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Hair is a vital part of one's personality regardless of men or women. Healthy and beautiful hair looks nice on anyone. However rebonding of hair is in fashion these days and people are running after it. Both boys and girls want to have their hair silky, smooth and shiny. Before going for the treatment, read the article know about the side effects of rebonding of hair.

Hair rebonding can give you that silky straight hair that you see in most of the commercials. But before going for it, know about the side effects of it. In many cases it has led to baldness also. A girl who got her hair rebonded felt clumps of hair falling only after a year after the rebonding was carried on. However, each individual may not experience same side-effects of hair rebonding, it may vary from person to person. To know about the side effects you need to first understand the process of hair rebonding.

Process of Hair Rebonding

The coming off of hair in clumps is because in the rebonding process the chemical bonds that are present in your hair are broken and then rearranged to bond back. The work consists of strong chemicals and these are one of the most damaging things that you can do to your hair. Besides this, perming lotion is applied to the hair during rebonding and this helps break down the bonds easily.

There is an electric styling device with two metal plates and the hair is put in between these two plates. The metal plates are heated up and the hair is pulled in between these plates, which straightens it. After the completion of this process, a neutralizer is added to reset the bonds and this stabilizes the hair too.

After this process, the hair is permanently altered and your hair will be changed the way you want it to be. However the treatment and the chemicals lead to hair loss because the hair shafts get weaken easily and break.

Side effects of hair rebonding

  • Hair becomes fragile and needs utmost care after the treatment. You cannot tie your hair for the first month of the treatment nor can you tuck it behind your ears. If you do so the results can be disastrous.

  • The heat can damage your skin and scalp. In some cases they get burnt also. The damage can be experienced if the chemicals remain for long on the hair or the temperature of the metal plates is very high than required.

  • Maintaining the rebounded hair means regular touch ups at least within 6 months after the treatment.

  • The loss of hair is because toxic chemicals are used in rebonding of hair. This puts you to additional risk of hair loss. Your hair will get weaker every time you go for a touch up.

  • If you do not take proper care and follow the instructions of your hair stylist, it can turn into a disaster also.

  • If the rebonding of the hair is not done with a reputed salon, it might result fizzy and you might end up in a very miserable condition.

Taking care of your hair after rebonding treatment

After treating your hair and getting rebonded, you need to take care of your hair comparatively more than you used to do before. Follow the instructions of your hair stylist and do exactly as she says. Make sure you take precaution of tying and tucking you hair till the time she has asked you to wait.

Choose a shampoo that is specially created for straight hair and always use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Make sure you take nutritious diet and special contents like vitamin and calcium that is good for the health of the hair. You need to cover the damages done to your hair due to the rebonding process.

Hair is a very essential part of one's personality. So, before you go for any kind of styling that may damage your hair, think twice. Always choose the renowned hair stylist to treat your hair.

Are you planning to rebond your hair? Do you know the side effects of rebonding of hair? Do you have any idea what precautions should be taken when going for hair rebonding? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Name: kamal
City:   punjab
Comments:   I got my hair rebonded 3 months back. In the 1st month it was all good. I used to love my straightened hair. But as time passed by I experienced severe hairfall. I used to have clumps if hair. On my floor, comb, bathroom everywhere. I was almost into depression. But then I used full egg with olive oil n vitamin E together. And now from 50% hairfall it has cut down to 5%. I hope this helps others with the same problem. Because I know how it feels. Try this! It works! :)
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Name: Awarapan bramia
City:   jammu
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Name: Akash
City:   ferozepur
Comments:   hair rebounding
Name: kirti
City:   ludhiana
Comments:   i damaged my hair by pressing nd straitng it temporarily... hw can i get my original hair back...
Name: Shiella
City:   Calamba
Comments:   I think,it depends on every person who rebond their hair 😏 My mom was only 16 when she got rebonded then until now she´s being rebond. But nothing happens tho 😁
Name: amritsingh
City:   rawalpindi
Comments:   I am going to rebonding my hair whats your idea!
Name: shaveta
City:   hoshiarpur
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Name: nainykhan
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I am interested in doing rebounding but i am scared after reading your article so wat to do please suggest.
City:   Reyad rowda
Comments:   Plz help me what is the correct rebun procedure tips, and what kind of rebound treatment I need to use,, thanks ad godbless
Name: shilpa
City:   india
Comments:   I m thinking of getting my hair straight but i 2 scared of its side effects. Plz help me out
Name: Shivani
City:   Jaipur
Comments:   I got my hair rebonded from a reputated parlour and now I´ve lost most of my hair from front. The back portion is pretty good but I look bald from front, I can´t even make puffs now! I´m feeling very guilty now! I don´t want to face the world. Can I get my front hair back instantly? I´m 17 years old!
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