams and it did not work. This year around September, I have tried my own treatment and the black circles is about 60% gone. I am still applying the treatment to see how long before it is gone completely. I will defintely know the results by the end of this year. Because of the thickness of the black circle it is taking a longer time to clear. There is no quick and easy way to clear these dark rings. It all depends how black the circles are and how much it has spread around the eye areas. I will be coming out with my pictures very soon in the internet once the treatment is completed. Those who are really suffering from this can contact me at I can try my very best to help you. If your black circles are not as bad as mine than the chances of clearing it is faster.
Name: Harold
City:   Singapore
Comments:   Just another information for all of you out there. The reason we get dark circles is due to stress and lack of sleep. Once you have got this dark circles around the eyes, you must treat it and maintain.
Name: Leah
City:   Seattle
Comments:   I've been trying to get rid of my "dark circles" for a long time. Before I had dark circles I had "exzema" around my eyes. I think that the exzema might've been the problem Are there any other ways to get rid of the dark circles PLEASE! I've been teased throughout middle school and I would really like to know how to get rid of them. Thank you.

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